Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Xu Xiaodong knocks out Wei Lei in 10 seconds
Jet Li appears on the video and looks much better
courtesy of on.cc

Mixed martial artist Xu Xiaodong last month knocked out Tai Chi fist master Wei Lei in 10 seconds and shocked the nation, leading many Tai Chi fist schools to issue challenges! Training in martial art since childhood and the star of TAI CHI MASTER, Jet Li (Lee Nn Kit) recently rarely appeared in public due to illness. Since the martial art world in chaos he immediately called for the Tai Chi school to send another to battle mad man Xu Xiaodong and defend Tai Chi. Artist Li Jia also could not help but challenge the "mad man", stating that he would send him on his way at anytime!

Last month mixed martial artist Xu Xiaodong battled Tai Chi master Wei Lei in Sichuan. Xu Xiaodong spent only 10 seconds to knock him out. From the start of the match to the end it only lasted 20 seconds! Tai Chi representative Wei Lei's defeat rocked the nation and triggered a war of words. Many questioned Tai Chi as a national art that could only strengthen the body, some felt that one short battle could not discredit Tai Chi. Xu Xiaodong after the battle arrogantly said that Chinese martial art representative Bruce Lee was not a master fighter. He referred to Bruce Lee as an "amateur master", a martial art promoter and philosopher. He even announced that in 15 days he would defeat all styles and even challenged Chinese boxer king Zou Shiming.

Days ago, after years in film and establishing a "Tai Chi master" image from SHAOLIN TEMPLE TO TAI CHI MASTER national martial art champion Lee Nin Kit has always studied Tai Chi. Seeing various Tai Chi descendants issuing challenge to Xu Xiaodong to defend their honor, Lee Nin Kit also spoke up in support! Yesterday freestyle martial art competition the Kunlun Fight founder Chiang Hua posted Lee Nin Kit's video. Lee Nin Kit appeared to be in good spirit and obviously his health has improved. He said, "How are you everyone, do you watch Kunlun Fight? I do. However if Kunlun Fight runs into Tai Chi, would it be like the video online? What are you thinking? Everyone should keep caring about Kunlun Fight, but also Tai Chi!" Kunlun Fight is a freestyle duel program for various styles. Lee Nin Kit this time spoke up to call for Tai Chi to challenge Xu Xiaodong again. He hoped that everyone would not only continue to care about Tai Chi but also that Tai Chi was not as weak and soft as everyone saw in Wei Lei's defeat.

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