Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Subyub Lee, Joyce Cheng
courtesy of on.cc

The film 29+1 will open next week. One of its lead actresses Joyce Cheng Yun Yi performed the film's promotional song FAKE A SMILE with creative singer Subyub Lee. They wrote the lyrics together. The music video was released today.

In the music video, Joyce and Subyub wandered on their own in a desolete desert until they ran into each other and fulfilled each other's world inside. They both used their hands for a mirror image pose to express the different changes of their inner world and value. The entire music video was done with concepts and impressions, both romantic and artistic. Because the music video background needed special effect. they actually shot in front of a green screen. Joyce not only had to use a treadmill for the walk in the desert, but when the director shot their encounter that was a little warm yet sad, Joyce and Subyub cracked up and had several bad takes before a good one.

In the film, Joyce played "Wong Tin Lok" and Babyjohn Choi Hong Yik played "Cheung Han Ming". They were childhood friends with a very close but very pure relationship. Thus when Joyce first heard this song she was already deeply touched. "The first time I heard it, it felt like dating and being in love. I also felt heartache, like when you were alone and face something alone. Yet actually elsewhere someone was with you. This there but no feeling of the song really matches the story in the film."

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