Monday, June 1, 2020


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Netflix reality show TERRACE HOUSE TOKYO 2019-2020 star and Japanese female professional wrestler Hana Kimura committed suicide at age 22 last week over alleged cyberbullying. Her funeral has already taken place in Tokyo, around 100 family members, friends and pro wrestling colleagues attended the sorrowful affair. Hana Kimura's company representative Rossy Ogawa yesterday shared her funeral photo on soical media. "The funeral has ended, This was a photo Mr. Sasaki took for Hana in November last year......lying in the coffin she was so beautiful, she became a flower in eteranl rest."

As for Hana Kimura's mother, famous pro wrestler Kyoko Kimura also posted on social media. "Thank you everyone for accompanying Hana on her final journey in life. She looked very cute in her sleep." As for those who demanded justice from those who left negative messages online and the host who ridiculed Hana Kimura on TERRACE HOUSE, Kyoko Kimura urged everyone to stop blaming or condemning anyone. She only hoped that similar incident would no longer happen.

Sunday, May 31, 2020


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Due to the pandemic Mayday is unable to come to perform in Hong Kong but they can fulfill its "May Date" online

Mayday invited Mao Buyi, Jam Hsiao, Li Ronghao and others to perform virtually with them
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Taiwan Heavenly Band Mayday for years has had a "May Date" with Hong Kong fans, bu this year due to the novel coronavirus it was forced to cancel its Hong Kong concert. Mayday earlier announced that i would perform an online concert LIVE IN THE SKY at 8PM last night, so "May fans" would be able to look forward to the fulfillment of this "May Date" with excitement on the final day of May (the 31st).

The online concert took place at the Taipei Municipal Stadium, as "May fans" around the world "punched in" for "work" online last night. The concert lasted 1 hour, at its peak it attracted over 600,000 fans. Mayday opened the show with AN APPLE, then they stepped into the stadium in front of ten thousand empty seats. However light bars were placed on each seat. The band performed hits like ETERNAL SUMMER, SUN WU KONG and STARRY, and even had firework effects. The venue was where Mayday held their firs ten thousand people concert, and they admitted that they were not used to not having fan cheers an applause. Lead singer Ashin expressed that the pandemic made them realized that things that they could not expect would happen in this world, as they longed for the pandemic to pass soon. When they sang SUDDENLY MISSING YOU, Mayday performed virtually with Li Ronghao, Jam Hsiao, and Mao Buyi.

Mayday even shared how they spent the quarantine at home. Monster learned latte foam art with his wife, Guan You learned to cook, Monster earlier was in England so he returned to Taiwan early for the 14 day quarantine before joining the band for the show.


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Cheung Tat Ming earlier with the film I'M LIVIN' IT (MAK LO YUN) won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Acor, but due to the pandemic no actual award ceremony took place. The Hong Kong Film Award Association president Derek Yee Tung Sing only announced the winners online.

Although he was unable to accept the award and everyone's applause on the stage, he did not skip on the celebration. Yeung Yuk Mui and a group of friends held a party for Cheung Tat Ming and prepared an award cake for the celebration. Cheung Tat Ming was very happy. Yeung Yuk Mui shared photos online, congratulated Cheung Tat Ming on winning this year's Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actor and wished him even more awards in the future.

Saturday, May 30, 2020


Raymond Wong says that the pandemic relief movie cast will be announced soon
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Louis Koo

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Louis Cheung
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As the novel coronavirus spread globally, it not only has caused casualties but also impacted every business and industry extremely. The Hong Kong film industry was not spared. The pandemic has left the film industry in an almost complete standstill. Because the industry has always operated with freelance and short term contracts, basic level workers in the past half a year experienced a vacuum as job opportunities were few and far between. The Performing Artists Guild and the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers immediately called upon its affiliated organizations and donors to star a "Hong Kong film workers pandemic relief project". Through the industry's call for donations, it hoped to be able to assist those basic level colleagues as soon as possible. The Performing Artists Guild president Louis Koo Tin Lok thanked each and every donors who have contributed money and effort to the relief project, hoping that the donations would be able to provide some relief to those in the industry in need.

This operation even received helping hands from 10 Hong Kong film companies including China Star Film, Edko Film, Emperor Motion Pictures, Mandarin Film, Media Asia film, Mei Ah film, One Cool Film, Shaw Brothers International film, Sun Entertainment Culture and Universe film distribution. Along with donations from other donors, a sizable sum has already been raised. This sum will be distributed in its entirety to film basic level personnel by the Hong Kong Performing Artist Guild to provide temporary relief.

In order to provide assistance to industry personnel, currently two stages of distribution have been confirmed for applicants. The amount of applicants will determine whether there will be a third stage. Colleagues who will benefit will include the 12 major affiliated organizations of the Federation of Hong Kong Film Workers. (Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild, Hong Kong Screenwriters' Guild, Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers, Hong Kong Film Arts Association, Hong Kong Movie Production Executives Association, Hong Kong Performing Artists Guild, Hong Kong Cinematography Lighting Association, Hong Kong Stuntman Association, Hong Kong Society of Film Editors, Hong Kong Association of Motion Picture Post Production Professionals, Hong Kong Film Assistant Directors' Association, Hong Kong Film Composers' Association, 3 industry unions (Hong Kong Film Propsmen's Guild, Hong Kong Film Photographer Association, Hong Kong Film Hair and Make Up Designers (temporary) union) and other basic level workers without any established organizations (including but not limited to: sound recording, costume management, catering, set photography, production special crew, production assistants), colleagues, who may be member on non member, in need.

In addition, the aforementioned 10 Hong Kong film companies will apply for a sum with the Hong Kong Film Development Council's "Film  Production Financing Projects" for film production use and work together on a movie to show that everyone was united to contribute to the industry, hopefully bringing the workers back to their posts and helping each other.

Reportedly the Performing Artist Guild president Koo Tin Lok in order to help colleagues contacted 10 film companies to each invest HK$ 3 million and received a HK$ 9 million allocation from the Hong Kong Film Development Fund for a total of HK$ 39 million to make a heart warming movie of Hong Kong people getting over the hardship together under the pandemic to raise fund for basic level colleagues. Vincent Kok Tak Siu will be the chief director. All the actors will be volunteers. Actors' salaries will be donated to their basic level colleagues as well. Each applicant for assistance would at most receive around HK$ 9,000 in assistance.

Currently a group of workers have already begun planning for a movie. Many actors and directors have volunteered to do their part to help Hong Kong film workers. Rumors included Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Eric Tsang Chi Wai and others. After this pandemic, hopefully everyone would be able to cherish those around them, cherish the Earth, and learn to positively face life.

The Performing Artist Guild president Koo Tin Lok replied, "I really want to thank each and every person who have donated their money and effort to this pandemic relief project. Through this operation, the entire industry unites to help each other. Hopefully the donations will be able to help those in need. This difficulty has almost halted the entire industry, only a few films were in production. In the foreseeable future the pandemic will still remain in place, normal production would be unable to resume very quickly. Thus in the future everyone would continue to need to help each other to get over ths crisis." Koo Tin Lok's One Cool Film production and Albert Yeung Sau Sing's Emperor Motion Picture earlier already announced a 10 Hong Kong film production and distribution over two years.


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Japanese reality show TERRACE HOUSE TOKYO and female professional wrestling star Hana Kimura earlier due to cyberbullying committed suicide and passed away a age 22. Her family two nights ago held a low key funeral for her two nights ago, around 100 family members and friends bid farewell to her.

Female Japanese pro wrestler Hana Kimura after participating in the reality show TERRACE HOUSE had a struggle with fellow housemate over laundry issue, which began the online cyberbullying for her and put her on the road to suicide. Her family two days ago held services for her. Hana Kimura's former wrestler mother earlier expressed wishes for the outside to respect her daughter and their family's privacy, the funeral took place in a non public format. During Hana Kimura's funeral, her family, friends and those in the wrestling community were among the 100 or so who came and bid farewell. After yesterday's funeral, the direcor of Kimura's wrestling organization Stardom, Rossy Ogawa, posted a photo of Hana Kimura on social media. He stated that the photo was taken by a professional photographer in November last year. Rossy also said that the funeral has already taken place. Hana Kimura looked at peace, as if she was beautifully resting.


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Jordan Chan Siu Chun's wife Cherrie Ying Choi Yi two days ago posted a photo on social media and wroe, "A family of four, grateful"; she is believed to have given birth to their second child. The originally family of three has already become a family of four! Reportedly the 36 year old Ying Choi Yi two days ago gave birth to a baby boy at dusk and both mother and son were healthy; their 6 year old son Jasper also has been promoted to big brother.

Friday, May 29, 2020


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The International Film Festival and Awards Macao selected 5 films from its past four years for its online international film festival "WE ARE ONE: A GLOBAL FILM FESTIVAL" entries. The films will begin screenings on YouTube starting today.

The film selections included the Gigi Leung Wing Kei, Jennifer Yu Heung Yi and Fish Liew Chi Yu starred SISTERHOOD (GWUT MUI) and the Carina Lau Ka Ling starred A CITY CALLED MACAU. THe IFFAM art director Mike Goodridge was very happy to be able to become a part of this unique international film festival and hope that at this challening moment film festivals would unite and remind everyone the inmportance of the film industry to the world.