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Daniel Wu plays a cop who due to excessive suppression turns into a demon
The solemn music on the set makes Daniel Wu's character is even darker
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Actor Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) in the Emperor Motion Pictures film THAT DEMON WITHIN (MOR GAING) played a schizophrenic cop. He admitted that this film production was very tough. In order to get into his character he "hid himself away". Even when he got home he was quiet and neglected his then pregnant wife. Thus after the shoot he immediately flew to South Africa for a vacation to leave his character.

Daniel admitted that this character was difficult to play as he played emotional scenes in the entire film. "My character is a rule following cop, when he was little his father would hit him when he made a mistake. As an adult when he made a mistake he would whip himself. As time went on he became a very suppressed person!" He said that at first when he learned that he had to play this character he was already mentally prepared. For several months that followed he had to hide himself. He even deliberately met with schizophrenia patients to understand the condition. He said, "Actually schizophrenia did not represent multiple personalities. At the time in order to understand the character more, I found an almost completed recovered schizophrenia patient and asked him about his experience. The patient was a sharp dressed working class that always had fantasies. He waited a year to see a doctor, when I spoke with him I understood how he struggled."

Director Dante Lam Chiu Yin put a lot of effort into bringing him into the character. Daniel said, "I only found out after the shoot, actually during the shoot the director told everyone not to chat with me. Very solemn music was played on the set. During that period I became very introverted, very lonely. The emotions very naturally came. Even when I went home after work, I turned on the television and stared at it. I had no idea what was on it, and I didn't chat with my wife!" When Daniel made THAT DEMON WITHIN, his wife Lisa S. was four months pregnant. He said that after finishing the film he felt very guilty. He felt that when his wife's pregnant she needed her husband's care and companionship the most, but at the time due to work he neglected taking care of his wife. Thus the day after the production wrapped, he immediately flew with his wife to South Africa for a month long vacation for a change of scenery and proper rest. In less than a week he completely left the character.

Daniel's wife Lisa S of course understood as a fellow artist, but as a father now Daniel would consider this type of characters carefully. "My wife is an adult, of course she would understand. However children wouldn't. I know it is bad to bring emotions home, I have to properly learn not to bring work emotions home!"


Dante Lam attends the Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival
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The Director Dante Lam Chiu Yin directed UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN) made over HK$44 million at the box office. He immediately changed his taste when he made the Emperor Motion Picture THAT DEMON WITHIN. Turning from passion to depression, Director Lam admitted that he cast Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) due to a connection. "When he started in 1999 we actually worked together once. Together again this time everyone got more mature. I wanted to put more on him." Nick Cheung Ka Fai was willing to play "support", when asked he could not help but ask, "Why do you want me?" Actually Director Lam saw how damaging Ka Fai's eyes could be. "He doesn't have to kill to put the fear into people. So I told him 'only you could.'"

Aside from finding a psychiatrist to help bring Daniel into his character, Director Lam also gave a lot. "Some day I suddenly rented an apartment near the office and kept thinking about the story day and night. I felt like I was making a ghost film. My family was worried that I went missing."

In addition, THAT DEMON WITHIN was the Taiwan Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival closing film. Director Lam yesterday appeared in Taiwan and felt deeply honored that his film could bring the film festival to its end. After the screening he even shared his production experience with the audience.


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Fresh out of the oven Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actor Max Zhang Jin yesterday accepted a Phoenix Satellite Television interview. He admitted that he has already calmed down and began his life as "Mr. Mom". Speaking of the online movement to praise his speech with "one like per person", Zhang Jin said, "I haven't had time to read the messages, after the award show ended I slept for two hours then took the children to school. However my wife (Ada) Choi Siu Fun after reading the posts was very happy. They could not celebrate in time as my wife has already returned to the Mainland for a production. I will wait until she returns in mid May, maybe we will have dinner with friends and family for make up for it." He said that his daughters have seen the award but they did not understand. "They saw Mommy crying on the television and thought that she was crying because I didn't win."

Zhang Jin next month will start work on SPL 2 (SAT POR LONG 2). He is busy studying Thai and training. As for a raise, he said, "The film companies and the market are always in charge. As soon as I started I wanted a raise, but no one was willing to pay it. People who like me naturally would hire me, if they don't they wouldn't even if it was for free."


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Nick Cheung is surprised to see Jacky Cheung and hugs him
Vinz Sze and Maggie Siu
Josie Ho attends despite a leg injury
Amy Kwok jokes that her husband Sean Lau has plenty of experience with losing Best Actor
Best Supporting Actress Kara Wai
Geoff Tsui and his godfather Willie Chan are not only in business together but also have similar taste in clothes
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Willie Chan Chi Keung and god son Geoff Tsui Kwan Chun's creative concept store last night celebrated its 3th anniversary and its 3 month Pop Up store opening at the Landmark. Many friends in the business attended like the fresh out of the oven Best Actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Amy Kwok Oi Ming, Josie Ho Chiu Yi, Maggie Siu Mei Kei and her boyfriend Sze Cho Nam, Kara Wai Ying Hung and Cally Kwong Mei Wan. Cheung Ka Fai hug Hok Yau as soon as he saw him and posed for photos together. Ka Fai said that he did not know Hok Yau would come before hand. When he won Best Actor Hok yau already sent a text message to congratulate him.

Although he won Best Actor again, he did not have a big celebration. "Everyone thought that I would party it up, but actually I only spent the day at home. Two days ago I had hot pot casserole with (Dante) Lam Chiu Yin, and (Eddie) Peng Yu-Yen. (Esther) Kwan Wing Ho and our daughter are happy for me, but my daughter doesn't understand. She just feels it is very wonderful. For Easter we will be on vacation and relax a little." He said that earlier he attended his daughter's school event, parents had to 100 meters. He beat foreign parents and won. He could not hide his joy. "I won the race for my daughter, I was even happier to win this award. Thank you to (Johnnie) To Kei Fung for always wanting me to run like an electric rabbit in the film, I am well trained. When I ran against foreigners I had an explosiveness."

Sean Lau Ching Wan who did not win Best Actor due to work had his wife Kwok Oi Ming attend in his stead. When she saw Ka Fai she congratulated him. Was Ching Wan disappointed? She said, "It's not the first time that he lost, he is plenty of experience." She also revealed that with the sharp real estate prices now, she would not invest for now.

Ho Chiu Yi was still recovering from her leg injury. Her film 3D NAKED AMBITION (3D HO CHING) received a Mainland writer's criticism that current Hong Kong films only had nostalgia and sex. She said that the cultures and laws of the two places were different. In Hong Kong films with sex and foul language could be seen, and had even more other subjects.

Siu Mei Kei is working a battle of wits series SEUNG JIN (BUSINESS WAR). She praised her boyfriend Vinz Sze Cho Man as smarter than her. They have already wanted to go on vacation over half a year ago, but they each had to work. Sze Cho Nam said that the producer of a foreign film will come to Hong Kong next week to discuss a character with him. It will be an action film and he has always been in training.


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Ekin Cheng, Chapman To
Jeana Ho buys two bags of videos to watch for both entertainment and education.
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Chapman To Man Chak, Dior Cheng Yi Kin and Jeana Ho Pui Yu two nights ago attended the STAR Chinese Movies 20th anniversary. Ah Jat earlier upset Joey Yung Cho Yi, who said that Ah Jat was the only person in the business she despised. Was Ah Jat fine now? He said, "No problem." Ah Jat said that from now on he would be careful with what he would say. "My principle has always been talking about everything and anything, but now other than work I am better off talking less. As a comedy actor, sometimes for work I would have a little fun. Anything that has nothing to do with comedy I wouldn't nonsensically talk more about."

Ah Jat said that Joey did not take his call. Would he like to make up with Joey soon? Since they worked for the same company would they feel awkward when they ran into each other? Ah Jat said, "No comment. I am focusing on work, let's talk about work. I don't want to talk too much about anything outside of work." Boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing said that he and Joey were children and they would be fine very soon. Ah Jat said, "When big people talk big people should respond, children like me shouldn't respond to what big people say. (Would you be able to hold back?) If you 'chok' me a few times less, I would say a few words less."

Ekin revealed that he wrote several scripts, if anyone would be interested he would try directing. Has he shown the scripts to director Andrew Lau Wai Keung? Ekin said, "No, he too needs an editor." His wife Yoyo Mung Ka Wai starred in the series RUSE OF ENGAGEMENT (BOON TOH), which he would occasionally watch. However he thought some of the story was strange. Some have described the series as "plastic"? Ekin felt that the actors have done their best, there still were production, scripts and other parts.

Jeana loved to watch movies. She spent HK$5,000 to buy two big bags of videos to watch at home, including her film THE GRANDMASTER (YUT DOI JUNG SI). Actually she guest starred in 2 seconds of the film. Thus she was very happy that the film won 12 Hong Kong Film Awards.

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"The Strongest in the Universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan last night around 6:30PM seemed to be lost at Central, finally he found a bookstore and chose a card. When he saw reporters, he seemed to have found a savior and asked for directions to a hotel then rushed off.

In addition, with both rises and falls in his career, in 2003 when he made the Emperor Motion Picture THE TWINS EFFECT (CHIN GEIBIN) he established the Donnie Yen Stuntman Association. Yet when he did not have a movie, its members would have other jobs. Chi Tan admitted, "I wouldn't follow the martial art school rules exactly, should I have the brothers sit at home and starve?"

Association members from Japan, Yuji Shimomura and Kenji Tanigaki, and later additions Yun Kang and Yan Hua have followed Chi Tan for over a decade. Most recently he even promoted Yu Kang to play an important role in his new film THE ICEMAN 3D (3D BING FUNG HUP: CHUNG SUN ji MOON). He was also very concerned with his brothers' safety during the production.


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Film industry rising star Jacky Cai Jie in her first film ABERDEEN (HEUNG GONG JAI) had an affair with Best Actor Eric Tsang Chi Wai and even performed a conceptually daring bed scene. They were not only making out topless, Chi Wai even put his face on her chest. Cai Jie explained that she has taken the full protection and the shoot was not awkward. She felt very relaxed. "Chi Wai is a quite a gentleman. Normally he takes great care of people and is very polite. He makes everyone feel very relaxed. Perhaps because the director already told me about it several months ago, I was mentally prepared. At the time I agreed right away."

However, because director Pang Ho Cheung wanted a drunk feeling, she before the shoot drank an entire bottle of red wine. Cai Jie who rarely drank "blacked out" midway and had to shoot again the next day. She said, "I heard after 45 minutes I was unconscious. Originally everyone thought to wait for me to awake up, but Chi Wai said, 'Don't wake, she definitely won't be able to wake up!' After waking up, I immediately called to apologize because I added to everyone's burden."