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Patrick Tse and producer Gordon Lam interact with viewers at a TIME audience appreciation event
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The Patrick Tse Yin (Sei Gor) starred film TIME (SAK CHOOK GOR WONG fuN) will open on July 15th and has held 5 sold out advanced screenings over the past two weeks. Sei Gor on Father's Day visited the Diamond Hill cinema with producer Gordon Lam Ka Tung and director Ricky Ko Chi Bun. When the audience saw Sei Gor's appearance, the entire crowd roared as they fought to shake hands and take pictures with Sei Gor. the response was overwhelming.

That day fans even held banners to welcome their idol. A viewer asked Sei Gor to perform the film end credit song TIRED live, but Sei Gor joked, "Save it for the next one, then I would sing the theme song. If I don't sing it you can end our friendship! Haha!" For his first audience appreciation event, Sei Gor said that the applause belonged to everyone. He excitedly expressed, "Many viewers grew up watching me, they have watched me until today. I thank them for their embrace."

When asked about working with many new generation actors in this film, did they have any generation gap? Sei Gor joked, "I am younger than them, really! What I do they are afraid to, sometimes with joking around, talking a little more crass, they wouldn't dare to. You know? They see me like a teacher, so I really take good care of them." He even revealed that during this shoot he has not taught new actors how to act. "Acting comes from the heart, which has been my experience for years. Because in my lifetime I haven't done anything else, only making movie!"

Speaking of throwing punches and shedding tears for "granddaughter" Chung Suet Ying in this performance, he greatly affected the audience. Was he confident about competing for the Hong Kong Film Award next year? Sei Gor humbly answered, "I hope so, let's see how to use our heads to win the award!" Sei Gor pointed out that the most unexpected ws after a year and a half of the completion of the production, the film finally reached the big screen. He even joked, "I thought Ka Tung dumped me!"


The cast conducted the "Lo Hei" ceremony to wish the film good luck
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Stephy Tang
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Louis Cheung and Stephy Tang work with Dayo Wong for the first time, but they get along very quickly

Director Sunny Chan (right) leads the cast in the "Lo Hei" ceremony

"Malaysian Goddess" Minchen Lin has many Cantonese lines this time
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The Lunar New Year film TABLE FOR SIX (FAN HEI GUNG SUM) yesterday held a press conference. Dayo Wong Tze Wa, Louis Cheung Kai Chung and Stephy Tang Lai Yun in the film would be in a love triangle. Ah Chung did not have any stage fright from working with Tze Wa god. Tze Wa even praised Ah Chung as a comedy king with potential and he instead had to call him "Brother Chung"!

Tze Wa stated that he decided to take role after the script moved him. He admitted that he has not received a complete script before the production began in a long time, which was incredible to him! In the film many meals had conspiracies and plots. They were able to handle anything no matter what came their way. Tze Wa joked that in the past he made many empty meal scenes, which made him so md that he tossed the script in the back alley. This time was completely different. The meal scenes in the film were worth watching, the role was a huge challenge and rather difficult. He also revealed that in the film he, Tang Lai Yun and Cheung Kai Chung would have a triangle relationship conflict. Everyday he had to tough out flirting between the two of them, but he joked that the worst was Ah Chung calling him "Brother Tze Wa" He joked that Ah Chung demoted himself on his own, because his friend Michael Ning (Bak Ji) only called him "Tze Wa".

However Tze Wa also praisd Ah Chung as a comedy king with potential, citing that he was a well rounded actors who was able to handle things on and off screen. He instead called him "Brother Chung" to show his future achievement. Ah Chung humbly said that he was new and should respectfully call him elder, Bak Ji was also an elder. In the film the brothers liked the same woman in a love triangle. Ah Chung felt that the plot was attractive, the character also had to handle a lot of comedy -- a great challenge. He worked with Tze Wah god for the first film, not only did he not have stage fright but also his acting bug had its fill. Everyone during table reads and rehearsals were already getting along as one. Before the official shoot began they have already built a relationship.

Stephy stated that with Tze Wa god she at first felt a little stressed, but during the communication process at the table read she discovered that he was very friendly, funny and light. Thus her stress was reduced. She rarely worked on comedy. This time they would have a little intimate scene but it would not be too extreme. She would also be able to hold back her laughter. Ivana Wong Yuen Chi said that after driving a bus last time, this time she would hold a spatula. She would have the chance to improve herself by learning knife skills with a master, privately she has been cooking as well. Lin Minchen revealed that this time would be the most Cantonese she would speak in a movie. Once after completing her series of lines she received everyone's applause as they cheered for her.

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Aaron Kwok

Simon Yam

Gordon Lam
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The Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Simon Yam Tat Wa and Taiwan star Megan Lai starred film DISCONNECT'D (DUEN MONG) has run into trouble after trouble. Last year in April it began production during the pandemic, then due to financing issues the production needed to be suspended. Later the issue was resolved and the production resumed. It wrapped in October last year. Originally after completing post production it would be released; but lately it was rumored that because the film was not perfect, producer Soi Cheang Pou Soi immediately "blew the whistle" for additional shoots! Because it involved a dozen or so units, stars' schedule coordination became a major problem. Luckily Sing Sing, Yam Tat Wa, Gordon Lam Ka Tung and others overcame the obstacles to coordinate. Sing Sing even would work on movie after movie and use all his resources to make room in his schedule. After the additional shoots for the film he would jump into his new film.

As for Gordon Lam Ka Tung, who is still working with Louis Koo Tin Lok on BEYOND THE SIN (NGOK HUNG Ji OI), he still got the team's "help" to rush the production of his scenes so he would have time for the additional shoots for DISCONNECT'D. The film industry showed its united side.

DISCONNECT'D had problems and required additional shoots. Producer Cheang Pou Soi said, "Actually additional shoots are very normal. Several of my movies had additional shoots. (Sing Sing's schedule is very hard to work with, even he helped out immediately?) That's right, Aaron has been great. Everyone has been very helpful. (Simon) Yam Tat Wa and Lam Ka Tung also had additional shoots." He revealed that at the current stage only Lam Ka Tung was missing one day of the shoot. The other actors have already completed their parts. As for the release date, he said, "Because the post production would require half a year, for now nothing has been set."

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The Lau Yung directed, Chloe So Ho Yi starred film SUGAR STREET STUDIO (TONG GAI JAI PIN CHONG) was selected by the Udine Far East Film Festival. Screening across many cities in Europe, North America and Asia, Lau Yung hoped that overseas viewers would sense that Hong Kong horror film was an unique mix of comedy, touching moments and scares. He pointed out that when the film was screened in Europe it had Italian subtitles. The Hong Kong International Film Festival Association also helped him with a video to meet the audience there with. Lau Yung said, "If I would have the chance, I would want to fly over there and have exchanges with filmmakers from around the world. Unfortunately the pandemic prevented that. So in the future I would have to put more effort into make more better movies, then attend the film festival to experience the European film event."

So Ho Yi admitted that she was very disappointed about unable to walk the red carpet in Italy, but she felt very proud that her work represented Hong Kong. Another actress Wiyona Yeung Lau Ching said that the film's participation in an international film festival was the actor's honor.

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Dayo Wong and Stephy Tang will play feuding rivals
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Ronald Cheng Chung Kei yesterday as the film ambassador attended the 5th Hong Kong Children's International Film Festival press conference. He revealed that he would bring his children to enjoy children films. He also liked to watch cartoon and comics; because comics was like the film storyboard, it would be helpful to his filmmaking. Cheng Chung Kei said that his company was preparing several films, one of which would be the 2023 Lunar New Year film. As for the government amendment of the Film Censorship Ordinance guidelines, he said, "It has no effect on me."

Currently he is busy with the Lunar New Year film HAP GA LAT (SPICY WHOLE FAMILY), which might oppose the Dayo Wong Tze Wa and Stephy Tang Lai Yun starred Lunar New Year film. Yesterday a report claimed that Wong Tze Wah has already accepted the Sunny Chan Wing Sun directed romantic comedy that was expected to open for Lunar New Year next year. Also in the film would be Louis Cheung Kai Chung and Malaysian goddess Lin Minchen. Wong Tze Wa's previous Lunar New Year film was the 2020 release that made HK$ 29.45 million, THE GRAND GRANDMASTER (MUK DOI JUNG SI).

Cheng Chung Kei hoped to finish the film by the end of June, then he would be able to keep his children company on their summer vacation. "It's not that I won't be working during summer vacation, but I have some time to be with my children. In past July for the older daughter's birthday we would go on vacation, this year due to the pandemic we won't be able to go abroad." He revealed that his 10 year old daughter was getting more and more daring, as she loved riding roller coasters. This year he might ride with her for her birthday. He joked, "Luckily I am still brave enough to ride roller coasters, in a few years she would have to get her younger brother to go with her. (Maybe she would have a boyfriend to go with her then?) Too soon, my daughter now says that she has no boyfriend, instead her little brother says that he has 6 girlfriends. He still doesn't know what dating is, female classmates are like girlfriends to him. Maybe he only has 6 friends. My children and I talk about anything and everything, I would never talk baby talk with them. So they talk like adults."

Originally at the end of the year he would perform a concert in Taiwan, but due to the pandemic there he did not know whether it will continue as scheduled. Cheng Chung Kei said, "We have been communicating, concerts before the end of August would have to be cancelled. After that they are unknown. Right now the most important is the fight against the pandemic. My concerts can be postponed again without any problem. I hope I will be able to perform it, proving that the pandemic will already be under control."


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The film industry in the past two years due to the novel coronavirus pandemic had severe shortage of employment opportunities for industry insiders. Film colleagues have been trying to come up with ways to help each other in hopes of getting over the crisis soon. The Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers, after distributing "pandemic assistance fund" to colleagues earlier, now has signed an agreement with the "Joseph Lau Luen Hung Charitable Foundation". The Foundation would donate HK$ 10 million to the Federation of Filmmakers to release the "Keep Rolling Keep Running" project to help film industry colleagues to improve themselves amidst the pandemic.

According to the agreement, the HK$ 10 million donation will be used to sponsor Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers film productions. the condition is all posts on and off screen are required to hire Hong Kong film professionals, in order to increase domestic film colleagues' employment opportunities and bring creative space to the new generation of filmmakers. The "Joseph Lau Foundation" founder Lau Luen Hung has always loved watching movies. When the industry faced its most difficult time he lent a helping hand. He hoped through this no reward contribution to be able to create employment opportunities for the industry and get over the hard times.

The new Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers president Louis Koo Tin Lok also thanked Lau Luen Hung for the donation. "Thank you very much to the 'Joseph Lau Foundation' for its donation to help film colleagues. This project hopes to make eight movies in the next two years. After Mr. Lau Luen Hung learned of this project he immediately generously donated HK$ 10 million to help us with taking the first step." Koo Tin Lok said that he would continue to use a variety of ways to plan the remaining films, hoped to bring change to the Federation and further promote the film industry.

The Keep Rolling Keep Running project will accept applications until the end of August. Participating screenplay will be anonymously handed to four Federation of Filmmakers assigned professional jury members for selection. For the sake of fairness the jury will not be publicized to ensure that screenplay quality come first. The project welcomes new directors to participate. Each film will receive at most HK$ 4.2 million in funding allocation.

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[2021.06.17] FOR THE WEEK ENDING SUNDAY, JUNE 13 2021

For the week ending Sunday June 13 2021
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    d. Nobuhiro Doi
    Masaki Suda, Kasumi Arimura, Joe Odagiri, Kaya Kiyohara
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 124 mins.
  Opening June 10 2021
  Trailer :

    Is it really better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all? Mugi and Kinu meet by chance one night, after missing the last train. They believe that they have found the ideal partner in each other through shared interests in music, movies and books, but the relationship eventually turns sour when reality gets in the way. Critically acclaimed for his cracking dialogue and complex characters, television screenwriter Sakamoto Yuji returns to film for the first time in 14 years with this brutally honest chronicle of a four-year relationship’s ups and downs.

  Can : Wai Oi
  Lit : Leftover Love
  AKA : Chong Hoi Wai Oi
  AKA : Love Left At Sea
    d. Alan Fung Chi Hung
    Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Hanna Chan, Tony Wu Tsz Tung,
      Carol To Hei Ling, Aaron Chow Chi Kwan, Kenneth Cheung Moon Yuen
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 106 mins.
  Opening March 6 2021 at the Osaka Asian Film Festival
  Opening June 10 2021
  Trailer :
  Site :
  Site :

    It's a tragic case of history repeating as two cases twenty years apart find their connections in people who were abandoned by their parents. The story begins in recent times with Sergeant Fai, a grizzled cop who is on the verge of retirement. When he books a young woman named Daisy for drug possession, the memory of an earlier case that derailed his career emerges. We are taken to 1997 and meet 15 year-old Elisa, an innocent and naive girl who has fallen in love with Wai, a decent guy with a motorbike and few prospects. Elisa soon gives birth to a baby girl after the two move in together but life isn't easy. Desperate to earn money, Wai becomes a member of the triads and commits a crime so serious he must flee Hong Kong and leave Elisa and their daughter behind to face the cruelty of society alone. When Wai returns he finds he cannot be a permanent part of their lives and their once happy family is poisoned by resentment which leads to a tragic outcome...[Jason MAHER]

    d. Dominic Cooke
    Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel Brosnahan, Jessie Buckley

    d. Elaine Bogan, Ennio Torresan
    DreamWorks Animation

    d. Darren Lynn Bousman
    Chris Rock, Samuel L. Jackson,

    d. Justin Lin
    Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster,
      Tyrese Gibson, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges,
      Nathalie Emmanuel, Charlize Theron, John Cena, Sung Kang,

    d. Jun Li Chun Shek
    Francis Ng Chun Yu, Loletta Lee Lai Chun, Tse Kwan Ho,
      Chun Pak Hong, Cecilia Choi Sze Wan, Will Or
  Rating : III
  Length : 112 mins.
  Opening February 5 2021 at the Rotterdam International Film Festival
  Opening April 4 2021 at the Hong Kong International Film Festival
  Opening June 3 2021
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  Site :
  Teaser :
  Trailer :

    Just out of jail, Fai finds a spot on a street corner where other homeless people welcome him. But he doesn't get much time to settle in. The police soon chase them away, and their possessions disappear into a garbage truck. Young social worker Ms Ho thinks it's time to fight this in court. In the meantime, Fai and his friends have other concerns.

    d. Michael Chaves
    Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga

    d. Craig Gillespie
    Emma Stone, Emma Thompson

    d. John Krasinski
    Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, Cillian Murphy,
      Noah Jupe, Djimon Hounsou