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Larine Tang and Hedwig Tam kiss

Larine Tang is so nervous about meeting Carol Cheng that she goes into the men's room by mistake
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The Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui directed and starred new film YUPPIE FANTASIA 3 (SIU NAM YUN JAU GEI 3 ji NG GA YAU HEI) will open during the Lunar New Year. The otakus not only looked forward to Chrissie Chau Sau Na's bath with Ah Tan, but also to Larine Tang Yueping who played Ah Tan's daughter.

Larine not only bared all for a swimming but also got intimate with the tomboy Hedwig Tam Sin Yin. They not only whispered sweet nothing but also got intimate with arm around the shoulder. Larine even surprised her with a kiss. In another scene they shared a tight embrace. Speaking of baring her back, Larine admitted that was not embarrassing enough. "I took all the safety precaution. Daddy really took care of me, he was afraid that my acting would be affected and cleared the set. (Was the kiss with a girl awkward?) Yes, because I haven't kissed a girl before! However I lost out on the wide shot. Because we shot the close up first, the kiss wasn't passionate enough. Then we got a little more daring, the kiss was more precise on the wide shot." Tam Sin Yin said that the shoot was very comfortable. "Although I haven't had too many kiss scenes with guys, this time I was more comfortable with a girl. Maybe it's because I am a girl too!"

Ah Tan earlier appeared with Larine on Carol Cheng Yui Ling's radio program. 27 years ago they played a couple so this time could be considered a "family reunion" for the trio. Thus Ah Tan revealed as soon as he saw Do Do, "This grl was very nervous before. While waiting outside to see Ma, she suddenly said that she really had to go and ran into the men's room!"

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Stephen Chow supervises Shaun Tam's Cantonese voice work for Sun Wukong
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Stephen Chow Sing Chi and Tsui Hark's JOURNEY TO THE WEST: THE DEMONS STRIKE BACK will open on the Lunar New Year's Day. The "Four Great Comedy Stars" Chet Lam Yat Fung, Shaun Tam Chun Yin, Jiro Lee Seung Ching and Fire Lee (For For) will provide the Cantonese voices for the Master and Disciples quartet. Earlier the Cantonese version voice work went on for two days in a row. Sing Yeh personally supervised and instructed the four on the performance. Sing Yeh even invited master class Tang Monk Law Kar Ying to return as the voice of the Tang Monk's master.

Tam Chun Yin provided his voice to Sun Wukong. Sing Yeh studied the lines with. He suddenly pointed at the monitor and said to Tam Chun Yin, "You have to 'rape' this mouth!" Sing Yeh could not help but laugh after saying it, explaining that this was a voice acting slang. It meant to force the dubbing without synchronizing with the lips, not raping the mouth.

Lam Yat Fung after JOURNEY TO THE WEST: CONQUERING THE DEMONS again provided his voice to Tang Monk. He said that the Wen Zhang played Tang Monk and the Kris Wu Yifan played Tang Monk were drastically different. This time his voice as the Wu Yifan played Tang Monk would be more energetic, like a child with lower emotional quotient and a little temper. For For provided his voice to Sand Monk and revealed that he did one line over 20 times because Sing Yeh wanted different tones.


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Louis Cheung wants to keep bringing his wife joy
Hedwig Tam and Chrissie Chau feed fans
Kay Tse and Louis Cheung's ten year marriage has gone through its ups and downs
Louis Cheung, Hedwig Tam, Chrisse Chau, Babyjohn Choi, Larine Tang, Lawrence Cheng perform the "Lo Hei" ceremony together
Chrissie Chau says that she forgets how to act in front of Lawrence Cheng
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The Lunar New Year YUPPIE FANTASIA (SIU NAM YUN JAU GEI 3)'s actors Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui, Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Larine Tang Yueping, Babyjohn Choi Hong Yik, Louis Cheung Kai Chung and Hedwig Tam Sin Yin yesterday promoted. They divided into two teams to make sandwiches for the audience to try. Finishing the final version of the film earlier, Ah Tan said that he would not ruin his "little guy" label and hoped that it would provide a Happy New Year to the audience.

Stephen Chow Sing Chi's new film JOURNEY TO THE WEST: THE DEMONS STRIKE BACK was YUPPIE FANTASIA 3's biggest competition. Ah Tan said, "It isn't the only one, other foreign blockbusters will be released too. The Lunar New Year should be cheerful, should only one film be released? Of course Sing Yeh is in a class of his own, we have own our ways too. The most important is for the audience to have fun." Ah Tan even revealed that the boss was very pleased with the film. "Many people would ask 'would you ruin the little guy label?', after watching the movie I could live with it. Don't worry, everyone would find out when they go, he is still the same 'Leung Foon'." Chau Sau Na also looked forward to the film's official release very much. She said that she already did her part as an actor and the box office numbers would be hard to control. She hoped that with the classic YUPPIE FANTASIA, Leung Foon 20 years later would still be relatable to everyone. Tang Yueping said that the younger generation might not have seen YUPPIE, it was a good opportunity to provide everyone with an understanding of the little guy. She evn praised her on screen father Ah Tan for being very precise with capturing the state of mind.

Yesterday was Cheung Kai Chung and his wife Kay Tse On Kay's 10th anniversary. He posted his wedding photo on social media, but his wife made fun of him for posting a photo from an old newspaper. Ah Chung explained that the photos were shot on film and the wedding photos were on the old computer. As for how he would celebrate, he said, "Originally I plan a dinner, but I have to work in the Mainland. I asked my wife and she said work came first. So I plan to give her the Mainland salary." Ah Chung said that he finally understood why stars had to wear sunglasses. "I really didn't like having my picture taken before, even less with us as a couple. Now I feel that the media photos from all those years could be used as a record. When I know I haven't had enough sleep I would want sunglasses when I go out, then I wouldn't be caught with my eyes half closed." Ah Chung thanked his wife again for all the happiness she has given him. He would keep working hard from now on and perform more comedy to cheer her up.


Edmond Hui, G.E.M.
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G.E.M. (Tang Chi Kei) earlier was a guest on the TVB Entertainment News station program STARTALK and discussed her first documentary AGAINST THE WIND. She said that she has never given up on the city of Hong Kong and its fans. She would continue to work on Cantonese songs.

G.E.M. once minded all the earlier reports. She said, "If I say I didn't care t would truly sound too official. How can I not care? With this documentary I only want to use my own angle to tell everyone the truth, I didn't deliberately avoid anything." G.E.M. also said, "Speaking of the most upsetting report, it probably was at my 2014 concert when I had to face the most severe public opinion of my life. My Weibo had over posts from 180,000 people. Many people were yelling at me. The most heartbreaking was that the event has already spoken up on my behalf, no one cared at all as they kept criticizing me. I felt very dark." G.E.M. admitted that she once removed the app from her mobile photo. She said, "Because at the time I would cry as soon as I saw the posts. I really wanted to get away."

Speaking on the online assault on her, she said, "If I was in a good mood, I wouldn't feel much from the online criticism. However if I wasn't, especially when I was hungry, I might be very upset, very bothered." She also said, "As for the fashion criticism, I really took the evidence to the company and said, 'I told you I won't wear that, can you see that now!'"

As for her old flame Yoga Lin, G.E.M. said, "Love makes you numb. You get lost in it. At the time I didn't sense that I was too naive, but actually people around me thought I wasn't realistic. Ultimately it was the longest relationship I had after getting into the business, so it was its effect on me. However I wasn't scarred, when you face it with time you can be fine." She also said, "I have never publicized anything, only once on my personal facebook account I wrote something and people published it. (Did a friend betray you?) Yes, after that, I unfriended a lot of people in facebook." Would she announce her next relationship? G.E.M. said, "No, because I have to keep the other person's feeling in mind. Right now I might not announce anything until my wedding. I want to date but I am in no hurry."


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Wilfred Lau Ho Lung yesterday attended an anti crime event. He revealed that in the past three months he was busy with the film CHASING THE DRAGON (JUI LUNG), going on locations in Hong Kong, Thailand and Foshan. The production has gone very smoothly, but in Thailand he lost hs underwear. Si Hing stated, "That felt very evil!"

Si Hing said that each time he went to work overseas, he would wash his own underwear. while shooting in Thailand, he returned to his room to shower and put his dirty laundry in the bathroom trash can to prepare to wash after dinner. Then when he returned to his room again his underwear vanished. "My first impression was no one would have any reason to steal a man's underwear, I don't have any underwear to wear! Luckily after asking the hotel, they said that they took my laundry to wash and would later return it to me. When I got back I got a bag of bras and panties, wow! Whose are these! Luckily after looking awhile I found my own clothes."

In CHASING THE DRAGON, Si Hing would fight one against seven. In the story he came with the "Strongest in the Universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan from Chaozhou. When they started the Chaozhou gang was only vicious and brutal. During the fight Si Hing aggravated his old wound and twisted his leg. Thankfully the injuries were minor, he should recover after resting for awhile.


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Jackie Chan and director Stanley Tong Kwai Lai teamed up again for the Lunar New Year film KUNG FU YOGA, which will open February 16th in Hong Kong. Two days ago, Jackie Chan with Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting), Zhang Yixing, Muqimiya attended the Beijing promotion. They played games and held lucky drawing with the audience and the atmosphere was as cheerful as the Lunar New Year. Jackie Chan has always taken risks for his movies, Lee Chi Ting even revealed that after a 5 hour operation he insisted on working with him on an action scene for several hours before recovering.

With the Spring Festival on the way, Jackie Chan brought Lee Chi Ting, Zhang Yixing and othres to wish the audience a Happy new Year. He lamented that so many viewers grew up with his movies, but he could not take a photo with each of them, give them an autograph. He even said that he liked film too much. "Film is my life. I want to keep making it to keep bringing everyone joy. However time spares no one, I don't know how many years I can keep going."

Lee Chi Ting and Zhang Yixing both agreed that they grew up with Jackie Chan's films. They never imagined that today they would be lucky enough to work with him. Indian actor Sonu Sood said, "The Indian audience also likes Jackie Chan movies very much. In addition, many Indian filmmakers want to add a variety of stunts into their own work only after watching Jackie Chan movies."

Lee Chi Ting recalled his fight scene with Jackie Chan in Iceland and lamented that Jackie Chan was very professional. He even revealed that at the time Jackie Chan just had a 5 hour long surgery and not yet recovered, but he kept it from everyone and insisted on finishing hours of action scenes. His professionalism and risk taking made people respect him. Zhang Yixing could not help but say to Jackie Chan, "Big Brother, how do you do it? Can you teach me how to risk my life?" Jackie Chan replied, "My life is like this, it doesn't matter."

KUNG FU YOGA's production span Europe and Asia, land, air and sea, invested hundreds of millions and even included the city of extravagance, Dubai. In the film Jackie Chan led Lee Chi Ting and Zhang Yixing to form the "kung fu trio" on a treasure hunt in Dubai. The team received top class treatment from Dubai. The Dubai royal family loaned over 70 super sports cars. The prince of Dubai even loaned the only and one in the entire world super sports car Devel Sixteen just for the most luxurious car chase. The lion that shared a car with Jackie Chan in the race was on loan fron the princess of Dubai.

Once Jackie Chan accidentally scratched the luxury car, the Dubai royal family sent a new one the next day. In order to make it the same as the original color the blue car was covered with a yellow exterior for the convenience of the production. Jackie Chan stated, "I am beyond touched!"


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Richie Jen asks the doctor if he can ride a motorcycle again by gesture, but the doctor mistakes him for asking about sex
Richie Jen and Gordon Lam hug each other as soon as they meet
Richie Jen, Johnnie To, Gordon Lam raise a glass
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The Media Asia film TRIVISA (SHU DAI JIU FUNG) yesterday celebrated its numerous success with Johnnie TO Kei Fung, Yau Nai Hoi, Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai), Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Frank Au Hok Man, Vicky Wong Wai Kit and others. TRIVISA has already won the Golden Horse Award for Best Original Screenplay and Best Editing. This year Ka Tung won the Hong Kong Film Critic Society's Best Actor award; Siu Chai was also nominated for the Asia Pacific Film Festival Best Actor award. Siu Chai happily said, "I am already very happy about the nomination. I really appreciate To Kei Fung for giving me the chance to play a bad guy."

Although he was happy about being nominated, Siu Chai was upset when he mentioned his injury from his motocross race. "I really am a little upset! Due to the weather, my motorcycle ran into the forest and had to be rescued by helicopter. In the end I was 1,000 kilometers away from finishing the 12,000 kilometer race. This time was also the most difficult! Even though I was upset I could do anything about it. After the race half of the top ten participants had broken arms and legs, my body was still whole even though I didn't finish the race."

Later Siu Chai said, "At the time after X-ray, I was on bed rest. Then I saw those who arrived later with very severe injuries. Some were unconscious, some had broken thigh bone, I immediately got up to offer them my bed......the next time I race I would participate in a car race. At least it's covered in a metal frame! (How is your injury now?) I can't get up too quickly, I can't carry anything heavy either. The funniest part was at the time I did a gesture to ask the French doctor whether I could keep riding the motorcycle, he thought I was asking about sex, haha." Later, Siu Chai would have Lunar New Year dinner with his parents in Taiwan then fly to perform in the U.S.

Best Actor award winner Lam Ka Tung happily said that he was still elated. "At the moment when I learned that I won, my mind immediately went through 30 years. Among that was the 'all for naught' period. This time was very encouraging. The award seemed to have flown over suddenly, I really got a little dizzy!"

Would the award strengthen Ka Tung's Hong Kong Film Award confidence? He said that he would already be very happy with the nomination. He would not deliberately think about the award and hoped that TRIVISA would be able to make a sequel.

Speaking of Andy Lau Tak Wa's injury, Ka Tung said that it would not be suitable to disturb him at this time. Thus he only sent a text message and hoped that Wa Jai would recover soon. In addition, Ka Tung was working on a Lunar New Year horror film. Playing a tomb raider he even had to open up a tomb and a coffin. He said that shooting something like that at the end of the year, he definitely would get lai see.