Tuesday, January 28, 2020


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"The Strongest in the Universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan planned to challenge his acting in the Year of the Rat as he planned to make a new film about father and son. Although in real life his son was agile and had potential, Chi Tan felt education was important. For now he had no intention of recommending his son to perform.

Chi Tan said that currently his artistic creativity and acting were approaching maturity. No wonder he was willing to accept challenges and work with director Law Chi Leung on the film GIK DEI SAU GAU. Chi Tan this time would let go of his fist to play for tears. "This one is completely dramatic, the characters are more complex. They really test the senses. I feel they are pretty how to play." Although the film would have no fierce stunts, Chi Tan still had stunts like jumping into a river. Unfortunately the film due to the outbreak has postponed its production start until November.

Speaking of New Year wishes, Chi Tan admitted, "I wish for good health, to be able to spend more time with the family. No matter how hard the job is, ultimately it is just for the family!" His children are full of artistic genes. His son James even has inherited Chi Tan's agility, already started to practice martial arts at age 12. Although Chi Tan would make a father and son film, he had no intention to work as "father and son". He explained, "My son is practicing Brazilian Jiujitsu and Taekwondo. I feel he has potential but I still say, he is still young and education is more important. Sometimes you don't choose the film career, the film career instead would choose you. Parents want their children to be successful, but they have their own journeys."

In addition, the Chi Tan starred Lunar New Year film ENTER THE FAT DRAGON (FEI LUNG GOR GONG) would spend the New Year with everyone. Speaking of the production, he said, "I carried several dozen pound of fat guy costume and still had to fight. Everyday when I removed the makeup I could squeeze out a gallon of sweat. (Were he unable to take it?) Yes! I immediately yelled stop to rest and catch my breath."

Looking back at last year he was pleased with his performance. "Thank you for the audience support, giving IP MAN 4 a perfect performance and ending. I feel that everyone have excessively consumed Grandmaster Ip Man so I suggested not to keep going."


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The new Wuhan corona virus continues to spread and many artists urge everyone to wear medical masks; on the Lunar 3rd two days ago, Ray Lui Leung Wai's wife Yang Xiaojuan on social media posted a photo of Donnie Yen Chi Tan's family and Rosamund Kwan Chi Lam paying them a New Year visit. They also took the opportunity to shoot a video to call for everyone to wear medical masks. Titled "Ting Lik vs. Ip Man vs. Aunt Thirteen's New Year Greeting", they introduced themselves in Putonghua, greeted each other and wished everyone good health. Lui Leung Wai said, "Very good, want medical masks."

Yang Xiaojuan posted, "Ths year, anyone who can come out and meet is a life and death friend, who can come out to play mahjong is death defying fiend, who can come to a meeting is absolute true love!" She even introduced the best travel route to prevent new corona virus. "This New Year's best route is for you not to come and me not to go. If I go you would worry, if you come I would panic! Introducing the 2020 Spring Festival Best Travel route: living room->kitchen->bedroom->bathroom tour, on Lunar 3rd luck and best wishes to everyone".


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Julian Cheung Chi Lam and Chrissie Chau Sau Na in the Lunar New Year film ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2020 (GA YAU HEI SI 2020) played a couple. Sister Na praised Chilam's comedic senses for his first comedy. Chilam humbly said, "I had good co-stars. They were all comedy experts so I was able to be like a fish in water. However I still have a lot to learn." Working together for the first time, Chilam revealed that Sister Na honestly asked him to introduce hot property men as she no longer wanted to be leftover in the Year of the Rat.

Chilam said that Sister Na "looked sharper than she was". When he practiced magic to pass the time on the set, Sister Na was actually amazed and kept asking "how?" Chilam said, "I really am worried about how naive and easy to fool she is. I am afraid that she won't be able to find another half." He also revealed that actresses he has worked with usually would ask him to introduce guys to them. Sister Na was no exception.

Sister Na admitted that soon after meeting Chilam she already boldly asked him to introduce guys to her. Chilam said, "I have golden properties on my hand, but too many women are left. I regret that I haven't had any good introduction to make for Sister Na, but I still wish that Sister Na would be able to find Mr. Right in the Year of the Rat."

In the film they did not have any intimate scene but they did share a revealing scene. Chilam even stared at the topless Sister Na; Chilam admitted, "It was pretty awkward." He instead asked Sister Na what would she do usually when guys stared at her important areas? Sister Na replied, "I would stare at him, but it has never happened yet."

Chilam did not believe that no one would stare at a sex symbol like Sister Na. She said, "I am very low key when I go out, I would wear a turtleneck."

For the Lunar New Year Chilam's entire family would go skiing in Hokkaido. He revealed that in past New Year they mostly gambled. "We would play mahjong, fish-prawn-crab all night, we had to have as much as we could. We had done it like a marathon from the Lunar New Year's Day to the 7th. We didn't sleep or rest for 7 days straight. Once a friend couldn't take it by the 7th, went to the hospital and was diagnosed with trigeminal nerve infection."

Chilam said that he could play hard work hard. "Right now I am still 17 inside. (You can have more fun during the New Year?) For me all four seasons in a year is New Year, as the saying goes even October can be time for New Year visits." Sister Na was very envious of Chilam. She too would play mahjong and fish-prawn-crab during the New Year, but not as crazy as Chilam.

Has Chilam won or lost more? He did not dare to say that he won more, but he had luck with gambling. "Once I played fish-prawn-crab with Len Len (Anita Yuen Wing Yi)'s family. Her teenager cousin had never lost. In the last round, he told everyone to put it on prawn. We cheated while he wasn't paying attention. When the dies were unveiled he saw there was no prawn and collapsed. Since then he has been studying hard. Now he is in actuary." Sister Na joked that a game of fish-prawn-crab changed someone's life!

Chilam was very pleased with his performance last year and felt that he achieved more than expected, making 3 movies, a web drama, modeling for many brands and went to many places that he has never been to with his family. He also had time to spend with Mommy. As for the Year of the Rat, aside from movies he would perform concerts in April; after many action films last year, Sister Na this year wanted to make more dramatic or romantic films.

Monday, January 27, 2020


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2020 would be the golden year of the rat. Becoming a husband last year C Kwan (Cheng Sze Kwan) gave double lai see for the first time to bless family and friends. Still single, Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) and Catherine Chau Ka Yi became familiar with C Kwan after working together on the Lunar New Year film THE GRAND GRANDMASTER (MUK DOI JUNG SI). They said that they had to maintain a childlike heart to pay their New Year visit to him. C Kwan humorously said, "This year I am the lucky (fok) guy, as someone else's husband I have an extra segment of paying New Year visits to family and friends. I have to double the amount of lai see. I am so scared, hahaha! If any audience appreciation event would be arranged during the New Year, I would try to avoid them." The trio also sincerely wish everyone a healthy and happy new Year and may all their wishes come true.

As for the New Year, Sum Yau said that she has not thought about any resolution and would go with the flow. "My resolution is not by the year. Whatever difficulty or challenge I have now I would find a way to face it; for example I am really afraid of water, last year I went to learn to swim. When I accompany it I would be very satisfied."

Ka Yi announced that she has already signed with Emperor for 5 years and would focus on film development.

With problems like the Hong Kong anti extradition legislation storm and the Wuhan pneumonia, the film industry has fallen into an ice age. Ka Yi was grateful for the GRAND triple threat Wong Tze Wa for giving her a chance. In addition before taking the film she already knew that he sold a home to make the movie, she hoped for good box office performance. "I believe few would sell a home (to make a movie). With such passion I of course reduced my salary to lend a helping hand. I hope to help him with making back the money for the home."

C Kwan took the chance to speak up for Tze Wa, proving that reports of his exploitation of the team's salary were untrue. He said, "I knew about him selling a home to make the movie long ago, we took the initiative and demanded to help him. I told him that I would work even without pay, but my manager insisted on charging. We gave a discount though. I also took the responsibility to score the movie, I didn't sleep all night in order to finish it for him."

Working with Tze Wa for the first time, Sum Yau was moved to tears on the set by his sincerity. She stated that she would support him with money. She said, "I didn't know before, my heart ached for him. Actually he contributed so much to the movie. I even cherished my days of making the movie and training with him even more. I hope to be able to do more for him. I can show off my abdominal muscles to promote, my entire family have bought tickets to watch the movie many times." C Kwan joked, "Sum Yau can consider giving back her salary, or watching the movie 3 million times alone, either would be enough to help Tze Wa get back the home."

The trio also praised Tze Wa for being easygoing, gentleman and tender speech manner, C Kwan even said that Tze Wa was easier to get along with than Carol Ching Yui Ling. He said, "I have worked with the best Sister Do, how could I feel the world would have mankind that was even meaner, hahaha!"


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Alex Wong
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The Mainland and Hong Kong show business in recent years have entered their ice age. With the recent rapid spread of the Wuhan pneumonia, the situation has become even more dire! Earlier 7 films announced their retreat from the Mainland Lunar New Year slot, resulting in the Lunar New Year's Day box office was only a little over 1 million RMB. Industry insiders estimated after the Spring festival at least 100 cinemas in the Mainland would close due to financial trouble. Yesterday films and television series that were already in production have announced temporary production halt to fight the pandemic.

Among them the "Strongest in the Universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan starred GIK DEI SAU GAU started production at the end of last year. The team had a 3 day Lunar New Year holiday and was originally scheduled to resume work yesterday. Investor Filmko due to the severity of the Wuhan outbreak was announced a temporary production halt to ensure safety and health of everyone and postponed the production until November.

Filmko boss Alex Wong Hoi Fung yesterday expressed helplessness, saying that with around 300 members of the cast and the crew, 500 extras he held a meeting before work on the Lunar 2nd to avoid cross contamination and finally decided to halt production. "The crew has received the first part of their salary payment. Everyone promises to reserve 3 months at the end of the year for the production." Reportedly, the film would have aerial drone shots and snow covered mountain search. It would also set large scale snow sets. Due to the current special circumstance, the team has been attentively arrange for places for the affected crew to stay. Thus the damage would be difficult to calculate currently, a conservative estimate of at least HK$ 10 million. Lead actor Yen Chi Tan has not joined the team but sated that he would support the team's decision. "Although the work schedule has been affected, it is for the greater good. I wish everyone good health."

In addition, the Wong Jing directed new film KUNG FU CULT MASTER (YI TIN TOH LUNG GEI) was rumored to have already started production. However his company said, "We haven't started production yet. We are still doing pre production work. The team for now has not been affected, but we would pay attention to the outbreak development before making any decision." Raymond Lam Fung with the time off went skiing with his wife Zhang Xinyue. Due to the severity of the outbreak, the Hengdian film and television studio was rumored to have halted production temporarily.

With the new film production halted, Chi Tan went to celebrate the Lunar New Year in the U.S. with his entire family. His wife Cissy shared the photos on social media.


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Carlos Chan Ka Lok and Gladys Lee Ching Kwan in the past year made great strides in their careers as they were both promoted to make the Emperor Lunar New Year film YOU ARE THE ONE (NGOR DIK SHUN POON NAM YAU). Ka Lok last year released three movies and one series, while Gladys stepped onto the music scene and won rookie awards. However neither were satisfied as they looked forward to continuing improvement in the Year of the Rat!

Ka Lok two years ago with his character "Grandpa" in the series DADDY COOL successfully became a household name. He hoped to play memorable characters again this year. "When people call me by the character name on the streets, I am happier than being called my real name!" Would he attempt to try singing? He said that he has already tried for YOU but realized that actually it was not easy. "I thought my singing was OK, but recording required singing every verse. For one verse I recorded 100 times, that was such a setback! (Have you been scared off from singing again?) No! I became addicted. After that I feel that I have grasps of its secretes. (Would you become a singer?) Not necessarily, I can sing some theme songs."

Romantically, Ka Lok has already been single for over a year. Would he be in any hurry to date again? He said, "Let fate decide! I haven't been deliberately looking. (Aren't you dry?) I don't need to be nourished for a long time. I rather enjoyed eating and binging shows alone, my family hasn't rushed me either."

Playing a couple for the first time, Ka Lok and Gladys clicked right away. However they joked that their romantic spark was only limited to the movie. Ka Lok said, "After (Michelle) Wai Sze Nga she has become another friend that I kind of trust! I feel that she is very direct. Instead I would hide a lot of stuff." Gladys said that Ka Lok like his character was cold on the outside and hot inside. "He normally likes to be a bully like Gian, but inside he has a fragile side!"

Sunday, January 26, 2020


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Louis Cheung Kai Chung and DaDa Chan Jing happily performed in ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2020 (GA YAU HEI SI 2020), hoping through this classic Lunar New Year film to continue to bring joy to the audience. Although each ALL'S WELLS ENDS WELL before were all critical and commercial hits, they had no pressure from taking the baton. Ah Chun even did not dare to say that he took the baton. "I never thought about taking the baton, all of the previous films were classics. It is hard to replace classics, but remake certainly have its reasons. With different era comedy elements are also different. ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL is a part of the domestic culture, which is very valuable. ALL'S influenced my impression of comedy and brought me a lot of happy memories."

DaDa said that each actress of ALL's film series have been very outstanding and left deep impressions with the audience. Her favorite was the ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL (GA YAU HEI SI) Maggie Cheung Man Yuk played Hor Lei Yuk. She said, "I don't dare to compare with past characters, there is no comparison. Classic has certain value, many memories, I hope that ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2020 would bring viewers joy and bring back past memories." DaDa during the Lunar New Year would remain in Hong Kong to promote ALL'S, at the same time she would invite friends to play mahjong and other parlor games at home. She felt that a little gambling with everyone together would have New Year atmosphere. She said, "Only in the New Year would I play fish prawn crab. In the past I would let others play house. This year I have to get it back because I feel the house is more likely to win. I want to get some good luck."

Ah Chung's entire family would spend the New Year in Japan. "I want to fight for more time with the children. I really enjoy being with them, as I am very afraid of missing each stage of their growth. Time flies, children would grow up in the blink of an eye. When you want to be with them, they may not be willing especially boys. In their teens and 20s they want to see the world and very rarely stay at home. Since right now my son still needs me, I would be stuck to him more. I am afraid that he would kick me out, but I don't get to be scared. I have experienced that before myself, I hope now I have a good foundation with my son and wait for him to turn around in his 30s to spend more time with family."

DaDa was envious of Ah Chung's perfect family. She also looked forward the arrival of another stage in life. Was her biggest goal for the Year of the Rat to find a good man? She said, "My friends are more worried about it than I am, even male fans who didn't want me to date before now are telling me to hurry up and get married. Maybe they all found their other halves in life and started to panic for me. Instead they are encouraging me." DaDa was not in any hurry to date and get married, before fate's arrival she would prepare herself.

As for Ah Chung, this year aside from hoping to keep making more movies he also planned to create songs and perform concerts.