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Huang Xiaoming and Andy Lau Tak Wa starred in the new film MISSION MILANO (TAU TIN DUT MO), which had a series of action scenes. Xiaoming in the end suffered a cheap blow from his opponent, succumbed to poison as his lips blew up. He said, "In order to handle a variety of action scenes, I trained for a very long time. I hope everyone would enjoy the results of my special training. This time I really gave my all, because my enemy poisoned me I turned into a 'big mouth'. Such a big mouth conceivably is very rarely seen! Everyone can enjoy my cute costume in the film."

Wa Jai said that although action scenes would make position adjustments and practice many times before the official performance, strength was hard to control so pain was inevitable. For better results he had to keep playing despite the pain.


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Andy Lau, Donnie Yen
Chun Wong, Wong Jing, and Kent Cheng
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Michelle Hu, Xu Dongdong
Donnie Yen, Cissy Wang, Wong Jing, Philip Keung, Wilfred Lau
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The film KING OF DRUG DEALERS (JUI LUNG) yesterday held a production start ceremony at a Tuen Mun temple. Boss Yu Dong, director Wong Jing, actors Andy Lau Tak Wa, Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Kent Cheng Juk Si, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung, Michelle Hu Yan and Xu Dongdong attended. When three "giants" Cheng Juk Si, Wong Jing and Chun Wong posed for a photo together, they almost busted through the camera. Cheng Juk Si could not help but joked, "The three of us together are at least 700 pounds!" Wa Jai was rumored to have secretly become a father again, but he did not respond.

Wa Jai after 25 years played Chinese inspector Lui Lok again. Yesterday he appeared in a suit and "gel hair" look, seemingly he went back in age to play the role? Wa Jai said, "Now I am playing the Chinese inspector who was just promoted in the 60s. I am 50 something, I just celebrated my birthday yesterday!" The 55 year old Wa Jai revealed that on his birthday he celebrated with family and friends at dinner. As for his birthday wish, Wa Jai said, "Staying young!"

As for not getting too many gifts this year, Wa Jai said that he received 8 to 10 "karaoke equipment of god". Reporters joked that he could sing with his whole family. He joked, "My family doesn't have 8 to 9 people!" Did he have a new member? He said, "No, I am telling everyone very clearly, once in while such a rumor would appear!" Reportedly his heart ached over his daughter being a media target, so he did not announce the birth of his son? Wa Jai repeatedly said, "No, no, everyone is already showing me a lot of respect. If they want to chase it wouldn't be like this. I am very comfortable at home." What did his little lover (daughter) give him for his birthday? Wa Jai pouted and said, "Nothing this year! Last year I got some Play Doh, this year she only sang the birthday song." Did she blow out the candles of him? He said, "That's right, you seemed to have witnessed it!"

Speaking of Wong Jing revealing that both Wa Jai and Chi Tan have high salaries, Wa Jai said, "It has always been pretty high, but it's not as high as others!" Chi Tan's salary was 30 million RMB. Wa Jai said, "Everyone deserves it, the boss measures how much everyone is worth." Wa Jai said that this time he actually was giving a special performance, mainly because it was hard to cast for the role of Lui Lok he agreed to perform. Was he a guest performer? He said, "Not just that, I got paid, in comparison to Lee Rock before the price of course is different." Was he paid for an entire film? He said, "I hope so, ask Wong Jing!"

Yen Chi Tan yesterday appeared as Crippled Ho with a cane in his hand. He even said a few lines in the Chouzhou dialect. He said that he has already studied for several months. In the past Ray Lui Leung Wai already gave a classic performance, he did not want to follow but hoped to attract new viewers with a new look. Chi tan in the film had a few fight scenes. He joked when the boss hired him he definitely would not want him to "just talk", even the street fights would have action designs as he did not want the audience to feel "cheated". He and Wa Jai would have a "one on one fight". Did he or Wa Jai win? He said, "Of course Brother Lok wins!" Yet he was the strongest in the universe? Chi Tan said, "You misunderstood the meaning of the strongest. Actors act, the strongest dares to try anything, the strength of courage! However I haven't worked with Wa Jai, this time I am very happy and very honored!" As for his 30 million RMB rumored salary, he avoided the topic. "It's meaningless to talk about money, don't talk about how much!" Brother Jing joked that after paying the salary he almost had no money to eat. Chi Tan said, "Mr. Lau is more expensive, people like me just have fun. He has always been more expensive than me. I don't charge a lot."

Wong Jing revealed that KING OF DRUG DEALERS reached 200 million RMB in investment. Aside from Wa Jai and Chi Tan's high salaries, the film also had to build Kowloon Walled City and Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park sets. He also revealed that he asked Philip Ng Won Lung, Tong Chun Yip and Niki Chow Lai Kei to guest star. The film has not confirmed a release date as it will mainly aim for film festivals first.


Pakho Chau jokes that Shiga Lin cannot tell her left from her right but was able to pass the driving test at first try
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Louis Cheung does not mind getting hurt for his wife and children
Andrew Lam brings his dog and successfully steals the show
Stephen Shiu Jr. raises a glass to everyone
Pakho Chau is confident about his auto race
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Pakho Chau, Shiga Lin Si Nga, Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Ava Liu (Yu Kiu) and Bob Lam Sing Bun two nights ago attended the film SINKING CITY CAPSULE ODYSSEY production wrap banquet. Pakho said that he will compete in the October 8th star auto race against Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Chin Kar Lok, Alex Fong Chung Shun and felt very excited.

CheungKai Chung has been busy with another new film. Two nights ago he came during his break. Speaking of the scar on his arm, Ah Chung pointed out that he just finished a gang fight scene. Since he was so busy with film, would he not have time to be with his pregnant wife Kay Tse On Kay? He said that when he was not at work he was with his wife. He also revealed that his wife could not eat in the first three months because the baby was on her stomach. Now her condition has improved. Sometimes she would want cart noodle and he would drive from the New Territories to Hong Kong Island through two tunnels to get it. It was like a date for them and they were very happy. Becoming a father again after almost ten years, he thought that he would not be as touched second time around. Yet each time he saw his baby girl gradually growing on ultrasonic he was very touched.

Has his son accepted becoming a brother soon? Ah Chung also said that earlier the family went to see a Chinese medicine practitioner, who said that his son had liver depression. Was he keeping his feeling inside? Ah Chung said, "My son has been siting on the Heavenly King throne at home for ten years. Maybe he feels it's time to renounce the throne. So I am always instructing and talking to him. I believe when his sister is born he will be fine."


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Director Wong Kar Wai reportedly will produce a Mainland reality show FERRYMAN OF TIME AND SPACE. Best Actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai will appear as a guest on his first reality show performance. Reportedly his fellow FERRYMAN cast members Angelababy, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Luhan will appear as well since the show will be related to the new film.

Guests on the program will talk about their personal wishes, as the program's "FERRYMAN girls" will assist in completing them. The show will look for top female artists of different personality, age, interest and style for the team. The show is planned to start production at the end of October.

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  Eric Chou (Chow Hing Jik)

  Can : Chiu Yuet Mo Han
  JJ Lin (Lam Chun Kit)

  Danny One (Won Lik Ming)

  Can : Nam Yun Bei Ket
  Alan Tam Wing Lun, Jordan Chan Siu Chun

11 FIG
  Can : Mo Fa Gor
  Chris Lee Yuchun

  Eric Chou (Chow Hing Jik)

  Khalil Fong Datong featuring Wang Leehom

  Can : Wing Yuen Doh Joi

  Weibird Wei (Wai Lai On)

  Can : Gong Gong Ho
  Jacky Xie (Sit Ji Him)

  Can : Chak
  Penny Tai (Dai Pui Nei)

  Can : Chun Oi
  Faye Wong

  Can : Hau Loi Dik Ngor Moon

  Can : Oi Ching Fai Chai
  Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun)

  Can : Hung Cheung Mei Bak Mui Gwai


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Eddie Peng Yu-Yan and Zhang Hanyu starred in the action film OPERATION MEKONG is Dante Lam Chiu Yin directed. The film took three years to plan. Based on actual events, the film was shot on location in Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar and Yunnan. The production was so serious that it could rival Hollywood star class production. Director Lam Chiu Yin not only insisted on actual location shoots and real fighting for actors, but also flawless props. The final water battle scene used six helicopters and almost 40 speed boats at the same time. The car chased used nearly 100 luxury cars. No wonder Peng Yu-Yan during the shoot sensed how fragile life was. "The explosive equipment was set not too far from me. During the explosions the mud spray onto my face and into my ears. They felt so real and especially loud, like I was in a real battlefield!"

The film fought from the shopping center in a busy city to the wilderness of the mountains, at sea, on the ground and in the air. Zhang Hanyu remembered the shopping center fight scene the most. He said, "The team booked a shopping center and set up a bar inside. We started fighting at night. In the end the entire set was completely blown to bits. It was a film that was full of gun fire!"

Monday, September 26, 2016


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Donnie Yen pays a goodwill visit to Guangzhou
Donnie Yen arranges for his family to do more charity work for them to experience more
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Donnie Yen Chi Tan and Cathy Tsui Chi Kei yesterday attended a Save the Children press conference to announce Chi Tan as the ambassador. Chi Tan revealed that earlier he went to Thailand for his new film KING OF DRUG DEALERS (JUI LUNG). After two weeks he got much tanner; the film will officially start production in Hong Kong tomorrow. Was he "itchy" from not having to fight? Chi Tan said, "I can't be happier about not having to fight, it's a new challenge. I haven't run into this genre before. I like to challenge myself. As an artist I have to have the guts and the courage in order to improve. I look forward to working with (Andy) Lau Tak Wa for the first time very much."