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Dayo Wong has over 500,000 hits on the first day
Fama does not just provide the rap, but C Kwan also provides the score for the film
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Despite the social climate affecting the film box office in the past half a year, the Chinese film market was not afraid of the film industry ice age. For the Lunar New Year, Chinese films still flooded out of the game. Dayo Wong Tze Wa sold a home to raise fund and made his new film THE GRAND GRANDMASTER (MUK DOI JUNG SI), which he wrote, directed and starred. The film would reflect Hong Kong people evolving from the Lion Rock spirit to the perfect like water wisdom.

The Wong Tze Wa written, directed and starred second film THE GRAND GRANDMASTER will open on January 23rd. Tze Wa once considered giving up before the shoot began, finally he decided to sell a home to raise the fund. He and some of the workers even worked for no salary. Aside from directing, writing and starring, he also sang the film theme song PERFECT LIKE WATER (SEUNG SIN YEUK SHUI). This time he and co-stars Fama's 6 Wing and C Kwan rapped the song. Fama wrote the lyrics and the flowing water philosophy in martial arts. Tze Wa and Fama imagined themselves as well water that left the well, running into mountains and valleys, with and against the stream, and transforming into different shapes of water as metaphors of the how adaptable Hong Kong people and the flowing water nature that could both take offense and defense. The magic phrase from Tze Wa's past stand up comedy show "please properly let go" also appeared again in the film.


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Lau Chin Shek, Ray Lui, Pak Suet Sin, Gordon Lam, Simon Yam
Law Hing Yim and Pak Suet Sin
Sister Sin runs into Lau Shek Ming and gives him a hug
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Cantonese opera star Pak Suet Sin, Ray Lui Leung Wai, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Gordon Lam Ka Tung and others two nights ago attended a charity Cantonese opera concert. Sister Sin's appearance caused a minor stir as many fans flocked to her for photos. When suggested that he could perform on stage like Lui Leung Wai, Brother Wa joked that after he opened his mouth even the birds would fly away. He also said that his daughter was not interested in Cantonese opera too much, as she preferred to listen to rap songs more.

He revealed that his hand and abdominal injuries were almost healed. Now everyday he would go for physical therapy. Even at home he would use equipment to help with speeding up his recovery. Brother Wa said that after the Lunar New Year he would work on a new film that will shoot in Hong Kong, Macau and Malaysia. The shoot will take around four months. Would he have any action scene? Brother Wa said, "I can't work on action scenes yet, even earlier when I went skiing with my daughter I only watched her ski. I didn't. However now I can run, swim and play soccer, I have to exercise to stay in shape."

Lam Ka Tung revealed that he was busy with the post production on the Patrick Tse Yin and Petrina Fung Bo Bo starred film SAK CHOOK GOR WONG FUN. He has been so busy that he did not even have time to have fun on Christmas. He happily said that many industry friends after seeing the early cuts praised the story as touching. They even suggested for him to try to take it to film festivals. Thus he had to put more effort on post production. Ka Tung said, "Lately I kept asking the editor and the composer to see the film, so I have seen it over 20 times. Everyone after watching said that it was very touching." Ka Tung said that for now he found a Beijing editor who was willing to take over. He worried about the tight schedule but the editor gave him his guarantee that the editing would be done after three all nighters.


Eddie Peng, Xin Zilei, Ian Wang and Lan Yingying

Zheng Shuang brings sugar cane to wish for the box office success
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Eddie Peng hugs Zhang Hanyu
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The Lunar New Year film THE RESCUE (GUNG GUP GAU WOON) will soon open. Director Dante Lam Chiu Yin, producer Leung Fung Ying led leads Eddie Peng Yu-Yan, Ian Wang, Xin Zilei, Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Li Mincheng, Zhang Guoqiang to the premiere at the Beijing Emperor Cinema City. Emperor Group chief Albert Yeung Sau Sing attended, as 100 real first response team members watched on. Many stars like Huang Jianxin, Liao Fan, Du Jiang, Huang Zitao, Zheng Shuang, Wei Chen showed their support. Working with director Dante Lam Chiu Yin and Pang Yu-Yan on OPERATION MEKONG, Zhang Hanyu made a surprise appearance. Eddie was so touched that he tightly hug Zhang Hanyu.

At the premiere, Lam Chiu Yin first gave sincere thanks and saluted to the traffic transportation department and the water rescue personnel; then Peng Yu-Yan mentioned while in deep water rescue training he finished his at around 15 meter depth. Under water in darkness and the lack of oxygen added a lot of difficulty to the training and the production, but in the end he was still able to conquer his fear and complete the shoot!

Zhang Hanyu praised Director Lam for challenging a new subject -- rescue at sea. He boldly proclaimed, "Even more exciting than OPERATION MEKONG!" Du Jiang worked with Director Lam on OPERATION RED SEA called the director amazing. "The entire film showed four rescues, each one alone could be made into a movie. It absolutely should not be missed!" The film's director of photography and Oscar Best Cinematography award winner Peter Pau admitted that the biggest feature of THE RESCUE was "everything was real; water, fire, explosion, the three that are the most difficult to shoot, he (Director Lam) really shot them!"


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Teresa Mo and Louis Cheung are both in ENTER THE FAT DRAGON but regrettably have no scene together
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In the Lunar New Year film ENTER THE FAT DRAGON (FEI LUNG GOR GONG), Teresa Mo Shun Kwan played the owner of a hot pot shop in Japan but only worked in the Kabukicho set in Hong Kong. Sister Mo said that the set was extremely realistic as an entire street was built, and people could live in the houses. She had the most scenes with Wong Jing but everyone had a lot of spark. He was very funny. In the film Sister Mo only needed to speak a few lines of Japanese and did not have to fight, as she was purely comedic. Mo Mo also praised Yen Ch Tan's action for being rich in musical beauty and very rhythmic.

In ENTER THE FAT DRAGON, were Mo Mo and Wong Jing's scenes all relationship scenes? Mo Mo joked, "Our relationship scene isn't too heavy. In one scene when he almost died, I still asked him, 'Aren't you dead yet!' and looked a little tense. Haha, I was afraid that too many viewers would really laugh." Was a relationship impossible? Mo Mo joked, "It's pretty 'tight', but not worth the risk. As everyone knows, the audience has to be comfortable watching it."

Louis Cheung Kai Chung mentioned that he took part in the two major scenes in the beginning and the end, in particular in the end Yen Chi Tan fought on the Tokyo Tower while he took a helicopter to save him. He had little contact with action comedy, but he saw Lord Tan's fighting pace actually could not be a second more or less. Thus after one scene a rough cut would be edited and Lord Tan would take over music to coordinate. The result indeed was totally different and resembled a Hollywood movie. You could feel the very danger but also funny pace and atmosphere. He just watched from the sideline like a student. Would he start to learn to fight? Ah Chung joked, "I will start with stretching, study 40 years, be reincarnated in the next life before thinking about it again. Actually this requires a kung fu foundation from childhood."

Mo Mo was also curious and asked Ah Chung if he was younger would he learn to become an action actor? He pointed out that at the performing art academy he studied Beijing opera stances. If next time he would have a costume character and needed to fight of course he would train. However unlike Lord Tan who started when he was little, a stance would come out differently. Actors of course should try everything, but would understand what they would be lacking.

Speaking of action films, Mo Mo said, "When I was young I made LEGEND OF THE DRAGON, which had a lot of action. I went to study Wing Chun and trained as soon as I got on. I thought I was able to fight, fearless and wanted to try something new. One day I was working in Tai O, action director (Corey) Yuen Kwai asked me to kick for him as high as I could. After the kick he immediately asked someone to bring a fake leg. At the time I didn't understand so I kicked. After I lifted my leg, then the fake leg followed with a low kick. I finally got what was happening, and I felt very hurt inside right away."

Mo Mo also revealed that in another scene Stephen Chow Sing Chi asked him if she would hit the wooden man ten times. She asked if the hits could be separate. Sing Jai asked her, "Just ten!" She could only give it a try. "As soon as I tried it I wanted to die, after I hit I had to stop. Then I had to add another. Sing Jai immediately gave an arrogant look and asked if I needed to practice more. This immediately changed my mind about becoming a kung fu film star. I was no longer delusional. Fight scene isn't easy at all. You have to train when you are young like Sing Jai. He practiced Wing Chun until he had blisters on his hands."

Ah Chung and Mo Mo have already worked together on two films but did not share any scene together. Ah Chung wanted to work with Mo Mo "alone" because Mo Mo's comedic and dramatic acting were both entertaining. He kept making people laugh for a long time, but he really wanted to squeeze tears out of people so he wanted to work toward Mo Mo's direction. Mo Mo advised, "Actors are very passive, we are all waiting for a good script!" Ah Chung also said that right now he had to keep preparing himself.

Mo Mo has already worked with Chi Tan as early as PROTEGE DE LA ROSE NOIRE, but as the action director he gave her quite a surprise. "Once during break I thought who was playing the piano? The great piano player surprised me, actually it was Chi Tan. Thus Ah Chung suggested for him to use music to coordinate with the action. In this business he truly is a rare breed. His action is very special, has quite a sense of beauty." Despite working with Chi Tan, Mo Mo joked that Wong Jing would always get in the way. She felt that Chi Tan was very demanding about the drama, nervous and cared about each scene. He cared not just about his own part but overall. When he saw something he was uncomfortable with he would speak up. Mo Mo said, "Sometimes he would feel like someone had the same idea as he did, most of the uncomfortable spots had to do with the marks. So he would mention it and shoot i again. He would take the time but he would communicate so he would be able to do even better."

This time Cheung Kai Chung and Yen Chi Tan played cop buddies. Chi Tan was even the explosive cop with a strong sense of justice. Each time when he saved someone he would cause damage and get into trouble, the more he got demoted the lower his rank went. Ah Chung got the credit and became his superior, so he would encourage this brother by the sideline. Yet when in danger he would need to be saved and become very useless. Thus they had a lot of "up and down" performance, the feeling of switching back and forth was pretty fun. Did he have a lot fight scenes? Ah Chung said, "Of course I asked before taking the role, I don't need to fight. I just have some action scenes. On the set I am responsible for the comedy. When they fight I watch, but I really cherish this experience."

Ah Chung and Chi Tan worked together on IP MAN 3. How did he feel his comedic sense was? Ah Chung said, "Lord Tan of course has his own rhythm. Actors would have their own comedic pace and have to be able to coordinate with others. He is also very demanding in this area. He would discuss with the screenwriters how to shoot to be the funniest. If he wasn't satisfied he would do it a few times more."

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After 29 years in film Irene Wan Bik Ha starred in the film THE FALLEN (DOR LOK FA), which already caught attention before its release. It was selected for many international film festivals, and the response has given her a shot of confidence! Although she once admitted that "others' recognition for my acting on a certain level is even more important than winning an award", one of her goals was still the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress. Was she confidence that THE FALLEN would fulfill her dream? She said, "I certainly confidence. After so many years in the business, how could I not have confidence in my acting? However I feel awards should be left up to fate, Heaven naturally has its arrangement."

Because she fell in love with the script at first sight, Irene not only helped the team with financing the production but also put all her thought on getting into the character. Because the character needed to be lost mentally, she drank to get into the role. In one scene because she drank too much she almost fell off the stairs. "In the scene I had to take the stairs, I was dizzy after drinking and slipped. I fell forward from five steps up, luckily Ai Dik was in front of me and caught me. He really saved my life, but I still had a lot of bruises."

Looking back, Irene said when she made romance before marriage she got into character and fell for her co-star. Once she almost "got caught in the mud". Luckily she has never wanted to date anyone in the business and at the time she already had a boyfriend. In the end she was able to the leave the character.


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Steven Ma Chun Wai yesterday held a press conference to announce the formation of strategic partnership with four film production companies.

Ma Jai revealed that with this alliance, each production unit would not be concerned with the expenses. They would give bonuses from the profit after the film release. Hopefully in the current film winter they would be able to maintain productions and increase employment opportunities. Ma Jai said that in the plan he hoped to make ten Hong Kong produced movies in five years, six of which would be social welfare movies. The first one will start production in April and will be a movie about those with hearing and speech disabilities. He will write, direct, and star, the other actors will be new comers. As for the rest of the plan, Ma Jai said that some will be commercial films. He hoped that some subjects tha would be easily more profitable would make up for the expenses, thus he said that he would call in favors. He already told Linda Chung Ka Yun, Fala Chen, Tavia Yeung Yi and Kent Cheng Juk Si that he will ask them for help when the need will arise. "Maybe when they come to work they would get lai see, take a cheaper rate. After the release they would get bonsues. Everyone would be more willing this way."

Ma Jai said that in the future he would establish production companies to purchase cameras and other production equipment, thus he planned over HK$ 10 million in funding for long term investment. However would investing in film productions be very risky in the current film market? He said, "So we have to save on production budget with the new format of having our own equipment for the production. I hope to maintain production during this difficult period for everyone to have a job." Speaking of Dayo Wong Tze Wah's home sale in order to make a movie, Ma Jai said, "I am using my savings to make movies, for now I won't need to sell a home. I will wait until when I need to!"

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[2020.01.15] FOR THE WEEK ENDING JANUARY 12 2020

For the week ending Sunday January 12 2020
Photos courtesy of Yahoo! Movies Hong Kong

    d. Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee
    Disney Animation
    English Voices: Kristen Bell, Josh Gad, Idina Menzel
    Cantonese: Kandy Wong Shan Yee, Jim Yan Chi Hong

  Can : Fan Hau
  Lit : Back to School
    d. John Hsu
    Gingle Wang, Fu Meng-Po, Tseng Ching-Hua, Cecilia Cho,
      Hsia Ching-Ting, Jessie Chang Pen-yu
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 103 mins.
  Opening December 5 2019
  Trailer :

  Fang Ray Shin is a high school student who lives in Taiwan in 1962, during the White Terror martial law period. Troubles at school and home cause her to feel like only her counselling teacher, Zhang, understands her and she falls in love with him. She is also part of his secret study group, which includes Miss Yin and an 11th grade male student Wei Chong Tin, and reading the banned books let them feel liberated despite the danger they're putting themselves in. When one day Zhang suddenly disappears and Fang and Wei find themselves trapped in their school at midnight, they must now search for their missing teacher even as their school begins to turn into a realm where ghosts and spirits rampage.

    d. Clint Eastwood
    Sam Rockwell, Kathy Bates, Jon Hamm, Olivia Wilde, Paul Walter Hauser

    d. Jake Kasdan
    Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan,
      Nick Jonas, Awkwafina

    d. J.J. Abrams
    Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega,
      Oscar Isaac, Anthony Daniels, Naomi Ackie, Domhnall Gleeson,
      Richard E. Grant, Lupita Nyong'o, Keri Russell, Joonas Suotamo,
      Kelly Marie Tran, Ian McDiarmid, Billy Dee Williams

    d. Greta Gerwig
    Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, Eliza Scanlen,
      Laura Dern, Timonthee Chalamet, Meryl Streep

  AKA : IP MAN 4
    d. Wilson Yip Wai Shun
    Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Wu Yue, Vanness Wu (Ng Kin Ho), Scott Adkins,
      Kent Cheng Juk Si, Danny Chan Kwok Kwan, Pierre Ngo Ka Nin,
      Chris Collins, Vanda Margraf (Lee Yuen Tan),
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 105 mins.
  Opening December 20 2019
  Trailer :

    Ip Man has been living a peaceful life teaching Wing Chun. One of Ip’s students, Bruce Lee decides to open a Wing Chun school in the States. The local Kung Fu masters are not happy about it. Ip goes to the States and helps Lee to resolve the problems. Meanwhile, Ip also teaches Lee how to become a real Wing Chun master. Ip gains respect from China town and all across the States. He spreads the theory of Chinese Kung Fu to society and makes it popular in the world...

    d. William Eubank
    Kristen Stewart, Vincent Cassel, T.J. Miller, Jessica Henwick,

  Can : Bak Tau Shan: Shan For Ho Gip
    d. Lee Hae-Jun, Kim Byung-Seo
    Lee Byung-hun, Ha Jung-Woo, Ma Dong-Seok, Jeon Hye-Jin, Bae Suzy
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 128 mins.
  Opening January 1 2020
  Trailer :

    An unexpected eruption of Korea's tallest volcano, which straddles the China-North Korea border, leaves the Korean peninsula in shambles. Seismologists warn this is only the preliminary eruption – A devastating super-eruption is still to come. Yoo-kyung is Chief Secretary to the President of South Korea. She meets renowned Korean-American seismologist, Bong-rae. Bong-rae presents a theory that could possibly stop the volcanic explosion. In-chang is only days away from completing his service with the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit of the South Korean Army. He is called way to his last mission before returning home to his wife, Ji-young. In-chang's team secretly reaches out to a North Korean elite officer, Jun-pyong, who holds the key to the mission to stop the volcanic eruption. However, Jun-pyong keeps acting erratically. With doom looming, everyone must work together to avoid imminent devastation.

  1 1917
    d. Sam Mendes
    George MacKay, Dean-Charles Chapman,