Saturday, August 27, 2016


Tang Wei announces the birth of her daughter online
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Linda Chung gives birth to daughter Kelly
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Jeana Ho and Hidy Yu want to become action actress and do not mind the hardship
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Artists Jeana Ho Pui Yu, Wilson Chin Kwok Wai, Hidy Yu Hiu Tung and Wong Wing Fung two nights ago promoted their film SPECIAL FEMALE FORCE (LAT GAING BA WONG FA) in Macau. The film will open in October in Hong Kong. Jeana revealed that before the film was released a sequel was already in the works. She said that she wanted to try jumping off a building. "Of course I would do it with wires. I like excitement, I won't be scared." With all the fighting in the new film, would she like to become an action actress? Jeana said, "I was very excited during the fights. (Do you want to become an action actress?) I haven't reached that level yet, I want to achieve a different feeling with the fighting. I don't want to play cute. Instead after the shoot I gained 8 kilograms, because after training too much I would immediately eat and absorb it 100%." Would her director boyfriend Philip Yung Chi Kwong be worried? She said that he would not want to see her get hurt so he would not be on the set. When would they work together as a couple? She said, "Next year at the soonest, I am not at liberty to talk about the details. (Will you charge more or less?) More than full rate. (Will you be the lead actress?) No."

Wilson stated that he would like to start work on the sequel next year and add in new blood. He had his target set on second generation show business stars like Angie Chiu Nga Chi's son Wesley Wong Hoi Kit.


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Louis Koo Tin Lok, Sean Lau Ching Wan and Eddie Peng Yu-Yan starred in the film CALL OF HEROES (NGAI SING), which enters its second week in release. To thank the audience for its support and hope that even more will see the film, Goo Jai shot a video to discuss the hardship of the production. He said about the hanging scene in the film, not only his neck suffered, he also had to face the poor environment on the set. "It was raining all the time, the roof was flooded with rain water and had a lot of bugs. In particular on the stone chair that I sat on. It had a lot of fleas, when I sat there I could feel all the fleas jumping!" He also said that he had to vomit white foam that was made from toothpaste and cracker crumbs. "Sometimes I would have too much foam and sometimes too little, sometimes I would get it all over myself!"


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The Cherry Ngan Cheuk Ling starred Taiwan film AT CAFE 6 two nights ago held its premiere. Cherry revealed that during the shoot she still has not graduated from the university and often had to commute between Hong Kong and Taiwan. Next month she will "retrace her footstep" and stay in Taiwan for 3 months for a movie about a pan island bicycle tour. "Before going the film company will arrange for me to work at an office for experience. Then I will head out in mid September. This time I can't bring any assistant or have set visit. He (boyfriend Michael Ning) later will work on a play. I think I won't be able to make it back for the show."

Friday, August 26, 2016


Susan Shaw cherishes her life even more
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The 66 year old Susan Shaw Yam Yam earlier suffered an aortic dissection. Yesterday she appeared at Lam Kin Ming's birthday party. Sister Yam Yam revealed that her health was not ideal. "I was released from the hospital three days ago, now I have to recover. The doctor told me to live slowly. Sigh, how can someone as anxious as me live slowly? Now I have to do everything slow, I talk, think, and walk slowly. You are better off telling me to die. However this year I was lucky to survive. Aortic dissection hurt a lot, I was screaming for help, my eyes were rolling to the back of my head and I was convulsing. When it happened I was in Shaoguan, luckily my roommate found out. The a volunteer friend kept me company. When someone was going to die it could be very quick. The doctor told me to stay in bed everyday, take blood pressure pill, because if I got slightly upset my blood pressure would raise to 180 -- much higher than the usual 110. My daughter told me to retire, but I was very reluctant. I was fine before, suddenly my heart cramped up and I couldn't breathe. At the hospital I had to be on oxygen. I was in pain for a full dozen hours or so before I returned to Hong Kong to be hospitalized."

When will she officially return to work? She said, "The doctor told me not to ever work again in this lifetime. I am being forced to retire. Now as soon as I speak I would have a headache. Today is the Master's 80th birthday, I have to come. Maybe it can help me with my luck. I am so much younger than him, originally I had several movies now I can't make them. Earlier when I worked on a commercial I wrapped it up while I was ailing. Now I am always scared that I would be done just like that, so I am saying bye bye in advance."


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Jaime Chik's children show their support
Lok Lai Yi and the pregnant Sharon Chan show their support for Christine Ng
Christine Ng and her husband
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Alan Tam seems to enjoy being the meat in a kiss sandwich
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The film FOOLING AROUND JIANG HU (GONG WU BEI KET) two nights ago held its premiere. Leads Alan Tam Wing Lun, Jordan Chan Siu Chun, Christine Ng Wing Mei and Jaime Chik Mei Chun attended. Principal just celebrates his 66th birthday on the 23rd. Because during the shoot Principal was the "king of snacks" and often buying everyone custard tarts, the event presented him with a giant belated birthday custard tart. Everyone sang the birthday song, Chik Mei Chun and Ng Wing Mei even gave Principal a kiss sandwich. Chik Mei Chun's children Miu Tung and Miu Chun also came to support their Mommy.

Principal said that since July 11th he has already cut 50 to 60 cakes so far. His birthday wish this year was for the audience to accept this film. He has already begun recording his new record and hoped very much to be able to work with singers he admired. He will sing one of the songs with Andy Lau Tak Wa; but because Wa Jai was working on a movie in Europe, Principal recorded his part first and sent the tape to Wa Jai to record. This time Wa Jai even wrote the lyrics. Principal revealed that he had this idea for two years. As the record producer and planner he also personally contacted the other singers.

Chan Siu Chun said that this time he promoted a lot for the film, but the box office was impossible to predict. He had a lot of fun from making this film, which should be able to win people over and his effort would not be wasted. He also knew that the film company has already arranged for audience appreciation events. He too hoped to be able to attend. Siu Chun after the premiere would attend another party. His wife Cherrie Ying Choi Yi would go by herself first. Would he book a show for friends since he would not watch the film? He said, "I would book two rows, I would watch it with my wife on a date!"

Ng Wing Mei's husband Lin Hoi Tong came to support his wife, but they arrived separately. Lady Ng said that the actors had to arrive earlier. Her husband came after having dinner with friends. Would her husband give her any advice after watching? She said that he would because he liked to watch movies too. Thus he would analyze and give her advice. This type of relationship would be more involved. Earlier her husband was caught "cheating". Have they already made up? Lady Ng answer, "It's never been bad, so it's great! Nothing happened!"


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Taiwan's Lollipop member A Wei (Awayne Liu), Shirley Chan Yan Yin and Hidy Yu Hiu Tung yesterday attended a film press conference. A Wei revealed that in the film he would have a lot of MMA fight scenes and even had to be topless to show off his muscles. He said that last month after his wedding he pigged out. "I have a little happy fat!" He need time to get back into shape, luckily his abdominal muscles were still in tact. Would his wife worry that he would be injured? He said, "She doesn't know what MMA is and doesn't like to watch me train. She feels that I look like I was suffering and was very loud. (Does she like to look at your muscles?) She instead doesn't like me to be too fit, because I can't eat with her!" The 23 year old new comer Chan Yan Yin would star in her first lead role, and she admitted that pressure was inevitable. However she was fully prepared, she would have a few fight scenes and romance with A Wei. "I don't know if we have any intimate scenes, but I won't be against them. I am OK with giving up my first on screen kiss!"