Sunday, February 17, 2019


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The Sean Lau Ching Wan, Karena Lam Ka Yun, Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Anita Yuen Wing Yi starred Emperor Motion Picture INTEGRITY (LIM JING FUNG WON YIN MOK) after 12 days in release already reached HK$ 26,716,191 at the box office. Ching Wan celebrated his birthday yesterday with the news. His wife Amy Kwok Oi Ming even invited friends like Dayo Wong Tze Wah to celebrate with him.

Earlier when Ching Wan attended audience appreciation events, viewers all said Happy Birthday to him and greatly touched him! Co-stars Ka Yun, Yuen Wing Yi, Tong Yi and Hugo Ng Toi Yung all sent their well wishes to the birthday boy and wanted to work with him again soon. Ka Yun said, "I wish for sweetness for him and his wife. I look forward to keep working with him in the future. Since the film has performed so well, I really want a sequel soon. I don't have to play his wife, I can play his sister, classmate, co-workers, anything, as long as I am not playing his Mommy I am fine!" Yuen Wing Yi wished Ching Wan good health and everything going his way. Tong Yi joked, "I wish you keep being as dark, as cool, as dignified, and I want to say, I am no longer afraid of you!" Actually when she worked with Ching Wan, she was so scared she kept making bad takes!

Ching Wan admitted that he already a dinner with many friends before his birthday. "Many friends I haven't seen in a long time sent five or six cakes to me. I felt very surprised! I don't like to celebrate, as I am more low key." Ka Yun said, "How sad." He said, "It's not sad! I am just low key and don't like to celebrate, but I like to celebrate for others! As for his birthday wish, he got sentimental. "I wish good health, smiles for everyone. When you run into anything unpleasant you would face it with optimism, because life doesn't always go your way, optimism is the most important!"

Tong Yi only had one scene with Ching Wan but was already satisfied. She said that the film was full of Best Actors and Best Actresses so she would watch the monitor to learn. As for the sequel, she wanted a relationship with Ching Wan. "In the film Ching Wan and Ka Yun got back together, they could have a third party and I am more than willing! (Earlier you said that you should have a romance with Carlos Chan Ka Lok, aren't you afraid of rumors?) No, I have known him for years. Last year I worked with him on three movies and became even more familiar! However if we were to click we would have long ago! (Who would you choose between Ka Lok and Ching Wan?) I don't even have to think, definitely Ching Wan."

Saturday, February 16, 2019


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In the Emperor Motion Picture INTEGRITY (LIM JING FUNG WON YIN MOK), 9 year old child star Jemma Hung Wing Yi played Nick Cheung Ka Fai's daughter. The Chinese Australian native did not speak Cantonese fluently, but that did not stop her "debut" performance with Best Actor Cheung Ka Fai.

Jemma's father Anthony said, "This time my daughter's performance in INTEGRITY was by chance, the director originally came to my home in Australia to scout for location. The home wasn't right, but he asked my daughter to performance. She had no acting experience and didn't know Ka Fai. Although Ka Fai didn't personally teach my daughter how to act, another sister was on the set to teach her. (She only needed one take to push Ka Fai into the water?) Just one take, it went very smoothly. So after the shoot my daughter thought it was a lot of fun. (Would she continue to perform?) She would like to, but she would have the chance to frst. Of course school comes first!"

Deep Ng Ho Hong did not have a lot of screen time but his role was important. In one scene Deep had to force Ka Fai's partners to jump out of a flight. He admitted that the scene was memorable because he not only had to act but also overcome his mental block. "I have a fear of heights, during the shoot I had to pretend I wasn't scared. However my legs were really shaking. It was my first time acting in a helicopter. The scene took eight hours and the director had a lot of patience."

Deep said about his character in the film. "I just started in the film, I haven't done anything yet." This time he did not have any chance to work with Ka Fai and Sean Lau Ching Wan. He admitted that if he had to choose he hoped ot work with Ka Fai in the sequel. "Earlier I have worked with Ka Fai on other films. I was very tense before, now I have more experience and should work out before when we work together again. However I have never worked with Ching Wan, I would have to adjust anew."


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In the film THE LADY IMPROPER (FEI FUN SHOOK NUI) the divorced Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin ran into the chef Wu Kang-Jen and thus changed her life. Ah Sa named her junior colleague Angela Hui Ching Wan to sing the film theme song IMPROPER, the music video of which earlier began production. Because in the film Ah Sa had a bathing scene, the music video director hoped to edit Ah Sa's footage with Angela's bathing scenes as they would echo each other.

Singing a film theme song and shooting a bathing scene for the first time, Angela during the recording was asked to sing with a waiting to bloom feeling; in the music video she had to give an aesthetic and sentimental feeling. For the bathing scene Angela prepared a lot of wardrobe malfunction prevention products. She said, "I have all kinds of tapes, haha, large, medium, small and all the sizes." Yet during the shoot she actually only had to put on a strap less sports bra, as the crew on the set made fun of Angela for being a master of anxiety. During the shower scene, Angela originally thought that the shoot would have continuous warm water, but the scene only required her to wash her hands after showering her head and body. The temperature was only 12 degrees Celsius that day, and Angela was shivering from the cold. The hairstylist had to lend a hand with a blow dryer for her to keep warm. The music video began shooting at 2PM and went on for 11 hours when work finished ended at 2AM. Before leaving work Angela joked, "You might as well let me shower here before I go."

Thursday, February 14, 2019


Stephanie Che and Gigi Leung talk about mixed relationship
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Gigi Leung Wing Kei in the Lunar New Year film MISSBEHAVIOR (GUNG HEI BAK POR) had a hilarious performance. In one scene she ran into her dream guy in an elevator but had gas due to a stomach ailment. Luckily a friend spoke up and made the save. The dream guy was played by Gigi's husband Sergio! Gigi said, "The director had a great idea, asking my husband to play a god and helping me to get into character. I realized that my husband had a knack for acting. Actually he normally was very funny and was very pleased with his performance. (Would you like to work together again?) For a comedy or a story that is suitable for our couple relationship, but anything too tragic or turning us into enemies it would be very hard."

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


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Simon Yam Tat Wa, Gigi Leung Wing Kei, Angela Yuen Lai Lam, Filmko boss Alex Wong Hoi Fung two nights ago attended the Hong Kong service dog movie LITTLE Q (SIU Q)'s production wrap banquet. Two of the service dogs that played Little Q appeared, one of the service dogs Pudding was very attached to Brother Wa. Brother Wa even hug Pudding for a photo.

Yam Tat Wa said that before the shoot he brought Pudding home to cultivate the relationship so they became good friends. His dog at home got jealous. He believed that the 2020 Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress would definitely be Pudding. Brother Wa admitted working with puppies was very painful. Because Little Q was played by 8 dogs, 6 of them had over 40 bad takes. Pudding was very nice and at most would have 3 or 4 bad takes, perhaps because they already had a couple relationship.

Would his wife Qi Qi be jealous? Brother Wa said, "No, Qi Qi watched the third party come in. Because Pudding and I have some special training, it is always following me around. It is very obedient." He also said that before the shoot he had a "darkness class", as he had to be blindfolded in a 400 foot dark room to experience the life without vision. The feeling was pretty scary because I had no idea what I would run into. In the end I would remember the setting in the dark room and the test score was 80.

Speaking of the just announced Hong Kong Film Award nominations, he congratulated the film PROJECT GUTENBERG (MO SEUNG) and praised Anthony Wong Chau Sun and Francis Ng Chun Yu's MEN ON THE DRAGON (YIK LAU DAI SHOOK) as great. They all truly deserved their nominations. Everyone said that only one would win Best Actor. Brother Wa said, "You may get double yolk, moon cakes have double yolk, quadruple yolk, just not quintuple yolk. Each movie is entertaining. MEN's low budget production was very natural, the director handled it very well."

Gigi said that she admired director Law Wing Cheong's patience very much because the puppy constantly stepped on the bottom line. Thus working with animals was a great challenge. For her, acting with a puppy was also a test of patience. Luckily at home she had experience with dogs, and working with the puppy was very simple. Thus the shoot was rather easy. The film's protagonist this time was Little Q, which was also a challenge to their acting. Thus they all could be nominated for Best New Actor awards. She also hoped through this film to bring everyone's attention to the problem of service dog integration into the society.

Gigi spent the Lunar New Year in Hong Kong and everyday she has been busy with Lunar New Year visits. She said, "When my daughter sees Uncle and Auntie she would take the initiative with New Year greetings, she could practice social interaction and courage." Today is Valentine's Day, Gigi said, "We aren't done with Lunar New Year visits, so we haven't been free to think about Valentine's Day. Every year Valentine's Day has been a world of three. My husband doesn't want to leave his little love, me either. So we expect to celebrate together."


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AngelaBaby and Louis Koo win Most Charming awards
Gordon Lam will train in Yunnan for a month for his new film
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The Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers honorary president Arthur Wong Ngok Tai, Louis Koo Tin Lok, AngelaBaby (Yeung Wing), Gordon Lam Ka Tung, Alex Lam Tak Shun, Cecilia So Lai Shan, Candy Yu On On, Ling Man Lung two nights ago attended the Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers 31th anniversary banquet. As in previous years three awards were presented. Koo Tin Lok and AngelaBaby received the Most Charming Actor and Actress. The film PROJECT GUTENBERG (MO SEUNG)'s director of photography Kwan Chi Yiu won the "award of the year".

Goo Jai received the charming award. He happily said that last year he won many awards in film, to be able to continue winning awards in the Year of the Pig truly was joyous and fortunate for him. The charming actors he admired would at different stages, ages, through film character interpretations, make him feel their charm. Thus there have been too many, but if he had to choose he would choose Darth Vader. As for how to be charming on camera, the position of the cinematographer was very important. It was about aesthetics, lighting, angels. AngelaBaby also agreed with what he said. Would they have the baggage of being idols? Goo Jai said, "No baggage now, even if I do it is only luggage." AngelaBaby said, "I have a little, I just carry it!" When did Goo Jai feel he was the most charming? He said, "Probably in my room at home, no one sees me so I can say whatever I want." Did he feel that he was very handsome in front of the mirror? He said, "If I look at a mirror, go wow and feel I am very handsome, I probably had a little mental disorder. I would have to see a doctor and take medication, I am just talking about myself! Actually I rarely look at the mirror, I don't have many at home. I am constantly facing the camera on the set, and I see myself on playback!"

Goo Jai loved photography but he did not have a habit of shooting photos with his mobile phone, unlike some people would take photos before meals and use apps to make themselves unrecognizable. Years ago he bought a camera, as he wanted to slow down the pace and take photos. Unfortunately he has always been too busy with work to do so. Baby also loved photography, especially after becoming a mother she would always take videos and photos for "Little Sponge". She really wanted to be a photographer. Goo Jai also said that six or seven years ago he thought about directing. However an elder said to him, directing required using the camera to tell a story, which was another science. "Thus if I direct I at least have to stop being an actor to study it, unfortunately I haven't had the time to plan it. However the future film world probably would develop even more new technology and production methods to coordinate."

Lam Ka Tung next month would go to Yunnan to train for his new film. Because he had to play someone who traveled across the country, he needed to improve his Putonghua and familiarize himself with how the Yunnan people lived until the official shoot in April. Ka Tung also of the film TRACEY (CHUI SZE) recently received several film offers for him to play transgender characters. He really wanted to take one, in which he would play a transsexual and would have "very extreme" performance. In addition, he would also produce a movie about seniors. He was working hard on inviting an elder everyone respected very much to perform. "I would have to kneel. If he would be willing to perform I would be very excited. However it would be very stressful because the scrip took 4 years to prepare!"


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Karena Lam teaches Sean Lau the most important thing at audience appreciation is to smile.
Alan Mak jokes that Anthony Ho may be the lead next time and Anthony Ho is stunned
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The Alan Mak Siu Fai directed and written Emperor Lunar New Year films INTEGRITY (LIM JING FUNG WON YIN MOK) as of yesterday made over HK$ 23 million in Hong Kong to become the Chinese film champion. Yesterday Mak Siu Fai led actors Sean Lau Ching Wan, Karena Lam Ka Yun and Anthony Ho Yuen Tung to attend audience appreciation events. At his first audience appreciation event Ching Wan was a little nervous but still remembered to take jabs at Ka Yun. Sitting with Kathy Yuen (Tong Yi) he also joked, "Finally I can go to the movies with Tong Yi." Later they also played games with the audience and gave away lai see.

As for the good box office performance, Ching Wan said that everyone worked very hard on promoting so they were elated with the return. He also said that he attended the first audience appreciation event in his life. He stated that he rarely participated and was a little nervous. He did not know what he would need to do. The crew told him to quietly enter the venue and sit down as a viewer. He said that he really liked to watch movies. If suddenly a group of people entered he might not be able to accept that. Luckily the audience appreciation events were either before or after the show. No long an audience appreciation rookie, Ka Yun felt that she would be able to see the audience's feeling very directly and sincerely. Their response could be used as research. She also taught Ching Wan to remember to smile at the event. Ching Wan asked her, "What if the viewer says Ching Wan look how your acting turned out? Should I still smile?" Speaking of a sequel, Ching Wan said that he hoped to have a chance but it would depend on the boss. If so it will start production next year.

Director Mak Siu Fai and Ho Yuen Tung spoke to the media. Mak Siu Fai said that he was pleased with the good box office performance and hoped that everyone would continue to support the film. He also said that the film's good word of mouth probably was connected to Hong Kong film. In addition it was more serious, he felt that not only comedy would be a hit. Planning to make sequel, he was asked whether he would fight for the Lunar New Year slot next year. He said that it would be very hard to say, the script has always come first for him. Right now he only had a concept and no complete script. This time the scrip took nine months to write. Would the sequel bring back the original team? He said that the continuation of certain characters would be even more entertaining, like Ho Yuen Tung, the Lau Ching Wan and Lam Ka Yun played couple. He even joked that next time maybe Ho Yuen Tung would be the lead. Ho Yuen Tung was scared stiff when he heard. "Whatever the director asks me to do I would do, this time being able to work with the director and a strong cast of actors I am very happy."