Monday, July 25, 2016


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Students flock to Gregory Wong for photos
Justin Cheung retuns to his alma mater
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Artist Gregory Wong Chung Hiu two nights ago appeared on the streets of Mongkok to promote his film THE MENU (DOH FOR SUN MUN SIN). Speaking of him taking Jacky Cai Jie to Catherine Chau Ka Yi's birthday dinner, he said, "We haven't shown signs of being boyfriend and girlfriend. (Did you hold hand or kiss?) We held hands. (Then she is your girlfriend, congratulation!) Thank you."

Earlier artist Justin Cheung Kin Sing attended a screening at his alma mater. Wong Chung Hiu attended as well. Cheung Kin Sing gave some advice to the students. "When you go out and work you would experience the cruelty out there, you have to properly cherish your school life."


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Jacky Cai admits that she is dating Gregory Wong
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Alan Tam Wing Lun, Jordan Chan Siu Chun, Jacky Cai Jie and Hedwick Tam Sin Yin yesterday appeared on TVB's BIG BOYS CLUB to promote their new film FOOLING AROUND JIANG HU (GONG WU BEI KET). Principal says that when he worked with Siu Chun on the film THE AGE OF MIRACLES (MA MA FAN FAN) they rarely had any exchange. This time they had much more. They even sang the theme song together.

Cai Jie and Tam Sin Yin revealed that while working with Principal, he often improvised. Cai Jai said, "Sometimes I couldn't follow and had to fake it."

Sunday, July 24, 2016


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Aaron Kwok goes to three afternoon shows to thank the audience
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Aaron Kwok thanks the audience for its support
Sunny Luk, Aaron Kwok and Longman Leung
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Chow Yun Fat and Tony Leung Ka Fai, three great Best Actors, starred in the film COLD WAR 2 (HONG JIN 2). Since its release it has performed well at the box office. As of yesterday it has already reached HK$ 57 million and would be able to break the film YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE's HK$ 62 million box office record to become the Chinese film box office champion. The film in the Mainland also made a mad 640 million yuan RMB. Sing Sing yesterday took time to attend a Kwun Tong cinema audience appreciation event with directors Sunny Luk Kim Ching and Longman Leung Lok Man.

Sing Sing yesterday suddenly appeared at the movies, much to the surprise of the audience. He not only played games and gave away film prizes but also took photos with the audience. Some in the crowd even called him by his character nickname from the film. Sing Sing also greeted the audience, "People of Hong Kong, how are you! You all have a part in the film's performance today." Sing Sing asked the audience questions about the film. A viewer asked if the amount of the bribe HK$ 50 million had any special meaning. Sing Sing humorously answered, "It's the boss' budget for the third film." A viewer asked if Sing Sing would become the Chief Executive. Sing Sing said, "No, I like being the top cop."

Currently busy with his concert rehearsal, Sing Sing admitted that he took three hours off for the audience appreciation. He happily said, "I will have other jobs later, I may not be able to personally attend any more audience appreciation. This performance absolutely is a team effort. I hope the audience would show more support, watching it again and again. I don't have any expectation of how much the final box office will be. We will talk more after the record is breaking, even by a buck it is still broken." Leung Ka Fai said that if Sing Sing will not be able to attend the film celebration, he would go to his concert to celebrate. Sing Sing joked, "With 12 shows he is welcome at anytime."

Director Luk Kim Ching said that after a short break he would study the COLD WAR 3 script with Leung Lok Man. He said, "New actors will keep joining the cast in hopes of setting off sparks."

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Xenia Chong shows her support for Lee Min-Ho

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Karena Ng, Tiffany Tang, Lee Min-Ho, Raymond Wong
Lee Min-Ho waves to fans after spicy crabs
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The film BOUNTY HUNTER two nights ago held its premiere. Producer Raymond Wong Pak Ming, director Terra Shin, Mainland star Tiffany Tang Yan, Jeremy Jones (Tsui Ching Hei), Louis Fan Siu Wong and Karena Ng Chin Yu attended. When Lee Min-Ho appeared in suit, almost 200 fans screamed. Lee Min-Ho greeted fans in Cantonese and through his translator shared his performance experience.

Lee Min-Ho said that he has been on television and in films. He also has worked on some action scenes, but this time the stunts were on an even larger scale. They required wires. To have the best effect he already started training two months before the shoot. Yet during the shoot he was injured. Lee Min-Ho revealed that at the time he hit his head, but he understood that such situations often happened on action film shoots. Thus as an actor he would try to resolve the problem and returned to work. Would he like to make romance or continue to make action film in the future? He said that he had no restriction on the characters that he played. He knew that the audience has waited for him to perform for a long time. Thus he hoped this time when he worked with a Hong Kong team he would still receive everyone's admiration.

Later, Lee Min-Ho said a heart shaped gesture to fans and said in Putonghua four times "I love you". Then before getting off the stage he again made the heart with his hands. Fans screamed over and over. After the premiere, Lee Min-Ho went to Kowloon Bay for spicy bridge under the overpass in Wan Chai. Fans surrounded him as he got out of his vehicle, but security escorted him into the restaurant. After almost a hour he left. Yesterday afternoon "Oppa" has already returned to work in Korea.

Tang Yan in the film had car jumping and explosion stunts. In one scene she had to climb to the edge of the car, which was quite thrilling for her. In addition she and Lee Min-Ho had an action scene. She said that before the performance she had training and practices, thus she was able to complete the stunts successfully. Fan Siu Wong played a butler in the film and did not have any action scene. Director Terra Shin said that he was unable to let Fan Siu Wong show his skills, he could only hope for better arrangements the next time. The director also praised Lee Min-Ho for being very smart and very professional with his action scenes.


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Singer Dave Wang Kit's father, former martial art star Wang Hsieh two days ago passed away in Taipei from pancreatic cancer at age 87. Wang Kit later posted on Weibo that he was unable to see his father one last time and pleaded for forgiveness. Reportedly during his treatment Wang Hsieh received visits rom Wang Kit. he has already left for Taiwan for the funeral.

Wang Hsieh was originally named Wang Chun Kwan. In 1965 he ame to Hong Kong and signed with Shaw, then he became a martial action film star. Since th 50s he started to participate in film, as of 1996 he has starred in over 150 films like THE EMNPRESS DOWAGER, INFRAMAN, KILLER CLANS and A BETTER TOMORROW; in A BETTER TOMORROW Wang Hsieh played a Taiwan mnob boss. He also guest starred in the Jerry Yan and Wu Chun starred Taiwan idol series HOT SHOT. Wang Hsieh had two marriages. He with his first wife had four children including Wang Kit. With his current wife he was married for 21 years. Wang Hsieh reportedly passed away at his home.

Wang Kit posted two nights ago about his father's passing, "Papa, sorry, I missed by one day. You didn't wait for me. I still couldn't make it to see you one final time. Please forgive me, see you in Heaven."

Friday, July 22, 2016


Jeana Ho will cut her hair for Gregory Wong's directing debut
Justin Cheung and Gregory Wong
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Artists Gregory Wong Chung Hiu, Justin Cheung Kin Sing and Jeana Ho Pui Yu yesterday appeared at the Book Fair. Wong Chung Hiu revealed that Jeana will participate in his directing debut. In the film she was only needed to be limited sexy. He said, "She right now has a director boyfriend (Philip Yung Chi Kwong). She could be picky with her scripts and co-stars." Jeana said that Wong Chung Hiu asked her to cut her hair, but she has not cut her hair since Form 1. She said, "I will make the sacrifice for art, I can even shave my head!"

Jeana struck back and asked Wong Chung Hiu about his romance with Jacky Cai Jie. Why did he not ask her? Wong Chung Hiu said, "It would be very awkward, actually I have thought about asking her." Jeana joked if he was not willing to ask her to take off her clothes. He joked, "She would have to wear a turtle neck!"

Speaking of their upcoming film release, will they attend the premiere with their significant other? Wong Chung Hiu said, "I invited her."


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Karena Ng, Jeremy Jones, Louis Fan, Raymond Wong

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The film BOUNTY HUNTER yesterday held its Hong Kong launch ceremony. Boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming, director Terra Shin and actors Lee Min-Ho, Louis Fan Siu Wong, Karena Ng Chin Yu, Tiffany Tang Yan and Jeremy Jones (Tsui Ching Hei) attended. Almost 300 fans appeared as well. Lee Min-Ho and Tang Yan remembered a scene in which they were trapped in a trunk. They admitted that it was awkward and ambiguous. Lee Min-Ho revealed that inside he could only smell Tang Yan's perfume.

Lee Min-Ho yesterday came from Korea to Hong Kong to promote. He and Mainland actress Tang Yan appeared at last and fans shrieked. In demin, Lee Min-Ho smiled and waved to the fans and said in Cantonese, "How is everyone, I am Lee Min-Ho. Long time no see!" He also praised the beautiful Hong Kong sky, each time he came he really wanted to take a boat to enjoy the Hong Kong scenery.

As for BOUNTY's box office expectation, he pointed out that the film was popular with fans and hoped that it would be able to leave everyone with a good impression. This time Lee Min-Ho played a security officer who had to complete his mission. He had his share of wire and action stunts, but with the assistance of the crew his performance was rather satisfactory. Tang Yan said that she had fight scenes too. Before the performance she would first train and practice, so the shoots went rather smoothly. Speaking of the on screen romance, in one scene they were trapped in a narrow trunk. Tang Yan said, "The trunk is very small and the two of us are tall, so it is a little difficult and a tight fit. During the shoot the atmosphere is a little awkward, but the performance isn't stressful at all!" Lee Min-Ho said, "The space is very small and very tight, inside I can only smell her perfume. It is a little embarrassing, but the shoot is OK!" Later the event arranged for the leads to make gun holding poses for photos. Fans naturally lost their minds and screamed. Finally, the director took a selfie with the actors.

Ng Chin Yu, Fan Siu Wong and Tsui Ching Hei played games with fans. Chin Yu said that fans of "Oppa" from everywhere were absurd. Everyday on the set a catering truck would provide coffee and snacks, from breakfast, lunch, dinner to late night snacks it had everything. Fan Siu Wong said that the film made 200 million in the Mainland and he hoped that a sequel would be made. Aside from the original team strong additions could be made. Reporters suggested adding Raymond Lam Fung. Chin Yu laughed and pointed at Siu Wong. "Add your wife (JJ Jia), she came to visit the set too!" Who was more handsome between her boyfriend Lam Fung and Lee Min-Ho? Chin Yu said, "You always ask that, how do I answer you? He (pointing at Fan Siu Wong) is the most handsome! Actually both are pretty, both have many fans!"

Fan Siu Wong said that in the film he took over a dozen kicks from Lee Min-Ho. In private he asked and learned that he has studied Tae Kwan Do. No matter he was so serious and strong. Did he strike back? Siu Wong said, "No, but I did kiss him, mouth to mouth. It was both his and me guy kiss, but it was just for laughs. It was shot between the space of touching and not touching with positional photography!"

Boss Wong Pak Ming asked Lee Min-Ho to perform because he was the most handsome, the tallest and the best fighter. Every time fans heard his name they would scream once.