Saturday, January 31, 2015


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Sandra Ng jokes that the tea bag will be good for Louis Koo, as they both are "chok"ed around
Sandra Ng and the cast sell boxers.  
Sandra Ng and others unveil a 2.5 meter tall golden duck

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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu yesterday led the film 12 GOLDEN DUCKS (12 GUM NGAP)'s actors Louis Koo Tin Lok, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung and BabyJohn Choi Hong Yik to promote in Causeway Bay. They even had two male models in only boxers to give away lucky bags to pedestrians for an advanced Lunar New Year atmosphere; Goo Jai in the film again worked with his "Goo Goo" from 16 years ago, Carman Lee Yeuk Tung.

Kwan Yu said that on February 13 at the Victoria Park Lunar New Year Fair she will set up a "duck shop" stall to sell lucky bags for charity. She will personally make an appearance and supervise. She said, "This year I spent several hundred thousand for a Victoria Park stall bid. Even if the stall will not be the prettiest one there, it will be the most golden stall! In our lucky bags will be boxer and tea bag, not that type for wearing but for drinking. After drinking this tea you will feel energized. I already saved some for Father (Ha Chun Chau). He needs it as he is in his 80s."

In addition, after 15 years, Goo Jai in the film will work with Lee Yeuk Tung again. How did the THE RETURN OF THE CONDOR HEROES reunion feel? He said, "We haven't seen each other for over a decade, we haven't even run into each other at public events. We only ran into each other once on a plane. I believe many people are looking forward to it. She doesn't look a day older even after 16 years." Kwan Yu said that they were both single. She once jokingly asked Lee Yeuk Tung if they had any spark from working together again. She said that Goo Jai did not look a day older after 16 years either, he was still hiding in the corner by himself. Was she afraid of further rumors and thus did not arrange for Michelle Chen and Goo Jai to have any scene together? Kwan Yu said, "Of course not, but everyone wants to see 'Goo Goo' and 'Gor Yi' more. (Are you afraid that the audience won't like Michelle Chen's chubby cheeks?) Don't say that, she is very pretty. In the film she is my goddess, girlfriend."

As for Si Hing he said that he will help with the Victoria Park supervision. Will he wear only Boxers? He said, "Kwan Yu earlier kept telling us to lose weight, but I didn't have to take off my clothes in the entire film. Let's see if I will have a chance at the New Year Fair. (Will you ask Joey (Yung Cho Yi) to go with you?) No, that's too old fashioned. Having several of us "boyfriends" to watch the shop is enough, we can take shifts." He also denied that Joey only agreed to guest star because of him. He also said that he did not help bring together Joey to be the Miriam Yeung Chin Wa's concert guest. He said, "I am Lau Ho Lung, not the middle man." Joey revealed that she really wanted to find a good home, Si Hing said that for now work has to come first.


Kelvin Kwan and OneTwoFree work together on the music video
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Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu and the group OneTwoFree yesterday worked on the music video for the film ONE NIGHT IN TAIPEI (TOI BUT YEH PO TUEN TUEN JUEN) in Taipei. The director even got four hot dancers who made Kelvin look rather awkward and shy during the shoot. He explained, "Because I just got off the plane, I am not really awaken yet." Later he told the truth. "The girls aren't passionate enough." He also revealed that he will stay for three days on this trip. Yesterday after work he went to Will Pan's concert and had a late night snack.

Having been to Taiwan for work many times, Kelvin has never had the chance to walk around. This time he had some rare free time and wanted to try the spicy hot pot casserole. Kelvin said that he was very happy about working with Taiwan singers this time. He hoped to be able to work with A-Mei and Jay Chou in the future. He even saw Chairman Chou as a singing instructor because he almost grew up listening to Chairman Chou's songs. Chairman Chou recently became a husband, Kelvin too hoped that he will soon be able to find true love.


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Veteran actor William Ho Ka Kui earlier passed away. His long lost sister and friend Charlie Cho Cha Lei will handle his affairs. Cho Cha Lei said that after Ho Ka Kui's sister after hearing the news of her brother could not contact him right away and would like to take care of everything for her brother. Ho Ka Kui's wake will take place on February 10th at the Kowloon Funeral Parlor and the funeral will take place on the 11th as the remains will be transported to Cape Collinson Crematorium for cremation.

Because Ka Kui had no children, his ashes will be scattered in a nearby memorial park. Cho Cha Lei said, "I have received the Performing Artist Guild's offer to provide assistance, but because the Ho family wants to remain low key they have turned them down. His sister has taken care of everything." Cho Cha Lei even revealed that he will head toward Ka Kui's Dongguan home to take care of what his friend left behind.


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Lam Po Chuen's voice will remain in everyone's hearts
Ting Yu and Tsang Sing Ming are among the pallbearers
Daughter Chi Kwan's husband carries the photo as she again thanks the media for their concern
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The Hong Kong Ding Dong (Doraemon) and TVB veteran voice actor Lam Po Chuen's funeral took place yesterday at the Universal Funeral Parlor. Widow Mrs. Lam, daughter Lam Chi Kwan, her husband and her godfather Ting Yu wre on hand. Friends Tam Bing Man, TVB representative Tsang Sing Ming and others were Uncle Po Chuen's pallbearers. Many Hong Kong people grew up with Uncle Po Chuen's voice, yesterday at Uncle Po Chuen's funeral around 300 people came to bid him a final farewell at the hall. Some even knelt on the ground to pay their respect.

Friend Tam Bing Man lamented that Uncle Po Chuen's rise to fame after his death as an achievement for voice actors. As for the new voice of Ding Dong, Tam Bing Man said, "The voice of Ding Dong is very hard to dub, it's not that easy but he had a motivation!"

Tsang Sing Ming said, "Currently the company has to see if it will continue to buy the rights. It's too soon to talk about it. The company will fully assist Uncle Po Chuen's family." Mr. Tsang even brought three drawings from children and revealed that they were from Uncle Po Chuen's little fans.

The services began at 10:40AM and the funeral was moved up to 11AM. Uncle Po Chuen's coffin was transported to the Diamond Hill crematorium. His daughter Chi Kwan thanked the media for their concern. When asked about Uncle Po Chuen's grave goods, she said, "There is a Ding Dong doll, I don't know what everyday items Mommy packed. A donation will be made for temple repair. Daddy was a Buddhist and the contribution was very important to him." Chi Kwan said that her father's voice will always remain in everyone's hearts. After the cremation, everyone left around 12:00PM and went to Tsim Sha Tsui East for the hero banquet.


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Artist Chapman To Man Chak last year worked on the Mainland 3D film IMPOSSIBLE with two big Mainland stars Wang Baoqiang and Xiao Shenyang, but the production company through its official Weibo announced that To Man Chak's scenes have been completely removed. "Due to various 'reasons', we truly are left with no choice. To keep everyone from 'guessing', this film announces to the media and the audience that To Man Chak's scenes in the film have been completely removed." It also added that to keep from affecting the overall story, an "all purpose talent" actor has joined the cast in the make up shoot.

Friday, January 30, 2015


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Elena Kong Mei Yi, Belinda Yan Zifei, Ben Cheung Kai Lok yesterday attended a charity event in Ma On Shan. This was the second time Kong Mei Yi attended the event. Yesterday she even brought her dog. Later Kong Mei Yi will promote the film TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES (CHUNG SEUNG WON SIU) with the cast in many places in the Mainland like Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Kong Mei Yi said that in the film she worked on her England scenes with Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming. Ma Kwok Ming jokingly complained about too few scenes in England, and since Kong Mei Yi has played his step mother before, Ma Ming said that kissing Kong Mei Yi in the film felt like kissing Ma. Kong Mei Yi joked, "I want to counter the complaint. In order to adjust to his 3 day 2 night schedule, a lot of our couple scenes were removed. Originally I had more screen time. As for kissing Ma, as long as he can kiss then he is fine!"

In addition, during the Lunar New Year Kong Mei Yi will travel in Asia. As for lai see, she said as a single person, "Since I have been giving it I will keep giving, I estimate that I will have to give five figures."

Yan Zifei earlier participated in Anthony Wong Chau Sun's acting class. Although the tuition was rather expensive, she felt the class was well worth it. She even met some classmates in the business like Jonathan Wong Chi Hing. She hoped to be able to make movies this year and use what she has learned.


Raymond and Edmond Wong
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Raymond Wong Pak Ming and his son Edmond Wong Chi Wun appeared on a Cable program. Wong Chi Wun swore to become a screen writer like his father. Although his father was very busy, their relationship has not been damaged. They were so close that they could talk about anything. Wong Chi Wun not only was a screen writer but also helped his father with the company businesses. Did Wong Pak Ming see his son as a successor? He admitted that he really wanted his son to inherit his film business. The company name Pegasus was connected to his son. His son was born in the Year of the Horse and people in the film industry had to think like a flying horse in the sky. Chi Wun only smiled and instead said that he was introverted and not suitable for social gathering. At most he would only have dinner and chat with directors and actors.

Speaking of his relationship with his father, Chi Wun described it like a friendship. He really appreciated his father's optimism, as he has never seen him get mad, yell at anyone or have anything bad to say about anyone. He also pointed out that he once felt the pressure of being Wong Pak Ming's son, but he would keep working hard and fight for good performance in order to get his father's approval. In Chi Wun's heart, his father absolutely was a good role model, in particular his unwavering love for his wife. Chi Wun said that the impression was very deep. "Papa's behavior is quite an inspiration for me in terms of marriage, at least I have to be as thoughtful as him. Actually he has a lot of excessive behavior that he has not talked about. For example one time Mama had horrible stomach pain and Papa said that he had to help her with Qi Gong. Actually he only rub his hands together to heat them up then touch her so she would not be in as much pain.