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Finally with TIME Patrick Tse can show off to his son Nicholas Tse
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Patrick Tse Yin (Sei Gor) with TIME (SAT CHOOK GOR WONG FUN) won the Hong Kong Film Critic Society Award Best Actor, his first at age 85. Sei Gor joked that this time he finally could show off to his son Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, because Ting Fung often said that Papa has not won any award yet. Sei Gor also said that with this award he could answer to himself for his years in films.

Sei Gor was referring to what Ting Fung said in his foolish youth when he won the Hong Kong Film Award Best New Performer early in his career. When Ting Fung won the 2011 Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor he already publicly apologized to Sei Gor on the stage; at the time Ting Fung said that he once said to Sei Gor, "You have made over several hundred movies, have you even won the Hong Kong Film Award?" He then put the award on the table. He felt sorry for what he said and hoped that Sei Gor would forgive him for being an ignorant and impolite child.

In recent years Sei Gor rarely appeared in public. Reportedly his memory has declined and he relied on medicine to treat it. Sei Gor replied that his memory was not poor, only his thinking has slowed. Sometimes he did not know how to express himself, but at work he would not have such a situation because since he agreed he would do his best. Although he was retired, with good scripts he would make movies again. Earlier Ting Fung revealed that Sei Gor's life depended on other people to arrange it for him. Now he had nothing to do all day. Sei Gor said tht due to the pandemic he spent most of his home at home. Since his children were not around his home aide would hike with him. Ting Fung lives in Beijing, while Ting Ting lives in Canada. Ting Fung suggested to Sei Gor to move to Beijing so he would be to keep an eye on him, but he did not want to disturb his children's lives. In Hong Kong he still had many friends.


TABLE FOR SIX director Sunny Chan's initial idea comes from "family"
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The Dayo Wong Tze Wa, Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Stephy Tang Lai Yan, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi, Lin Minchen and Peter Chan Charm Man starred Lunar New Year film TABLE FOR SIX (FAN HEI GUNG SUM) revealed the characters' complicated relationship in the film with interview videos. "Big Brother" Tze Wa still had feelings for his ex Tang Lai yun. When they met again she was already "Second brother" Cheung Kai Chung's current girlfriend. Thus they even lived under the same roof temporarily. Tang Lai Yun only discovered that they "broke up over a misunderstanding" when they met again. Stuck between two brothers, she would scream, "Don't upset me! I would blow the fuse!" whenever things got awkward. The brothers got into a war of words over her. Tze Wa and Lin Minchen even became lovers. With "third brother" Chan Charm Man and girlfriend Wong Yuen Chi still unmarried after eight years together, all the relationships were mixed up when all six lived under the same roof.

In the film the family of six was full of cheers. People would look forward to the comedy from all the complicated relationships around the house. Director Sunny Chan Wing Sun revealed that his creative inspiration. "One house, six people, five meals, one movie. After getting this idea, the story slowly appears. Through this story, I want to talk about 'family' the most this time."

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Dayo Wong and Louis Cheung hope that TABLE FOR SIX will be able to open on the Lunar 4th

Peter Chan, Ivana Wong, Louis Cheung, Stephy Tang, Dayo Wong, Lin Minchen 

Stephy Tang plays Louis Cheung's girlfriend and the ex Dayo Wong canno forget
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Dayo Wong Tze Wa and Louis Cheung Kai Chung in the new film TABLE FOR SIX (FAN HEI GUNG SUM) maintained their brotherly bond with roast pork. Tze Wa in the film even had a barbecue scene. He said that he learned on the set for 10 minutes or so, saying that the roast pork in the film was very symbolic. When the family got together for dinner they needed more food, the first thought would be roast pork. Cheung Kai Chung pointed out that the new film was rather educational, making people reflect on the importance of family.

Wong Tze Wa and Cheung Kai Chung earlier promoted their new film TABLE FOR SIX together. They both praised how great the script was, and how much fun everyone had making the film. With Tze Wa in the film, conceivably the audience would like him to be able to let loose his comedy. Tze Wa said, "The film is pretty cute, warm and crazy, with everyone in it. I would describe it as a warm, passionate comedy. Ah Chung and I are brothers who fight over a girl in the film. Some scenes were very extreme, guaranteed to keep wowing you at the movies!" Ah Chung said that with comedy bad takes were inevitable, but the most memorable to him was that the so-called "Tze Wa God" was not distant at all. "I am very grateful to be able to work with Tze Wa. After working together I feel that he isn't a god who keeps people at a distance, but he is someone is very close. From him I have learned a lot."

The film used roast pork to connect the brotherly bond between Tze Wa, Ah Chung and Peter Chan Charm Man. Ah Chung revealed that in the film when he was little his mother married Tze Wa's father. They were step siblings. Later their parents gave birth to Chan Charm Man. Because their father made roast pork, they lived in his roast pork shop. To them, roast pork was synonymous with home. Big brother Tze Wa also worked very hard to maintain this family. Tze Wa said, "In the film I have to make roast pork, at the very least I learned for ten or so minutes. A master was present on the set, if we have to wait until I become one then we would be in trouble. In addition my character isn't too great at making roast pork. Actually in the film roast pork is very symbolic, the most able to represent family. As soon as Hong Kong people mention roast pork they would feel the warmth." Ah Chung said, "Roast pork isn't very expensive, but when you are overseas you would really miss it. If you think about it you may even cry. It has a lot of emotions in it, like my feeling with Big Brother in the film. I feel since we are several decades old, we should live together anymore. I want to start a family, but when I really move out I would miss it. This movie is really suitable for the Lunar New Year. Whenever holidays come around we miss home more, it's pretty education. I should tell my son to watch it. At his age he wants to finish dinner fast and disappear. I went through this experience too. In my 20s and 30s I wouldn't pay Lunar New Year visits with my family, now but as an adult I really enjoy family dinners."

Speaking of the Lunar New Year, Tze Wa said that he definitely would pay elders Lunar New Year visits. He also liked the holidays very much. "Holidays themselves depend on what people do, life also depends on what people do. For example we really appreciate Carnival in Brazil. They could dance for a month, we foreigners thought that it would be very excessive but people give each holiday meaning. As long as we are doing it together we would have a lot of fun, but if we don't we wouldn't die. Holidays are opportunities for everyone to get together. Life is just endlessly looking for excuses to make ourselves happy. Everyone should find some reasons to be happy. Everyday should be about finding reasons to make yourself happy, because happiness isn't guaranteed." Ah Chung pointed out that traditions are trendy now. He too would pay attention to details in his life. He joked that now when he goes out he would be sharply dressed, not like before when he just threw something on; just like giving meaning to holidays would make life different.

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Sandra Ng celebrates Edan Lui's birthday in advance
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Edan Lui and Sandra Ng wish for the cinemas to re-open so the new film will be released.

Sandra Ng wishes Edan Lui a happy 25th birthday

Edan Lui and Sandra Ng sign posters for fans and neighbors alike
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MIRROR member Edan Lui Cheuk On made his big screen debut with Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Gigi Leung Wing Kei in the Lunar New Year film CHILLI LAUGH STORY (HOP GA LAT). Originally the film premiere would have taken place yesterday, but due to the pandemic the film needed to postpone its release to the Lunar 4th. However Kwan Yu yesterday celebrated Edan's 25th birthday, and even streamed it live on social media. They were trying to get everyone to pray for a smooth release for the film on the Lunar 4th.

Yesterday, Ng Kwan Yu conducted a surprise mission with Edan. They went all over Kowloon to sign posters. Kwan Yu even streamed it live on social media, during which she presented a chocolate cake to Edan for his birthday 2 days from now. She even said that she wanted a kiss first. They puckered up and pretended to kiss. Edan said, "Everyone pray for CHILLI LAUGH STORY would be seen by everyone on the Lunar 4th, I hope it won't be further delayed." Then he said that the film would be a big hit and have a sequel.

Kwan Yu asked Edan if he had any confidence about his big screen debut. He admitted, "I am pretty nervous, I don't know if I performed well or not. Seeing myself appearing on such a big screen for the first time, if I didn't perform well it would be very obvious. Fortunately Kwan Yu gave me many shots of confidence!" Kwan Yu praised Edan's performance. "Relax, if you didn't perform well I wouldn't put you on the big screen and ruin my gold label."

As for Kwan Yu she said that lately she had a lot of stress, which resulted in pimples. She had expectation for this film. She even asked Edan to play mahjong with him on his free time to reduce stress. Finally, Kwan Yu asked if Edan had a girlfriend. Edan said, "Of course not, I am focusing on work. Now I am so busy I don't have time to date." Would he bring anyone to pay Kwan Yu a Lunar New Year visit? Kwan Yu said, "If you bring female fans along then bring Anson Lo too, tell Anson Lo to come, everyone would have a great laugh!"


Louis Cheung, Ivana Wong, Dayo Wong
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Earlier Dayo Wong Tze Wa, Louis Cheung Kai Chung and Ivana Wong Yuen Chi appeared on the TVB program STARTALK and talked about working together on their new film TABLE FOR SIX (FAN HEI GUNG SUM). Wong Yuen Chi stated that she was very nervous about working with Tze Wa. "Luckily earlier I guest starred in a film Tze Wa directed. With the previous collaboration, this time I wasn't as scared. As soon as work began I already had a sense of familiarity!"

Speaking of the movie making viewers cherish having dinner with family even more, Cheung Kai Chung said, "I live with my parents, my mother in law also lives very close by so we frequently have dinner together. Now dinner with family is the entertainment that I look forward to the most, I really cherish the important of being with family." Tze Wa said, "I feel the movie has an indescribable warmth, I would go home and eat Mommy's cooking. The most important is no matter what she cooks I can't complain, I have to eat everything. I have to say it's delicious, taking the left over home is even better!" Wong Yuen Chi also revealed, "I am the happiest when Papa and I go to my in laws to play mahjong. My skill has reached the point where they always ask me to play!"

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  Can : Joi Hung Jung Jeh Yut Miu
  Terence Lam Ka Him

  Hins Cheung King Hin


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Edan Lui Cheuk On worked with many elders on his film debut, the Lunar New Year film CHILLI LAUGH STORY (HOP GA LAT). In one scene Edan broke down in shame in front of his parents over the failure if his business. He was stressing over the scene, luckily "Auntie" Sandra Ng Kwan Yu personally advised her and helped him with opening his tear ducts. On and off camera they both broke down emotionally.

After Edan got the script and learned about the crying scene he already revealed to Kwan Yu that he was very worried. Producer and actor Kwan Yu although did not have a scene that day still made the trip to the set. She was alone with Edan to cultivate his emotions, taught him how to trigger his sorrow, open up his tear ducts. Finally their emotions on and off camera erupted at a moment's notice. Kwan Yu indeed was full of skills.

However before the shoot Edan was still upset. Elders on the set including Kwan Yu, Ronald Cheng Chung Kei and Gigi Leung Wing Kei all cheered him on and tried every way for him to get into the mood. Kwan Yu personally demonstrated how to get into the crying emotional state. Cheng Chung Kei rehearsed with a table read. Leung Wing Kei even gave Edan a shoulder massage to relax him. For Edan to focus on his performance, everyone on the set was silent to prevent from affecting his emotional performance. Finally he successfully completed this crying scene and Edan was able to relax.

Questioning the existence of his own tear ducts, Edan stated that he infrequently cried and felt that his earlier crying scene in the Hong Kong version of OSSAN'S LOVE did not pass the grade. After this shoot he learned a lot, from being very lost at first to finishing the crying scene he was already more open.

Edan even sincerely thanked his on screen aunt Kwan Yu for her attentive guidance. "The day before Kwan Yu already said that she would come and help me. She told me to fast in the morning and drink a little. Indeed I was much more relaxed and the result indeed had emotions, even though it seemed like I didn't shed much tear. Thank you Kwan Yu for helping me a lot, teaching me how to breath, how to handle emotions, I thank Chung Kei and Gigi for being with me over those dozen or so days and making me feel like a family. I felt their support and encouragement, which made me get into the role very easily. He gave myself 4 or 5 points, barely passing! I am not in full control like a professional actor should be, but I did my best. Since Kwan Yu accepted it, I believe it probably passed!"