Sunday, June 16, 2019


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Denise Ho and Anthony Wong Yiu Ming
Linda Chung
Sammi Cheng

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Yesterday a fourth protest against the extradition bill took place. Participants included Anthony Wong Yiu Ming, whose 57th birthday was yesterday, and Denise Ho Wan Sze. They both wore black and held white flowers. Wong Yiu Ming wrote, "We are all at Victoria Park, the only one missing is you. Join us and protect Hong Kong together."

Ah Sze around 1PM began her facebook live. She walked from the Tin Hau MTR station to Victoria Park. "See you on the streets #hongkong #616". Brother Ming and Ah Sze urged people to register to vote. Ah Sze said, "Citizens with courage, be responsible with courage!" They reminded Hong Kong permanent residents under the age of 18 who still have not registered to vote can fill out the form to register.

Sammy on social media posted the voter registration promotional poster. "Turn anger, sorrow and the sense of hopelessness into strength. Using your votes to keep people who do not represent your voices outside the doors of LegCo. Register to vote before July 2nd and actively participate in the upcoming LegCo election, using one vote per person to truly send people who truly speak for Hong Kong and listen to Hong Kong to speak for you."

TRIVISA (SHU DI CHIU FUNG)'s Hong Kong Film Award winning director Jevons Au Man Kit paid attention to the developments and quickly updated news. On June 10th he shared a conversation with his wife. He wore, "My wife asked me if I wanted to go to jail? I told her, "I didn't wear a mask, I didn't charge in, only each time when the police was prepared to unarmed young protesters I picked up the mobile phone in my hand to document it, I use my only ability to protect them.'"

Director Matthew Chow Hoi Kwong once host a Commercial Radio program TALK OF THE TOWN that had the popular segment for listeners to speak from their hearts. Two nights ago he on facebook started an online version for fans to post messages and speak their minds. He wrote, "No need to use excessive measures, stay calm! If you want to talk I am here, leave a message I will reply #turning heartbreak into battle strength". He replied to every message and comforted fans.

Two nights ago a protester fell to his death at the Pacific Place, which left many sleepless. Yesterday was also Joey Yung Cho Yi's birthday. Early in the morning she posted a black and white photo and posted, "Sleepless Night". Her manager Mani Fok Man Hei responded, "Me too". Hins Cheung King Hin posted a black and white photo of pills and wrote, "Can't sleep".

Sammi Cheng Sau Man posted a pair of hands in prayer and wrote, "Pray"; Miriam Yeung Chin Wa directly posted "R.I.P" in black and white picture to express her feeling. Oscar Leung King Fai (Leung Lit Wai) earlier was "out" as protester. Yesterday he also posted a white flower photo on IG and showed that he was in Shanghai. Perhaps Wai Wai wanted to prove that he was not at the protest yesterday, because yesterday at online protest videos, people held up a Wai Wai head shot in the crowd. In Canada Anita Lee Yuen Wa was concerned with the matter, Linda Chung Ka Yun posted her daughter's hands in prayer and wrote, "Our prayers are with you."

Saturday, June 15, 2019


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Justin Cheung Kin Sing, his girlfriend Kelly Chen Ka Lei and Linah Matsuoka yesterday promoted next week's new film release DECEPTION OF THE NOVELIST (JOK GA DIK FONG YIN: BUK JUNG YAU JUI). Justin said that one of Matsuoka's poster was too excessive and was restricted during the promotion. "It was a little bloody and borderline, MTR and buses did not approve. We don't want to make anyone uncomfortable so this version is only used online."

Was the first time producer extra nervous? He said, "The pressure is enormous. With the social incident the mood is very heavy." Chan Ka Lei said that her boyfriend has been so nervous that he could not sleep. Justin said, "If everyone doesn't want to go to the movies lately, I can't force them to. We can only do as much as we can. Now the online posts have to be very cautious, but we in business have to make back the cost. Otherwise we won't have a next movie. We are stuck between a rock and a hard place."


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The Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Louis Koo Tin Lok and Francis Ng Chun Yu starred film LINE WALKER 2 (SI TOH HUNG JEH 2 DIP YING HUNG DUNG) will open in August. Although this was a LINE WALKER sequel, the story would begin with all new character relationships. However the previous film's lead actress Charmaine Sheh Sze Man has been changed to Mainland actress Jiang Peiyao.

LINE 2 kept three classic elements of its predecessor, including cops and robbers, undercover and brotherhood. The production team even went to shoot on location in Spain and Myanmar with a lot of gun fights, car chases and action scenes. Koo Tin Lok in the film in order to lure out the corrupt cop disguised himself at the airport. New addition Joe Ma Tak Chung would like a boss.


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Max Zhang Jin, Fruit Chan Gor, JuJu Chan Yuk Wan and UFC champion Anderson Silva yesterday promoted their new film INVINCIBLE DRAGON (GAU LUNG BUK BAI). Zhang Jin recalled his fight with JuJu inside the light rail car. Despite his fear of heights he even jumped off the Macau Observation Tower with Anderson.

Because the film added fantasy elements, Zhang Jin said that the fight designs were different from ordinary action films. Did he hold back in his fight with JuJu? Zhang Jin said, "Usually in a fight with girls I would hold back a little, but with visual effects I can't. Instead I told her not to hold back." JuJu also praised how agile Zhang Jin was, with suitable control of his power. As for his fight with the UFC champion he did not need to hold back. He joked, "I should've hit harder because the key to his training was taking a beating. I elbowed his chest but hit forehead instead. My elbow hurt but he didn't faint." Zhang Jin said that he was the most afraid of holding back during fight scenes because before the shot was finished he knew the scene would be cut and the visual would be very fake . Thus sometimes injuries were inevitable. After learning that he would work with the UFC champion, Zhang Jin watched his fights and felt that he was interested in Chinese kung fu as well. From his action he could see shades of Wing Chun and hand blocking.

Zhang Jin said that he almost forgot about Father's Day. Although his daughters mentioned it to him, they were still sick. He and his wife were busy with taking care of them as they hoped that they would recover soon.

Friday, June 14, 2019


Kevin Cheng just has to play cool so he does not have it as rough as Max Zhang
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The Fruit Chan Gor directed, Max Zhang Jin, Kevin Cheng Ka Wing and Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) starred in the fantasy crime action film INVINCIBLE DRAGON (GAU LUNG BUK BAI), which will open soon. One of the big selling points of the film is the addition of UFC champion Anderson Silva to the cast. He and Zhang Jin would begin a series of fights.

In the final battle near the end, the team went to shoot at the Macau Observation Tower. With his fear of heights Zhang Jin stated that it felt like gambling with his life, but speaking of the final fight both were very excited during the shoot. Silva also described this scene as his favorite. He said, "I used to see actors jump off trucks on the big screens, today I am jumping off a tower. The feeling is wonderful!"


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Gigi Leung Wing Kei yesterday attended the 3rd Hong Kong Children's International Film Festival and Hong Kong Children's International Film Festival Carnival unveiling ceremony as its ambassador. Speaking of Father's Day, Gigi said that her daughter Sofia has already prepared three gifts for Daddy. She said that her husband was as happy as if he won the Oscar. Gigi denied rumors that she was pregnant again and explained that her fondness for loose clothing led to the misunderstanding!

Hong Kong Film Award Best New Actor Crisel Consunji also performed with her pre school educational center's children. Gigi said that as the ambassador she would like to obtain some benefit for her daughter. "This time the film festival must select movies that are suitable for children. My daughter really likes to watch movies, one of the reasons is the pop corn at the movies. Her favorites are animal documentary films and cartoons. She would also suggest for her to watch some movies about making friends, because at school she would meet new friends and would talk to me about meeting new friends when she returns. I want her through the movies to know that this world is very big, as long as she opens her heart she would meet different friends and accept new things. Now when my daughter watches movies she would keep asking questions. I wouldn't stop her, but at the movies I would remind her to be quieter and answer her after the movie. I would also search for information online with her."

Sunday would be Father's Day. Gigi revealed that her daughter prepared three presents at school. "One is a 'funny daddy' award, a card and a wooden phone stand. She even practiced a song, when I get home she would sing it for Daddy. My husband is as happy as if he won the Oscar award. Usually I would make a simple hand made card with my daughter every year. She would choose a pretty photo on it and work more on it. (Did you receive three gifts for Mother's Day?) I got a big one, she got three little ones. Actually I don't mind, I am already happy that my daughter personally made it."

Gigi was rumored to be pregnant. She said, "What is pregnant? Congratulations! I am not, maybe the pants design I wore that day gave people the wrong impression. I always wear loose clothing, which would be fine even if I was full. I wouldn't have to watch what I eat. now I am conflicted, as I am afraid of being misunderstood. (Would you want a baby?) It's not about whether I want to or not, it's Heaven's arrangement. Of course it's good for children to have siblings. They can discuss matters with another person. Now the dog at home gives my daughter the responsibility of taking care of another. If she has a sibling in the future she would be even more responsible. I am in no hurry, waiting for Heaven's arrangement. I can keep working."


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Jeana Ho Pui Yu, Justin Cheung Kin Sing, Linah Matsuoka two nights ago attended their film DECEPTION OF THE NOVELIST (JOK GA DIK FONG YIN: BUK JUNG YAU JUI) premiere.

Ho Pui Yu in the film needed to go without make up except for ugly special effect make up. She revealed that this character could not be any best, as she had to go all out. Whatever she could not have no one else could either. This character even reminded her of how she broke her first boyfriend's electronic product when they fought. The role was somewhat close to her actual nature!

She had to gain 20 pounds for the character, so everyday she had to finish 6 rice boxes. She spent half a month to reach her goal, after the shoot she immediately went to lose weight. However boss Stephen Shiu Jr. suggested for several additional scenes to strengthen the story. "However I started to lose weight already, so the continuity was a little off. However after the added scenes the movie really is decent."

Cheung Kin Sing produced for the first time and starred. He said, "I would like to thank each actor, everything is very smooth. The test screening reaction is decent. Thank you everyone for supporting low budget Hong Kong films. (Would you like to direct?) No so soon, first let's see how the box office performance would be this time. I still want to do my part as an actor first. Earlier I just finished another film, CHAN YING HUNG GAN, with (Stephy) Tang Lai Yun. In that film I have multiple personalities, so far my emotions still hasn't settled down yet."

When asked whether he would promote like crazy with audience appreciation events? He tearfully lamented, "I don't know whether we would go to thank the audience. (Because of the recent protest?) Hurry up and take care of the matter, so we won't have any more bloodshed please? Without life how can we have entertainment, can we handle it a little better? Don't hurt each other; no matter who is right and who is wrong, can we sit down and talk it out?"