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Sandrine Pinna
Eason Chan
That slice of lime must be really sour for Tony Leung Chiu Wai
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Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Eason Chan Yik Shun and Taiwan star Sandrine Pinna (Cheung Yung Yung) yesterday attended a film promotion on a boat. They even mixed drinks. Currently working on a movie in Shanghai, Wai Jai will have to head to Beijing to start another film in Beijing and will be unable to celebrate his wife Carina Lau Ka Ling's birthday on the 8th. He will only give her a belated gift.

Speaking of the dispute between Ka Ling and Rosamund Kwan Chi Lam, Wai Jai said that he only found out from the news. His wife did not tell him so he never got to comfort her, but he was not surprised either. As for Kwan Chi Lam's interest in a film comeback, would he be interested in working with her? Wai Jai said, "Film productions are hard to say. They would be fated and cannot be deliberately arranged. You don't just play a character because you want to."

On the set did Eason initiate all the conversation with Wai Jai? Eason sad, "Everyone have been so focused on the movie. Instead after the wrap we became familiar, we chatted a little. He likes music and I like movies too. (Ka Ling said that Wai Jai was quite a big shot when he got you to record the film song demo!) Actually that day because I recorded first, producer Wong Kar Wai said that Wai Jai wasn't there yet so why didn't I record first. He sang pretty well, very emotional!" As for his wife Hilary Tsui Ho Ying and Josie Ho Chiu Yi's dispute, Eason said that it is already in the past and there is no need to talk more about it.

Yung Yung had a kiss scene with Takenshi Kaneshiro (Gum Sing Mo) in the film, and she felt sorry that she took away a god. She also praised Gum Sing Mo as very friendly and funny. Once she even laughed for two minutes before she was able to return to the shoot again.


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When asked if she and Vivien Leung can be friends, Monica Chan says that she will worry about that later.

Hacken Lee just celebrated his 10th anniversary with a trip to Japan with his wife
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Liza Wang
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Liza Wang Ming Chuen, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Jacqueline Wong Sum Wing, William Chak yesterday the TVB Tung Wah charity show's worship ceremony. Speaking of his son, Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung directed SOUL MATE won two Golden Horse Best Actress awards. Chi Wai said, "Now he is drunk everyday. I had to come back for Tung Wah so I wasn't with him. I was happy for him. When ACES GO PLACES broke box office records I was so happy that I didn't shut up for two months." As for he would work with his son on his son's next film, Chi Wai said, "Of course he has to help (Peter) Chan Ho Sun, the most important thing in life is not to forget where you come from. I believe they already have a plan."


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Joseph Chang, Gigi Leung

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Joseph Chang
Elaine Jin and her Golden Horse Award
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Joseph Chang Hsiao-Chuan, Gigi Leung Wing Ke and Elaine Jn two nights ago attended an online promotion. Golden Horse Award winning Best Supporting Actress Elaine Jin brought the award to share the joy. She admitted that life would always be full of surprises. "Last year I was confident that I would win with PORT OF CALL but returned home empty handed. I was disappointed. This year I never thought about being nominated because I only worked on the movie for a day. (Eric) Tsang Chi Wai asked me to help so I dd. When I found out about the nomination I was very surprised." Did she celebrate with Suzie Wong? "She hasn't seen this movie because she didn't know I was in it."


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Miriam Yeung says her husband would not ask her to play cosplay
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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa yesterday attended an event. She just returned from Taiwan from working on the film LOVE OFF THE CUFF (CHUN GIU GAU JI MING) for three days and two nights. The film might wrap up production before Christmas for Chin Wa to stay in Hong Kong and celebrate the holiday with her family.

Chin Wa revealed that the Mainland location shoot mainly featured a romantic holiday with her and Shawn Yue Man Lok, and a nurse uniform scene in a hotel room. She said that she did not want to spoil anything but they did not have many intimate scenes. The result was more like a cartoon. If Sandra Ng Kwan Yu would make another GOLDEN CHICKEN, Chin Wa could go undercover as a cop with cosplay costumes. "I told my husband and he supported my work, but he was also afraid that I would embarrass him. He wanted me to appear at my best so he told me to lose weight!" Does her husband have interest in this area? Chin Wa said, "Not when we are parents. Only when you just met you would have this impulse. We have been together for ten years, you usually wouldn't ask your wife or girlfriend to dress up. You would be a little more traditional and conservative. If someone else dressed up you would take a glance! So the director also asked me not to be very sexy. The result was pretty funny!" The pregnant Michelle Chen was in a photo with the cast, did she join in? Chin Wa said not, they only met with friends in Taiwan.

Friday, December 2, 2016


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The "Strongest in the Universe", 53 year old Donnie Yen Chi Tan with his wife Cissy Wang and his family appeared on the Hollywood Walk of Stars in front of the TCL Chinese Theater for a hand and foot print ceremony. Many of his loyal fans waited for him with posters and autograph books. Yen Chi Tan said that although he would strengthen his alliance with Hollywood from now on, he absolutely would not abandon the Asian market.

Yen Chi Tan said that he felt very proud to be one of the few Chinese who was fortunate enough to be honored at the Chinese Theater and hoped this would encourage other Chinese filmmakers and dream chasing young people, as long as they work hard, never give up their dreams can come true. Yen Chi Tan gave special thanks to his wife for being with him for many years. Chi Tan said, "I want to thank my family for their support, especially my wife Cecilia. For years she has been managing my job for me. We have been happily married for so many years, without her I wouldn't be standing here. Thank you fans for your support, without you there would be no Yen Chi Tan. As a Chinese actor, I feel grateful, honored and proud." Cissy Wang sad that this time their children regretted that they were unable to come to Los Angeles. Because they were still in school, she did not want to hinder their education. However the children could not be more excited about their father being a part of the film ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY.

Yen Chi Tan said that currently he is working with Andy Lau Tak Wa on a movie in Hong Kong. He sad that although he would strengthen his alliance with Hollywood from now on, he absolutely would not abandon the Asian market. When he ended his speech he promoted his new film. He even shook hands and signed autographs for fans.


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Jeannie Chan
Nick Cheung, Rex Tso
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Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Rex Tso Sing Yu, Jeannie Chan, Mark Lui Chung Tak and his wife, Sherman Chung Shu Man and Skye Chan two nights ago attended a smart phone press conference. Ka Fai rarely appeared in public recently. He revealed that he was working on a crime action flm that he will direct and star in. He even participated in the script, so the screen writers would be able to understand the action format that he wanted. He also hoped the pace would be faster and more detailed, not as exaggerated as blowing up a building. The action sequence had to be rich enough. Ka Fa pointed out that the film has been scheduled for a mid January production start. He could only say that the cast will have Mainland and Hong Kong actors. He sad that he has already signed them. Although his writing has not been great, he could not write some visuals and the actors did not understand them. However everyone trusted him and after auditions they also signed contracts. Did he call in any favor? Ka Fa seriously said, "You shouldn't call in any favor for anything because you shouldn't treat friends like that. The most important is whether the characters are suitable. If you just randomly asked friends to say a few lines on camera, if they got nothing to take with them then you owed the actors!" Because this will be an action film, Ka Fai pointed out that the production budget will be many times more than the last. Investors very daringly permitted them to try and he would make the best film he could.

Ka Fai would not have to take off his muscles this time. At most he would do some basic training to make himself more flexible. He will have to direct and have stunts, he stressed that with the last directing and acting experience he would save some time for himself to rest. Because last time time and money were very tight, he hoped this time he would not have a time as difficult as the last. He did not work himself into ruins like last time. Ka Fai also revealed that during Christmas the team will head to Shanghai and Japan for location shoots, but the film will take place in the summer. It would truly be torture to shoot the film at the coldest and rainiest, but the film could not push back.

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[2016.12.01] FOR THE WEEK ENDING NOVEMBER 27 2016

For the week ending Sunday November 27 2016
Photos courtesy of Yahoo! Movies Hong Kong

    d. Tate Taylor
    Emily Blunt, Haley Bennett, Rebecca Ferguson

    d. Ron Howard
    Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones, Irrfan Khan

  Can : Dai Sau Hin Siu Sau
  Lit : Big Hand Holds Little Hand
    d. Ryon Lee Yung Cheung
    Nina Paw Hee Ching, Raymond Wong Ho Yin,
      Ivana Wong Yuen Chi, Michelle Wai Sze Nga
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 98 mins.
  Opening November 24 2016
  Trailer :

    Daren left Malaysia since he was a kid. Without his mother’s care, he always stays at his auntie place at his childhood. 20 years passed, he came back to his home town because of his aunt’s funeral. At the funeral, he met his mother Yau Ngan and found out she had got sundown syndrome. Her illness is so unstable that could barely recognize him all the time. Daren intends to send her to elderly home for good care. However, Yau Ngan has been diagnosed with terminal cancer at the same time. After considering, Daren decides to be next to his mother for the last few months.

    Occasionally, Daren finds a little paper of “10 Best Wishes to mummy” when he wrote to his mother at 10 years old. He then realizes how tough of Yau Ngan’s life without him around. He is so regretful! Now, he decides to achieve the items one by one together with his mother. At the same time, he rediscover the unique love from his mother, as well as more clear vision of his life direction.

    d. Jared Hess
    Zach Galifianakis, Owen Wilson, Kristen Wiig, Jason Sidekis

    d. Greg Tiernan, Conrad Vernon
    English Voices: Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera,
      James Franco, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson, Paul Rudd,
      Nick Kroll, David Krumholtz, Edward Norton, Selma Hayek

  Can : Chung Tin For
  AKA : Tin For
  Lit : Heavenly Fire
    d. Ringo Lam Lan Tung
    Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho), Joseph Chang Hsiao-Chuan,
      Zhang Ruoyan, Amber Kuo, Zhang Jingchu,
  Rating : IIB
  Opening November 24 2016

    A new cancer cure has emerged after years of research. Before this new stem cell can save the world, it provokes a fatal battle of justice, greed and love...

    d. Farren Blackburn
    Naomi Watts, Charlie Heaton, Jacob Tremblay

    d. Scott Derrickson
    Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdam,
      Benedict Wong, Mads Mikkelsen, Tilda Swinton,

    d. Makoto Shinkai
    Japanese Animation
  Rating : I
  Length : 107 mins.
  Opening November 11 2016
  Trailer :

    Taki wakes from what seemed like a very important dream. But in an unfamiliar room and not in his body...but that of a girl! On the other hand, Mitsuha, a teen girl, is tired of living in a mountain village. She pleads to God “Please, let me be a handsome Tokyo boy in my next life!” The next morning, Mitsuha awakens as a high school male. Based on information around her, she learns whose body she inhabits. His name is Taki. The two have switched places! When they wake up again, they’ve returned to their former selves. But sleep brings the body swap again and again. Mysteriously, the pattern continues daily. The two fumble about, unaccustomed to each other’s bodies, but start communicating by memo. As they awkwardly overcome one challenge after another, a bond develops between the two -- one that evolves into something more romantic. However, there’s something they still don’t know...The unexpected is about to be revealed.

    d. David Yates
    Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Alison Sudol, Colin Farrell