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Tony Wu, Raymond Lam, and German Cheung take the fight to the air in their new film
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Raymond Lam, cousin Rosina Lam, friends Tavia Yeung and Ron Ng

Ron Ng and rumored girlfriend Hana Kuk sit with a row in between and have zero interaction throughout

Jamie Chik and husband Michael Miu show their support for Raymond Lam

Tony Wu receives a cake from friends for his belated birthday
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Raymond Lam Fung, German Cheung Man Kit, and Tony Wu Tsz Tung two nights ago attended their new film TWILIGHT OF THE WARRIORS: WALLED IN (GAU LUNG SING JAI JI WAI SING) celebrity friendly screening. Last Tuesday (the 16th) was Wu Tsz Tung's 32nd birthday, Raymond Wong Ho Yin and Kevin Chu Kam Yin suddenly brought out a birthday cake and surprised him with a celebration. Lam Fung even invited his cousin Rosina Lam Ha Mei, friends Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, Tavia Yeung Sin Hiu, Michael Miu Kiu Wai and his wife Jamie Chik Mei Chun for a rare reunion and everyone had a lot of fun. Per media request they were "giving hearts", but because they were not used to it everyone looked awkward; then Ng Cheuk Hei during a photo opportunity impersonated Lam Fung and "chok", which Lam Fung jokingly dubbed as "Ng Chok Hei".

Aside from support from friends, Cheung Man Kit and Wu Tsz Tung said that their families were also present. However Lam Fung pointed out that because his wife and daughter were not in Hong Kong, his wife would not be able to enjoy the film until later. His daughter might not be able to yet, as he said, "Because this film is rated category IIB, the visuals are more impactful and might not be suitable for my daughter to see. My wife also worries that our daughter would see me getting hit in the film and cry." Wu Tsz Tung said that he too had the same problem, because he prohibited his 4 and 8 year old nephew and niece from coming they were acting up.

Have they thought about the benefits they would give if the box office performance would be ideal? Lam Fung boldly said, "It's the boss' call, he can tell me to do whatever he wants. I am a great employee." As for the mainland advanced ticket sales being only average, Lam Fung said that instead many mainland friends after seeing the trailer were very interested in the film. They also praised that this was a movie that depicted the Kowloon Walled City in such detail, they hoped through film to show the entire world this place that very much represented Hong Kong. "The Kowloon Walled City was a very representative place, such a tiny place like Kowloon Walled City was said to be the capital. Everything inside really represented that era, I hope to be able to bring the audience around the world into the Kowloon Walled City." The trio also revealed that later they would attend the mainland premiere together and even visit 5 cities on a tour; on their first promotional tour in the mainland, Cheung Man Kit and Wu Tsz Tung were really looking forward to it. They would properly practice their Putonghua to communicate with the mainland audience. Lam Fung joked, "Anyone who understands Cantonese would understand Tsz Tung's Putonghua." Wu Tsz Tung looked forward to Lam Fung taking them to enjoy the cuisine. However Lam Fung felt that they might not have time, because the schedule was rather intense.

Ng Cheuk Hei, Yeung Sin Hiu and Lam Fung already worked together as early as 2003 on the series TWIN OF BROTHERS. Yeung Sin Hiu said that on this night she dropped her husband and child to support Lam Fung. Because they have been busy on their own they rarely saw each other, even their children might not have the chance to meet and become friends. She said, "I have only see Ah Fung's daughter in photos, I have never seen her in person. I really look forward to his daughter meeting my children." Ng Cheuk Hei pointed out that from the trailer he already felt bad for Lam Fung because of all the fight scenes. Would the three of them want to work together on a series again? Yeung Sin Hiu felt that it would depend on fate and claimed that she was busy with taking care of her child only. She even had help from her family, but both hunks have been busy with work. Ng Cheuk Hei heard and joked that Lam Fung has already "treated them to lemon". "You are willing, I am willing, but Lam Fung isn't willing! I have suggested making a TWIN OF BROTHERS sequel or film edition, but he declined. He said that he was too old to show (back then in the series he bared his rear in a bathing scene)." However Ng Cheuk Hei also revealed that he and Lam Fung would work on a modern series soon. In addition, Ng Cheuk Hei's rumored girlfriend Hana Kuk Chi Kiu and her sister also came to see the film, but they did not go to the interview areas like other artists. They went directly into the cinema instead and sat two rows from Ng Cheuk Hei. They had no interaction at all, but Kuk Chi Kiu appeared to be in good spirit as she complied to media requests for photos and even gave the victory sign. Meanwhile Ng Cheuk Hei sat with Yeung Sin Hiu and Lam Fung, Lam Fung even hand fed him snacks.


Carlos Chan heads to Chicago to accept the award

Carlos Chan takes time for a pilgrimage and his excitement is beyond words
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Carlos Chan Ka Lok starred in the Emperor Motion Picture WE ARE FAMIILY (CHOOK JO GA YUN) took part in the 18th season Asian Pop Up Cinema film festival in Chicago. The film was screened on the closing night, at the same time Chan Ka Lok received the Bright Star Award. He and director Benny Lau Wai Hang flew to Chicago to attend and had close distance interaction with viewers there. However his pregnant wife Shiga Lin did not tag along. Ka Lok admitted that this trip was very memorable. "I was rather sentimental when accepting the award on the stage!"

While attending the film festival, Ka Lok and Director Lau appeared at a post screening share. Ka Lok was surprised by the quality of the questions viewers asked, as they looked at things rather in depth. However always the perfectionist, he stated that he had a little regret. "I have yet to use English to directly interact. I had to go through a translator. Ultimately I couldn't express my experience 100% to the audience. I hope the next time I could use English so they would be able to understand my thinking even more."

Coming to Chicago, aside from attending the film festival and accepting the award, Ka Lok and Director Lau also went to the Bulls home court for photos. Ka Lok said that when he was little he really loved watching Michael Jordan playing basketball. Now he was able to take time before work with the director to visit the local team Chicago Bulls' home court, he considered a wish of many years to be fulfilled.

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Stephen Chow Sing Chi earlier announced that the production start of the film WOMEN'S SOCCER, which went on a recruitment drive that attracted many female stars to offer their services. As seen in recent mainland related documents, the film has been titled as "Project E". The story would feature "The kung fu and soccer fusion Emei team to participate in the women's soccer Asian championship cup". Of course it would add in comedic elements. Both are about kung fu and soccer, would its performance surpass the classic film SHAOLIN SOCCER? We will have to wait and see.

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Sandra Ng shares her views on love at the after screening forum with the audience

Sandra Ng reveals that she constantly asks her daughter Jillian if she likes anyone

MC Cheung plays a swindler in the film, which receives mainland audience raves

Many viewers ask Sandra Ng for photos
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Wu Kang-Jen's performance in the film is eye catching, but the film screening is cancelled due to its subject matter  
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The Sandra Ng Kwan Yu starred film LOVE LIES (NGOR TAM DIK NA CHEUNG LUEN OI) after the Hong Kong International Film Festival last month was invited to take part in the 14th Beijing International Film Festival's Making Waves segment and make its mainland premiere. It would also be the first time the film would be seen by viewers outside Hong Kong. Ng Kwan Yu and producers Chan Hing Ka, Janet Chun Siu Chun and director Ho Miu Ki participated in the opening ceremony red carpet walk, and attended the two screenings at the Beijing Film Academy and the Capital Cinema. The film received raves from the audience, which deeply related to Kwan Yu and MC Cheung Tin Fu's internet scam romance in the film. At the post screening forum Kwan Yu even shared her romantic view and discussed her concern for her daughter Jillian's love life.

In the film MC was a part of an internet scam organization and pretended to be a foreign petroleum engineer. On a dating app he swindled the Kwan Yu played middle aged divorcee. Some young viewers after watching the film praised how realistic the story was and asked Kwan Yu when in love whether they should show their real side completely to the other half. Kwan Yu said that young people look at love with too much complexity and even cited her daughter as an example. "I feel young people now really seem to have a lot of pressure in everything. The most important part in this film is that the protagonist fell in love without seeing the other person, but you really have to have dated. You have to have your own ideas, feeling that you are able to in order to keep the relationship going. So I am very worried that my daughter wouldn't be able to find an other half. I keep asking her whether she liked another. Each time I ask she would shrug her shoulders and say no. I feel people need love, very much so. Most recently I have learned something, don't dig to the bottom, don't think too much. If you like the girl next door, you tell her: you are very pretty. If it's me when I heard that I would be happy for a very long time."

Due to the limited film budget, Kwan Yu used her personal clothes and bags to play a gynecologist with fashion sense. Kwan Yu said that she was not into brands, only she would occasionally buy one. Sometimes she bought it just for her collection. She never expected that they would have their use in a movie. Kwan Yu was willing to use her personal collection actually because she appreciated the film's art and costume designs that very clearly put each character's state of mind on display.

As for why choose MC to play the internet scammer, the director explained that Kwan Yu recommended MC to her. After she has seen his concert and street performance photos, she felt that MC was right for the role because he gave a silly and very dirty impression. Like the character he too looked like he had no idea what he was doing. In addition the character had a lot of dialogue, the director felt that MC with his beautiful voice was the only choice for the lead role.

After the film received love from the mainland audience, director Ho Miu Ki and producer Chan Hing Ka were able to relax. Ho Miu Ki said, "I am very happy. Because the first show was screened at the Beijing Film Academy, the students would all be future filmmakers. The teachers said that the students were able to laugh and applaud during the screening, which represented a great compliment because when they watched movies before they would be cooler." Chan Hin Ka said that he was worried that the mainland audience might not be able to relate to Hong Kong audience's humor or Hong Kong style romance in the film; but after the premiere he was able to relax because the audience was able to get them completely.

The film FLY ME TO THE MOON (DAN YUEN YUN CHEUNG GAU) has won countless awards. Taiwan actor Wu Kang-Jen with the film won the Hong Kong Film Critic Society Awards for Best Actor, while Yoyo Tse Wing Yan swept up the Golden Horse Award for Best New Actor and the Hong Kong Film Award for Best New Performer. The film recently was selected for the 14th Beijing International Film Festival for two screenings on the 20th and the 23rd, but last night many viewers who have purchased tickets suddenly received an official ticket refund notice that claimed the copy was damaged beyond repair and thus the shows have been cancelled. Some online speculated that the matter was related to Wu Kang-Jen's drug addiction in the film.

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Daniel Wu has not made a Hong Kong film in 8 years

Released in 2012 and 2016, the COLD WAR (HONG JIN) film series had decent box office and word of mouth. COLD WAR 2 even once topped the Hong Kong Chinese language film box office. Yesterday the film company announced that a prequel would be made and its 3 leads, including Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho), Wu Kang-Jen and Terrance Lau Chun Him. According to mainland document filings, the film would divide into two productions, COLD WAR 1994 (HONG JIN 1994) and COLD WAR 1995 (HONG JIN 1995). The story would revolve the titular years.

The focus character in the film "Lee Man Bun" would traverse between both sides of the law and swear to investigate the truth behind the crime, but because the cast and the crew have signed confidentiality agreements, who between Daniel, fresh out of the oven Golden Horse Award Best Actor Wu Kang-Jen and rising film star Lau Chun Him would play "Lee Man Bun" would have to be unveiled later. Reportedly the film would begin production next week in Hong Kong and construct a large scale set at the Shaw Studio.

Daniel since SKY ON FIRE (CHUNG TIN FOR) in 2016 has rarely made Hong Kong film. This time completely because of the script and sincerity he agreed to perform. Because the production would last 5 months, already settled in the U.S. he for work life balance would commute between Hong Kong and the U.S. Aside from the three leads, the film would also have many good actors like Gardner Tse Kwan Ho and Fish Liew Chi Yu, Carlos Chan Ka Lok and Jeffrey Ngai Chun Sun.

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Terrance Lau and Fish Liew are in step with each other on and off camera

"Thai Lee Sung Kyung" Thanaerng
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Kelly Chen has to stay healthy for her concert tours, which has been rather stressful on her
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Kelly Chen Wai Lam, Terrance Lau Chun Him, Fish Liew Chi Yu and popular Thai star Thanaerng two nights ago attended an event. Coming to Hong Kong again, Thanaerng said that she missed Hong Kong's cuisine very much. She would like to go to the theme parks and the museums to appreciate the artwork. After her speech, Thanaerng got closer to fans to sign autographs and take photos.

Lau Chun Him recently with Fish took part in the film TWILIGHT OF THE WARRIORS: WALLED IN (GAU LUNG SING JAI JI WAI SING). He said that he was very happy that the film has been selected by the Cannes Film Festival and hoped to be able to attend personally. He also said that this was their first official collaboration and joked that they were very well matched. Liew Chi Yu even pointed out that for this film she learned to butcher a fish. They also said that they have never been to the Cannes Film Festival and would very much like the opportunity. How would they choose if they would also have business performance opportunities? Lau Chun him felt that work would come first, but he of course would not hope for a schedule clash; Liew Chi Yu very seriously said, "No, it's Cannes! It's like asking me if I like Papa or Mama more. I am not choosing!" Unable to win the Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actress this year, Liew Chi Yu said that the recipient Rachel Leung Yung Ting performed very well and deserved the award. In addition no matter who won she should raise a glass. Thus on the award night she went to 3 celebrations.