Friday, August 28, 2015


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When Michael Tse plays the guitar, his son smiles
Michael Tse's son is already 7 months old
Gigi Leung and her husband Sergio celebrates their daughter Sophia's 6th month
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Timmy Hung holds second son JT to blow out the candles with first son TJ and their grandpa Sammo Hung
Family Photo
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Derek Wong, Tin Kai Man, Terry Zou, Ava Liu, Mark Wu
Ava Liu feels that the box office performance is worth playing ugly for
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Artists Ava Liu (Yu Kiu), Terry Zou (Chow Man Jing), Derek Wong Kin Tung, director Mark Wu Yiu Fai and producer Tin Kai Man two nights ago appeared in Mongkok for the film UNDERCOVER DUET (MAN LUNG DUT GWING)'s audience appreciation. The film opened as the top Chinese film with almost HK$ 600,000. Although it ran in to the ghost festival, Yu Kiu was not afraid because a friend got her a safety charm. In the film she played ugly, which she said was worth the effort because the audience supported her strongly at the audience appreciation event.

Wu Yiu Fai revealed that almost every show was sold out. "The 1 and 2PM afternoon shows were already 80 to 90%, the 5:40PM Mongkok showing was sold out. I really thought my eyes were playing tricks on me on the ghost festival!"


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Wilfred Lau jokes that he is mugging Annie Liu
Due to the height difference, Annie Liu has to stand on a block of wood
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Wilfred Lau Ho Lung and Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) worked together on the film GUIA IN LOVE (DUNG TAP HA DIK LUEN YUN), which will open soon. Si Hing also sang the film theme song GOODBYE MY LOVE. Yesterday he worked on the music video for the song in Chai Wan and invited Sum Yau to be his lead actress. The director asked them to embrace. Si Hing at first appeared awkward, later he held Sum Yau's shoulders from behind. Yet due to height he looked like he was mugging her. Sum Yau then went barefoot and stepped on a block of wood.

Si Hing said that after so many music videos this one was the most intimate one. Although it was only a "head lock", it was already intimate than in the film. He also said that the director was in charge. he said, "The only thing I didn't obey was the location because the director originally hoped to shoot at a cemetery. However it happened to be the Lunar July Ghost Festival, it was really too scary so it was cancelled." Sum Yau also admitted that she was afraid. Si Hing comforted her and said, "Relax, I already turned it down for you. Because it was really too scary, on days like those I really don't want to trouble others."

Speaking of Si Hing's girlfriend Joey Yung Cho Yi, her goal was to lose ten pounds for her concerts. Has he been running with her? He said, "We work out on our own. (Wouldn't your heart ache over her losing ten pounds?) No. (Would you support her?) Yes." He only gave brief responses to questions about his girlfriend. Did he not want to talk about her? He said that he only wanted to focus on talking about this music video.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


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Ivana Wong gives an impromptu piano performance on the street
Pakho Chau and Ivana Wong appear on a Cable interview
Pakho Chau hopes for a tough other half
Pakho Chau plays an effeminate character
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Singer Ivana Wong Yuen Chi talked about her LOVE DETECTIVE (MOOT NUI SUN TAM) experience on the Cable program Film Montage. In the film she played a tough cop who went undercover as a pseudo model. She also put on maid and school girl costumes. She joked that playing a pseudo model was not difficult at all. The most difficult was the action scene. "The director asked me to fight and be in shape. I studied with a stunt coordinator for several weeks and looked convincing. In the end I got a stunt double." She was not disappointed and praised the double for fighting very well.


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Artist Samuel Leung Cheuk Moon in recent years has been performing in the Mainland and even became a Mainland entertainment company boss. This time he returned to Hong Kong to invest six figure into a car detailing company. He invited friends Cherry Chan Chiu Chiu, Grace Lam Nga Sze, Winnie Leung Man Yi, and Cady Lam Chin Yim.

Leung Man Yi revealed that recently she has been busy with the Leung Cheuk Moon directed and starred film GONG FU JI WONG (KING OF KUNG FU). "Ah Moon said that in the film Chan Chiu Chiu and Lam Nga Sze had a lot of scenes. Of course I am happy about working with friends. Everyone please remember to go see it. This time Ah Moon is the boss again, of course we have to support him."

Creative singer Lam Chin Yim revealed that she was busy with her new single. She said that she attended with another motive. "Ah Moon said that he would make my car pretty and even throw in crystal coating. I am already very happy just hearing about it."


Chilam jokes that since he asked his wife to spend his birthday with him, her appearance was no surprise
Vic Chou, DaDa Chan, Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Raymond Wong, Ada Choi
Anita Yuen takes a picture for Chilam
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Chilam is busy with his new film S STORM
Anita Yuen, Julian Cheung, Calvin Choy, Raymond Wong, Stephen Shiu Jr.
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Julian Cheung Chi Lam two nights ago worked on his new film S STORM (S FUNG BO) with Louis Koo Tin Lok, Ada Choi Siu Fun, DaDa Chan Jing and Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung. The team surprised Chilam with a S shaped cake for his August 27th birthday. Chilam's wife Anita Yuen Wing Yi, friend Calvin Choy Yat Chi, Pegasus Motion Pictures boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming and manager Stephen Shiu Jr. brought birthday buns, mahjong shaped cake and snacks. Around 11PM they gradually arrived on the set to prepare to celebrate with Chilam.

Birthday boy Chilam around midnight arrived. Choy Yat Chi led everyone in a rendition of the birthday song. Chilam put his hands together in appreciation then cut 4 cakes. However because he had to work he only opened bottles of champagne without enjoying any. When Chi Lam opened a bottle, everyone worried that he would spray them with it and kept telling him not to shake the champagne. Chilam mischievously pretended to shake and everyone ran for napkins.

Chilam pretended to be calm when his friends surprised him. "They didn't come to celebrate with him, they came to 'scare' me! (What about Len Len?) Her appearance wasn't surprising at all, because I was the one who told her to keep me company on the set! Every night we start work in the middle of the night and we shut down at sunrise. Since it's my birthday, of course I want her to spend it with me! (What was your birthday wish?) World peace, everyone's lives are happy, S STORM will be a hit. This time working with Koo Tin Lok, Chou Yu Man (Vic), Choi Siu Fun, Chan Jing has been very pleasant. Everyone is an experienced actor with acting skills."

At the surprise party, Wong Pak Ming, Stephen Shiu Jr. and Choy Yat Chi all wore black and white checkered clothing. Chilam said that they had quite a connection and he had to take a photo with them. They explained that they only wore the same style checkered clothes for Chilam.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Eason Chan, Sylvia Chang, Johnnie To
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The film OFFICE (WA LAI SEUNG JOOK BAN) two nights ago held its press conference in Shanghai. Sylvia Chang (Cheung Ngai Ga) revealed that when they shot the roof top struggle scene, Eason Chan Yik Shun nearly pushed her off. She said that the roof top was five stories tall and had no railing. She was in heels when Chan Yik Shun pulled her hard. Although she was on wires she was still afraid of being suddenly pushed off the building. Chan Yik Shun remembered in a stair run scene he had to sing while running, which was not easy at all.