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The Louis Koo Tin Lok, Jessica Hester Hsuan (Suen Huen), Cherry Ngan Cheuk Ling, Philip Keung Ho Man and Sam Lee Chan Sam starred film A WITNESS OUT OF THE BLUE (FAN JUI YIN CHEUNG) yesterday unveiled its trailer. Aside from street chases, it also had gun fights and explosions. In the film Goo Jai played an armed robber. Afer a jewelry store robbery the police surrounded the place and both sides exchanged fire. Later, he in order to evade arrest grew facial hair and wear a disguise. Ngan Cheuk Ling ran to chase robbers and had car chase scenes.

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Johnnie To
Wang Tong
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The 56th Golden Horse Awards has run into one obstacle after another after being swept into a political storm. In August 7th, China Film Administration announced a suspension of Mainland filmmakers and personal' participation in the 2019 56th Golden Horse Film Festival. Yesterday the Golden Horse Film Festival facebook page announced that the original 56th Golden Horse award jury president Johnnie To Kei resigned from the post. To Kei Fung expressed deep regret. Golden Horse executive and chair Ang Lee understood To Kei Fung's situation and announced the jury president will be veteran Taiwan director Wang Tong. To Kei Fung expressed that he felt honored when he accepted the post in June, unfortunately due to "film investors' production contract restrictions" he had to resign.

To Kei Fung in June received Ang Lee's invitation to be the Golden Horse Award jury president. At the time he said, "The Golden Horse Award is Chinese film's highest honor, to my movies it is an extremely important recognition. Before my next award, I am very honored to be able to serve the Golden Horse Awards. I also thank Director Ang Lee for the invitation." At the time China's national film ministry was already rumored to be boycotting the Golden Horse Awards and arranged for the Golden Rooster Award on the same day as a counter measure. The Taiwan media praised To Kei Fung for his continuing support of the Golden Horse Award. To Kei Fung was introduced as an eight time Golden Horse Best Director nominee and won three times with THE MISSION (CHEUNG FOR), BREAKING NEWS (DAI SI GEIN), and LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE (DUET MING GUM) -- tying fellow Golden Horse Best Director award record holders Lee Heng, Hou Hsiao-Hsien, and Ann Hui On Wa.

Yesterday the Golden Horse Film Festival committee announced To Kei Fung's resignation from the jury presidency. "Originally scheduled to be the 56th Golden horse Award jury president, Director To Kei Fung now due to production contract restriction with film investors has resigned from the jury president post. Director To Kei Fung deeply regrets any inconvenience this has caused. The Golden Horse committee and chair Ang Lee understands Director To's situation and wishes Director To as smooth production. This year's jury president will be the 7 time Golden Horse winner Director Wang Tong. He personally has won Best Director, Best Art and Costume Design. At the same time he was announced earlier as this year's Lifetime Achievement Award recipient; his films have won three Golden Horse Best Feature Film and one Best Animated Feature. Director Wang Tong said that he would give his all, and Ang Lee also thanks him for his full support. The 56th Golden Horse Award nominations will be announced on October 1st and the award presentation will take place on November 23rd." Yesterday the media contacted the event about To Kei Fung's resignation. The event only expressed that "everything is as stated in the official website public announcement". To Kei Fung did not respond further in regards to the resignation. Reportedly To Kei Fung's film JUI MUNG NAM NUI will be released in the Mainland.

Reportedly Johnnie To Kei Fung already resigned early this month. Yesterday Wang Tong responded to the media and said that he received the notice around a week ago. He said, "When Ang Lee asked me I agreed right away!" He said that he would not think too much about the Golden Horse storm, taking over the Golden Horse jury president seat he would give it his all. The film foundation chair Kevin Chu Yen-Ping responded to the Taiwan media. "I understand and also thank director To Kei Fung's effort and situation, everyone needs to unite and protect the creative stage for filmmakers, Go Golden Horse."

China Film Administration announced in August that it would suspend Mainland filmmakers and personnel's participation in the 2019 56th Golden Horse Film Festival, at the time To Kei Fung was said to be in an awkward situation. Reportedly Hong Kong films like WHITE STORM 2 DRUG LORDS (SO DUK 2 TIN DEI DUI KUET), LINE WALKER 2 (SI TOH HUNG JEH 2 DIP YING HUNG DONG), CHASING THE DRAGON 2 WILD WILD BUNCH (JUI LUNG 2) and NO. 7 CHERRY LANE (GAI YUEN TOI CHUT HO) will also cancel their Golden Horse Award applications.

Last year at the Golden Horse Award when Best Documentary's Taiwan director Fu Yu accepted the award, his "Taiwan independence" comment caused a storm. That night Golden Horse jury president Gong Li was absent in the last minute for the Best Feature Film presentation and the jury summary after the event, as she clearly drew a line with the Golden Horse Awards.


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The Sammi Cheng Sau Man starred Media Asia film FAGARA (FA JIU JI MEI) officially opened on Mid Autumn's Festival (the 13th) and became this year's top Hong Kong film opening. Sammi thanked everyone for their support and earlier made a surprise appearance at the movie for audience appreciation and shared the audience's experience after the screening. The story moved many viewers to tears, as they tearfully said that they wanted to love and cherish their family. Sammi hoped that after watching the film everyone would take some consideration and love home and properly love their families.

Earlier Sammi along with her onscreen hot pot shop fresh meat employees "Yam" Bryant Mak Chi Lok and "Radish" Lo Chun Yip suddenly appeared at the movies for audience appreciation. This pleasant surprise made the still tearful audience break out of laughter, as they enthusiastically rushed up and surrounded Sammi. Yam Yin Chai's fans booked another show, although Siu Chai was not present the "Chai" fans all carried the word "Chai" to show their support and praised loudly to Sammi "very entertaining". Sammi promised that she would relay the message to Siu Chai so he would share the joy as well.

Sammi gladly visited many cinemas and even played host. She could not wait to ask the audience about the movie. One male viewers admitted that he cried as he watched. "I was reminded of myself and Papa and my family. You really have to be like what the movie says, you have to say what is in your heart to your family more." A female viewers tearfully said, "As I watched I thought back to when my Papa passed away, I still have a lot that I haven't told him......" Sammi patted her on the shoulder and sad, "This movie is like saying what is in your heart for you, it can warm people's hearts. I hope everyone would bring love, more understand for their family, to have a proper talk. Through the movie everyone's heart would be filled with even more love and positive energy." Another viewer said that the most memorable was when Sammi finally forgave her father. A viewer also stated that it was a second viewing but the movie still was touching.

Sammi felt that this film was very suitable for the whole family to see. The movie had many parts that were worth considering. With anything a family should hold "have a proper talk". The most important message was to forgive and let go. All wre the most important lesson of our lives. She hoped that after watching the movie everyone would bring some consideration and love home and properly love the family around them.


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Sofiee Ng, Tony Wu
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The Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Sofiee Ng Hoi Yan, Tony Wu Tsz Tung starred new film YI CHI YUN SUN (SECOND LIFE) yesterday officially started production. As a gym teacher Ah Tam would teach a group of young people how to run. He liked to run himself and said that he has been running for 30 years. Since he stopped singing he began to run and treated it as a personal training.

With almost 30 years of running experience, Ah Tam said that he started to run when he made FLAMING BROTHERS (JUNG WAN SEI HOI) mainly to discipline himself and to keep his mind clear. Now despite he constantly had to work in the Mainland he would insist on running a lap downstairs. Would Ah Tam participate in a marathon? He said, "My leg aren't all that strong, my brother can. Actually he is great at everything, more suitable to be an actor than me." Would his children run with him? Ah Tam said, "When they were little I forced the to run, but now I wouldn't. They are either playing video games or practicing instruments. My son will soon have a cello exam so we are pretty nervous. When I am not at work I would be the driver and take him to practice." Speaking of Chow Yun Fat's love of hiking, Ah Tam of course would like to hike with his idol Fat Gor. He heard from Alex Fong Chung Shun that it would be pretty rough though.

Playing a real estate agent, Ng Hoi Yan revealed that in the film she and Wu Tsz Tung had romantic but no intimate scenes. Because he was aloof, she had to take the initiative. Did she pay attention to property prices for the role? Ng Hoi Yan lamented that she truly could not afford it. Earlier she planned to move out and live on her own, but she realized that a less than 100 square foot subdivided room would cost HK$ 6,000 to 7,000 a month in rent. The condition would not be ideal. Thus she could only continue to live with her family and work hard to buy a mansion in the future. She said, "I normally would be very thrifty and would not spend money frivolously. The goal is to buy a 300 square foot unit. I hope to be able to buy a home before age 35."


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Jeana Ho Pui Yu yesterday promoted her new film on the radio. She said that in it she played a female cop and had many action scenes. The film was shot in the summer last year, but her costume was a long black leather coat. Everyday she seemed to be washing her hair with sweat and her face was as red as Lord Guan's. Did she get hurt from any action scene? Jeana said that because the long coat wrapped her up tightly, she had no superficial wound -- only "internal injury". "In one scene I was undercover and was slammed onto a table. When I went for gua sha, the side that was slammed onto the table was bruised."

Jeana admitted that this time the character did not require her to be sexy. Perhaps because she was already 30 she did not need to be. She felt that each age had different stages and ideas. She too liked to play mature roles. Would she want a mature boyfriend too? She said, "Yes, I am afraid of giving people the people like I am with a kid." She said that she was still single but she was in no hurry. She thought about freezing her eggs but she would wait until she had time to do it. For girls it would be an extra assurance.

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[2019.09.18] FOR THE WEEK ENDING SEPTEMBER 15 2019

For the week ending Sunday September 15 2019
Photos courtesy of Yahoo! Movies Hong Kong

  Can : Kui Mor Si Jeh
  Lit : Exorcist Missonary
    d. Kim Joo-Hwan
    Park Seo-Joon, Ahn Sung-Ki, Woo Do-Hwan
  Opening August 22 2019
  Trailer :

    Yong-hu, a world champion martial artist who believes in no God, only himself, suddenly develops stigmata on his palms.

    Visiting a church in hopes of healing the stigmata, he ends up saving Father AHN, who falls into danger while performing an exorcism. In this way he learns of the power of the stigmata. As time passes Yong-hu accepts his new calling and begins saving people who are possessed by demons, but then he must prepare for a final confrontation with the evil Jisin, who ensnares people with the power of the devil.

  Can : Tin Hei Ji Ji
  Lit : Son of Weather
    d. Makoto Shinkai
    Japanese Animation
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 112 mins.
  Opening August 8 2019
  Trailer :

    "I wanted to try going into that light."

    First year of high school, summer. Hodaka runs away from his home on an outlying island to come to Tokyo. He falls into poverty quickly, but after many days of solitude, at last finds work as a freelance writer for a dubious occult magazine.

    Rain falls day after day, as if taking its cue from his life. One day, though, Hodaka meets a girl in one corner of the hustle and bustle of the big city.

    Hina is a cheerful, strong-willed girl who lives alone with her little brother due to certain circumstances. She also has a strange power.
    "Hey, it's gonna clear up now."

    Little by little, the rain stops and the cityscape gives off a beautiful glow. For Hina has the power to make the sky clear just by praying...

    d. Alexandre Aja
    Kaya Scodelario, Barry Pepper

    d. Gene Stupnitsky
    Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams, Brady Noon

  Can : Dai Shook Dik Oi
  Lit : Uncle's Love
    d. Ruto Toichiro
    Kei Tanaka, Kotaro Yoshida, Kento Hayashi, Nene Otsuka, Jun Shison
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 113 mins.
  Opening September 12 2019
  Trailer :

    It's been a year since Haruta and Maki pledged their undying love. Haruta has now come back and receives a warm welcome from familiar faces, his boss Musashi Kurosawa and other colleagues. Justice Yamada, a recruit who has been recently assigned to this branch, welcomes him too.

    One day, completely out of the blue, the headquarter-based project team "Genius 7" shows up at the Second Sales Branch. Project leader Jin Mamiana orders the Sales team to support them in their big project. Maki, who had been transferred and works now at the head office, is among the project team members with Mamiana.

    Haruta and Maki grow apart, and Haruta teams up with Justice. Then Kurosawa gets involved in an accident and loses his memory, but the loss of his memory is selective and he has forgotten only Haruta. However, when Kurosawa sees Haruta, he falls in love again..

    Hilarious and heartwarming, the final battle of Ossan’s Love begins!

  5 EXIT
  Can : Exit: Gik Han Toh Sun
    d. Lee Sang-Geun
    Cho Jung-Seok, Lim Yoona, Goh Doo-Shim, Park In-Hwan, Kim Ji-Young
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 104 mins.
  Opening September 5 2019
  Trailer :

    Yong-nam was one of the best rock climbers in college but hasn't had much luck elsewhere after graduation. He has failed to get a job for many years and has to rely on his parents just to get by. For his mother's 70th birthday, he insisted on having the party at Dream Garden because his old crush, Eui-ju works there. When a disaster strikes, covering an entire district in Seoul with mysterious white gas, he has to use all of his rock climbing skills with the help of Eui-ju to get everyone to safety.

  Can : Fa Jiu Ji Mei
  Lit : Taste of Flower Pepper
    d. Heiward Mak Hei Yan
    Sammi Cheng Sau Man, Megan Lai Ya-Yen, Cherry Li Xiaofeng,
      Kenny Bee (Chung Chun To), Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai),
      Linda Liu, Wu Yan-Shu, Bryant Mak Chi Lok, Andy Lau Tak Wa,
      Ben Yuen Fu Wa
  Rating : I
  Length : 118 mins.
  Opening August 10 2019 (Preview)
  Opening September 12 2019
  Trailer :

    In the wake of her father's untimely demise, Cira not only inherits his debt-ridden hot pot restaurant in Hong Kong but also two younger sisters whom she never even knew existed: Luna from Taiwan and Stella from China. Together, the three estranged sisters from radically different backgrounds must strive to build up their sisterly bond in order to rescue their father's restaurant from imminent closure. Meanwhile, Cira is trying desperately to reconnect with the man she secretly loves, who has fled to Maasai Mara in Kenya after being spurned by her.

  3 ANNA
    d. Luc Besson
    Sasha Luss, Luke Evans, Cillian Murphy, Helen Mirren

    d. Ric Roman Waugh
    Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman,

    d. Andy Muschietti
    James McAvoy, Jessca Chastain, Bill Hader

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The film A WITNESS OUT OF THE BLUE (FAN JUI YIN CHEUNG) will open on October 24th in Hong Kong, as veteran co-stars Louis Koo Tin Lok and Jessica Hester Hsuan (Suen Huen) will work together again after 17 years. However Goo Jai in the film has to strangle Jessica with a windbreaker from behind and push her toward the wall. She hurt her neck during the scene but Jessica was fine. She even said, "I won't blame him. I'm OK. He will cover the tab!"

Goo Jai explained that in this scene he only attacked Jessica over a misunderstanding. "The initial idea was to shoot the scene in several parts, but the director suggested for us to try it in one take. Because of that I might have been to intense!" Goo Jai pointed out that the director at the time asked Jessica to give it a try. If it was too rough that she could stop it. In the end she toughed out the pain to finish the scene, thus he had to praise Jessica's professionalism. "I told her to yell cut as soon as she felt anything was wrong. She truly was great. She didn't yell cut at all. Because how hard I was strangling her neck would hurt no matter what, but she still persisted and toughed out the performance. It was quite a pleasant surprise!"

Suen Huen after her injury had to keep rolling her neck to loosen her muscles and joints while she watched the playback. She also applied ice to her neck. She said, "Actually before the shoot I was already scared because I knew him too well. I was afraid that I would shoot a fight scene with him!" This stunt originally had a stunt double, but Jessica personally performed it for a perfect result. She said, "The director and Goo Jai suggested for me to do it myself. I thought that the result would be prettier with me. The entire scene could be done in one shot and be a little smoother." During the shoot, Suen Huen heard her neck "snapped" and felt something was wrong. However she still persisted. "Since it 'snapped' anyway, she had to tough out a good scene. This would be a sacrifice that was worth doing!"