Sunday, October 19, 2014


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Real Ting and Miriam Yeung take their son to a theme park
Pakho Chau, Rose Chan
Max Zhang
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The 11th Hong Kong Asian Film Festival will take place between October 24 and November 14. This year's opening film will be the Johnnie To Kei Fung directed DON'T GO BREAKING MY HEART 2 (DAN SUN NAM NUI 2) and the closing film will be the Roy Chow Hin Yeung directed RISE OF THE LEGEND (WONG FEI HUNG ji YING HUNG YAU MUNG). Yesterday the films' directors and actors including To Kei Fung, Wai Ka Fai, Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Max Zhang Jin and others attended the press conference.

Chin Wa said that this time she played a Hong Kong woman in the film and had to jump into the sea and rock climb; she said that normally she would be scared even on theme park rides. This time was amazing. Earlier she took her son to a theme park, her son even watched a 4D film for the first time. When he saw cartoon characters "flying" out, he kept trying to push them away. Her husband Real Ting Chi Ko held on to their son's glasses.

Chin Wa also said that after watching the 4D film she even lost her shoes. Other people saw her going crazy looking for shoes; she also said that her son was very afraid of live cartoon characters, kept holding her and wanted to run away. She joked, "When my son left he was very happy, maybe because he could leave. However this time was a pleasant memory."

Did she take her son to the haunted house? Chin Wa said of course not. Because she would be scared herself, sh was afraid that she would go mad and scream uncontrollably. She said that when she was at a haunted house overseas, she kept clawing like crazy. She almost got yelled at. Was it because she was afraid that she rarely made horror films? Chin Wa admitted that indeed she has made very few, but during the production she would focus on her acting. With so many people on the set, she probably would not be afraid.

Zhang Jin revealed that RISE OF THE LEGEND was his second collaboration with Big Brother Sammo Hung Kam Bo. He was very demanding, during the shoot he wanted real blades. After four months his wrist was injured, but the result was indeed great. He said that lately he has been focused on recovery, since he has accumulated many injuries from before. Lately he has not been practicing either. Did that make his wife Ada Choi Siu Fun's heart ache? He said that his wife's heart ached for their daughters more. When their daughter shed tears she could see but she could not see his internal injuries. Zhang Jin lamented, "I am now in third. (You can cry too!) My heart is bleeding." He said that actually he was very happy. He and his wife really love their daughters.

What place would his wife be? Zhang Jin admitted that this wife has always been number one, because the daughters will be married in the future. Speaking of a recent council person's claim that umbrellas were weapons in previous ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA (WONG FEI HUNG) films. He said that he would not talk about politics.

Pakho Chau, Rose Chan Ka Wun and Adrian Wong Chi Ching starred in the film I SELL LOVE (FAN MAI OI), which will be shown at the Asian Film Festival. Ka Wun played an assisted dating escort, while Pakho played a doctor. They also appeared at the press conference yesterday. Speaking of the recent protests, he said that he has been young before and understood the thinking of young people. Yet he did not want to make his personal opinion known through the media. He did not want any bloodshed either.


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Moses Chan says that his getting fat is just an illusion
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Moses Chan Ho, Crystal Cheung Man Ka and Susan Shaw Yam Yam yesterday promoted their film DOT 2 DOT (DIM DUI DIM) in Tseung Kwan O. Chan Ho wore loose clothes and joked that his weight loss was mostly an illusion. Later he will work hard on losing it for his new series next month. Will he take his wife Aimee Chan Yun Mei and their son to watch the new film? He said, "I definitely will bring Yun Mei because I haven't made a movie in over a decade, but my son is too little. His ears aren't suitable for the cinema sound system, which is very regrettable."

Crystal said that in the film she played a deaf mute. She studied sign language for three weeks before the shoot for her communication with Chan Ho in the film. Sh also pointed out that the collaboration with Chan Ho felt good. "He is very nice, he is always smiling. (Do you like this type?) Unfortunately he is already married. I too want to find a stable man." Currently single, she lamented that a good man was hard to find. So far she has not run into one yet as she complained about her bad luck.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


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Best Actress Kwai Lun-Mei earlier was said to be facing a career low tide, making many worry about her. Yesterday sh attended a mobile phone app event in Taipei and agreed with what her friend Joseph Chang said, "Low tide is good." She revealed that she is great now and has already prepared for new roles.

Siu Mei this year with BLACK COAL, THIN ICE received her third Golden Horse Best Actress nomination. She stated that this film has brought her a lot of surprises. The film was shot in ice and snow, displaying her perseverance and certainty toward the film; as for this year's strong competition that included Gong Li, Tang Wei and Vicki Zhao Wei, she said that she thanked the Golden Horse Award for honoring her again. To be nominated with so many actresses she admired, she felt that it was already a great recognition for her.

As for her boyfriend Leon Dai's Best Supporting Actor nomination with SEX APPEAL, will they walk the red carpet together? She said, "I look forward to walking with the BLACK COAL, THIN ICE team more, ultimately it's very rare to see them in Taiwan." Speaking of marriage plan, she said that she would definitely announce this types of plans. So far everything is good.


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Jacky Heung Jor two nights ago attended a Versace party. He admitted that he has already stopped working for five years to learn kung fu. Now he is preparing for the new film FUNG SUN BONG (INVESTITURE OF GODS) in January with Louis Koo Tin Lok, Huang Xiaoming, Angelababy, Jet Li (Lee Nin Kit). He will play one of the leads Lei Zhenzi and will have many fight scenes. He also denied that he will participate in the late master Lau Kar Leung's autobiographical film.


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Candy Yuen and Jessica C. promote ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB
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Jessica C. and Candy Yuen Ka Man yesterday promoted their film ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB (SI SING) on the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui. The sexy JC felt that she was very clean and very feminine, she could be sexy and femininely dressed. She revealed that she has already seen the film earlier at the Macau premiere. "The more I watched the more I blushed and embarrassed I got. Because there were more nude scenes than I imagined, at the time I sunk lower and lower into my seat." Speaking of the male pedestrians' frequent shots of her chest, she said, "I am already used to it. Friends always said that she saw me on the streets. When I asked them what they saw, they said that they saw the bra I was wearing." Was she worried that someone may take advantage? She said that she has seen men harassing women on the streets. If she ran into this situation she definitely would yell at him with foul language.

Candy admitted that she was afraid of the crowd and said that she was not as brave as JC. She also said that she has been taken advantage of many times since childhood, mostly on her chest and her rear. She said, "Maybe because I don't have an assistant, they would suddenly rush over to attack. They would also stick to me like glue, but they are very fast. They would touch for two seconds and duck away, like it was a secret technique." Although sometimes she was taken advantage of, she felt that enthusiasm from others was better than not being seen at all. Speaking of her boss Wong Jing's friendship termination with others over different political opinions, she felt that no one needed to be too rash. On the journey of life some people would not become friends. They did not to use words to make the others feel bad. She joked, "When the new film starts production in a few days, I will treat him to herbal tea when Wong Jing visits the set. When he sees me in the sexy sequenced bra top in the film, he will definitely be very happy."

Friday, October 17, 2014


Dayo Wong ends his 11 show concert series with a moving "torn baby' comment
Best Actors Sean Lau and Wayne Lai show their support
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Dayo Wong Tze Wah two nights ago performed the final show of his stand up comedy concert series. Fellow TVB Best Actor Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung, Best Actor Sean Lau Ching Wan and Michelle Reis (Lee Ka Yun) showed their support. Wong Tze Wah was in great form as the audience responded enthusiastically. Near the end of the show, Tze Wah did not just leave like in previous shows. He said to the audience of over 10,000, "Every night I leave right after the show, tonight is the final show, I want to say a few more things before I go. I am a little sentimental. I started doing stand up comedy in 1990, I performed on the 97 Hand Over, then came the financial storm. In 2003 SARS came, whenever there was big trouble I was involved. With SARS the entire venue only had one person who just kept working without a medical mask. The person without a mask was me, so you can tell how badly I needed the money? The entire venue laughed with their mouth covered, while I just talked and talked. Then came another financial storm, and actual storms came during the performance and I didn't get to perform. Yet this time, Occupy Central! It's my turn again."

Wong Tze Wah was hesitant to discuss Occupy Central. He said, "I very honestly tell everyone, from the first day of Occupy Central I watched the television and immediately thought, 'Hmmm, this time I probably can't do the shows. Then I can tell everyone, every night I expected no show tomorrow night. This isn't something that is very cute, because every night something happened. Whenever something happened I might not be able to perform. Very simply said, if one night one 'egg' was broken, I wouldn't be able to perform. I believe that no one would be interested in listening and I wouldn't be in the mood to perform, thus we were able to go through all those nights and finish. Actually the incident has occurred for 10 or 20 days, I feel what is driving it to continue to this day? Actually Hong Kong people really love Hong Kong. After so many days of chaos, not a single egg was broken, which isn't easy at all. I will cite another example, we have a baby, one side grabs its arm, the other side grabs it leg. Actually everyone love this baby. After 20 nights of tugging they still haven't tug it to death, why? Because we all love it, as long as one side tugs is broken, the result of which would be very severe." Wong Tze Wah compared Hong Kong to the baby, being caught between the people and the government.

Tze Wah continued, "So tonight at the last show I want to remind everyone, from the first day this movement started out of love. Whether the government or the people, I hope everyone would think even more about how to 'tug' going forward? If one side tugs very tightly and refuses to let go and the other side also tugs very tightly, they would tug it to death. This love is a true test. I wish wisdom for everyone, thank you!" Wong Tze Wah tearfully completed his "baby tug of war" comment. The entire audience replied with applause and he ended the entire stand up comedy performance.


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According to foreign media reports, the "Strongest in the Universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan will participate in an U.S. China co-production film NOODLE MAN and try his luck in Hollywood again. The film's director will be WHAT WOMEN WANT's Chen Daming. Yen Chi Tan in the film will play a retired cop from China. 15 years ago his partner died on the job, which made him resign and open a noodle shop in new York. Because a drug lord entered his noodle shop the story began.

Yen Chi Tan admitted that he looked forward to the film and hoped to be able to bring together the best of the East and the West for the audience. Producer Michael Shamberg appreciated Yen Chi Tan's past performances very much and said that he not only excelled in martial art action scenes but also had a dramatic scene presence. He believed that he would become an outstanding actor.