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Kevin Cheng and Dada Chan set the ground rules for their passionate bed scenes before hand


Dada Chan gets her wish to play a mental patient and challenge her acting

Rebecca Zhu says that she has a very open standard and looks forward to going even further
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Dada Chan, Kevin Cheng and Rebecca Zhu promote BURNING
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In the film BURNING (FUN SUN), Dada Chan Jing played a piano teacher who interfered into doctor Kevin Cheng Ka Wing and his wife Rebecca Zhu's marriage. Dada said, "This time I played an obsessed woman. Finally I could play a mental patient. I was able to jump out of the frame and play patient with post traumatic disorder, fear of closed space and paranoia and fear. I actually love Ka Wing to the point of madness, with a destructive tendency, which gave my acting bug its fill!" However she joked that in real life she had not love so "insanely", because she was very sensible with relationships. She absolutely would not love to hurt others! Cheng Ka wing said that he did not have any way to contact Zhu Chenli and Chan Jing because he had no need at all.

Has Ka Wing ran into the other half who was this obsessed with him? Ka Wing said, "I really don't want to, this is men's worst nightmare. I don't want it to happen. For a married man with a family and wife and children he really loved, I absolutely wouldn't want this to happen." He pointed out that in the film he did not know whether they had a relationship, because the character got drunk and blacked out. He could not remember it, only that he was in trouble. In real life would this happen? Ka Wing said, "No, when a man blacked out maybe something would happen. 30% consciousness while you were drunk. Since I was unconscious. I would definitely know if I was 2/3 drunk. Since I was unconscious what would happen. It's impossible for me, so it's a con. In the story it probably didn't happen either!"

Was the opposite sex off limits to him after marriage? Ka Wing admitted that he had no phone or email contact with Dada and Zhu Lichen. "If necessary I would avoid any misunderstanding, if anything happens we would communicate at work!" What if the other person ask for his number? He felt that this would not be necessary. If they wanted it then something else would happen. Even with being friends he had neither the time nor the interest. "Now my life is all work, sports, remote controlled car racing. The rest of the time I would be with my wife and two sons. So when you ask for my number, if it's work the call would go to my manager. For private use it's unnecessary!" In that phone would he remove all female friends' phone number? Ka Wing said, "Then you wouldn't need to, if you don't want to listen put it on mute until it would stop!" Was his wife Grace Chan Hoi Lam very at ease? Ka Wing joked, "I hope, but I wouldn't tell her to relax. It's my everyday performance, but everyday I am at home. What else would I do?"

In BURNING Ka Wing and Dada had no bed scene, but a passionate struggle near the piano and barricade. Ka Wing said that Grace did not come to supervise, but he gave her advanced warning on which passion scenes would be shot. "Although I don't need to talk in discussion, I still have to tell her. If not I would probably be dead!" Speaking of intimate scene, Ka Wing admitted that it was more awkward for me than Dada. "Actors would always be more awkward than actresses, they also want any misunderstanding the least. Because girls wouldn't be thought of as the problem, but if actors have to have some violent behavior, it would lead to many problems. Thus during the shoot we had to be clear. The script only briefly described in text and not specifically say the standard of physical contact. I kept thinking about the visual and the level of standard. In order to achieve good result, after communicating with Dada we began the shoot."

Dada said that while working on the intimate scenes Ka Wing was just as serious. He would pay attention to the result visually, so she was very grateful to him. "Actually for this type of scenes not just the girl would be scared, the fear is even to both male and female. So we properly communicate where we couldn't touch. We would try to avoid them. During the performance we would try to coordinate with the character!" Ka wing praised Dada for her professionalism. "She is an actor with a lot of sense. She is sentimental. Without regard for skill she would have unexpected result!" Dada praised Ka Wing and said that she learned a lot from him, because he was able to keep his eyes all over. He was very precise with his intricate expression. Ka Wing humbly said, "I am an 'old hand'! My age really is greater than hers by a lot!"

In the film Rebecca Zhu played a kind wife and mother but lured a wolf in. She felt that the reason was she wanted to test whether her husband would cheat. In real life she never wanted to test her boyfriend, mainly because when she dated she would trust the other person 100%. She also felt that her boyfriend's score was earned. Luckily she has not run into any scum. Dada also said that when she was young she was naive. Maybe she would feel her ex boyfriend was scum, but now she would look forward to the future more than looking back at past experience. Chu Chu admitted that she really wanted to play Dada's character this time. She also wanted to play some mentally challenged or characters with mental disorder. In the past she was limited by television standards. She hoped to be able to make the challenge in film. "My standard is very wide, but no one has dared to test where my standard is and discover the dramatic effect that is impossible to happen with Zhu Chenli!"


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Ian Gouw and Aaron Kwok play son and father in AFTER THIS, OUR EXILE
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Director Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Ann Hui On Wa, Patrick Tam Ka Ming, Ringo Lam Lan Tung and Tsui Hark teamed up, each picked an era and directed a story about Hong Kong for the film SEPTET (CHUT YUN LOK DUI). The Tam Ka Ming directed segment TENDER IS THE NIGHT (BIT YEH) took place at the end of the 80s, in the midst of an immigration wave. A secondary school first love couple were forced to part because her parents decided to emigrate and his decided to stay in Hong Kong.

Jennifer Yu Heung Ying and Ian Gouw (Ng King To) played this young couple that was being broken up. King To and Director Tam reunited 14 years after AFTER THIS, OUR EXILE (FU JI). Back then at the age of 9 Ian swept the Golden Horse Award Best Supporting Actor, the Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actor and Best New Performer.

This time Director Tam tested the 2 actors' emotional performance. They both had to express the immaturity of a puppy love couple but also the passion on the eve of parting and reluctance to part. They did not lack intimate performance. Aside from Jennifer wearing only underwear on a roof scene, she and Ian also made out in bed. They even went topless for their last night scene.


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Stephen Chow makes a rare appearance and talks about his film dreams
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Stephen Chow talks about Hong Kong film's future development and opportunities
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Celebrating his 60th birthday earlier, Stephen Chow Sing Chi earlier spoke with CCTV reporter Zhu Dan. Sing Yeh talked about his childhood dream. He admitted that because he liked to watch movies, he wanted to become an actor since he was little. Later the movies that he made had a variety of subjects. When asked why his movies had so many Chinese elements, Sing Yeh said, "Because I knew them, I feel this actually is Chinese film's greatest advantage. Actually Chinese history and culture are both very rich, it has too many exciting stories, so we certainly would tell Chinese stories well."

Sing Yeh also said that with the 25th anniversary of the hand over, Hong Kong kept changing because it kept having many opportunities and new ideas. However some still remained unchanged. Hong Kong still was an international financial and cultural center. He said, "For me, I am always Chinese. So Hong Kong and the Mainland actually are culturally identical, share the same blood. We would always celebrate July 1st."

Sing Yeh recalled that a Mainland director told him, his movies inspired him. He pointed out that his creativity also was inspired by Mainland films. Thus Hong Kong and Mainland filmmakers' relationship has always been mutually supporting and learning from each other. He even expressed, "Hong Kong's young people should utilize the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area's advantage to carry Chinese stories forward. They would be able to enjoy an enormous market as well as motivate the Greater Bay Area's development. I wish Hong Kong's future, under the support of the nation, would continue to maintain the energy of innovation. We would work hard together to create the future."


Louis Cheung, Bosco Wong, Albert Yeung, Niki Chow and Carlos Chan
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Louis Cheung and Carlos Chan work on a street chase scene
Bosco Wong runs for his life

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Emperor Motion Pictures TRIAD 3 (JAT JIK 3) recently held its production start ceremony. Emperor Group chief Dr. Albert Yeung Sau Sing personally hosted the event. Producer Ng Kin Hung, Jason Siu Kim Chau and director Ng Ka Wai, leads Bosco Wong Chung Chak, Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Niki Chow Lai Kei, Mark Cheng Ho Nam, Michael Tao Dai Yu and others appeared in support.

TRIAD 2 (JAT JIK 2) has not opened yet, but the original team created TRIAD 3 was already starting production. The three leads Wong Chung Chak, Chan Ka Lok and Cheung Kai Chung were rather excited. Bosco revealed, "Last time my character was much more powerful, although this time i was still the eldest one of the three, I told the director, he had to give me some flaw so the audience would get a different feeling. Thus the director came up with some pretty funny faults for me!" Ka Lok also said that the characters were very different between the two films. "Last time I was the important figure who made the brothers turn on each other. This time the three are more united, because we have a common enemy we have to take care of!"

After a long time away from the big screen, Tao Dai Yu and Cheng Ho Nam this time joined the new film and played a pair of mob brothers. Dai Yu said, "We are like brothers but we also compete in the open and in secret. The characterizations have dimensions and they don't just fight and kiss. They would be very exciting!" Brother Mark said that this type of film represented a unique part of Hong Kong, then he very gladly took the role. "I am very happy, whenever I have roast pork it means a production start worship ceremony. Other places would make this type of arrangement. At my own home the feeling is extra different! Over the years, when I work in Hong Kong I also love roast pork and goose rice. Whenever I have it it means I have a job!" Dai Yu humbly said that he was a rare guest in the film industry. "I just chatted with Mark Gor just now during the ceremony. The last time we worked together was already over 30 years (1991). At the time I was still working on television. Time really passed by very fast!" Brother Mark once released a record. Dai Yu also recently with INVERT EARTH became "Music New Discovery". Would they be interested in singing the theme song for the new film? Dai Yu interrupted and answered, "Save this one for Brother Mark, don't mess with me!" Brother Mark heard and joked that his lips were sealed. "I would zip up my lips!" Dai Yu added, "When I was at the artist training class, I studied magic, Chinese dance, sing a little. I just wanted to try anything, the most important for everyone to be happy!" Brother Mark gave Dai Yu the thumbs up. "Multi-talented!"


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Will Or Wai Lam and Isabel Chan Hoi Ning yesterday attended a promotional event. The Hong Kong Film Award would take place in the middle of next month. Or Wai Lam received a Best Supporting Actor and a Best New Performer nomination. Which opponent did he feel was the favorite? He said that he has found the reasons for every opponent's and his own victory. When Chan Hoi Ning, who has known him for 8 years, was asked who she would support, she awkwardly said, "I really can't chose the New Performer award, because they all are good friends I have known for many years. So I am not answering this question. For Best Actor I personally support Leung Chung Hang. Because a new comer was able to receive this nomination, I am really happy for him." Or Wai Lam just shot a short film with Chan Hoi Ning as a director. Has he planned to direct a feature film? He said that he did not have the guts to think about it.

In addition, the 40th Hong Kong Film Awards' major categories Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best New Performer nominees worked on a photo shoot for the program, the photos from which recently have also been unveiled.

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Ling Man Lung and MC Cheung work on location in Mongkok
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MC Cheung Tin Fu and Ling Man Lung earlier worked on the Lau Yung directed film ONE NIGHT IN SCHOOL (YEH HAU)'s shoot. The two worked from noon to 2 AM, switching locations from a countryside school and funeral hall to the busy streets of Mongkok and shooting on the Portland Street. MC appeared in a short sleeved shirt, which was very appropriate for his poor but street smart kid design. Although the film has been in production for awhile, MC was very anxious about his first film shoot. Before taking his mark he continued to study the script and practiced his lines, he even made funny expressions like rolling his eyes. However as soon as he heard the director yelled action he got into character and held his own opposite the experienced Siu Lung. The director very quickly accepted the take.

The two shot from the streets into a restaurant. MC and Siu Lung seemingly have already cultivated a connection, often chatting and laughing. Although that night the shoot went to 2AM, many MC fans were drawn to the shoot and continued to look on. After the shoot, MC changed and prepared to return home to rest but he still repaid his fans for their support. He signed autographs on the set and responded to every request.


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Kimbee Chan Hoi Wan as the Joseph Lau Charity Foundation trustee director attended the film SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE (YUT LO TUNG HUNG) advanced charity screening and enjoyed the film with Ebenezer School and Home for the for the Visually Impaired employees and students. Later they even posed for a group photo. SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE was based on a real story and starred Karena Ng Chin Yu, Kara Wai Ying Hung, Hugo Goh (Ng Toi Yung) and others. Kimbee revealed that the story affected her. "Everyone was moved to tears by many parts of the film! The advanced screening aside from the support of the Ebenezer School headmaster Dr. Yuk Tak Fun also had the film's director and screenwriter Ms. (Judy) Chu Fung Han sharing the story behind the film with the audience after the screening. I hope everyone after watching the film would be able to understand the conditions of the visually impaired people even more, care about them more and extend a helping hand to them!"