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[2018.10.17] FOR THE WEEK STARTING OCTOBER 13 2018

For the week starting October 13 2018

  Can : Doh So
  G.E.M (Tang Chi Kei)

  Can : Hin Chau
  Ken Hung Cheuk Lap

  Can : Dong Mui For Sing Sing

  Can : Chim Shui
  Hins Cheung King Hin

  Can : Tin Tap Ha Loi Ya Nung Shui
  Alan Tam Wing Lun

  Can : Sup Man Foon Chun
  Fox Hu Xia

  Can : Juet
  Karen Mok Man Wai

  Sammi Cheng Sau Man Feat. Jackson Wang

  Can : Hei Foon Nei

  Can : Sum Seung Dik Gan
  Wang Kai

  Can : Yut Lo Ji Ha
  Jason Zhang Jie (Cheung Kit)

  Can : Hong Nga Siu Nin
  Hua Chenyu (Wa Sun Yu)

  Can : Cup Nei Cup Ngor
  Mao Buyi (Mo Buk Yi)

  Can : Nin Siu Yau Wai
  Li Ronghao

  Kris Wu Yifan


Koyi Mak and Hedwig Tam
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The film HOTEL SOUL GOOD (NUI WONG JONG DOH JING) will open tomorrow. Two nights ago the film held its premiere. Executive producer and producer Yvonne Zhang Fusheng, director Yan Pak Wing, Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Richard Ng Yiu Hon, Mimi Kung Chi Yan, Vincent Wan Yeung Ming, Terry Zou, Susan Shaw Yam Yam, Koyi Mak Chi Yi attended.

At the event producer Zhang Fusheng, director Yan Pak Wing, Chau Sau Na and Cheung Kai Chung talked about their production experience. Director Yan Pak Wing even presented a HK$ 2 million crown to Chau Sau Na to unveil the film premiere. Sister Na stated that she felt excited like she won Miss Hong Kong. Ah Chung joked that he though Sister Na wanted to buy he crown. Sister Na said, "Are you giving it to me?" Ah Chung said, "Great! Let's see if I get any discount?" Ah Chung said that he contributed a lo to this film and admitted that he has not looked forward to a film like this for a very long time. Sister Na pointed out that when they worked together before their characters just brushed by each other. Although this time they had scenes together, in the film she still ignored Ah Chung. Ah Chung said, "It's already an improvement. I used to stand in the back, this time I stand next to her." They revealed that they would often call the director in the middle of the night to discuss the film. Did Sister Na call Ah Chung in the middle of the night? She said, "I sent texts." Ah Chung said that Sister Na was very brazen with her action.

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The Max Zhang Jin, Kevin Cheng Ka Wing and Chrissie Chau Sau Na starred MASTER Z: THE IP MAN LEGACY (IP MAN OI JUEN: CHEUNG TIN CHI) became the 23rd Busan Film Festival closing film. Two nights ago it held its world premiere at an outdoor theater as they enjoyed the film with 5000 viewers. Busan's temperature was only 12 degrees Celsius, with the outdoor red carpet walk the actors were prepared. Cheng Ka Wing said that his assistant bought him a pair of long johns and he wore a thermal under shirt; the arm baring Chau Sau Na put a lot of heating pads on her. When she entered she was in the company of Cheng Ka Wing and Patrick Tam Yiu Man.

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Albert Yeung, Carlos Chan, Kathy Yuen
Rosina Lin, Carlos Chan, Michelle Wai
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Carlos Chan Ka Lok recently has been busy with his new film COLD DETECTIVE (SUN TAM DAI JIN). Yesterday happened to be Ka Lok's 32nd birthday. Emperor Group chief Dr. Albert Yeung Sau Sing visited the set and celebrated with Ka Lok. Boss Yeung praised the birthday boy, "I have always seen Ka Lok's potential. He not only has an outstanding appearance but also a serious work ethics. His acting is getting better and better. This year his career has a major breakthrough. As he becomes a new generation god, I am very happy for him. In the future he will have even more development chances. I hope he will be able to properly take advantage of them. I wish his career would reach another level!" The birthday boy admitted, "I am extremely flattered!"

Ka Lok had luck with people. Sean Lau Ching Wan who had scenes with the birthday boy wished him Happy Birthday, Good Health. "I feel he is very energetic, everyone seem to really like him." Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin also said, "I wish Ka Lok Happy Birthday, Good Health, Career reaching another level, make more money, and just as handsome everyday!"


Yumiko Cheng
Kay Tse
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Moses Chan is getting bigger and bigger for his action scenes
Boy'z Kenny Kwan and Steven Cheung
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Louis Koo Tin Lok will turn 48 on the 21st. As for how he would celebrate, Goo Jai revealed that since he was an infant he spent his every birthday stone faced. Thus he never expected such a special celebration. No wonder even Goo Jai laughed himself to tears after saying that and Jessica Hester Hsuan (Suen Huen) had to hand him tissue.

Goo Jai, Suen Huen, Moses Chan Ho, Boy'z, Kay Tse On Kay, Juno Mak Chun Lung, Gigi Leung Wing Kei and others two nights ago attended a high class fashion magazine event. Goo Jai was asked how he would celebrate his birthday. "That day after work I will go home and have dinner with my family, cut a cake, then the whole family poses for a stone faced photo. Since I was an infant to now, every year has been like this. For any photo I would automatically be stone faced." After that, Goo Jai laughed himself to tears. Even Suen Huen was bowled over from laughing as she handed tissue to Goo Jai.

Mama Koo every year would cook a birthday dinner for her son, all the dishes would be Goo Jai's favorites and just like the New Year. Goo Jai said, "You can't say it's not funny, maybe I was stone faced from eating. (Birthday wish?) I wish for good health! Then everyone can sit together for the stone faced photo. (Can't you smile for it?) After all the years I am used to it. Photos have been taken from film camera to now, all have been stored in a photo album. Some are already fading. (Would you keep it going generation after generation?) That's right, like the Addams Family."

Goo Jai said that he would have dinner with friends before and after his birthday. Because Suen Huen will be away she will make up for it later. She was still thinking about a gift. "I gave one last year, I am guessing that he won't remember." Goo Jai said, "If I have to remember everyone who gave, how busy would I be? I think it was a hot pot propane stove, it's very pretty. I used it once, because once after buying dinner I had a lot of food left. So I took it home in a doggy bag and a hot pot casserole myself." Goo Jai suggested for Suen Huen to give a wok this year. Suen Huen joked that she would give him a stone faced wok, all she would have to do was putting his face on it.

The Policy Address mentioned allocating HK$ 10 billion for the Hong Kong film development fund. Goo Jai said, "In recent years the film industry on and off camera had many newcomers, especially behind the scenes. They are not just directors, but tough jobs like lighting and camera have more girls as well. Many are very passionate but have no way to get their start. Government assistance and encouragement is good, I hope more training classes would be held."


Kevin Cheng, Chrissie Chau
Yuen Woo Ping and Max Zhang
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Kevin Cheng, Chrissie Chau, Yuen Woo Ping, Raymond Wong, Max Zhang, Ada Liu, Patrick Tam, Edmond Wong
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The "Lord Eight" Yuen Woo Ping directed, Raymond Wong Pak Ming led, Donnie Yen Chi Tan produced kung fu action film MASTER Z: THE IP MAN LEGACY (IP MAN OI JUEN: CHEUNG TIN CHI) became the 23rd Busan Film Festival closing film. The film was also the first kung fu actoin film to be selected as the closing film. Yesterday Lord Eight led actors Max Zhang Jin, Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Ada Liu Yan in a Busan appearance and participated in the closing film press conference. Lord Eight and the cast also shared their production experience.

The film MASTER Z: THE IP MAN LEGACY became the first opening/closing kung fu action film in Busan Film Festival history. Director and action director Lord eight naturally was very honored. At the press conference, Lord eight personally explained the reason that he made the film. "MASTER Z: THE IP MAN LEGACY followed IP MAN 3's Cheung Tin Chi character. The Cheung Tin Chi character was very positive. The film made this character into a very stubborn martial artist but contained martial art within, Wing Chun in particular, as well as various human elements. The production overall felt very rich and was a great script with potential."

As a martial art master, Lord Eight said that the martial art scenes in MASTER Z would be different from the past ones. Lord Eight said, "Every action film I made is different. Because action scenes is a type of artistic expression, it requires aesthetics and power to express. Each action film has different designs, it doesn't just fight for the sake of fighting. We would even come up with shots, from what angles would it look better so the audience can sense he power. The handling is very strict."

Lord Eight cited the fight scene on the sign street. Zhang Jin and other actors had to stand on the signs to fight, the process of which was very dangerous. Lord Eight and the team used almost two weeks of testing before the production began, it absolutely was a new attempt. However, Zhang Jin actually was afraid of heights so during the shoot every step was giving him chills. Zhang Jin said, "I have a fear of heights, standing on the sign I can still enjoy the sights, but action scene was a huge challenge. When Lord Eight designed the scene, he considered various problems of fighting on such a high place. The design was done very precisely." Lord Eight also followed each actor's specialty to design the stunts, like Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King) looked better in weapon fights. Thus he added a weapon fight scene with her and Zhang Jin. Dave Bautista was not familiar with Hong Kong film production format and his fighting style was different as well. However Lord Eight knew that he knew how to wrestle so he added wrestling elements in it. In the end Dave had an easier time later and the production became smoother.

Being able to work with Lord Eight, Tam Yiu man thought that he would be able to become a kung fu actor. He said, "I didn't expect to just play the villain, I didn't have to fight. However my character came from IP MAN 3, in the past I already had a very pleasant collaboration with the team. The brotherly love drama between the characters Ma King Sun and Cheung Tin Chi was heavy and had a lot of potential."

Cheng Ka Wing and Chau Sau Na also had action scenes, but one hit and the other got hit. Chau Sau Na said, "I thought finally I could participate in a famous action design, but I was the character getting it. For the first week of production I was hit for a full week." Ka Wing also said, "My character is more vicious, on the first day of the shoot I had to hit Chau Sau Na, slap after slap. The noise was so loud that anyone on the set heard it, and she almost fainted from getting hit. However Lord Eight still wanted another take and wanted me to hit her harder. The second time my heart also popped out. Chau Sau Na's face was red and swollen. So I showed Lord Eight Chau Sau Na's red and swollen face, but you could see how demanding Lord Eight was about his action scenes. Both hitting and getting hit were very tough."

Overseas media was concerned how Lord Eight felt about the Hong Kong film development. Lord Eight said, "In comparison to the 90s, the current production rate is much lower. Yet in the past few years Hong Kong film has been very focused on correction, it is very demanding in screenplay, production, art and other areas. Now overseas it receives very high praises, but colleagues have to keep working harder. As long as they are not casually following trends they are fine."

Lord Eight even attended the Busan Film Festival master class "My Life, My Cinema" and met with film workers and fanatics alike. Lord Eight even participated in a hand print ceremony. The hand print will be displayed at the BIFF Square in Nampo-dong to commemorate his glorious film industry performance and contribution.

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In the film HOTEL SOUL GOOD (NUI WONG JONG DOH JING), Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Louis Cheung Kai Chung played a pair of happy rivals. Sister Na said that with Ah Chung on the set she constantly had bad takes. Whenever she needed to give an emotional performance she could not look at him, because on the set he was truly too happy. Ah Chung said that in the film Sister Na had to find a man heavy in yin. He happened to be born on a yin day of a yin month in a yin year and could be easily possessed by ghosts. She needed this intermediary to communicate with ghosts. He too wanted to find someone who could see ghosts to find someone who has passed for him. Thus they have a common goal, even though they did not see eye to eye they leaned upon each other. Later after getting to know each other more they had feelings for each other. Ah Chung said that when they worked on their "electrifying moment", the originally romantic scene added comedy. As for their most intimate scene, Ah Chung joked, "It was very intimate, when she smashed a bottle over my head!"

Sister Na also revealed that Ah Chung during the shoot often improvised, but Ah Chung said that he was no match for Eric Kot Man Fai. Sister Na said, "In one scene I worked with them. They had a strong desire to perform and kept adding lines. I really had to stay alert to perform!" Ah Chung also felt that the difficulty lay on the nonstop possessions by ghosts. They included Maggie Siu Mei Kei, Richard Ng Yiu Hon and Kot Man Fai. Thus before the shoot he asked them to say the lines once and observe their performance. Ah Kot's voice was the most outstanding, when he imitated him he was mistaken for Ah Kot's voice dubbing. Thus he was very pleased. Yet being possessed by one after the other, would his performance fracture his personality? Ah Chung said, "No, but I had to be very humble throughout because I kept asking everyone to say the lines once more for me!" Sister Na praised, "Ah Chung was very sharp, he very quickly was able to grasp the trick to play others. I remembered during the shoot we sat at a table. I saw him imitating other actors and it truly was a pleasure!"

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[2018.10.11] FOR THE WEEK ENDING OCTOBER 7 2018

For the week ending Sunday October 7 2018
Photos courtesy of Yahoo! Movies Hong Kong

    d. Paul Feig
    Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively, Henry Golding

    d. Corin Hardy
    Demian Bichir, Taissa Farmiga

    d. David Kerr
    Rowan Atkinson, Olga Kurylenko

  Can : Mo Seung
  Lit : No Other
    d. Felix Chong Man Keung
    Chow Yun Fat, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing,
      Zhang Jingchu, Feng Wenjuan, Liu Kai Chi,
      Catherine Chau Ka Yi, David Wang Yao Ching, Paulyn Sun Kai Kwan,
      Deon Cheung Chung Chi, Justin Cheung Kin Sing, Carl Ng Ka Lung,
      Jack Kao, Alex Fong Chung Shun,
    Rating : IIB
    Length : 130 mins.
    Opening October 4 2018
    Trailer: https://youtu.be/t2BBNta35as

    Lee Man, a member of a notorious money counterfeiting ring, is arrested in Thailand and extradited back to Hong Kong. Thanks to renowned painter Yuen Man, Lee is offered a deal by the police: Reveal the identity of Painter, the charismatic leader of the counterfeiting ring, and Yuen can bail him out. Lee has no choice but to comply and recount his story: In the 1990s, Lee and Yuen were lovers living together in Vancouver, seeking to be seen in the art world. However, success eludes them, and Lee is forced to go make counterfeit paintings to make a living.

    Lee's counterfeit paintings catch the eyes of Painter, and he decides to recruits Lee to join his team. Together with Painter's elite team, Lee travels the world in search of technologies to create the "Super Dollar," a counterfeit bill that circumvents the anti-counterfeiting measures of the 1996 American dollar. But when Lee witnesses Painter's violent methods in action, he becomes desperate to escape his employer's grip.

    Will Painter come out of hiding to seek revenge for Lee’s betrayal? Or will he disappear for good?

    A mastermind with the code name "Painter" and his counterfeiting gang are being hunted by the Hong Kong police. Their criminal activities have gone global but it is hard to distinguish the authenticity of their counterfeits as they possess exceptional counterfeiting skills. Due to this, a painter, Lee Man, is called in to assist with the case.

    d. Ruben Fleischer
    Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed


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Mainland artist Wang Baoqiang's comedy films in recent years have been big hits as he became a box office guarantee long ago. Mainland media claimed that he has taken the baton from Stephen Chow Sing Chi as the new generation King of Comedy. Yet the two "Comedy Gods" finally had the chance to work together, as they earlier secretly "teamed up" for the sequel to the classic KING OF COMEDY 2 (HEI KET JI WONG 2) for the Lunar New Year slot next year!

With over 25 films under his belt, Wang Baoqiang's total box office exceeded 10 billion yuan. This year's two releases DETECTIVE CHINATOWN 2 and THE ISLAND made 4.8 billion yuan RMB. This Spring Festival DETECTIVE 2 even broke the historical record for comedy film.

This year Chow Sing Chi has been working on the film MERMAID 2 (MEI YUN YU 2). Originally slated for a Lunar New Year 2019 release, the film required a lot of special effects that needed time in post production. Thus it would not be able to make the date. However he has not given up on this golden slot as he immediately began production on KING OF COMEDY 2. Because he had to produce this Lunar New Year film in three months "instant style", the team must be "fast, pretty, great". Chow Sing Chi immediately thought of Wang Baoqiang. Wang Baoqiang has long been rumored to be interested in working with Chow Sing Chi. With his Shaolin Temple kung fu past he even wanted to offer his services to KUNG FU HUSTLE 2 but was never confirmed. Now as the opportunity arose they of course clicked right away!

The film is in production now in the Mainland, the female lead would be Mainland star Yao Chen. Of course, the favorite of many labels in recent years, "Sing Girl" Jelly Lin Yun will have a role. Earlier she revealed online that she was working on a film and posted several photos of her "cramming the script". Because Chow Sing Chi's always low key style, he has already ordered the team to keep their mouth sealed. Thus Lin Yun also blocked out the script.

Due to the tight schedule, Chow Sing Chi this time would not serve in multiple capacity. The director would be Herman Yau Lai To. Originally Yau Lai To had another film on hand, but it coincidentally delayed its production. Thus he was able to shoot KING 2 at the last minute. When asked about KING 2, Chow Sing Chi's company had "no comment".

KING actors Johnson Lee and Jazz Lam Chi Sin admitted that they looked forward to it. Johnson Lee said, "As a loyal Chow Sing Chi fan of many years, a movie from him every few years truly isn't enough. Now he is making KING OF COMEDY 2. Whether I am in it or not I have to save up money for the tickets!" Lam Chi Sin was asked if he would like to be in the sequel. He said, "Actors are passive. Whether I am in it or not it is unimportant. The most important is whether Mr. Chow would perform. I super look forward to it!"


courtesy of singtao.com

The Dante Lam Chiu Yin directed film OPERATION RED SEA would represent Hong Kong to compete for the Oscar Best Foreign Film Award nominaton. Earlier, the China Film Archive held a special screening and showed two of his earlier film BEAST COPS (YEH SAU YING GAING) and JIANG HU: THE TRIAD ZONE (GONG WU GO GUP). Lam Chiu Yn even talked about his 30 year film journey and revealed for the first time news of his latest film GUNG GUP GAU WOON (EMERGENCY RESCUE). He said that the film would have a lot of special effecs and scenes at sea. "They all would be our first experience, the effects would be several times more than OPERATION RED SEA." OPERATION RED SEA's Wang Yutian, producer Candy Leung Fung Ying and Ian Wang Yanlin also showed their support. Wang Yanlin would also join the cast of GUNG GUP GAU WOON.

As for the creative background and experience of BEAST COPS and JIANG HU: THE TRIAD ZONE, Lam Chiu Yin admitted, "These two films were made when Hong Kong film was at its worst, particularly JIANG HU: THE TRIAD ZONE. At the time only two films were being made in Hong Kong, one of them was JIANG HU: THE TRIAD ZONE. Due to piracy the film company had to lower ticket prices for BEAST COPS from HK$ 55 to 60 a ticket to HK$ 25 a ticket. Later the financial storm began, making matters worse."

Lam Chiu Yin talked about his film journey. "I made it to the best of times and the worst of times for Hong Kong film. When Cinema City started, I joined the film industry at Hong Kong film's most glorious period. When I reached assistant director and director, I caught up with the rampant piracy and financial crisis period. I once thought about giving up directing. Starting with BEAST STALKER (JING YUN) I started to understand what kind of movie I would feel the most sentimental about. I feel very honored that everyone liked to several films that followed."

Lam Chiu Yin also introduced his new film. "It will start production in November. It has been under preparation for a very long time. GUNG GUP GAU WOON will be a new breakthrough, a new challenge. I can certainly say to everyone, the effects will be several time more than OPERATION RED SEA. This film's special effects and scenes at sea are all first experience for us. I hope to be able to make a subject that no one has yet seen in Chinese film. The production is projected to wrap up by May next year, then proceed to 8 months of post production. It will be a new beginning, I hope it will be successful."

As for working for the fourth time with Eddie Peng Yu-Yan, the director gave him high praise. "Peng Yu-Yan worked very hard and was very professional, (Nick) Cheung Ka Fai too. They both were strong self control, actors who kept challenging their limits. I hope this time to show everyone a different Peng Yu-Yan." When asked when would Peng Yu-Yan win a Best Actor award, Lam Chiu Yin said, "Best Actor requires time, but I believe that he will. He has a lot of opportunities."