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Earlier Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin appeared on a television interview to talk about her third Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress nomination for her new film THE LADY IMPROPER (FEI FUN SHOOK NUI). Ah Sa said that the nomination was a huge encouragement. For her third nomination she was more at ease and at the same time she wanted to thank her SARA (CHOR GEI) producion team, which brought back her confidence for her to step out of her comfort circle and challenge even harder to play characters. In the film Ah Sa had a daring self pleasing scene in the bathroom. Would an attractive salary draw her to be more daring? Ah Sa admitted that salary would not affect her. At first she was unable to accept the nude scene as the script went even further. After communicating with the director they each took a step back. She stated that due to Simon Yam Tat Wa's influence she would like to support Hong Kong film more.

In LADY her character faced divorce and new romance. Ah Sa admitted that she had no fear of marriage but she would be even more cautious. From her own experience she learned that marriage was a promise that could not made childishly or impulsively. Both sides had to get to know each other before taking another step.


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Hong Kong Disneyland's latest Marvel attraction ANT-MAN AND THE WASP: NANO BATTLE! will open on March 31st. Aside from the film ANT-MAN AND THE WASP's stars Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly, Hong Kong artist Jessica Hester Hsuan (Suen Huen) will also play an all new Marvel character that is created for Hong Kong Disneyland's ANT-MAN AND THE WASP: NANO BATTLE! She is the Stark Tech Expo SHIELD science and technology hall's chief engineer Leslie Lam Lok Sze, an integral part of the attraction. To be able to interact with Ant-Man and the Wasp in the attraction and become a part of Marvel, Suen Huen said that it was like a dream come true. "I can't be happy! I can't be more excited! I can't be more honored! I am a Marvel fan."

Being able to become the first Hong Kong representative to play a Marvel character, Suen Hue stated that she was so nervous that she could not sleep. Suen Huen at the university studied material engineering, but never truly played an engineer character. Suen Huen said, "Being an engineer requires more than a degree, I worked hard to finish the university courses but I would never dream to play an engineer role in real life. In my past show business life I also never had the chance to play this type of character. This time being able to play Leslie, I feel like I have returned to my original track. In addition I worked with Marvel, which truly was a dream come true. Due to my training in school, the professional terms in the dialogue during the production were a piece of cake to me. I was able to fully immerse myself."


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Directors Pang Ho Cheung, Derek Tsang and Sunny Chan
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Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung, Pang Ho Cheung and Sunny Chan Wing Sun yesterday attended a Hong Kong International Film and Television Market forum, shared their directing experience and film's importance to them. Pang Ho Cheung said that at first he wanted to be an actor, but when he auditioned for the Performing Art Academy performance department he was not accepted. Later he heard that directors could have relationships with female stars and felt that he would be able to handle it. Thus he gave it a try. He and Chan Wing Sun suggested for everyone to observe everyday life more and find inspirations from it.

Tsang Kwok Cheung felt that directing was a lot of fun, like having a magic door it could reach different people. He said that currently he is busy with the post production on his new summer release and prepare for a movie about South Asians, which he hoped to start production at the end of the year.

Tsang Kwok Cheung said that he spent two years on research, examined the subject from many different angles and discovered many tragic cases. However he said that he would oppose to play himself in movies that he would direct, as he hoped to focus on directing.


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The 42 year old former child star Tang Yat Kwan has been out of show business for years. He once worked in the insurance industry. Earlier he opened a noodle shop in Yau Ma Tei. He worked with Louis Koo Tin Lok on TVB series like A RECIPE FOR THE HEART, BURNING FLAME and STEP INTO THE PAST, built a friendship as they kept in touch.

Goo Jai once said that he would visit the noodle shop when he had time. He was true to his word as two days ago he went to the noodle shop and fulfilled his promise. He tasted Tang Yat Kwan's noodles and curry fish balls.

Tang Yat Kwan posted their photo in front of the store on social media and everyone commended Goo Jai for keeping his promise.

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[2019.03.21] FOR THE WEEK ENDING MARCH 17 2019

For the week ending Sunday March 17 2019
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    d. Yamauchi Shigeyasu
    Japanese Animation
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 100 mins.
  Opening February 28 2019
  Teaser :

    This is a New "Saiyan" Story.

    Earth is at peace following the Tournament of Power. Goku, knowing that there are ever-stronger forces in the universe he has yet to encounter, spends all of his time training to achieve another level. One fateful day, a Saiyan appears before Goku and Vegeta who they have never seen before: Broly. How can a Saiyan – who had all supposedly been annihilated after the destruction of Planet Vegeta – appear on Earth? With the return of Frieza from hell, a fierce battle awaits these three Saiyans who have followed completely different destinies.

  Can : G Sat
    d. Lee Chuek Pan
    Hanna Chan, Chapman To Man Chak, Huang Lu, Kyle Li Yam Sun,
      Alan Luk Chun Kwong, Lam Sen, Griselda Yeung Cheuk Na
  Rating : III
  Length : 120 mins.
  Opening November 16 2018 at the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival
  Opening December 10 2018 (Advanced Screenings)
  Opening March 14 2019
  Trailer :

    When a human head is discovered, the paths of a female student, a cellist, an autistic teenager, a police officer, a prostitute, a teacher and a dog are found to be serendipitously entwined. Who caused the death? What is the motive? Where is the body? Attempts to answer these questions lead to keywords starting with the letter "G". As the case is peeled back layer by layer, the complexity and desperation of the people living in Hong Kong today are slowly uncovered, and a suspenseful multifarious Hong Kong story is revealed.

    The discovery of a human head ties a student, a cellist, an autistic teenager, a police officer, a prostitute, a teacher and a dog together in this ensemble mystery.

    d. Nadine Labaki
    Zain Al Rafeea, Yordanos Shiferaw, Boluwatife Treasure Bankole

    d. Kyohei Yamaguchi
    Sou Okuno, Atsuhiro Inukai, Gaku Oshida, Shieri Ohata,
      Keisuke Watanabe, Eiji Akaso, Kaho Takada, Kouhei Takeda,
      Kensei Mikami, Shunsuke Daito, Takeru Satoh,
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 100 mins.
  Opening March 14 2019
  Trailer :

    Something happens in the world which Sougo Tokiwa and Sento Kiryu lived in. Their companions are losing their memory one after the other as they are replaced by other people.

    The Super Time Jacker, Tid, appears. He orders Another Den-O and Another W to attack a boy called Shingo. During the fight of protecting Shingo, Sougo meets Ataru, a young man who loves Kamen Rider. Although Sougo saves Shingo, they are told by Ataru that "Kamen Rider doesn't exist in the reality." Why did he say so?

    And at the same time, Sento is brainwashed and manipulated by Tid...

    When and why Kamen Rider become fictional character? In order to find out the answer, Sougo and Sento follow Tid and arrive Kurougatake Ruins, the birthplace of the first Heisei Era Rider...

    d. Mimi Leder
    Felicity Jones, Armie Hammer

    d. Peter Farrelly
    Viggo Mortensen, Mahershala Ali, Linda Cardellini

 Can : Yut Mun Ding Ching
    d. Frankie Chen Yu-Shan
    Darren Wang, Jelly Lin Yun, Louis, Christopher Lee
 Rating : I
 Length : 122 mins.
 Opening February 14 2019
 Trailer :

    Adapted from Japanese manga series "Itazura na Kiss", which tells of a teenage girl who falls in love with her fellow senior since their first day of high school but does not tell him about it at first. When an earthquake destroys her house, she and her father move into the house of her father's college buddy, who happens to be the father of the boy she loves.

    d. Christopher Landon
    Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Phi Vu

    d. Adam Robitel
    Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Jay Ellis

    d. Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck
    Brie Lawson, Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Jude Law,
      Annette Bening, Lashana Lynch, Clark Gregg, Gemma Chan,
      Djimon Hounsou, Lee Pace,


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Active in the 80s and the 90s, foreign action actor Eddie Maher earlier passed away from heart disease. He participated in films like YES, MADAM (WONG GA SI JEH), MAD MAD GHOST (GWAI DAI GWAI JI WONG GUM DOH SI) and MR. MUMBLE (MAN BO), and was the personal fitness trainer for Jackie Chan, Simon Yam Tat Wa and Donnie Yen Chi Tan. Eddie was active in the combat sports and won many international championships.

After the news of Eddie's passing spread, many friends remembered him on social media. Fellow foreign action actor Mark Houghton said that Eddie was like family to him and wish for him to rest in peace; Yam Tat Wa said that Eddie was very passionate about film and sports, but in recent years they had very little contact. His passing was very regrettable.


Steven Ma supports Elaine Lok at the Shaw showcase
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Steven Ma Chun Wai appeared at the Hong Kong International Film and Television Market as a director and a producer and felt very special and different. He attended for his first film TILL WE MEET AGAIN (SUN CHIN YEUK SEI HAU) as a director, screenwriter, actor and other identities. Ma Jai joked that he was already used to being a performing artist with multiple identities and enjoyed it. He was very happy to distribute his work around the world and introduced to it at the event.

Ma Jai then went to the Shaw's stall and met with Ms. Lok to show his support. He also saw many friends as everyone was giving their all to support Filmart. He also met many exhibitors and buyers. Ma Jai said that some of them have already seen TILL WE MEET AGAIN and hoped that they would be able to distribute it nationally and overseas. He was very grateful for their enthusiastic response and would give his all to the production, which was slated for a November release in Hong Kong. Ma Jai said that currently he is working on several film scripts that are almost finished.


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The Andy Lau Tak Wa produced and starred film FIND YOUR VOICE (YIT HUET HUP CHEUNG TUEN) yesterday held a Hong Kong International Film and Television Market press conference. Wa Jai led the choir members Ng Wing Sze, Ashley Lam Kae Ning, Wong Chi Hin, Keefe Ng Cheuk Hung, Yiu Hok Chi, Wong Ka Wai and actors Michael Kwan Lai Kit, Rachel Lee Lai Chun, Hugo Goh (Ng Doi Yung), Tse Kwan Ho, Vincent Wan Yeung Ming, Lowell Lo Koon Ting, Mark Lui Chung Tak and director Adrian Kwan Shun Fai in attendance. New actor Wong Chi Hin in the film had to chase Wa Jai. Wa Jai saw that he could not hit him no matter what and encouraged him to just punch him. Wa Jai stated that because he was not young anymore he could not run so many times.

A video of Wa Jai's surprise set visit was shown. In the film Wa Jai performed UNDER THE LION ROCK. In addition, some choir members saw Wa Jai and were so happy that they cried.

Wa Jai said that two years ago after the flm was finished he fell off a horse. Because at the time the post production has not yet started and he did not want to be a producer in name only, he started post production after his hospital release in March last year and the film was postponed from last year to this year. In the film Wa Jai played a music conductor. He said that he was a conductor as well. "This time I led a group of newcomers. Because some of them had school the next day after the shoot, sometimes I would want them to finish earlier and go home to rest. However the director insisted on shooting ours first."

Playing Lee Lai Chun's son, Wong Chi Hin revealed that in one scene he had to chase Wa Jai. When rehearsing the scene with the assistant director and he accidentally hit him. Thus during the shoot he had a lot of pressure. Wa Jai said, "The scene was shot on the streets. Because during the shoot he could not hit me no matter what, I said don't worry, just punch me. I am not young anymore, I can't run so many times."

Kwan Lai Kit and Lee Lai Chun played a couple in the film. As a driver Kwan Lai Kit revealed that in the film he often abused Chun Mui. Chun Mui revealed that two years ago the shoot happened at her unhappiest (her break up with Calvin Poon Yuen Leung), in addition Kwan Lai Kit filled her with tears. During the shoot she released all of her emotions and mixed reality with the mood in the film, which she did not expect. Chun Mui said that in one scene Kwan Lai Kit tossed furniture. At the time she was very afraid and looked for places to hide. Did she calm down after the shoot? She said, "Normally I would have a lot of fun when I went out. After the argument scene Kwan Lai Kit and I would look at each other and smile, but for the ones with just the camera, recovering from the emotions was a little harder." Kwan Lai Kit pointed out that Chun Mui was catching her breath after the emotional scenes. Chun Mui admitted that during the shoot she was pretty upset. Which scene upset her in the film, the ones with the child or the man? She said, "A little bit of everything, looking back at the time I was just having a release in front of the camera. I am not thinking about it anymore. It's gone now, it's in the past."


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Alex Fong Chung Shun and Patrick Tam both have March birthdays, but Alex is upset that his daughter does not put any thought into his gift
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Alex Fong Chung Shun, Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Justin Cheung Kin Sing, Jeana Ho Pui Yu and Himmy Wong Ting Him yesterday attended their film THE ATTORNEY (YUT CUP JUI HUNG)'s Hong Kong International Film and Television Market press conference. In the film Fong Chung Shun and Ah Tam would play lawyers at court. Having worked with each other many times they were very friendly off scream and both have birthdays in March.

Speaking of working together again, Ah Tam said that Fong Chung Shun since having a child turned from being cool and chok before to easy going and friendly. Ah Tam also revealed that they worked together on PTU and Fong even ironed his hat for him. He thought Fong was very interesting and an aestheticist. Fong Chung Shun pointed out that Ah Tam was introverted and warmed up to people slowly.

Turning 50 two days ago (on the 19th), Ah Tam revealed that after work that day he returned home to cut the cake. Earlier his family took him to a buffet. His children drew birthday cards for him and he felt very happy. Although he officially "entered 5", Ah Tam fearlessly said, "Men at 50 are like flowers."

With his birthday on the 17th, Fong Chung Shun said that he celebrated his 56th birthday with his family at dinner. Earlier Fat Soh very thoughtfully bought a birthday cake to celebrate in advance. What did his daughter give him? He complained that his ten year old daughter would not put any thought into her gift and would give the standard every year. "Every year she just draws a picture, with the words Happy Birthday and a drawing of the car brand that I like as a gift. (Did you forget to get her any money?) I gave and it was still like this, I didn't even get a kiss." Ah Tam said that his 8 year old daughter kissed him and would not let go. Fong Chung Shun said that he felt very hurt just from hearing that, but he did not dare to kiss his daughter because he was afraid that frightening her into not liking guys. Although he thought her gift was standard, he joked that it was better than giving him a grandson. Then he would be terrified.


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Cecilia Yip, Deep Ng and Charlene Choi attend THE LADY IMPROPER event
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Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin, Cecilia Yip Tung and director Tsang Tsui Shan yesterday attended their film THE LADY IMPROPER (FEI FUN SHOOK NUI)'s school event. Yip Tung praised Ah Sa's great performance as she could toss away her pretty girl baggage. In addition she gave a very solid performance of this character. The character could be played very superficially but Ah Sa controlled it very well. Ah Sa joked, "Because I am not a pretty girl."


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Aaron Kwok
Karena Lam
Isabella Leong
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Karena Lam Ka Yun, Isabella Leong Lok Si, Korean artist Doona Bae, Juno Mak Chun Lung and others last night attended an event. Leong Lok Si due to an eye ailment had to wear sunglasses. She revealed that due to a left eye infection she would have a small operation on Friday. Now she would keep blinking, luckily her work has not been affected. Her co-production film has been slated for a May production start.

As Louis Koo Tin Lok prepared to invest on the production of STORM CLOUD (FUNG WON), Kwok Fu Sing's manager Siu Mei admitted that they have been contacted. Sing Sing said that he would decide depending on the script and would very gladly work with any actor.


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Elaine Lok invites Joe Ma, Louis Koo and producer Andrew Lau to talk about the LINE WALKER 2 production
Three Best Actor Louis Koo, Francis Ng and Nick Cheung
Alex Fong Lik Sun looks foward to more action roles
Jennifer Yu says kissing Ron Ng is like a dream
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Shaw Brothers yesterday held its project showcase at the Hong Kong International Film and Television Market. Shaw Brothers' executive director Elaine Lok Yi Ling, Wong Jing, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Wong Cho Lam, Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Joe Ma Tak Chung, Bosco Wong Chung Chak, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei and others attended. Lok Yi Ling said that this year Shaw would enter its 61st year and continue to bring together filmmakers new and old to make good movies. She hoped that everyone would not forget where they came from.

Shaw Brothers showed footage from two major productions LINE WALKER 2 (SI TOH HUNG JEH DIP YING HUNG DONG) and FLYING TIGER II (FEI FU ji LUI TING GIK JIN), as well as announcing the production of three web seres as the company invited the teams to share their experience on stage.

Elaine Lok Yi Ling said that this year Shaw would enter its 61st year and continue to bring together filmmakers new and old to make good movies. She hoped that everyone would not forget where they came from. She was the most touched when earlier Aaron Kwok Fu Sing said that he made I'M LIVIN' IT because it was a Hong Kong film. He spoke for filmmakers' passion and love for Hong Kong film. After she heard it she saluted.

LINE WALKER had many scenes from Spain and Myanmar. Producer Lau Wai Keung revealed that Myanmar opened up for a foreign film production for the first time. Shooting the Running of the Bulls in Spain was also full of difficulties. He and Ms. Lok invited Koo Tin Lok to the stage and kept thanking him. Lau Wai Keung said that the film was only completed after Goo Jai became the Best Actor, because the film secretly had to have three Best Actor Koo Tin Lok, Cheung Ka Fai and Ng Chun Yu in order to start production. Web drama FLYING TIGER II's actors Bosco Wong Chung Chak, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, Jennifer Yu Heung Yi, Jacky Cai Jie said that they received orders from above not to spoil the film. Only Sam Gor Michael Miu Kiu Wai said that he got a promotion in the show.

Producer Cha Chuen Yi complained about how difficult applying for explosion scenes was. "Requiring application is very reasonable, but the approval is very tricky. On one hand the police public relations department already gave approval, but the district did not. I hope the authorities would take a look and give filmmakers a little less restriction."

Shaw Brothers aside from its own production would also work with Wong Jing, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Wong Cho Lam's companies and at the same time announced that Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui would be its first acting executive officer. It would form the "Show 8" internet interactive platform to provide acting training to newcomers who are interested in show business.

In the FLYING TIGER promotional film Yu Heung Yi forced a kiss on Ng Cheuk Hei. He explained that in the series he and Yu grew up together but he liked Cai Jie, while Yu Heung Yi liked him. Yu Heung Yi said that kissing him felt like a dream because she grew up watching him in THE ACADEMY. Ng Cheuk Hei reacted, "Our age are pretty close, that's exactly what I don't want to hear. I don't dare to say that to Sam Gor. I just watched THE FEARLESS DUO, I wouldn't say that I watched it when I was little." Wong Chung Chak helped his friend in condemning Yu Heung Yi for the "lack of culture". "We are at fault for not teaching her, maybe she doesn't even have any idea who Sam Gor is." Wong Chung Chak reportedly bought four homes in Malaysia. He clarified, "I was just at a meeting there and happened to look at the property. I haven't bought anything yet as I am still considering them. Ma taught me that buying bricks is the most stable." Wong Chung Chak revealed that he already have properties in Malaysia, the Mainland and Hong Kong, mainly for investment and rental.

Yu Heung Yi and Cai Jie in the film had kiss scenes with Ng Cheuk Hei. Yu Heung Yi said that actually she forced a kiss on him and thought that it was like a dream, because she grew up watching him in THE ACADEMY. She never thought that now she could kiss him. Aside from the intimate scene, Yu Heung Yi also fired a gun for the first time. Unfortunately she did not put cotton balls in her eyes to protect them, thus after the shot her ears were ringing and she needed a month to recover. Cai Jai said that she was very nervous so before firing the gun she filled her ears with cotton. She was very happy that this character would not be as dark as her previous ones, and would have a romance.

"Television Best Actor" Ma Tak Chung was honored to work with three Best Actors Louis Koo Tin Lok, Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Francis Ng Chun Yu in LINE WALKER (SI TOH HUNG JEH). Playing the police commissioner was a dream come true for him. He hoped to have the chance to develop in film and to take part in FLYING TIGERS III. Would his son Ma Choi Yeung also join Shaw? Ma Tak Chung said that he was only helping him field jobs for now. Because his son has not finished his education, he would only return to Hong Kong for work. Speaking of Hong Kong swimming athlete Kenneth To King Him's collapse after training in the U.S., Ma Tak Chung hoped that everyone would pay more attention to sport injuries. He said that his son was a swimmer too and once trained with To King Him in Australia. He thought To was very strong. He hoped everyone should have scheduled check up and pay attention to their health.

Officially signing with Shaw earlier, Fong Lik Sun also showed his support. He said that after working on I LOVE YOU, YOU'RE PERFECT, NOW CHANGE! (NEI MAI LEI, NGOR OI NEI!) he talked with Ms. Lok again. He felt that in the past few years he took jobs on his own without a manager, which felt like that he did not have a home in Hong Kong. Many people saw that he was teaching swimming and holding art exhibits and thought that he changed jobs. He said, "Actually acting is my real career, teaching swimming is just an interest." Did he sign with Shaw for an astronomical price? Siu Fong said that he was no longer young and would not sign for more than 5 years. He did not negotiate the price either because he and Ms. Lok got along very well. "I am not in need of money, the most important is opportunity. The contract has no special demand. We are about trust. I hope to have a chance to work on action films, I hope to have a part in FLYING TIGER III." Siu Fong said that in the past the audience knew him from romantic films. He hoped to try other characters to show people his growth.