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Kevin Cheng Ka Wing joins the "STORM" film series and works with Louis Koo Tin Lok in their new film THE L STORM (L FUNG BO). The first time they meet he has to interrogate him. However, the director changes the script at the last minute. Ka Wing says that he cannot disappoint as he put all his brain power on going over the script. "On the first day of working with Goo Jai I of course can't disappoint, so I tell myself I would rather die than have a bad time! The director increases the difficulties and wants to shoot two scenes at once. Thus all the lines are changed. I of course have to memorize them immediately. Luckily in the end I don't have any bad take. It is very exciting!" Goo Jai has worked with his other co-star in the film, Julian Cheung Chi Lam. Many scenes are done with just one take. Chilam says that it is their chemistry is a culmination of their years of friendship.

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Winning the New York Asian Film Festival Rising Star of Asia award, Stephy Tang Lai Yun yesterday attended a butterfly preservation event as its ambassador. Earlier she was rumored to be dating with Prince Chiu Sheng Yi, six year her junior, Stephy admitted that they were seeing each other and she wanted to keep her love life low key for them to have space to develop.

When reporters congratulated Stephy on her relationship, she said, "Congratulate me on my award first. I want my love life to be low key. According to my past experience, a relationship is a matter between two people. Yet because of this business it became very transparent. I want to be low key because I want to protect the relationship, give us a little room to develop." Stephy said that she and Prince have known each other for years because they used to be with the same record company. As for how they got together, Stephy said that a friend introduced them at dinner. Would she mind that people would call her a cougar? She said, "I haven't really think about it. It's 2018 now, people are highly tolerant." Would she constantly have to commute between Hong Kong and Taiwan? Stephy said that she often had to fly anyway, for example she just came back from New York. She hoped everyone would give her space. Stephy seemed to be much sweeter in love, she said, "Today it's raining and very wet." Would Prince come to Hong Kong to celebrate with Stephy? She said that her boyfriend already congratulated her, but he might not come because he was busy with work. She also joked that the questions from the reporters made her hot.

With the film THE EMPTY HAND (HUNG SAU DOH), Stephy became the first Hong Kong actor to receive the New York Asian Film Festival Rising Star of Asia. She admitted that she was both happy and nervous. "Because I had to go to a strange place. However as the first Hong Kong artist to win the award, I thought it was very meaningful." Stephy said that the film's director asked her to be careful and take care of the award, not to drop and break it. She said, "This award is very important to me because many poeple there like this film and encourage me to play more different characters. I prepared an English speech out of respect for the event."

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The Joe Ma Wai Ho and Liu Yuen Hung produced, Sunny Chan Wing Sun directed, Francis Ng Chun Yu, Poon Chan Leung, Ken Wong Tak Bun, Tony Wu Tsz Tung, Nancy Wu Ting Yan and Jennifer Yu Heung Yi starred Dragon Boat movie MEN ON THE DRAGON (YIK LAU DAI SHOOK) will open on August 2nd. Director Chan Wing Sun earlier with Jennifer represented MEN ON THE DRAGON at the New York Asian Film Festival. The film also held its global premiere there to a full house. The audience response was decent as the film was praised for being realistic, inspirational and relatable.

MEN ON THE DRAGON was the only Hong Kong film in competition at this year's New York Asian Film Festival. Chan Wing Sun said, "When I learned the news I was surprised, but after the premiere earlier I saw how great the audience response was. I finally relaxed and the film's Hong Kong release next month also got a shot of confidence."

Jennifer was very happy to see the decent audience response after the screening as they shared many opinions about the film. She said, "Maybe the audience related to the movie a lot, everyone was very enthusiastic at the question and answer segment after the screening." Jennifer also admitted it was her first time watching MEN ON THE DRAGON as well and the movie moved her as well.


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The Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Wong Jing and Connie Wong Nga Lam produced, Kam Ka Wai directed BIG BROTHER (DAI SI HING) will open on August 16th in Hong Kong. The cast included Yen Chi Tan, Joe Chen Chiao-En, Bruce Tong Kwan Chi, Chris Tong Kwan Yiu, Gladys Li Ching Kwan, Gordon Lau Chiu Kin, Chaney Lin (Lam Chau Nam), Yun Qianqian, and others. This film mixed school and kung fu action elements, a rare film about school in recent years. In one scene Chi Tan in order to save a student from the mob's control had to fight MMA masters, one of them was the famous Jess "The Joker" Liaudin. The film's action director Kenji Tanigaki has been Chi Yen's collaborator for a long time. Kenji Tanigaki is also the only Japanese action director in Hong Kong.

Producer Wong Jing said that the concepts of the action scene was very difficult, "This is a positive movie, not everyone is fighting at school. Each stunt has to make sense, not very hawkish type. Thus every stunt's difficult is very high." Chi Tan asked for the action scene not to fight for the sake of fighting as he focused more on the overall story development.

Chi Tan said that when he was little he was very mischievous, exactly like the "problem students" in the film. Later after he became a parent, he paid a lot of attention to his children's family education. "I would understand in depth some pressure that students face everyday, homework, mental, education system and others. Everyone in the world would face school problems. I hope through my movie I can bring out some topics for everyone to examine."


Michelle Wai turns around and runs when she sees Fama
Tats Lau gets extra cocky with all the girls around him
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Fama's C Kwan and Lok Wing both have scenes with Michelle Wai in the film
Eddie Cheung went to the World Cup to support the English team
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Eddie Cheung Siu Fai, Fama, Michelle Wai Sze Nga, Tats Lau Yi Tat, Chin Siu Ho, Chan Ka Kai, Barbie Liu (Ha Wai Yu) and new comer Lo Ho Yu two days ago attended the film SIU LUM JI (LAUGHTER FOREST TEMPLE)'s production start ceremony. Guest star Brother Fai said that this time he would play a cop yet again. Before the shoot he asked the director whether he would play a funny cop or an actual cop. The director said that he would not need to be funny because the cast also had Fama and Lau Yi Tat. Earlier he shot scenes with Lau Yi Tat. Did he have a tough time with holding back his laughter? He said, "No, in that scene we had very normal dialogue, but maybe because of that it would turn out to be funny."

Fama revealed that they had their best pay day in their film history with this film. They said, "Because our film salary has always been too low, when someone pays this salary it proves that we are worth this price. We seem to have improved, a long time ago we paid to make a movie. (Back then were you fighting for fame and was willing to even pay to mak a movie?) It was for interest and for art." In the film they would play Lau Yi Tat's disciples. They said that the collaboration has been very pleasant. Were they able to follow Brother Tat's lines? They joked, "Of course not, because even he couldn't follow his own lines."

Wai Sze Nga said that she was scared all night after learning that she would have scenes with Fama. Originally they had scenes to shoot two days ago, but the script was changed last minute. She admitted that she was afraid that she would not be able to keep from laughing. "They think too fast on their feet, so I am afraid that I won't be able to follow. Normally at events when I see them I would have to avoid them, because they always verbally prank me. I really am no match for them, as I am both afraid and anxious about Fama." She also revealed that in the film she would play a couple with Lok Wing but they would not have any kiss scene. She would also have a very sharp look that would be very grotesque, full of zits, freckles, buckteeth, and glasses. Fama said that she looked better than normal. She was very excited after the costume fitting and she would not mind playing ugly.

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[2018.07.12] FOR THE WEEK ENDING JULY 8 2018

For the week ending Sunday July 8 2018
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    d. Drew Pearce
    Jodie Foster, Sterling K. Brown, Sofia Boutella,
      Jeff Goldblum, Brian Tyree Henry, Jenny Slate,
      Zachary Quinto, Charlie Day, Dave Bautista,

  Can : Ji Jeuk Yu Dim Joi Oi Nei
  Lit : Through the Raindrops Love You Again
    d. Lee Jang-hoon
    So Ji-sub, Son Ye-jin, Kim Ji-hwan
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 132 mins.
  Opening June 28 2018 (Advanced Screenings)
  Trailer :

    Along with his young son, Ji-ho, Woo-jin misses his wife Soo-a, who died after promising to return a year later with the rainy season. Miraculously, they reunite with Soo-a when the rainy season comes around, but she has no memory of her husband and son whom she dearly loved.

    d. Steven C. Miller
    Sylvester Stallone, Dave Bautista, Huang Xiaoming

  7 OCEAN'S 8
    d. Gary Ross
    Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling,
      Sarah Paulson, Helena Bonham Carter, Awkwafina, Rihanna

    d. Jeff Wadlow
    Lucy Hale, Tyler Posey, Violett Beane,
      Hayden Szto, Landon Liboiron

  Can : Siu Tau Ga Jeuk
  Lit : Petty Theif Clan
    d. Hirokazu Koreeda
    Lily Franky, Ando Sakura, Matsuoka Mayu,
      Kiki Kilin, Kairi Jyo, Sasaki Miyu
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 121 mins.
  Opening July 5 2018 (Advanced Screenings)
  Trailer :

    After one of their shoplifting sessions, Osamu and his son come across a little girl in the freezing cold. At first reluctant to shelter the girl, Osamu's wife agrees to take care of her after learning of the hardships she faces. Although the family is poor, barely making enough money to survive through petty crime, they seem to live happily together until an unforeseen incident reveals hidden secrets, shaking the bonds that unite them... Winner of Cannes Palm d’OR, Kore-eda reaffirms himself as one of the world's best auteurs with this heartbreaking drama about a different kind of crime family.

  Can : Dai Lo Hor Yi Tui For Ma?
  Lit : Can Big Brother Be Returned?
    d. Witthaya Thongyooyong
    Sunny Suwanmethanont, Nichkhun Horvejkul, Yaya (Urassaya Sperbund)
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 123 mins.
  Opening June 21 2018
  Trailer :

    Ever since they were kids until now, Chut and Jane have fought over everything. It’s all because Jane acts more like his mother than his sister and Chut likes to make himself a burden instead of being an older brother. The only time Chut acts like an older brother is when someone shows interest in Jane. Chut will bully her admirers into leaving her alone and considers this as pay back. This is the reason why Jane has to keep her relationship with Moji, her perfect half-Japanese boyfriend, a secret from Chut. Jane doesn't want her relationship to be destroyed at the hands of Chut, like every other one before. However, love isn't something to be kept a secret, and in the end, Chut finds out about Jane and Moji's secret relationship. A great brother like Chut will do everything in his power to put a stop to anything that makes his little sister happy! A romantic comedy by the production team of BAD GENIUS, it surpassed the gross box office of BAD GENIUS in only 1 week in Thailand.

    d. Charles Stone III
    Kyrie Irving, Lil Rel Howery, Shaquille O'Neal, Chris Webber,
      Reggie Miller, Nate Robinson, Lisa Leslie, Erica Ash, JB Smoov,
      Mike Epps, Tiffany Haddish, Nick Kroll

    d. J.A. Bayona
    Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris Pratt

    d. Peyton Reed
    Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Pena,
      Walter Goggins, Hannah John-Kamen,
      Michelle Pfeiffer, Laurence Fishburn, Michael Douglas,


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Mainland martial artist Ji Chunhua who excelled in playing villains yesterday passed away in Hengzhou. Three months ago he saw a doctor for back pain and was confirmed to have terminal lung cancer. Ji Chunhua once was a Zhejiang province wushu team member. In the 80s he caught director Chang Hsin Yen's eyes for SHAOLIN TEMPLE. In the film he had many action scenes with film star Jet Li (Lee Nin Kt), made a name for himself and thus was known as "Vulture". Later he participated in the Zhang Yimou film REG SORGHUM as "Pu Sanbao" and became a gold label villain martial art actor. Over 30 years he made many films like FONG SAI YUK II and the Wong Jing directed THE NEW LEGEND OF SHAOLIN. In recent years he made the jump to television. In 2015 he worked on the Mainland series WU DI TIE QIAO SAN with Kara Wai Ying Hung.

Ji Chunhua once said that his wife and daughter were in Canada and that his daughter liked to study martial art. After Ji Chunhua's passing, Ken Ho Ka King and Vincent Zhao Wenzhou all remembered him online. Filmmaker Tsui Siu Ming even revealed, "Character actor Vulture -- Ji Chunhua passed away yesterday. We have known each other for a very long time. In the early 80s I met him when he came to Hong Kong to promote SHAOLIN TEMPLE with Lee Nin Kit. We saw each other again last year, which I never expected to be our last!"

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[2018.07.11] FOR THE WEEK STARTING JULY 7 2018

For the week starting July 7 2018

  Can : Hung Bo Ching Yun
  Alfred Hui Ting Hung

  Can : Mo Han Dai
  Jason Chan Pak Yu

  Can : Lau Shui Lok Fa
  Hinry Lau Cheuk Hin

12 US
  Can : Ngor Moon
  Eason Chan Yik Shun

  Can : Oi Liu Hung Gau Dik Pung Yau
  Hebe Tien (Tin Fok Yun)

  Can : Hak Choi Hung
  Joyce Cheng Yun Yi

  Can : Tam Luen
  Jane Zhang Liangying

  Can : Yeung Guong Choi Hung Siu Bak Ma
  Wowkie Zhang (Dai Cheung Wai)

  Wu Ching Feng feat. 9m88

  Can : Buk Oi Ngor Jau Lai Doh
  Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun)

  Can : Si Doi Dik Biu Gei
  Wang Feng

  Can : Ping Fan Dik Yut Tin
  Mao Buyi (Mo Buk Yi)

  Can : Mor Tin Dai Lau
  Joker Xue (Sit Ji Him)

  Can : Bit Fai Wa
  Tia Ray (Yuan Ya Wei)

  Can : Fei Won Ji Ha
  Han Hong, JJ Lin (Lam Chun Kit)


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Ng Siu Hin two nights ago on the set of his film with his manager Ronnie, Tony Wu Tsz Tung, Sabrina Cheung Man Sha, Locker Lam Ka Hei and his on screen family Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin, Candy Man Suet Yi, Alex Cheung Kwok Ming, director Patrick Leung Pak Kin, producer Amy Chin Siu Wai celebrated his 25th birthday. Ng Siu Hin even quoted his favorite director Wong Kar Wai, "Age 20 is too young; age 25 is the golden age, it is the most exciting time." to welcome his 25th birthday, thanked everyone who has struggled with him and he benefited from a lot.

Two nights ago at midnight, friends Tsz Tung, Sabrina, Locker suddenly appeared to surprised Hin Jai, who was preparing for work. The team also prepared a cake to celebrate with the birthday boy. Hin Jai was surprised. "I never thought that they would appear suddenly, just as the team broke for late night snack. I thought my manager would ask me to go out and eat, as soon as I came out I saw everyone -- with my on and off screen families all at once. I couldn't get everyone together even if I planned it, so I was very happy. Tonight had no soccer match, so everyone had ample time!" Everyone even the birthday song in both Chinese and English to him. He said that this year his birthday was particularly cheerful, with enough feet to play for the World Cup.


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The Hong Kong Art Center cinema that is used to recommend films of excellence tomorrow will officially be named the "Louis Koo Cinema" and screened the most anticipated film this year, MEN ON THE DRAGON (YIK LAU DAI SHOOK).

Louis Koo Tin Lok has made many contributions to Hong Kong film since his career began. Early on he participated in many classic series and films and shaped many classic characters. Later, Koo Tin Lok focused on his film career, often appeared on the silver screen and was popular with the public. Four years ago he founded the One Cool Film productions and in a year invested at least 8 films like the hit film WILD CITY (MAI SING) and SPL 2 (SAT POR LONG 2), most were films with high box office and high word of mouth. Recently he reached an agreement with the Hong Kong Art Center to conduct the "Hong Kong Good Movies" screening activities for the next three years, films would included the new generation of Hong Kong directors' work and classic films, to support Hong Kong film development.

Koo Tin Lok said, "Over the years in the film industry, I have seen many sincere domestic films that had difficulty with release opportunities. I kept thinking, how could these films have any way to be pushed to the silver screens? By chance the Hong Kong Art Center and I were able to collaborate this time, I hope everyone would support 'Hong Kong Good Movies'".


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Carlos Chan, Michelle Wai
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Carlos Chan Ka Lok and Michelle Wai Sz Nga yesterday attended a fashion store event. They also DJ'ed with DJ Yin. Ka Lok also used neon light to make a heart and cheered on students who just finished the Diploma of Secondary Education Examination. They worked together on a car chase scene for the first time. Ka Lok overcame his car crush fear as Sze Nga praised his driving skills, but the scene was so thrilling that she was very afraid! Sze Nga drove the drunk Ka Lok home. Ka Lok said that it was the first time a girl gave him a ride home and his mother made fun of him.

Chan Ka Lok said that he liked to play soccer and run, Sze Nga liked to hike and swim. However they have been busy lately with the film THE WHITE STORM 2 (SO DUK 2) so they did not have time to exercise. Ka Lok said that he came to the event after work stopped at 6AM. At night he would have night shift. "It's not tough, my adrenaline rose because I was able to work with two idols, (Andy) Lau Tak Wa and (Louis) Koo Tin Lok."

Sze Nga said that this was one of the reasons that they were able to stay awake. She also revealed that two nights ago they worked on their first car chase. At the time Ka Lok drove and she sat next to him. How was Ka Lok's driving? Sze Nga said, "His driving is really good, after the shoot director (Herman) Yau Lai To praised him too. He was very close to the cars, like a second away from crashing. I kept saying I was very, very scared. He instead said that my driving was bad." Sze Nga explained that earlier she, Ka Lok and a group of colleagues went on a boat ride. However Ka Lok was drunk halfway, so she drove him home. However Ka Lok had to give her directions even when he was nauseous. Ka Lok said that because the car was his and Sze Nga was not familiar with the roads. In addition it was the first time a girl rode him home. Sze Nga said that later she took a taxi home, and Mommy joked that this was love. She also revealed that originally she wanted to ask the director for her to drive in the film, but after one take she gave up because as soon as they drove it was already at 100 mph. Ka Lok earlier had a car accident. Did the car chase scene bring up any bad memory? He said, "I wasn't driving that time, so no." He also revealed that later they would have even more gun fight and car chase scenes, as the shoot would go on until August.

Sze Nga said that after ten years in the business she worked with Ka Lok for the first time on a movie. In the second half of the year they would see each other everyday. Ka Lok was already single again, would anything come from that? Sze Nga had reservations. "When I met Ka Lok he was single, even if we made up rumors ourselves no one would believe them. Now we have 'Sze Ka romance'." Ka Lok told everyone to wait and see.


Jonathan Wong, Lam Yiu Sing, Eugene Tang, Ng Hok Him
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Anthony Chan, Alan Tam, Kenny Bee, Bennett Pang, Yip Chi Keung
Jonathan Wong, Bennett Pang, Anthony Chan, Yip Chi Keung, Eugene Tang and Lam Yiu Sing perform Wynners hits
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The film HOUSE OF THE RISING SONS (HING DAI BAN) two nights ago held its premiere. The "Wynners Five Tigers" Alan Tam Wing Lun, Kenny Bee (Chung Chun To), Anthony Chan Yau, Bennett Pang Kin Sun and Yip Chi Keung and the new generation "Wynners" Lam Yiu Sing, Eugene Tang Ka Lok, Ng Hok Him and co-stars Jonathan Wong Chee Hynn, Chin Siu Ho, Liu Kai Chi attended. The new and old Wynners played games. The Wynners even revealed that when they worked on a movie with John Woo (Ng Yu Sum), the hot and humid climate frustrated them. When Chan Yau accidentally stabbed Yip Chi Keung in the nostril, Ah Keung slapped Chan Yau. Alan cracked up, "Ah Keung really can fight, even if it's fake, because he is a Ip Man descendant. His last name is also Yip."

The film was selected for the 17th New York Asian Film Festival. Director Chan Yau was also invited to attend. He said that the trip was very beneficial because professional film critic called the film one of the seven must see films among 58 Asian films of excellence in the past decade. Chan Yau was asked why the Wynners switched from rock and roll to pop music, later even gave up rock and roll for Cantopop. He quoted their then manager, 'rock and roll will never die, but will be very hungry!' He also pointed out that another film critic asked him although the film was made with a lot of passion it was full of commercially designed elements. Chan Yau again explained, 'I didn't make up the screenplay, it was completely the story of our brotherhood. It only took two years to put together, both the passion and the commercial are the story of brotherhood."

Chan Yau even said that after the film festival the Wynners got together to promote it in the Mainland. He never thought that the Mainland audience would like the Hong Kong film that was full of Hong Kong nostalgia. Speaking of Ah Keung's birthday on the 16th, no one had any reaction. Ah Keung could only say, "It's not so soon yet, everyone go and see this movie. Then you would know about our brotherhood!" Kin Jai joked, "You see, no one knows about your birthday, how brother like is that!" Ah B also joked, "We only see you twice in five years, that's about the likes of it!"

New Wynner Lam Yiu Sing said that it was the first time he would see the movie so he was very nervous. Tang Ka Lok's parents came from Canada for the premiere. Ng Hok Him saw a screening earlier and was pleased with his own performance. Playing a mix of Nat Chan Pak Cheung and his brother, Wong Chee Hynn did not find out that the Ah Lek founded Loosers was the predecessor to the Wynners until the performance. He felt that this shoot was very passionate and moving. Several new actors were together day and night for four months of location shoot in Foshan. They played as a band and trained for the fight scene together and turned from strangers to brothers. Thus they thought about forming a band. Wong Chee Hynn suggested for them to form a super boy band with the Wynners because several of the new comers came from boy bands.

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The comedy HOUSE OF THE RISING SONS (HING DAI BAN) that was based on the rise of the music legend "The Wynners" two days ago held its premiere in Guangzhou. Sil-Metropole chief Chan Yat Kei, director Anthony Chan Yau, producer Catherine Hun Ka Chun, "the Wynners" Alan Tam Wing Lun, Kenny Bee (Chung Chun To), Chan Yau, Bennett Pang Kin Sun and Yip Chi Keung and "Little Wynners" Carlos Chan Ka Lok, Tan Yu Tian, Jonathan Wong Chee-Hynn and Eugene Tang Ka Lok appeared.

Director Chan Yau shared that his original intention was to record the story of their friendship. He felt, "Actually our story is similar to young people's now. I also hope this film would be able to bring everyone some revelation." Later they played games with the audience. Fans presented gifts. Chan Yat Kei presented banners, Chan Ka Lok, Tan Yu Tian, Wong Chee Hynn and Tang Ka Lok presented cake to wish for the Wynners' Spirit to endure forever.

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No subject matter is off limits for Dayo Wong
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Dayo Wong cracks up the crowd as he talks about politics and show business
Dayo Wong gets sentimental as the show ends
Dayo Wong receives support from friends in the business
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Dayo Wong Tze Wah opened his 26 show stand up comedy concerts two nights ago. Tze Wah once stated that this would be his final stand up show. Even Pak Suet Sin, Connie Chan Bo Chu, Carina Lau Ka Ling, Michelle Reis (Lee Ka Yun), Leo Ku Kui Ke and his wife, William So Wing Hong and his wife, Francis Ng Chun Yu, Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Cally Kwong Mei Wan and Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung's family attended. As soon as Tze Wah appeared the entire crowd cheered. He joked, "No refund! No pants removal! That's right, I am rinsing my mouth with the golden basin, it's final, yell while you can!"

When the DAYS OF BEING WILD music came on, Tze Wah said that he got into trouble at a late show. "When everyone left they looked like they cam out of a poison gas chamber, their eyes were red and full of hate. Why? Because no one got it, watching several big stars free ranging." He also said that the movie had big stars and big production, the outstanding line of "legs without bird", cost HK$ 40 million to make but only made HK$ 9 million. At the time many Hong Kong filmmakers really disliked Wong Kar Wai. "I was thinking, why? Because he lost a lot of money? Come one, yours truly made FIGHTING TO SURVIVE (YUT MUN GAI BO BIU) and it seemed to have just made 5 figures. However no one hated me for losing all the money, at least I don't know anyone who hated me in the film industry. It's just me hating myself. The biggest difference between me and him is that when I took other people's capital I wanted to make it back, if I couldn't it was an audience quality problem. However Wong Kar Wai seems to not really want to make the capital back, using other people's capital and not wanting to make it back. He is a traitor to Hong Kong Capitalism!"

Tze Wah also said that elder Wong Jing probably did not like Wong Kar Wai too much because he asked him to play Wong Kar Wai. "He purposely asked me to upset him. In Wong Jing's movie I played Wong Kar Wai. What was my name? 'Wong Jing Wai'. People even said that in other words Wong Jing wanted to make up of Wong Kar Wai."