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Andrew Lam asks Lam Suet to make Aaron Kwok's gestures
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In Andrew Lam Man Chung's directing debut, the Lunar New Year films A LIFETIME TREASURE (YU JU YU BO) he and Lam Suet played nemeses, but privately they were so close that they had no "bottom line"!

When Ah Chung asked the 280 pound Lam Suet at costume fitting, Ah Chung made fun of his belly as he sang and danced to Aaron Kwok Fu Sing's ENDLESS LOVE FOR YOU. Lam Suet coordinated with Ah Sing's gestures, moved his body around and shook his rear for Ah Chung to capture on his phone. Ah Chung shot the video as he kept pulling up Lam Suet's shirt and pulling down his pants, as he said that he wanted to shoot his lower body; Lam Suet did not mind as he propped up his belly and said, "You can find it under here!" Then they told even more dirty jokes. Lam Suet was not mad from Ah Chung's pranks. He even spent almost HK$ 10,000 to treat the entire team of 80 people to squab.


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Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin yesterday attended an audience appreciation event for her film THE LADY IMPROPER (FEI FUN SHOOK NUI), played games and gave away chili oil to the audience. In the film Ah Sa had a daring bathtub scene. Ah Sa said that this scene borrowed a little from THE PIANO. She sat sideways purely for the aesthetic angle, which the director had her own as well. At first when she took the film she was under her influence a little. As for her pole dance scene, did she get into shape for it before hand? Ah Sa said, "Not deliberately, because in the film I played an ordinary person I completely neglected my own shape. However I practiced pole dancing for awhile and thought it was fun. (Did you have any bruises?) During the shoot my adrenaline went up alot, so I had no feeling. After the shoot I realized that my legs were all bruised, my toenails were all cracked and the pain from my fingers pierced my heart. Yet after the shoot I still wanted to keep learning. (To make things more interesting?) Don't think that way for everything, it is a sport. (Do you feel more feminine?) I understand myself more." Ah Sa also admitted that at first she did not dare to wear her costume. She went to her first class in gym sports, but she saw all her classmates were in dancewear and instead felt very awkward. In her dancewear Ah Sa did not have anything loose. Ah Sa taught an unique trick to everyone. "In the rear of the pants sew another old, then nothing would squeeze out. From now on when I would do the same with my swimsuits."

Ah Sa was rumored to have vocal cord issues and had to stop singing. "This problem has already bothered me for several years, so I was forced to finish all my singing. The doctor said that I had to make a transition. Many people recommended doctors to me. It was from the vocal fatigue. I would have to stop talking for several months. Maybe it is a revelation from Heaven." She could play mute roles. Ah Sa joked that she would have to learn sign language first. When asked about her relationship and marriage, she said that she was happy with the current condition. No on would know what happens in the next second and Heaven would tell her. Would she secretly wed? Ah Sa said, "No, after messing up once I want everyone's blessing. (Would you make a big deal like Ah Gil?) I haven't thought about it."


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Elena Kong and Cheung Tat Ming promote A HOME WITH A VIEW
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Cheung Tat Ming, Elena Kong Mei Yi, Jocelyn Choi Chung Sze and others yesterday promoted their new film A HOME WITH A VIEW (GA WOR MAN SI GAING) as they split into teams to play tongue twister and Lunar New Year couplet games to celebrate the New Spring early with the audience. Earlier at the premiere, Dayo Wong Tze Wah showed his support for his friend Cheung Tat Ming and stated that if the film would make over HK$ 10 million they would reunite with Francis Ng Chun Yu for another stand up comedy show MEN'S SHOW 3. Tat Ming of course wanted to perform again, but the box office would be very hard to predict. He still had to hope that the audience and everyone would support the film. However he was very happy to work with Ng Chun Yu and Anita Yuen Wing Yi again because this team truly was very hard to come by. Tat Ming said, "The film is about what is happening in Hong Kong. It has the full gamut of emotions and can satisfy the comedy for myself. The script used to be a theater of the absurd, the film adaptation added a lot of comedy. I hope to make everyone laugh and also give a message for everyone to think about." Tat Ming did not dare to see the new film as a Lunar New Year film and did not arrange for its Mainland release. He only hoped for the audience to go and relax a little.

The first time producer Tat Ming admitted that for someone who was once seriously ill, being able to work was already very rare. He said, "I of course hope to produce again. Earlier an American film company invited me to write a script. I already handed it in and got paid. If it goes into production I will be able to participate in choosing a director and actors. This is my dream for 2019, I hope it can come true." Kong Mei Yi remembered the scene in which she had to slap Yuen Wing Yi. "At first when Tat Ming asked me, I said fine no problem. However his condition was to slap someone, as I had to hit Len Len." Tat Ming joked that in all of Hong Kong only Kong Mei Yi could hit Len Len. Before the shoot he even asked Len Len who would she choose to slap her. Thus during the shoot they did not use displacement for the performance. He was the most worried about Len Len would use a swollen face as an excuse to go on strike.

Kong Mei Yi said that privately she and Len Len were buddies. After years of acting she also learned to watch her strength, and she knew that the audience would praise the performance after watching. Did they have to test their marks many times before the shoot? Kong Mei Yi said, "Director (Herman) Yau Lai To is known for being fast with that. As soon as the cameras started rolling we were shooting. We only did a few takes, actually mainly to perform the reaction of the slap."

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The Alan Mak Siu Fai written and directed new film, based on real events, INTEGRITY (LIM JING FUNG WON YIN MOK) invited Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Sean Lau Ching Wan and Karena Lam Ka Yun to star and "Len Len" Anita Yuen Wing Yi as a special guest star. After being an on screen couple for years, Ching Wan and Len Len have not worked together for a long time. Reuniting this time, Ching Wan said that he had the familiarity of seeing an ex girlfriend again as past memories flooed back.

Mak Siu Fai adapted the screenplay from a HK$ 8.5 billion cigarette smuggling case from 1994 to 1995 and worked with Felix Chong Man Keung on the film INTEGRITY. Mak Siu Fai admitted that he has always wanted to work with Cheung Ka Fai but heard that Ka Fai was quite troublesome. This time he decided to ask Ka Fai and learned that he really was quite a bother. Mak Siu Fai joked, "He wasn't bothering you whether he has a private car at work, but he was serious about the script and asked a lot of questions. This is good. I also have encountered actors who didn't care about their characters at all, which gave you even more trouble during the shoot." The director even asked his cousin Yuen Wing Yi to guest star. Ching Wan joked that this time felt like seeing an ex again. He even watched their old film like C'EST LA VIE MON CHERI and brought back a lot of memories.

Lam Ka Yun worked with Ching Wan for the first time and admitted that she was nervous and beyond stressed! She was also working for the first time with Ka Fai and Director Mak, in particular later on she sensed that the director knew a lot about drama and became even more nervous. Ka Yun described, "He seems to have a pair of X-ray eyes when he watches you act, he discovers all my conscious and unconscious arrangements. I become very nervous, even avoiding his eyes." Rarely in an action film, Ka Yun this time even had a car crash scene. She admitted, "The director lifted my car up high for another car to crash into me. Cameras were inside and outside the car. Before the shoot began, my breathing became very rapid. The sound engineer said that my fear didn't come from acting. I thought were you making fun of me or criticizing me? Later I listened to the recording and realized that I was holding my breath for courage. Then 'bang', it was really scary!"

In the first trailer, a computer generated Cheung Ka Fai appeared in the final scene. It was one of the story's smoke screens. In the film Ching wan and Ka Fai met in the university and thus they shot an university scene from 20 to 30 years. They thought about using young actors but their image might be too sharp for them to be convincing. The director did not wan to ask them to wear wigs and use light to make them look younger. Finally he used computer special effects. Ching Wan joked, "Compared to the real me back then it was a little more handsome!" Ka Fai said, "I only heard that the director was pleased, so I looked forward to seeing how it turned out."


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The Lunar New Year MISSBEHAVIOR (GUNG HEI BAK POR) yesterday released its production highlight. Patrick Tse Yin looked cool and bold with a cigar. In the film company interivew, when asked if he was bullied on the set, Sei Gor said, "They are bullying me. I haven't made a movie in so many years. However they also taught me a lot."

In addition, Lam Suet continued to open the video with foul language and completely satisfied people online. DaDa Chan Jing held the prop breast milk and joked that she needed "censor blocks" because it looked gross. Director Pang Ho Cheung joked that he wanted to play a drinking game with DaDa and the loser had to drink it. DaDa immediately left the set. In addition, the film company even issued a series of "anyone" photos and videos. In the film "anyone" was the three leads in the film Hanjin Tan (Chan Woon Yan), Tsui Tin Yau and Yanki Din (Ting Ho Yan).


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Andy Lau Tak Wa originally planned to perform a 20 show year crossing concert series at the Hong Kong Coliseum, but due to the flu he cancelled the remaining shows. Wa Jai later applied for this year's year crossing dates for the end of this year, but yesterday Wa Jai through his official facebook announced that he was unable to apply for the December shows successfully and failed to book the make up shows!

The organizer Focus Entertainment yesterday issued a statement. "Very regrettably we have already received the written notice from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the December 2019 Hong Kong Coliseum booking applications have been rejected.

The organizers hereby again apologize to the numerous viewers affected, and thank them for their forgiveness and understanding.

The organizers will announce ticket refund policies on January 31st 2019 at the official social platform below."

Wa Jai responded to the failure to make up the show. "Positively face the future, I look forward to seeing you on th stage next time."


Anita Yuen gladly stays in shape
Dayo Wong shows his support for Cheung Tat Ming and Francis Ng
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Based on Cheung Tat Ming's award winning play, A HOME WITH A VIEW (GA WOR MAN SI GAING) two nights ago held a premiere. Francis Ng Chun Yu, Anita Yuen Wing Yi, Cheung Tat Ming, Ng Siu Hin, Jocelyn Choi Chung Sze, Lo Hoi Pang attended. Friends like Dayo Wong Tze Wah, Lau Siu Ming and Joe Ngai Chun showed their support. Speaking of many parents saving for their children's home, Len Len admitted that she was making preparation for her son. Chun Yu recalled that how his late father saved for a home for him, thus he felt children should not rely on their fathers.

Wong Tze Wah made a flash appearance. With Tat Ming, Tze Wah and Chun Yu present, Tat Ming joked that if A HOME WITH A VIEW would make over HK$ 10 million at the box office they would perform MEN'S SHOW 3.

The on screen couple Chun Yu and Len Len shared the joy of their production on the stage. Speaking of Len Len playing a "sassy housewife" she had many argument scenes at the market. She said that the character was not sassy. She was helping her husband save for a home so she cut what she could. Speaking of many parents now saving for a home for their children, Len Len admitted, "I made some preparation, but if he would be able to rely on his own effort it would be the best. I would help him appropriately when needed. If I would think of everything for him then he would be quite a waste!" Chun Yu also recalled how his late father saved up for a home for him. "I told him to sell it and take the money to go on vacation, because I wouldn't be satisfied with such a small unit. In the end he still didn't sell the place and passed away without enjoying life. Thus children should not rely on their fathers."

Len Len originally had to lose weight then gain weight again for a performance. Yet the film production has been postponed so she stayed in her current shape. Len Len revealed that in two months she lost almost twenty pounds with exercise and nutritional meals. When she was the lightest she felt a little dry and unattractive, thus she gained a little back. When the film production would begin, the director mentioned that the thinner she was early on she would not have to be too fat later. She needed a 20 pound difference in between. She said, "I used to be happily fat, and I wasn't really fat!" Reporters joked that she was already happily fat in this life, she said, "Can't you say that I am happy in this life? I wasn't motivated to lose weight before, and no one thought I was fat. Now my husband (Julian Cheung Chi Lam) gives a lot of pressure. He never noticed that I was fat, but now when many people see us they would say your wife is much thinner. Then you would......" Was her husband afraid that she would have another after losing weight? She said that something like that would rarely happen to her. Would her husband love her a little more? She said, "He didn't say, only that when I am thinner I look better in pictures. However from my eyes, that stare, you can tell!"

Chun Yu revealed that Tat Ming in the film performed with make up and joked that he added another "senior" to the film industry. However he picked him to be nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actor. The film has not been released yet, perhaps his good scenes would be cut out! Tat Ming said that his fight with Law Kar Ying and Louis Koo Tin Lok were all removed. Earlier when Cheung Chi Lam worked on Wong Kar Wai's film he was cut out in the end. "I'd better stop there, otherwise Len Len would hear and get mad!"

This time HOME was adapted from Tat Ming's 1993 play. Chun Yu said that he read the original scrip many years. He felt that this time had some changes but was still a lot of fun. Tat Ming said that his junior colleagues performed the play before. This time he invited Len Len to oppose Ng Chun Yu, and for the two of them to oppose Koo Tin Lok.

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Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin in THE LADY IMPROPER (FEI FUN SHOOK NUI) played a middle aged woman whose lack of sex life with her husband brought her to the brink of divorce. She ran into the Taiwan actor Wu Kang-Jen played chef and passion erupted. Their love scene happened in the kitchen. She admitted, "The scene was shot near the middle of the production. The entire film took a month, I got one day off but I spent it to test the marks for the shoot. The kitchen environment was very tight, very smelly. I even had to lie inside the metal freezer. It was icy cold. The crew helped me with taping up the important areas. Since they were all hard, I believe when he touched me he didn't feel anything! We weren't awkward at all because we just wanted to finish the shoot as soon as possible. We didn't want to suffer anymore!"

Actually when Ah Sa first came in contact with LADY's script, she just finished SARA (CHOR GEI). She admitted that she once turned it away. "I didn't want to play a similar genre film in such a short time, in addition at first the director asked for nude scenes. In the Chinese world, I couldn't get over it. The director later spent a very long time to amend the script." The "finished production" remained daring conceptually. Would she let her boyfriend see the movie? She said, "He watches a lot of movies, and he grew up overseas. Why wouldn't he? (Did you ask him to attend the premiere?) No way, too many reporters. He can buy his own ticket!"

Speaking of all the attention, she might receive a Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress nomination. Ah Sa humbly said, "I let that up to fate. I of course want to receive recognition where I grew up. (Would you announce marriage if you win?) No! How did you get that far? When I was little people around me wanted to win Miss Hong Kong, I wanted to be a good Hong Kong actor."

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[2018.01.17] FOR THE WEEK ENDING JANUARY 13 2019

For the week ending Sunday January 13 2019
Photos courtesy of Yahoo! Movies Hong Kong

    d. Steven Caple Jr.
    Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Tessa Thompson

 Can : Jeung Tin Ji
    d. Yuen Woo Ping
    Max Zhang Jin, Dave Bautista, Ada Liu Yan
      Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King), Tony Jaa,
      Louis Fan Siu Wong, Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, Chrissie Chau Sau Na,
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 107 mins.
  Opening at the Busan International Film Festival
  Opening December 20 2018
  Trailer :

   After defeated by Ip Man, Cheung Tin Chi lives a depressed life and stays low profile. One day, he offends Kit, the younger brother of the most influential gangster Sis HA, when he tries to save Julia. While Tin Chi tries to stay out of trouble, he gets himself into a fight with the foreigner Davidson, the big boss behind the bar district. Tin Chi fights hard with Wing Chun and earns his respect from the neighbourhood...

    d. Rich Moore, Phil Johnston
    Disney Animation
    English Voices: Sarah Silverman, John G. Reilly,
    Cantonese Voices: Carol Cheng Yui Ling

    d. Peter Farrelly
    Viggo Mortensen, Mahershala Ali, Linda Cardellini

    d. Travis Knight
    Hailee Steinfeld, Jorge Lendeborg Jr., John Cena

    d. James Wan
    Jason Mamoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson


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Sammo Hung Kam Bo yesterday worked on the 43rd Hong Kong International Film Festival Filmmaker in Focus special cover shoot in Chai Wan. Big Brother even chose the poster of his favorite movie, the 1987 film EASTERN CONDOR, for the shoot. Earlier celebrating his 67th birthday, Big Brother felt that spending the birthday with the entire family was the most important. He joked that his birthday wish was to live to a thousand and long to have all five generations gather at once.

After over half a century in film, Big Brother Hung Kam Bo made almost 250 films. Starting as a stunt man, he switched to action director and actor, then director and producer. He witnessed and created the Hong Kong film golden age, thus he was invited to be the 43rd Hong Kong International Film Festival Filmmaker in Focus.

The Film Festival will take place between March 18th to April 1st. Ten of Big Brother Sammo's films have been selected for screenings, including THE VALIANT ONES (JUNG LIT TO), ENCOUNTERS OF THE SPOOKY KIND (GWAI DAI GWAI), THE PRODIGAL SON (BAI GA JAI), WINNERS AND SINNERS (KEI MAU MIU GAI NG FOOK SING), EASTER CONDOR (DONG FONG TUK YING), PAINTED FACES (CHUK SIU FOOK), PEDICAB DRIVER (KWUN LUNG HEI FUNG), EIGHT TAELS OF GOLD (BAK LEUNG GUM), SPL (SAT POR LONG) and IP MAN 2, as a salute to this film grandmaster and a retrospective of his glorious achievements. Big Brother Sammo will also attend the Hong Kong celebrity forum on March 30th at the Hong Kong Cultural Center to share his unique film perspective and experience.

Big Brother Sammo said that this time he would help to promote this event with interviews and photo opportunities. He would also talk about a little flm history, on this rare occasion for people to remember and not forget this elder. Among the ten selected films, which one was his favorite? Big Brother Sammo said that he liked every one. "If I didn't like it I wouldn't have made it. I feel the most representative was EASTERN CONDOR, it was special because no one in Hong Kong would make this time of incident. After making it I realized that Hong Kong people at the time was rather weak on their own country and race. Hong Kong ultimately grew up under British laws. I also have to praise Bruce Lee. After his appearance, Hong Kong people's awareness of their own race was much stronger."

Speaking of Big Brother Sammo's film A LIFETIME TREASURE (YU JU YU BO)'s Lunar New Year release, he said that he would help with the promotion if time would permit. After the photo shoot he would have to return to Guiyang to make a movie and would not return until before the Lunar New Year. The entire family then would visit Japan. In the past few years the entire family have gone on vacation together, as he felt that nothing was more important than family. Was his son Timmy Hung Tin Ming treating everyone? Big Brother Sammo joked, "The son's old man will treat, we will eat as much as we can. The entire trip will have around ten people."

Earlier Big Brother Sammo returned to Hong Kong to celebrate his 67th birthday. He said that he would not hold a birthday banquet now. The most important was to be with his family, for any occasion he would like to spend it with his family. He revealed that his older grandson gave him a wool hat and his younger grandson a big scarf, all of which were perfect for work. He said, "After all these years this time was the most useful, all the watches and cakes before were mostly their Dad's ideas. I was just as pleased though."

Speaking of birthday wishes, Big Brother Sammo said that he hoped to live to a thousand. A hundred would not be enough because it will be here soon. "I try to live as long as I can, I would be very happy to see my grandchildren getting married. I would be even happier to see their children, as I hope to have all five generations in one place."


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Stephen Chow Sing Chi's Lunar New Year film THE NEW KING OF COMEDY released the third version of its poster yesterday and at the same time its lead actress, Mainland actress Vin E Jingwen. She would play the female version of "Wan Tin Sau". Few would be familiar with this Mainland actress or even heard of her, E Jingwen was exactly the small figure who is chasing her dream as Sing Yeh described.

When Sing Yeh said that he would have a new film release in the Lunar New Year, everyone was very concerned with its casting. The poster revealed the answer. Actually E Jingwen was an extra, her name has not even been in the end credits of films she has been in. She truly was a "extra". Thus when she go the assistant director's call and learned that she was chosen to be the lead actress of Sing Yeh's new film, she said, "The assistant director called three times, only when he showed me the text photo did I believe him. At the start I thought he was a fraud."

Sing Yeh said at the film press conference, "Don't give up, believe in yourself, you are the King of Comedy in your own life." Seen as Sing Yeh's female version of "Wan Tin Sau", she felt, "My character Yu Mong has many similarities with me, like personality wise. She doesn't mind being made fun of or parodied, I am like this in life as well." Even the character's encounters and experience were very close. She said, "After graduation I kept struggling, never giving up, never changing jobs and finally I have this opportunity today." All the stories that E Jingwen had would probably be perfectly displayed in the real little figure's history of struggle in the upcoming NEW KING OF COMEDY.

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[2019.01.16] FOR THE WEEK STARTING JANUARY 12 2019

For the week starting January 12 2019

  Can : Lung Sit Lan
  Eason Chan Yik Shun

  Chris Lee Yuchun

  Can : Nei Chung Mei Mong Gei
  Reno Wang (Wong Jung Leung)

  Can : Moot Yau Nei Jau Moot Yau Ngor
  Matilda Tao (To Jing Ying)

  Can : Chong Sun Jeh
  Nine Percent

  Can : Tai Hung Chong
 Leo Ku Kui Ke

  Can : Yeuk Yin Dong Tin Moot Yau Fa
  Andy Leung Chiu Fung

  Can : Mo Jung Guong Mong
  Xu Wei

  Can : Yu Gwai Mor Ngor Gup Yu Bin Dai Gor
  Hinry Lau Cheuk Hin

  Can : Muk Chun Fung
  Kay Tse On Kay

  Andy Lau Tak Wa

 4 EAR
  Can : Yi Der
  Li Ronghao

  Can : Mung Buk Lok Yu Lum
  LAY (Zhang Yixing)

  Can : Gwai Mei Dik
  Jolin Tsai (Choi Yi Lam)

  Can : Joi Ching Chun Mai Suk Dik Ka Feh Guoon
  Cyndi Wang (Wong Sum Ling)


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TWO THUMBS UP (CHUNG FUNG CHEH) director Lau Ho Leung directed Emperor new film A PENNY (HAN KEI POR ONG) starred Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho). Wang Qianyuan, Michelle Wai Sze Nga and Jessie Li (Chun Xia). The production began in November in Jiangmen and officially announced its wrap two days ago after over two months. The film concept poster was released. Ng Yin Cho and Wang Qianyuan's faces were hidden behind roughly made masks.

The team spent over a quarter of the production after midnight. Director Lau Ho Leung was extremely demanding for real action, as Ng Yin Cho and Wang Qianyuan were almost injured several times because their fighting was too real. In the intimate stills, retro sets and costumes reminded people of the 80s and the 90s. The team shot in 5 cities like Jiangmen and Zhongshan, each set was newly constructed or renovated. The shoot used 48 prop guns, 6243 blanks, 4312 reaction bullets. The crew pointed out that on the set everyday gunshots were deafening, just like a real robbery.