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Kaki Leung, Kathy Yuen, Wong Cho Nam, Charlene Choi, Michelle Wai
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JUST 1 DAY (CUP NGOR YUT TIN) is a love story that is full of Hong Kong collective memories, with Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin and Wong Cho Nam tailoring this date of just one day. They would also bring the audience to discover some neglected settings, people, culture and scenery anew, to find that lost intimacy in their bland lives.

Ah Sa this time would play a high ranking bank client manager, living a bland and ordinary life and never having the space to find the truth of happiness. She only followed the flock until she ran into her first grade classmate, the Wong Cho Nam played Ma Choi Hak. Ma Choi Hak used his action to deeply affect the protagonist. Ah Sa joked that at first she found it difficult to picture her and Cho Nam as a couple, after Cho Nam's costume fitting she felt tha he had quite a presence.

Cho Nam in the film played a city speed artist with ALS, Ma Choi Hak. He needed to collect some happy memories before his condition worsened. He made a final wish to his elementary school crush to be his girlfriend for one day. Cho Nam said that working with Ah Sa again after so many years, he learned a lot from Ah Sa. He learned to how to perform even more appropriately and close the distance with the audience and felt that he benefit a lot. In addition, Cho Nam praised Ah Sa as a goddess. He has liked her work since he was very little. This over a month long "date" was full of "laughter" and "tears". He hoped that he will be able to share the film with everyone as soon as possible.


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In the new film A WITNESS OUT OF THE BLUE (FAN JUI YIN CHEUNG), Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Philip Keung Ho Man and Cherry Ngan Cheuk Ling shared their production experience and memories. Firing a real gun for the first time, Cherry experienced its unprecedented loudness and kickback, after firing the gun she felt goosebumps and sweaty. Ah Chung praised his co-star Louis Koo Tin Lok for his shooting, as he would not blink when he fired. Instead he was made fun of for blinking like he was firing a machine gun.

The new film would feature nostalgic classic crime film elements and add a parrot as an animal actor lead. Cheung Kai Chung who had scenes with the parrot was actually afraid of birds. He said, "Since I was little I have been afraid of birds, but for the movie I could only tough it out. The trainer told me, wild parrot's peak could apply 100 pounds of pressure. I was even more afraid that finding that out. Finally I saw the trainer taking care of the parrot like a child, I overcame my fear and tried to feed the parrot. However I wouldn't want to keep one."

Ngan Cheuk Ling also said that she was afraid of birds, but she was not as afraid as Ah Chung. She said that the parrot was very strong. Even when standing on her shoulder, it claws would bruise her. She praised the parrot for being rather professional. "Because one scene would often take many takes, sometimes the parrot would throw a tantrum and deliberately walk away. However it also knew that everyone just wanted the best."

Firing a real gun for the first time, Cherry remembered feeling goosebumps and sweating after firing a gun. She still had to keep acting. She hoped to have a chance to practice more so she would not blink.

Cheung Kai Chung said that for a gun fight he got a stiff neck. He said, "In one scene Goo Jai, Hak Jai and I fought, originally we agreed on the firing order. In the end he would stick my head out for Goo Jai to shoot at, but he didn't respond. Then I stuck it out some more before he finally fired. In the end the order was completely messed up as shots kept firing around me. Later I asked Goo Jai why it was different from what we discussed, he actually said that not following it would have real responses."

Keung Ho Man also remembered the gun fight in a remote village. Working in winter clothes in the hot summer was very tough. He revealed that Ah Chung in one scene jumped into the sea and had to swim in waste, which cracked everyone up. Ah Chung said, "This was my first diving scene, after I came back on land I went to shower in the bathroom. I just saw someone finished and came out, but I saw the pipe was connected to where I was diving. I thought luckily I didn't drink any of the water. I could just kept washing myself clean."

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ToNick yesterday morning attended a running event in Shatin. ToNick revealed that the four of them had a habit of exercising and running. Lead singer Hang Jai (Chiu Sin Hang) was interested in running the marathon next year. He believed that the 10 kilometer run probably would not be a problem for him. He would train for a few more years before considering the full marathon. Hang Jai also revealed that he just finished the film ONE SEC (YUT MIU KUEN WONG). Currently he was on vacation to recharge and later he would start post production work for the film and work on his music.

Saturday, October 12, 2019


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Song queen of a generation, the original singer of ROSE ROSE I LOVE YOU Yao Lee passed away on July 19th at age 96. Yesterday a group of Hong Kong old song fan club members held an event for Yao Lee and produced a memorial publication to remember their idol. Susan Shaw Yam Yam and Jenny Tseng's aunt Tseng Sau Yi attended.

Sister Yam Yam said that although she and Ms. Yao Lee were born decades apart, her mentor Ms. Chun Yin was a very close friend of Ms Yao Lee. Thus while at the TVB training class, when she, Chow Yun Fat and Andy Lau Tak Wa went to practice singing at Ms. Chun Yin's home they would see Ms. Yao Lee. Sister Yam Yam said that Ms. Yao Lee was wise and smart, generous, never complained when she was in trouble, truly loyal to her friends. Although her children all migrated to the U.S., she was still arranged to stay at a very good nursing home and receive attentive care. This senior did not have any major illness, only that she wanted to sleep more until the end of her life. Sister Yam Yam praised Ms. Yao Lee for her musical talent. Her hit ROSE ROSE I LOVE YOU was even known worldwide.

Friday, October 11, 2019


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Si Ming and her son Lee Wing Ho, Yeung Yuk Mui, Yik Chi Yuen two nights ago attended the film DRIFTING CITY's premiere. Wing Ho and Mommy in the film played mother and son for the first time. They also attended a premiere together for the first time. Thus he felt that it was a day that was worth remembering.

Although Wing Ho and Mommy only had one scene, Wing Ho still could not have been more nervous. He stated that he would be a little frightened in front of Mommy, not because she was mean but because how strong her presence was. Si Ming explained, "It's not about the presence, when I work with my idol I would have bad takes like crazy too. Like with Sei Gor (Patrick Tse Yin), I would be so nervous that I couldn't act. So I really understood what was happening with him, I just never expected that he would be this way with Mommy." Wing Ho said, "Mommy is my idol, so I would be scared! (Did Mommy yell at you?) No, but I was already scared just from a glance from her. (Did you ask her for any acting advice?) During rehearsal we would communicate, she would treat me like an actor.

Si Ming had nothing but praise for her son's acting. "He has always been great. Since he was little he already had quite a knack. He got into character very easily. Now he still has to work hard. I am not saying that his acting isn't good, I hope that he would have more opportunities to act." Would they want to work together again? Wing Ho joked that he had to complain to the director because one scene was too few. He hoped to be able to work together more. He continued that his mother had many highly difficult emotional scenes, which she was very strong with. He said that he would admit defeat to her. Next time though he hoped that the characters would be happy and lighter.

Yeung Yuk Mui said that in DRIFTING CITY she played the sister was a Down Syndrome patient. She had to cry in every scene and did not need to make up. She said, "I constantly cried so my eyes were swollen, after the shoot I was low as I couldn't pull out of the my character right away. I had to sit and settle down." The story was about the lower class and the film had to shoot on actual locations. So the film rented a very small and poor environment for the shoot. She said, "It had to be cleaned with bleach before hand, but after two days my skin still had reaction." She did not mind performing without make up because actors were not stars. She would not mind playing ugly characters either.

Thursday, October 10, 2019


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The late music diva Anita Mui Yim Fong would have been 56 yesterday. Her former film co-star Anita Yuen Wing Yee posted a photo in remembrance. "Sister Mui! Happy Birthday, missing you." Len Len was Sister Mui's top fan and even followed her with her English name Anita. Unknowingly she has remembered her idol for ten years in a row online.

Also remembering Sister Mui was her disciple Remus Choy Yat Kit. He invited his mentor Sister Mui to his upcoming solo concert. "Ah Mui Happy Birthday, to celebrate I will perform a solo concert at the end of the month. You have to come and see then!" Sister Mui's former co-star Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi also posted, "I will always miss your shoulder, October 10th Happy Birthday, always missing you with a smile."

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

[2019.10.10] FOR THE WEEK ENDING OCTOBER 6 2019

For the week ending Sunday October 6 2019
Photos courtesy of Yahoo! Movies Hong Kong

    d. Woody Allen
    Timothee Chalamet, Elle Fanning, Selena Gomez, Jude Law,
      Diego Luna, Liev Schreiber

    d. Daniel Lee Yan Kong
    Wu Jing, Zhang Ziyi, Zhang Yi, Jing Boran, Hu Ge, Jackie Chan
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 125 mins.
  Opening October 1 2019
  Trailer :

    Produced by Hark Tsui, directed by Daniel Lee, The Climbers tells the real-life expedition of a team of Chinese climbers who made a historic ascent up Mount Everest's North Ridge in 1960. The trio of surviving members (Jing Wu, Ziyi Zhang, Yi Zhang, Boran Jing and Ge Hu) returned fifteen years later to repeat the feat and complete the initial measurement of Mount Everest done by Chinese.

  Can : Ngor Wor Ngor Dik Jo Gok
  Lit : Me and My Ancestral Nation
    d. Chen Kaige, Zhang Yibai, Guan Hu, Xue Xiaolu,
      Xu Zheng, Ning Hao, Wen Muye, Vivian Qu
    Huang Bo, Zhang Yi, Liu Tao, Du Jiang, Ge You, Song Jia,
      Liu Haoran, Chen Feiyu, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Wang Tianchen, Tong Liya,
      Zhang Jiayi, Wang Qianyuan, Oho Ou, Kara Wai Ying Hung
  Rating : I
  Length : 158 mins.
  Opening October 1 2019

    Seven renowned filmmakers each find inspiration from the 70-year history of new China to tell moving stories about the close ties between everyday people and their nation. Focusing on historical events in this important era, the concept of everyday people sharing seemingly far yet close connections with the government will awaken a shared connection among Chinese people around the world.

    The Eve directed by GUAN Hu, starring HUANG Bo - Oct. 1, 1949, the People's Republic of China was founded.

    Passing By directed by ZHANG Yibai, starring ZHANG Yi, REN Suxi - Oct. 16, 1964, China successfully exploded its first atomic bomb.

    Champion directed by XU Zheng, starring LIU Tao - Aug. 8, 1984, China Women's Volleyball team won the Olympic championship, becoming the first to win championships titles in the three major international competitions of volleyball.

    Going Home directed by XUE Xiaolu, starring DU Jiang, Simon YAM, Kara WAI - July 1, 1997, Hong Kong returned to China.

    Hello, Beijing directed by NING Hao, starring GE You - The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games open on Aug. 8, 2008.

    One For All directed by WEN Muye, starring SONG Jia - Sept. 3, 2015, the military parade marked the 70thanniversary of victory over Japan.

    The Guiding Star directed by CHEN Kaige, starring LIU Haoran and Arthur CHEN - Nov. 18, 2016, the return capsule of China's Shenzhou-11 spacecraft landed successfully.

    d. Adrian Grunberg
    Sylvester Stallone, Paz Vega, Yvette Monreal

    d. Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett
    Samara Weaving, Adam Brody, Mark O'Brien, Henry Czerny

    d. James Gray
    Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Ruth Negga, Donald Sutherland

    d. Jill Culton
    DreamWorks Animation
    English Voices: Chloe Bennet, Tenzing Norgay Trainor,
      Albert Tsai, Sarah Paulson
    Cantonese Voices: Rosa Maria Velasco (Wai Law Sa)

    d. Todd Phillips
    Joaquin Phoenix, Robert DeNiro, Zazie Beetz,


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The Gillian Chung Yun Tung, Ling Man Lung, Candy Yu On On, Josephine Koo Mei Wa, Kao Hon Man and JJ Jia starred film MISSING (SUK JUNG) recently announced that it has been selected for the 2019 Chinese American Film Festival.

Yu On On was excited to hear the good news. She explained that this time the film shot mostly on the hills. Although she did not need to hike for the shoot, a few emotional scenes remained memorable. Sister On On and Ah Gil played mother and daughter. Kao Hon Man went missing on a hike seven years ago. Sister On in order for her daughter to return to a normal life gave up on finding him long ago, but Ah Gil still believed that her father was alive. Mother and daughter thus constantly argued and fought. Sister On On said, "We have to fight all thee time, after each shoot we would watch the playback to see if we need to improve anything." She also pointed out that in the film she projected how much she missed her father onto the next room, which was filled with her husband's items. In one scene she was on the edge of collapse, the director wanted one take to the end so the set was cleared for her to cultivate her emotions. In the end she was able to finish the take in one shot. They only did another take to accommodate the camera in the narrow space. The director accepted the take right away and praised Sister On On for her acting!

Tuesday, October 8, 2019


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The Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Miriam Yeung Chin Wa starred film I'M LIVIN' IT (MAK LO YUN) was invited to be the 4th London East Asia Film Festival closing film. Sing Sing also with his excellent acting was selected to be the film festival's filmmaker in focus. The event has chosen 4 different style Sing Sing movies, including PORT OF CALL (DAP HUET CHUM MUI), AFTER THIS OUR EXILE (FU JI), COLD WAR (HONG JI) and I'M LIVIN' IT. Sing Sing said, "I am very happy that I'M LIVIN' IT is again selected to participate in an international film festival, which gives a huge encouragement to the film before its release. I sincerely hope that a good movie would have a good reward. Through the film language everyone would pay attention to some social topics. I am also very happy to learn that I have been selected to be the filmmaker in focus. I hope to be able to personally attend the event in London, to have exchanges with filmmakers from around the world and introduce Hong Kong films to the European audience."


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Louis Koo Tin Lok worked with Jessica Hester Hsuan (Suen Huen) on the new film A WITNESS OUT OF THE BLUE (FAN JUI YIN CHEUNG). Earlier when they worked on the poster, the crew suddenly brought out a birthday cake for Suen Huen's belated birthday celebration. She was very surprised. "My actual birthday already passed, I didn't expect them to have a belated celebration for me. The older I get the less I would celebrate my birthday. My wish is for everyone to be healthy and happy." Suen Huen said that the cake was delicious, but she also said that it was very fattening. She said that she was already very happy to have everyone together and peacefully have cake.

Suen Huen returned to film years after to work with Koo Tin Lok. Suen Huen said that Goo Jai's character was very odd in the film, much like Goo Jai in real life he did not like to speak. In the film they played landlady and renter with an ambiguous relationship. Suen Huen said, "On the surface they don't seem related, but it would feel like something would happen between them. In the end they didn't have a relationship. Many movies' relationships are like this, once started the very happy and special feeling is gone. The most special is always the ambiguous period."

Monday, October 7, 2019


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Irene Wan Bik Ha and husband Kenny Ho Cho Kwong having experienced loss became even more loving. This year would be their 19th wedding anniversary. Earlier they flew to Hokkaido without their son Xavier to celebrate.

Irene put a lot of effort into her new film THE FALLEN (DOR LOK FA). She was very happy that the film was selected for the Asian Film Festival world premiere. She happily said, "After returning to Hong Kong I immediately have to keep working hard. I am very happy for the film to be selected for the Asian Film Festival. THE FALLEN is made very well. The entire team put all of their effort into making it."

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Gregory Wong posts a photo of Batman's mask and says that the Chief Executive and her team have completely destroyed Hong Kong
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Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet Ngor would utilize the emergency law to impose a mask ban starting today (October 5th). The anti mask ban led to endless controversy as many online started protests in various districts. Many shopping centers and stores closed early. Artists Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Chapman To Man Chak, Gregory Wong Chung Hiu, Tommy Yuen Man On, Joe Tay (Cheng King Kei) expressed their displeasure over the ban, calling it absurd and would only be counterproductive. Many artists also loved to wear masks. Yesterday before the Chief Executive's press conference, some online caught Chow Yun Fat dressed in black and wore a black mask and jokingly dubbed him "Masked Fat" (sounds like Mask Law).


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Black comedy SUK CHOOK GOR WONG FUN yesterday shot on location in Sai Wan yesterday. Leads Patrick Tse Yin, Petrina Fung Bo Bo, Lam Suet, producer Gordon Lam Ka Tung and director Ko Chi Bun attended. Sei Gor and Fung Bo Bo worked together again after 60 years. Sister Bo Bo said that at the time she was only 4 and Sei Gor played her father. As soon as she saw him she jumped on his lap and sat. He would carry her in his arms. Now Sei Gor joked that he could no longer carry Sister Bo Bo.

During the group photo, Sister Bo Bo after fixing her make up hug Sei Gor as soon as she saw him. S ei Gor said, "I already carry her in my arms since she was little!" Sister Bo Bo also said, "At the time I was 4 years old and played a boy. The first film together was DEEP IN LOVE (LIN LEI JI), Sister (Patsy) Ka Ling played my Mommy while Sei Gor played my Papa. This time we are playing retired killers. I still call Sei Gor Daddy and show him how to use the phone. However we haven't worked together in 60 years!" She even showed her child star photos that fans sent her on her phone. Sei Gor said, "This daughter, I carried her in my arms. This time as soon as she saw him she hug me tight and gave me a kiss!" Sister Bo Bo whined, "As soon as I saw her I jumped on his lap and sat, but he said not to crush his bones!" Sei Gor joked that he could no longer carry Sister Bo Bo. He also was envious that she had two children and he did not. "My children ignore me. My son is grown and has his own world. However I have a few grandchildren!"

Speaking of his daughter Jennifer Tse Ting Ting's new baby, Sei Gor pointed out that he saw a few times a year ago. Later she probably would bring the baby to see Grandpa. Sei Gor said, "I haven't seen the baby, I only found out in the papers!" Sister Bo Bo said that Sei Gor did not even know how to use WhatsApp. In order to send his photos she taught him how to use it. She would even text him to go to dinner together, but Sei Gor would be too busy with dates. He also had to hike so (Nicholas Tse) Ting Fung was not the one who would not keep him company.

When asked about her earlier accident, Sister Bo Bo said, "When I was at the hospital I had a z shaped bandage on the bridge of my nose to stabilize it. Five days later it was removed. However after resting for a month, I went on stage to present an award to Sammo (Hung Kam Bo). Now I would rely on the make up artist to massage it a little. Once though I got nauseous from it, perhaps the dislocation would also affect the entire head!"

Sister Bo Bo produced producer Gordon Lam Ka Tung took great care of mature actors like them. Although each time they would work 14 hours, but they would get two days off. She was able to get enough sleep and have facial treatment before she returned to work. She even had a driver. "With such great treatment, I wouldn't mind coming to work again next time. I really was scared away previously!" In order to thank Ka Tung, on his birthday Sister Bo Bo made the vegetable juice that she had for breakfast everyday in Malaysia for him. She called it "friendship juice".

Earlier Chen Chen was hospitalized. How was she? Sei Gor jokingly asked which Chen Chen because there were several Chen Chen. Reporters said that they meant his former wife as they heard that she has recovered. He joked, "I have to think about what she looks like. She got better? Really?" Reporters even reminded him when he brought flowers to visit her, she got dizzy. Sei Gor said, "Really? I can't remember. I am calling her now!"

Gordon Lam Ka Tung produced the black comedy SAK CHOOK GOR WONG FUN, but he did not star because everyday he had to take care of elders Tse Yin and Fung Bo Bo. Ka Tung pointed out that when he went to Malaysia to invite Sister Bo Bo, two weeks later Sister Bo Bo's car crush took place. Fortunately she was fine. He was able to invite Sei Gor for this rare team up. "Sei Gor is still very young right now, but this time I prohibited Sei Gor from chok, tilting his head. I want to show the audience an all new Sei Gor. He can be very handsome even without chok." Ka Tung revealed that Sei Gor played a retired killer who excelled in blades, after retirement he became a sliced noodle chef. In the film he had many action scenes, yet when work began he often looked stifled from not being able to chok. As soon as he had a fight scene he was alert and energetic. One day the director asked for a final crying scene from him. Ka Tung asked people to get eye drops but Sei Gor declined. He even shed real tears as soon as he took his mark. "I was worried and asked if he was fine? Sister Bo Bo had 3 types of emotions for one line. So I am very honored to be able to work with these elders." Ka Tung said that he had to go to Xiqiao for Wong Jing's new film and got sick from commuting back and forth. However he still enjoyed the experience.