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Hong Kong suspends schools, kindergartens amid escalating protests

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Hong Kong protests: Two people in critical condition after day of chaos

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Hong Kong protester shot by police as clashes erupt citywide

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Malaysian goddess Minchen Lin is super popular online, with almost 900,000 fans on Instagram. After the films VAMPIRE CLEAN UP DEPARTMENT (GAU GEUNG CHING DOH FU) and THE FATAL RAID (BUK YI JI JIN), most recently she came to Hong Kong for her first Hong Kong film ONE SEC (YUT MIU KING WONG). Earlier she and leads Endy Chow Kwok Yin, director and actor Chiu Sin Hang worked on the film at the Sam Mun Tsai pier for a barbecue and seaside chat scene.

Minchen played a smiling yoga instructor who brought other characters positive energy. Everyday she had to laugh nonstop. She said, "I watched videos for research. They were very effective. When people laugh they would have more endorphin to make people even happier! Everyday I laugh from the belly, my gums are sore from laughing!" During the interview, she showed her happy and active character as she suddenly spoke like the cartoon character Crayon Shinchan! Because this time she had a lot of Cantonese lines, the difficulty was very high for her. "I kept reciting even when bathing and walking!" A foodie, Minchen while in Hong Kong pigged out on her favorite curry fish ball. "Tsim Sha Tsui has two places where the fish balls are very tasty. Every time I come I have to have them. I can eat over 30 at once!" Speaking of working with Chow Kwok Yin, she praised him as a warm man like many Hong Kong men. He took great care of people and also would help with her Cantonese.

As for director Hang Jai he said that after finishing VAMPIRE he was less than healthy for a period. Thus he wanted to make a movie about the "One Sec Faith". As for casting Minchen again as the female lead, he stated that he needed a girl with a strong and infectious smile. "She gets 200 points! Last time the role had no dialogue, this time I had to want to give her something to say. For her speaking Cantonese is very hard, but she has a lot of determination. She learned all the lines and was able to say even the grammatical particles." In the film he and other male characters all had fight scenes. Before the shoot each day they trained for six hours.


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Candy Yu and Ling Man Lung
JJ Jia
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Gillian Chung Yun Tung, Candy Yu On On, Ling Man Lung, JJ Jia yesterday attended their film MISSING (SUK JUNG)'s premiere at Kowloon Bay. Rumored to be preparing for motherhood, Ah Gil said that it was up to fate and could not be forced. However she revealed that earlier she already froze 3 eggs and hoped that her husband could coordinate.

Already stated before hand that due to work she would not accept any interview, Ah Gil talked about rumors of her preparing to be a mother. Ah Gil said, "Being a mama is up to fate, I can't force it to much. Earlier I froze 3 eggs. I hope my husband can coordinate first, if not then we will plan again. Those 3 poor eggs, they are still frozen."

Working with Ah Gil after over a decade, Yu On On praised her as being more mature than before and her acting was also better. Injured earlier at sea Yu On On needed help when moving around, though she still wore heels. She revealed that she broke two ribs and fractured one. Now she could not move too much. The doctor said that she would need eight weeks to recover, perhaps due to her habit of exercising her progress has been ideal.

Later Yu On On and godson Ling Man Lung spoke to the media together. Speaking of her injury, she said, "I thought I was still 26, while at sea I belly flopped into the sea. At first the pain kept me awake, now I still have to take painkiller and walk like a zombie." Because she could not move too much, she needed her maid's help to get dress. Luckily work has not been affected, but she had to cancel a lot of birthday dinners earlier. She said that she would have to remember she was no spring chicken. Normally she would move very fast, now she would move in slow motion. Her birthday wish for good health.

Ling Man Lung said that Godmother usually moves fast and rushed, now he would ask her to slow down a little. Sometimes when she had a craving, he would play delivery boy and buy food for her. Yu On On praised her godson as nice. Because he was afraid that she would be too bored while recovering at home, he bought her toy building blocks for her to build and train her brain.

Speaking of working with Ah Gil again, Yu On On pointed out that Ah Gil after marriage became even more mature. "She used to be very sweet, very lovable, pretty and nice, very young. Now with more life experience we have more exchanges. She is grown up and knows to take care of me back. When she has great make up she would keep me in mind."

Currently settled in Beijing, JJ Jia had less on screen performance after becoming a mother. "I really had a lot less jobs, but in a year I would have several movies to make. Time keeps on changing, many would use new comers. I am already old. I also have to raise the baby and hide at home all day. Opportunities in comparison would become less. However the good part is the roles that I play know are different. Now I can play very cool, mature and experienced woman."

Speaking of her daughter turning two on the 18th, JJ said that she would take her to see sea life at the aquarium to celebrate. "When she sees animals she loses her mind from joy. When she hears music she would sing and dance." Would she have another baby? She said, "With one I already have a lot less jobs, if I have another I would be unemployed. For now I wouldn't think about it. Work comes first. I like to make movies, I would leave having a child to nature."

Earlier some artists said that Nat Chan Pak Cheung neglected them. Once an artist under Ah Lek's banner, JJ said that most recently she has been busy with finding a school for her daughter so she did not know about Hong Kong news. She also said that Ah Lek was her boss, but she did not have his number. She would contact him through her manager. Was she neglected? She said, "I never felt that way, I also never thought about this problem. When I have no job I would hide at home and be a homebody."

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"New generation action actress" Wiyona Yeung Lau Ching played a sexy secretary in the television series THE MAN WHO KILLS TROUBLES (GAI KUET SI). Most recently in her new film GUILT BY DESIGN (CHUI MIN CHOI KUET) she put away her sultry side to play a professional killer. In the film she had her share of physical combat and gun play scenes.

Actually despite all of her action scenes, this was Yeung Lau Ching's first gun play scene. She said, "During the performance I couldn't help but blink. I also didn't know how to hold a gun. Luckily this time the action director was Chin Kar Lok. Although it was the first time we worked together, from him I benefit a lot. He taught me gun holding and a lot of action scene skills, which kept me from being embarrassed even with bad takes. He truly has become my idol." Yeung Lau Ching also said that her action scenes have always been very smooth, but a simply "smoking" scene caught her in frequent bad takes. Because she did not smoke herself, she ended up smoking half a pack before completing the scene. Her voice became hoarse as she felt nauseous from the smoke all over her. Thus she still wanted to keep being an "action actress", hoping that after Sharon Yang Pan Pan, Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King) and Cynthia Khan (Yeung Lai Ching) everyone would think of Yeung Lau Ching.

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The Donnie Yen Chi Tan starred, Wilson Yip Wai Shun directed, Raymond Wong Pak Ming produced kung fu film IP MAN 4 THE FINALE has been confirmed for a December 20th release this Christmas. In this installment Yen Chi Tan chose to follow his heart in his performance. "By the fourth film, I already have a great understanding of this character. The director also wants me to follow my heart a little, so he didn't give me the script until two days before the production started. With the feeling I got on the set, I was just as pleased with the resulting performance as the director."

The first trailer was released yesterday. Ip Man who studied n an English language school in his youth used simple English to answer the foreign dean's questions and bring out this story's overseas background. Ip Man and Wu Yue sparred on a glass lazy susan; Ip Man was also seen sparred with English action actor Scott Adkins at a military base. New addition Vanness Wu (Ng Kin Ho) played a Chinese officer.

In this installment Ip Man for his son's future went to the U.S. to look for a school. A stranger in a strange place, life was not as beautiful as imagined. Ip Man also witnessed discrimination against Chinese. Director Yip Wai Shun said, "Each time Ip Man fought, it was because he could see injustice. This was Ip Man's original intent that has never changed. This installment wanted to bring out, no matter where you are, as long as you struggle and improve happiness can be anywhere."


Jason Chan and Eman Lam do not mind the format change.
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AGA has no problem with the format change
Kelvin Kwan feels the new format is more flexible
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Gin Lee, Kay Tse and Joyce Cheng won Hit Female Singer awards last year
Metro Info executive director Ching Hoi Yan
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Under the "extradition storm", the social climax has been affected. After Radio Hong Kong announced the cancellation of the 42nd Top Ten Chinese Gold Song Award ceremony, the originally scheduled to take place on December 28th at the Convention Center Metro Hit Awards has also been hit as it would change its format as well. It would cancel the usual physical award show and change to a digital online award show.

Metro Info executive director Ching Hoi Yan said, "As we said before, Metro Hit Awards will take place as usual. However like we mentioned before, this year's format will be very different from before. It will be unprecedented so we can't say a certain day will be an award day, or have a physical award show. This year will continue award show of previous years and add a lot of digital elements in many aspects. Last year Hit won four awards, we hope to keep the ball rolling and will further strengthen (the show) technologically this year. The award presentation can take place at anywhere and anytime. It won't happen in one day, it won't just happen in the studio either. It may happen in different places. This year's slogan is 'sharing music together, bringing us closer'. We hope through new technology and different digital platforms to bring fans and singers closer together. Everyone will also be able to vote on the latest platform 'Metro Hittest Award'."

Metro also pointed out that the Hit Award ceremony will be further digitalized to bring the music scene an innovative award show. An online award show, with augmented reality to expand the actual location creative interactive game and bring singers and fans closer. Fans would also be able to experience the joy of interacting with singers at anytime.

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Irene Wan Bik Ha's new film THE FALLEN (DOR LOK FA) was selected for the Asian Film Festival. Earlier she even received "the best movie icon" award. Irene flew to Vietnam and dressed up to attend the award ceremony.

Chosen to be the most iconic of the Hong Kong film industry, Irene was surprised. "I am very happy, I never though that so many people would like me in Vietnam. They told me that they really like my movies and television series. I only found out now that I had so many fans in Vietnam. Everyone even told me that they really liked many classic film and television characters. The most popular were Daji and Hoi Chiu."

Irene also liked Vietnam very much as she and the crew went sightseeing. She praised Vietnam cuisine as very tasty and the beauty was also very beautiful. Would Irene plan to increase her film and television series production? She said, "I would insist on quality over quantity, insist on a good script before making any. Making a good film or television series would truly be a reward to fans who have always supported me. I promised everyone that as long as I would have a good script I definitely would return to television." She said, "Many after watching the new film praised my performance. I am really very happy. This character to me is a huge breakthrough. I am much happier from being praised for my acting than my beauty, haha!"


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Due to recent social problems, the Mainland has tightened inspection of Hong Kong film and television series. Some already completed films have been halted from release and some production were unable to begin production as scheduled, including Donnie Yen Chi Tan and Charmaine Sheh Sze Man's new film. Reportedly the Patrick Tam Yiu Man starred THE ATTORNEY (YUT CUP JI HUNG)'s subject involved law and murder. A year after its production was completed it still had no release date. He said, "I heard the release date was changed and changed again, but I wasn't sure what happened. Aside from this film, I still have movies that haven't been released yet. As an actor I could only wait to coordinate with the promotions."


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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu in recent years not only starred in but also directed and produced films. Earlier he and Louis Cheung Kai Chung worked on a hot pot scene in Oi Man Estate. Kwan Yu appeared in a neighborhood look while Ah Chung wore a wig.

Recently they quietly participated in the Paralympics athlete So Wa Wai's real life story based film ON YOUR MOM, GET SET, GO (MAMA DIK SUN KEI SIU JI). Kwan Yu not only starred in but also produced the film. She said about playing Mama So, "I don't want to just imitate, so for now I still haven't met Mama So. I agreed to perform because the script moved me. (Are you supporting the film for no salary?) It's too early to ask me! Let me do the math first!"


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Alex Lam Tak Shun, director Nick Leung Kwok Bun, "Hong Kong Bun Mountain King" Lai Chi Wai yesterday promoted their film LION ROCK (SI JI SHAN SEUNG) on the radio. The film was selected to open this year's Hong Kong Asian Film Festival. Alex pointed out that the on opening day they had 20 interviewed scheduled and broke his record. For two days after he almost could not speak as he was very tired. Because he did not want to repeat interview content he wanted to have different answers. He tried repeating 3 or 4 times before, even he could not stand it. Thus he kept using his brain to dig up topics.

Director Leung Kwok Bun said that the film would add dark humor for the audience to get into easier. However the interviews were even more exhausting than the production. Now the trio from morning to night were busy with audience appreciation. They saw each other more than they saw their own families. Lai Chi Bun said that they were the "audience appreciation iron triangle". He even said that they could make prequels and spin offs. He also knew many para-athletes and people with similar experience, they did not lack interesting stories so they could work together again.

Alex later planned to book two shows for family and friends to enjoy. Was girlfriend Candance, who was caught car shopping with him earlier, already family? He awkwardly chuckled. "I don't know. (Haven't you been dating for two years already?) Really? Two years? I would invite all my friends to the shows I booked. (Is the relationship stable?) It's OK. (Have you met the parents?) Probably. (When would you officially publicize the romance?) I haven't had that plan yet." Lai Chi Wai revealed, "He is already planning to be a father."

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[2019.11.06] FOR THE WEEK ENDING NOVEMBER 3 2019

For the week ending Sunday November 3 2019
Photos courtesy of Yahoo! Movies Hong Kong

    d. Ang Lee
    Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clive Owen

  Can : Ngor Wor Ngor Dik Jo Gok
  Lit : Me and My Ancestral Nation
    d. Chen Kaige, Zhang Yibai, Guan Hu, Xue Xiaolu,
      Xu Zheng, Ning Hao, Wen Muye, Vivian Qu
    Huang Bo, Zhang Yi, Liu Tao, Du Jiang, Ge You, Song Jia,
      Liu Haoran, Chen Feiyu, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Wang Tianchen, Tong Liya,
      Zhang Jiayi, Wang Qianyuan, Oho Ou, Kara Wai Ying Hung
  Rating : I
  Length : 158 mins.
  Opening October 1 2019

    Seven renowned filmmakers each find inspiration from the 70-year history of new China to tell moving stories about the close ties between everyday people and their nation. Focusing on historical events in this important era, the concept of everyday people sharing seemingly far yet close connections with the government will awaken a shared connection among Chinese people around the world.

    The Eve directed by GUAN Hu, starring HUANG Bo - Oct. 1, 1949, the People's Republic of China was founded.

    Passing By directed by ZHANG Yibai, starring ZHANG Yi, REN Suxi - Oct. 16, 1964, China successfully exploded its first atomic bomb.

    Champion directed by XU Zheng, starring LIU Tao - Aug. 8, 1984, China Women's Volleyball team won the Olympic championship, becoming the first to win championships titles in the three major international competitions of volleyball.

    Going Home directed by XUE Xiaolu, starring DU Jiang, Simon YAM, Kara WAI - July 1, 1997, Hong Kong returned to China.

    Hello, Beijing directed by NING Hao, starring GE You - The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games open on Aug. 8, 2008.

    One For All directed by WEN Muye, starring SONG Jia - Sept. 3, 2015, the military parade marked the 70th anniversary of victory over Japan.

    The Guiding Star directed by CHEN Kaige, starring LIU Haoran and Arthur CHEN - Nov. 18, 2016, the return capsule of China's Shenzhou-11 spacecraft landed successfully.

  Can : Ming Won Ji Tung
    d. Takahiro Miki
    Ryunosuke Kamiki, Kasumi Arimura
  Rating : IIA
  Length : 111 mins.
  Opening October 31 2019
  Trailer :

    "Fortuna" – goddess of fate. Those who are "gifted" with Fortuna's Eye have the unenviable power to see through people who are about to die. The film is based on the novel "Fortuna's Eye" by Naoki Hyakuta, author of the blockbusters "The Eternal Zero" and "Fueled: The Man They Called "Pirate." It is a beautiful, but heartbreaking love story about a young man with the mysterious gift of "sight" – Fortuna's Eye -- who fights to defy destiny when confronted with the impending death of the only woman he loves. Ryunosuke Kamiki, the talented 25-year-old actor with a 20-year career takes on the lead role of Shinichiro Kiyama. His other credits include "BAKUMAN" and "your name." (voice). The popular Kasumi Arimura of "Flying Colours" and the TV series "Hiyokko" plays the heroine Aoi Kiryu. Directing the film is Takahiro Miki, master of coming-of-age films, whose credits include "BLUE SPRING RIDE" and "My tomorrow, Your yesterday."
    d. Johannes Roberts
    Sophie Nelisse, Corinne Foxx, Brianne Tju, Sistine Rose Stallone

    d. Michael Engler
    Tuppence Middleton, Matthew Goode, Maggie Smith

    d. Ruben Fleischer
    Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin,
      Zoey Deutch,

  Can : Fan Jui Yin Cheung
  Lit : Crime Scene
    d. Fung Chih Chiang (Fung Chi Keung)
    Louis Koo Tin Lok, Louis Cheung Kai Chung,
      Jessica Hester Hsuan (Suen Huen), Cherry Ngan Cheuk Ling,
      Philip Keung Ho Man, Fiona Sit Hoi Kei,
      Andy Tien (On Chi Kit), Ling Man Lung, Sam Lee Chan Sam,
      Deep Ng Ho Hong , Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau),
      Jacky Cai Jie, Ng Siu Hin
      Chan Kwok Bong, Mak Cheung Ching, Deon Cheung Chung Chi,
      Tsui Kwong Lam, Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Aaron Chow Chi Kwan,
      German Cheung Man Kit, Jason Wu Cheuk Hei
  Rating : IIB
  Length : 104 mins.
  Opening October 18 2019 a the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival Preview
  Opening October 24 2019
  Trailer :

    A man is found dead inside an apartment with a strange noise, "Help! Help!" next to the body. Detective Frank Lam arrives at the scene with his commanding officer Yip Sir to find the sole survivor and eye witness. Yip Sir is convinced the deceased, Henry Tsui is killed by his partner in crime, Sunny Wong, when they had a fight over how to divvy up the loot from an armed robbery a month ago. When Frank confronts Sunny, Sunny denies all allegations and names Yip Sir as the killer. Frank's only hope in cracking the case lies in the not-so-human witness left at the scene of the crime.

    d. Conrad Vernon, Greg Tiernan
    English Voices: Charlize Theron, Chloe Grace Moretz,
      Allison Janney, Oscar Isaac
    Cantonese Voices: Christine Ng Wing Mei, Michelle Lo Mik Suet

    d. Todd Phillips
    Joaquin Phoenix, Robert DeNiro, Zazie Beetz,

    d. Joachim Ronning
    Angelina Jolie, Ella Fanning, Michelle Pfeiffer

    d. Tim Miller
    Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes


Sam Lee and Cilla Lok play a couple in separation
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The Sam Lee Chan Sam produced, Lesley Chiang Man Kit, Paul Chun Pui, Cilla Lok Tung, Roger Wu Wai Chung and others starred DAI DOH YIN (BIG ROBBERY PERFORMANCE) will be slated for a Year of the Mouse (2020) Lunar New Year release. As a Lunar New Year film producer Lee Chan Sam did everything personally. Aside from being the lead actor, he also turned into catering with Chiang Man Kit as he made Thai iced tea for the crew. Lok Tung could not help but place an order and praised their "skills". The third time film producer Chan Sam said, "This is a comedy, the story has tears within laughter. Mainly it shoots in Thailand and it can give the audience some new sparks." Playing the separated wife Lok Tung said, "I rarely make movies, I am very grateful to the producer for this opportunity! Many people tell me that Chan Sam specifically named me for the performance, I am very happy to play someone's wife for the first time!" Chan Sam even joked that if Lok Tung did not put an effort into her performance, he would divorce her in the sequel and kick her out of the production! Chan Sam was asked if he missed his daughter Lucy while working in Thailand. He said, "I of course miss her, but she doesn't miss me too much. She still lives like she normally does."


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Nat Chan Pak Cheung and Chapman To Man Chak had different opinions on the anti extradition bill storm. Yesterday they both appeared on the RTHK program to discuss the topic. After the news spread two nights ago it caused a stir, as some online set betting odds. Yesterday Ah Lek and Ah Jat directly faced off, one wore white and the other black in contrast. The RTHK facebook live show had over 270,000 viewers. On the program Ah Jat appeared upset many times and directly accused Ah Lek as inhuman for supporting the police using live gun fire. Ah Lek responded, "Loud doesn't mean right, upset doesn't mean correct." Ah Jat after the program ended called Ah Lek a jerk, forgetting what he has said before, and described him as a waste of breath. Ah Lek said that Ah Jat was unable to absorb anything.

The live debate between Chan Pak Cheung and To Man Chak caught attention. They both said that they did not make any special preparation before hand. When the program began, the host asked how many concerts and large scale programs were cancelled in Hong Kong? Ah Jat felt that during a civil war, entertainment could not be more trivial.

Ah Lek said, "These past few months have been tragic for Hong Kong. Since I was born I have never seen Hong Kong like this. I saw violence." He felt that education brainwashed young people and said that young people were unfamiliar with history and had no in depth knowledge of the nation and Putonghua. Ah Jat responded, "The focus isn't about history. The five major pleas are very clear. The cops are becoming more and more violent, 70% of the people don't trust the cops. Yet you support the cops." Ah Lek said, "I can't see how violent the cops are, if young people didn't attack the cops why would the cops use violence? The cops is subduing violence with violence."

Ah Lek once said that if he was the police commissioner he would use real live fire. Ah Lek said that he still supports the use of real guns, referring to open fire at a life and death situation. He said that everyone supports the U.S., where the cops shot the homeless. Ah Jat angrily said, "In the U.S. you can buy guns. The U.S. is a people elected nation, but Hong Kong is using emergency law and has no people elected government." Ah Jat even said that supporting shooting is absolutely inhuman. Ah Lek lightly said, "Loud doesn't mean right, upset doesn't mean correct."

When the subject turned to the "7-21 Yuen Long incident", Ah Jat said that when the police arrived that day and faced with people in white hitting people, they not only not open fire but turned around and left. Ah Lek said that at the time there was no offensive weapon, only bats and sticks. What he saw were only fights, how could it just be an one sided attack? As for forming an independent investigation council, Ah Lek felt that after the matter settle independent investigation could take place and investigate the entire matter clearly.

The host also asked about artists running into suspected white terror and their contracts were not renewed. Ah Jat stated that nothing could be done. "The market is theirs, not welcoming you to sell your singing or your art is their prerogative." Ah Lek defended, "People have to have independent thinking. I support the police, what I have seen is correct. I feel the police is only protecting our lives and asset. They have become stuck in the middle, as they have to go to the front line." As for artists becoming flag protectors, Ah Lek said that he has never been a flag protector but said that protecting the nation is justified.

After the program ended Ah Jat left. He said, "When people argue, basically they have to have something to argue about. The most terrifying part about him is not remember what he just said. (Ah Lek is a jerk?) A jerk obviously, the scary part is having no memory. You watched the live broadcast. He would just finish saying something then turn around and forget what he just said. He has no logic at all, that type of scary. (Are you very upset?) Yes! (How would you describe Ah Lek?) Waste of X breath."

Ah Lek said that he had no "blue or yellow" differentiation. Anyone displeased with the government could protest peacefully, but he disliked violence. Violence from either side was bad. If the police used excessive violence it would be bad, but he could not see the police using excessive violence. As for an University of Science and Technology student falling off a building, he said it was a tragedy. These few months all have been a tragedy. His heart ached the most for the students, what they were after was not what they truly wanted. They did not need to make needless sacrifices. Ah Jat said that talking with him was a waste of breath? He felt that he got a lot from this talk, but Ah Jat was unable to absorb anything.


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Cecilia So reveals that Nick Cheung wore the same suit ten years ago
Eddie Cheung
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The Lai Siu Kwan, Sze Pak Lam, Lau Wing Tai directed and written film GUILT BY DESIGN (CHUI MIN CHOI KUET) two nights ago held a premiere at the Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Center. Producer Derek Yee Tung Sing and actors Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Eddie Cheung Siu Fai, Kent Cheng Juk Si, Jo Kuk Cho Lam, Cecilia So Lai Shan and action choreographer Chin Kar Lok attended. So Lai Shan revealed that Cheung Ka Fai would the suit that he was wearing ten years ago.

Ka Fai said that he wore the suit ten years ago at a radio award show as a guest presenter, but it still fit him today without feeling outdated. He joked that he supported the environment and would not throw away or give away clothes after just wearing it once. He urged artists to wear their clothes again and not to throw them away. He also revealed that Louis Koo Tin Lok loved to collect clothes and needed a lot of place to store them. He said, "The clothing that I have collected for the longest was a suit that I wore at the Cannes Film Festival. I believed I won't wear it again because that style's collar was very odd!" He said that while at TVB he wore a local designer's fashion and walked the catwalk as a model. Would he like to play a designer? Ka Fai said, "If I have the chance I would like to, anything that I haven't played before I would be interested in."

In the film Ka Fai played the hypnotist. He said that he too wanted to try to be a real hypnotist because it felt very mysterious. However he believed that there was real hypnosis and fake hypnosis. He also revealed that normally his daughter constantly "hypnotized" him to be her slave and to give her a shoulder rub, but other than that she has not made any special request. Would he be able to hypnotize his wife Esther Kwan Wing Ho? He said, "If I didn't hypnotize her, she wouldn't be married to me!"

Cecilia So Lai Shan in the film played a paralyzed girl. After Cheung Ka Fai hypnotized her she talked about what happened. She said that during the shoot she stared at the plate in the microwave and was completely focused in being hypnotized. Before the shoot she also rehearsed with an acting teacher. Ka Fai heard and joked with urgency, "Don't! Just you alone? Young girls insist on winging it!"

Playing a cop in the film, Eddie Cheung Siu Fai revealed that two scenes were more difficult. One was underwater, an action scene in which he was unconscious and hallucinating. Another was a parking lot explosion scene that required 360 degree camera shoot coordination. He said, "Another explosion scene took an entire morning to test. Luckily everyone was agile and finished it in one take."