Friday, September 6, 2013


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Chow Yun Fat, Chapman To Man Jat and Nicholas Tse Ting Fung gathered at the Venetian Macao for the Wong Jing new film FROM VEGAS TO MACAU (DOH SING FUN WON) location shoot. Unfortunately the weather refused to cooperate with a swimming pool scene as it was postponed again and again. Finally it was not completed. Ting Fung earlier after completing an all night shoot already returned to Hong Kong.

Two days ago the team shot Fat Gor's solo dramatic scene. A troubled look for a film industry superstar of course had no bad take. During the period, Ah Jat who was not in the scene put on a tank top and a pair of swimming trunks. Ah Jat said, "I just went swimming, I originally asked Ting Fung to stay. He's the one who wanted to leave. (He has family matter to attend to?) Don't ask me, I don't know."

Wong Jing revealed that if the pool scene was unable to be completed, they would likely return for additional shoots or shoot at a Hong Kong pool. He even pointed out that the hotel provided completely sponsorship this time. Would he take this chance to announce his return to the Hong Kong film industry? Wong Jing said, "No, because Fat Gor's price tag is astronomical only the Mainland can cover it. Since we have worked together many times, we just finished working on THE LAST TYCOON (DAI SEUNG HOI) a year ago and had chemistry. We even had an advantage with him! Whatever location we needed in Hong Kong, as long as we used his name it would be approved. We saved a lot on that, well worth the high salary. Fat Gor even has a market in the West! (Ting Fung recently has family trouble, did he take time off?) No, he is very smart and professional. He knows how to handle his family matter. I don't have to be worry about him."

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