Thursday, June 11, 2015


Heart shaped floral arrangements from grandson, Johnny Ip and daughter in law
Elisa Chan, Johnny Ip
Yue Fung's son 
Adam Cheng
Steven Ma pays his respect to his god mother Yue Fung
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Johnny Ip presents incense sticks to his beloved
Yue Fung
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Former Shaw star Yue Fung passed away at the age of 63 from stomach cancer at the end of last month. Her family yesterday held services for her at the Hong Kong Funeral Home. The ceremony was Buddhist. Cremation will take place today at Cape Collinson Crematorium. Yue Fung's boyfriend Johnny Ip Chun Tong yesterday appeared to pay his respect, but he declined any media interview as he was still emotional.

Yue Fung's altar was decorated in white, with a banner in the center. Three heart shaped rose arrangements were placed in front of the altar. In the center was Brother Tong's red rose arrangement. The pink rose arrangements on the right and the left came from her daughter in law and grandchild. Yue Fung's former husband also sent a floral arrangement.

Around 4PM, Yue Fung's son Leung Jok Wa and family arrived at the hall. Around 4:30PM, Brother Tong appeared in a baseball cap and sunglasses and sat in the family section. When the media asked Brother Tong for an interview, he through his record company representative declined. "Since she passed, I don't have much to say. No interview please."

Leung Jok Wa spoke to the media. He thanked the media for being thoughtful toward his mother and revealed that his mother actively faced her illness in life. She had over 40 chemotherapy treatments, but in February her condition began to deteriorate; he also said that his mother did not leave any special message. She was only worried about her family and of course Brother Tong. Leung Jok Wa admitted that Brother Tong was still emotional and asked him to thank the media for him. Because he was very sad, he would not do any interview yesterday. Was Brother Tong the hardest for his mother to let go? He said, "Their relationship lasted over 20 years, she definitely could not let go. (Brother Tong's vision was mediocre, did Mommy take great care of him?) Yes."

Yesterday artists who paid their respect included Adam Cheng Siu Chau, Steven Ma Chun Wai, Elisa Chan Kit Ling, Clifton Ko Chi Sum, Junior Anderson (On Tak Chun), Susan Shaw Yam Yam, and Yip Ka Bo. Chau Guoon revealed that he met Yue Fung when he performed in England and has known her for many years. However they have never worked together. In recent years when Brother Tong performed more tours, they finally had more chances to see each other. He praised Yue Fung for her loyalty and really knew how to take care of people. Ma Jai was Yue Fung's god son. Leung Jok Wa once worked at Ma Jai's company so they had a close relationship. Ma Jai said, "I have known Sister Fung for 15 or 16 years. Earlier I knew that she was ill in Taiwan, but God Mother never talked much about her condition. In the end, now she is no longer in pain. She is in another place, pain free and happy. (Was Brother Tong heartbroken?) He's OK." Ma Jai whose mother passed away as well would think from a different angle. Now she no longer had to suffer at the hands of her illness.

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