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Owodog has been so busy with work that he has not dated in 5 years

Owodog jokes that he did not dare to look directly at the bikini clad Carol Yeung
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Owodog earlier came to promote SUMMER LOVE (LUEN HA LUEN HA LUEN LUEN HA) in Hong Kong. In the film he played an outdated otaku who fell for big star Carol Yeung Chi Yiu, but ran into interference from Carol's assistant Elanne Kong Yuek Lam. Finally they became a love triangle. Owodog said that in the film he and intimate scenes with Kong Yuek Lam.

In the film many actresses appeared in bikini. Owodog honestly said that he was very nervous. He did not dare to look at them directly and felt very embarrassed as he did not know where to put his eyes. Did he like girls with fuller busts? Owodog said that he admired more talented girls, being able to play the piano or draw was more important than a full figure. Before the film production started, he dreamt that he was with several girls. He thanked the director for such beautiful memories.

Owodog also pointed out that many people thought that he was great with girls, but actually all the girls who he liked did not like him back. He thought that pursuing a girl did not require language. He once drew a picture for a girl. However he has not dated in five years. What did he do when he got lonely? He awkwardly laughed and said he was not at liberty to talk about that, normally he would discuss the subject of dancing with other guys.

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