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The film THE GREAT MAGICIAN (DAI MOR SHOOK SI) held a premiere last night.  Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Lau Ching Wan, Zhou Xun and Derek Yee Tung Sing attended.  Carina Lau Ka Ling came in support of her husband Wai Jai.  Recently Lau Ka Ling was rumored to have purchased a 30 million yuan home for her husband.  Wai Jai said that he had no idea.  Although the gift has not arrived in his hands, old lady Lau Ka Ling's "flesh delivery" of love and company for the movie already melted him.

When asked about the gift, Wai Jai asked whether it was a surprise.  Perhaps the reporters ruined it, but he really had no idea.  Wai Jai said that Ka Ling has always had properties in Shanghai, maybe she just switched homes or bought one for Mommy.  The Shanghai home would be useless to him since he would not move to Shanghai.

Wai Jai said that normally he would exchange gifts with Ka Ling for fun, especially on holidays or birthdays.  Last month for Ka Ling's birthday he gave her a thoughtful gift that all women liked.  If he received the 30 million home would he return the favor?  He joked, "How can that be possible, don't be silly!  Stop testing me."

This Lunar New Year he might be in Hong Kong, with work on hand he had concerns despite wanting to go skiing.  He has not gone in two years already and he really wanted to go.  Wai Jai still had Wong Kar Wai's THE GRANDMASTERS (YUT DOI JUNG SI) to work on.  He looked awkward when asked about this film as he added that it will wrap soon.

Speaking of Andy Lau Tak Wa's impending fatherhood, would Wai Jai catch up in a hurry?  He said that it was up to nature, including whether he would accept artificial insemination.  He said that having a child could not be rushed, it was not like all he had to do was wish and it would be granted.  He wanted to win the lottery too!

Lau Ching Wan and Yee Tung Sing rushed from Shanghai to promote.  They were working on the film SIU SUT DIK JI DAN in the Mainland.  Speaking of his good friend Daniel Wu (Ng Yu Cho)'s good news as his wife Lisa S was rumored to be pregnant, Yee Tung Sing said that he immediately sent a congratulation text to him as soon as he heard, but Ng Yin Cho said that it was not true.  Yee Tung Sing was disappointed as he thought a little Daniel would definitely be very cute.  Some suggested for Yee Tung Sing to have his own as Lau Tak Wa too would become a father.  He said, "Wa Jai is younger than me!  I don't know if I can."

THE GREAT MAGICIAN is the first film that he directed in the Mainland.  He hoped that a comedy in the New Year would be suitable to Mainland viewer taste.  He was also adjusting to work in the Mainland.  Would he head north and stop making Hong Kong films? Yee Tung Sing really wanted to make a Hong Kong film, but finding a film investor in Hong Kong was hard.  If he found someone it would only be for 10 million small production.  He did not want to make it hard for his actor friends and ask them to lower their salaries to make his movies.

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