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Trendy mother Kelly Chen Wai Lam in ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2012 (BAK SING PO HEI) played a photographer.  Because it was her first comedy and the character had potential, she thought it was a lot of fun.

Kelly in the film in order to coax Louis Koo Tin Lok into being her nude model was dressed like Lara Croft in one moment and a beer girl in another.  Because Kelly was already pregnant during the shoot, her belly began to grow.  However she had to dress up so costumes had to have special arrangements.  Kelly said, "After trying on all the costumes, no one realized that I was pregnant."  Speaking of working together, Kelly pointed out that they truly set of a lot of spark.  "In one scene, Goo Jai only wore nude shorts.  I had to cover him up with my head while taking his pictures.  It was both awkward and very funny.  Seeing his body I really wanted to touch it, haha."

In addition, Kelly will sing the film theme song HUG JOY (PO HEI).  Kelly revealed that during its recording, "Mini Juicy Bun" was very excited as well.  "During the recording 'Mini Juicy Bun' kept kicking me as if he heard the beat and wanted to dance.  I hope he would be more active when he grows up and not to be too quiet.  The best would be for him to like sports, kung fu would be good too."  Because the theme song is about embrace,  Kelly said that the person who she would like to embrace of course was Shrimp Dumpling Kid.  Everyday she definitely would embrace him.  As for her husband, she said that sometimes they would embrace at home for no specific reason, which felt very romantic.

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