Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Fans and pedestrians cause a major traffic jam
Andy Lau rides a motorcycle in search of his son
Some climb a tree for a glimpse of Andy Lau
Fans caught Andy Lau's arrival at Quanzhou earlier
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Andy Lau Tak Wa is working on the Huayi Brothers film LOST AND LONELY (SUT GOO). In the film he played a farmer. To look the part earlier he worked hard on losing weight. Earlier he arrived in Quanzhou to start production. His farmer look was exposed as people online could not before that it was Lau Tak Wa. In the story farmer Lau Tak Wa's son was kidnapped and sold and he began an over 10 year long journey to find his son; Tang Wei would be the lead actress.

Lau Tak Wa will work in Quanzhou for 5 days. The production team attracted many pedestrians to look on, fans also caught wind and caused a major traffic jam. Because of rain and the chaos, many stargazers returned disappointed. Lau Tak Wa did not appear, but someone took a photo of a double who resembled Lau Tak Wa.

Some also caught the "real" Lau Tak Wa near the Daping Mountain Tunnel. He looked dirty as his motorcycle look was unveiled. Those who saw the photo online did not dare to believe he was Lau Tak Wa. Some also praised that he was the most handsome farmer.

LOST AND LONELY's subject was the fight against kidnapping and sale of children. A mountain farming village father's son was kidnapped and sold at age two. He spent over 10 years to find his son across the country. Wa Jai after reading the script was touched and agreed to perform. The film will shoot all over the nation, including a Southwest farm village.

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