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Eric Tsang remembers working with Tall Guy
Andrew Lau
Filmmakers are trying to raise fund for Chan Kwok Hung's widow and children
Ken Low arrives around the same time as Jackie Chan
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Cinematographer Chan Kwok Hung (Tall Guy) last month passed away after an accidental drowning during the production of Jackie Chan's new film SKIPTRACE. Yesterday his funeral services began at the International Funeral Parlor. The ceremony was Taoist. Yesterday a group of filmmakers helped out at the hall. Guests included Jackie Chan, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Andrew Lau Wai Keung, Stephen Tung Wai, Ken Low Wai Kwong and Ken Wong Hap Hei. Around 8:30PM Jackie Chan arrived. With sorrow he stood still for the media to take photos. Big Brother first thanked everyone for their concern. Did he feel better? He said, "After a few days I am a little better! (Are you emotions still very mixed?) 2014 just went, this year will be a little better!" Speaking of a foundation to assist Tall Guy's family, he said that the nine major organizations of the film industry will provide assistance. Will he donate more money after donating HK$ 1 million? He said that he will let the organizations handle that. Because he conducted the interview as he walked, he reminded the media to watch their step. Later he again stopped for photos as requested before entering the hall. He stayed for half a hour. When he left the media asked him about the street bill incident, he said, "Those who are innocent know they are. I won't be mad. Someone misunderstood me. When I do something I don't do it to show people." Was he very worried about Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) being officially charged? He said as he continued to walk, "No, be careful everyone, watch your step!"

According the Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers president Lau Wai Keung, since the accident each major film organizations have offered a helping hand. The Stuntman Association president Chin Kar Lok even took the initiative and offered to use the organization's fund to help, as well as setting up an account for Tall Guy's widow Mrs. Chan for the convenience of donations from various organizations. Although Big Brother said that he will give HK$ 1 million first, ultimately the victim was survived by a widow and children. Thus a second round of fund raising activities will take place to assist Mrs. Chan and her children's life and educational expenses. They hoped to raise HK$ 10 million. Louis Koo Tin Lok and Wong Jing has also formed a "Tall Guy fraternity" to assist.

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