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Francis Ng and Sammi Cheng
Julian Cheung, Francis Ng and Louis Koo are called the "manliest pilot team"
Charmaine Sheh, Sammi Cheng, Amber Kuo
Sammi Cheng "interacts" with Francis Ng with a punch to the chest
Julian Cheung gets into character with Amber Kuo without any concern for his wife Anita Yuen
Charmaine Sheh and Julian Cheung ignore the rumor and appear in Beijing together
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The Wilson Yip Wai Shun and Matthew Chow Hoi Kei directed romance TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES (CHUNG SEUNG WON SIU) will open nationally on February 19th, Lunar New Year's Day. Yesterday the film held a press conference in Beijing. The leads Louis Koo Tin Lok, Francis Ng Chun Yu, Julian Cheung Chi Lam and Sammi Cheng Sau Man appeared in handsome pilot uniforms. Charmaine Sheh Si Man and Amber Kuo was dressed in flight attendant uniforms. The crowd's shrieks were endless. Then they deliver the slogan "Take U fly, make U wow" to send the crowd over the top.

Goo Jai in the film played a full of adventurous spirit airline company CEO and had a romance in the air with the Ah Sheh played flight attendant. They even made over in the swimming pool. Goo Jai had nothing but praised for Ah Sheh's performance. "During the performance she was very professional. The impression that she gave was very pure and natural, so working with her was especially comfortable." Ah Sheh complained, "Working with him was very stressful. He is too handsome, the captain who is the least like captain. Sometimes I couldn't properly get into character because of him, but fortunately where our dates took place in the film were particularly romantic places like a ferris wheel. After a few scenes we were feeling rather good."

Sammi looked very handsome in the pilot uniform. In the film she played a rock star and a couple of differing styles with Chun Yu, like in life they were of two different worlds. Yesterday however they had a lot of chemistry. She praised Chun Yu's character. "He is very similar to the character he plays. He is very attentive and really takes care of people, a mature and warm man. Even my cold rock singer becomes his captive." Chun Yu said that working with Sammi was like being with an old friend and felt great. In the film he even danced for the first time. He hoped that everyone would like it instead of laughing at him after watching.

Chi Lam this time continued to play "Cool Demon" Captain Koo, less than serious but loving very deeply. Amber Kuo turned into a sweetheart and took the initiative in a crazy romance in a foreign land with Cool Demon. Although they worked together for the first time their performance was very exceptionally intimate. Amber Kuo praised Chi Lam for being so handsome that he lived up to the nickname Cool Demon. She often fell under the spell of his electrifying eyes. After several scenes she truly could not take any more. Yet after awhile she felt that he was like the next door big brother who took care of people. Chi Lam also said that she rather enjoyed working with Amber Kuo. "She is a sweetheart, taking a lot of initiative in love. She comes to tempt me first, in the end I am completely in love with her."

Director Yip Wai Shun revealed that the film aside from Beijing, Hong Kong also shot on location in England and other European nations' most romantic date settings, like the London Eye, the Thames, the famous graffiti wall in England. The actors brought their extremely professional performance quality, every relationship scene had surprises and sentiments. Conceivably they have added a lot more points to the film.

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