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Jackie Chan does not want to make the trial even more of a spectacle and states that he will not attend
Joan Lin
After 5 months off from work, Ko Chen-Tung only charges a friendly rate for his first job but still grasps tightly to the opportunity
With a chance to start over, Ko Chen-Tung still remembers the still in detention Jaycee Chan
Ko Chen-Tung's father is on hand to take care of everything for his son
Jaycee Chan admits the drugs found were his
Eric Tsang
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Information on Weibo about Jaycee Chan's trial
Jackie Chan will be in Beijing for work and may not attend the trial
Joan Lin is writing a letter a day to Jaycee Chan
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Jackie Chan's son Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) in August 14 last year was arrested in Beijing with Taiwan star Ko Chen-Tung under suspicion of drugs. The Beijing police in Cho Ming's home seized over 100 grams of drugs. Both were sent to separate detention centers. Cho Ming was detained for provide shelter for others to use drugs. Ko Chen-Tung after the administrative detention period ended was received on August 29, when he held an apology press conference on the same day. The next day he returned to Taiwan. Cho Ming remained in the detention center, his whereabouts was unknown and the situation worried many.

Still in the Dongcheng Detention Center, Cho Ming after the Dongcheng District People's Procurate officially charged him on December 22nd with providing shelter for others to use drugs yesterday had new development in his case. According to a Mainland publication the Dongcheng court on the 9th will begin the trial, meaning that after 148 days in the detention center Cho Ming's case might finally have a decision. According to Mainland legal scholars, once found guilty the sentence would be a maximum of three years of imprisonment, criminal detention or control. The verdict will be decided within half a month. Cho Ming will have one chance to appeal. If found guilty, the sentence will include Cho Ming's earlier days in detention.

In the past five months, Cho Ming not only was unable to see his parents and could only communicate to them with his lawyer but also had to spend his 32nd birthday, winter solstice and Christmas alone. During his detention he has already read over 100 books. Although Jackie Chan and Joan Lin were worried about Cho Ming, on the day of the trial Jackie Chan would have to work in Beijing and might not attend. Joan Lin would be overseas. Cho Ming's manager admitted discussing the case with the lawyers. When asked about Cho Ming's mood, his manager said, "I don't know, I will get an understanding through the lawyers. On the day of the trial the company will apply for a colleague to attend the hearing."

Jackie Chan's friend Eric Tsang Chi Wai last night at a banquet admitted that Joan Lin missed her son everyday. "After the date is set it will be over soon. (Did you approach Joan Lin?) No, I don't know what to say. Give her some time to settle down. She is writing a letter everyday to Cho Ming, so he can read them all at once once he is released." Chi Wai even revealed that Jackie Chan has mentioned his son's current status. "He told me that Cho Ming is fine in there, read a lot of books. To him this is a good lesson, he hoped that once he is released he will be independent and cherish life."

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