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Ge You with Ady An Yi Hin, Shu Qi and Yao Chen in Beijing
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Mainland big director Feng Xiaogang directed IF YOU ARE THE ONE 2 will be released during the Lunar New Year. Earlier Feng Xiaogang promoted the film. He chose Hong Kong to be the first stop of the promotion, then he will continue to promote in Beijing and other places. Feng Xiaogang honestly said that the first film's performance was great so he had a lot of expectation and he was very optimistic. He believed that its box office will exceed the first film and joked that if it will not then he will have failed. Speaking of competing against the Chen Kaige directed SACRIFICE and the Jiang Wen directed LET THE BULLETS FLY, he said that he was not afraid of the impact because their styles were different. He said, "I am not being coy or courteous, I hope overall everyone would do well."

Did Feng Xiaogang feel Shu Qi's performance this time has improved? He said that it was very hard to describe with words and praised Shu Qi's performance as reaching another level this time, with "me within you, you within me". he meant that aside from her character she also had herself. He said, "Shu Qi gave people a very comfortable feeling. Normally she would simply wear jeans and slippers. She is very casual. My view of her is she wins easier, leaves it up to fate and is casual, she has reason, emotions and fun. She is a professional, never putting herself on a pedestal. Everything she does is reasonable and not materialistic." Feng Xiaogang pointed out that Shu Qi would speak up when she found something bad and would talk about anything. She was one of the few artists who did not need to call her manager. Feng Xiaogang even praised Shu Qi as the same as his wife, both were among the Best Actresses.

Feng Xiaogang also praised Ge You and Shu Qi for their lack of arrogance. He said that Ge You was the most popular actor in the Mainland perhaps due to his family education, as his parents were very low key people too. Ge You grew up in the Beijing academy. When he saw film industry people he would be very polite. Years ago he won an award in Cannes, his father reminded Ge You not to change because of an award. Thus Ge You did not show himself off, he was not someone who would attack others. He could also act without a script. As for new generation actors Yao Chen and Ady An Yi Hin, Feng Xiaogang pointed out that Yao Chen's performance was very solid and somewhat like Shu Qi. Would he yell at actors on the set? He said, "No, but sometimes when the crew doesn't cooperate I would yell, of course this isn't good."

Feng Xiaogang said that IF YOU ARE THE ONE 2 was shot on location in Hainan, which felt very comfortable. Everyone stayed in a five star hotel. It was like a vacation, after the shoot they could rest. He said that the film talked about "break up the deal, not the relationship". When a couple parts they can still be friends. The film had many humorous parts. The end also had a memorial. Was he confidence about the Hong Kong box office? Feng Xiaogang felt that he needed to take his time with Hong Kong. He said when he came to Hong Kong before, a reporter asked him what movies he made. Hong Kong viewers gradually recognized him. Although THE ASSEMBLY in Hong Kong only made 1 million and IF YOU ARE THE ONE made 2 million, he was the proudest about THE ASSEMBLY because it had no star and great word of mouth. He said, "Actually the reasons were no one was familiar with you in Hong Kong and the language problem. I will follow word of mouth, slowly accumulate more viewers." He honestly said that he liked coming to Hong Kong.

Feng Xiaogang earlier criticized this year's Golden Horse Award results. Will he register IF YOU ARE THE ONE 2 for the Golden Horse Awards next year? He pointed out that the production company would make the decision, not the director. Was his wife Xu Fan unhappy about not
winning Best Actress with AFTER SHOCK? He honestly said yes but she is better now.

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