Thursday, June 6, 2013


Sammi Cheng has to smoke three cigarettes at once.  For her charcter she does not mind at all even with her asthma.
Sammi Cheng slides down a light post from the second floor balcony.  Even Andy Lau praises her abilities.
Sammi Cheng's "career line" surprises in BLIND DETECTIVE
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In the film BLIND DETECTIVE (MAN TAM), Sammi Cheng Sau Man went through Hell and high water for director Johnnie To Kei Fung. In the film Sammi had 30 different looks, the running scene was the most eye catching as she revealed a 3 inch "career line". She joked that it was the result of professional lighting. Sammi also liked to play with her costumes. Normally she would not dress like a rock chick, in the movie she could get her fill of fun.

Sammi also displayed her agility in the film, with several bags of rice boxes she ran the stairs and soaked in the pool. She even climbed from a second floor balcony to a nearby light post and then slid down. She said that during the shoot she kept saying that she was very afraid. Even Andy Lau Tak Wa praised her abilities and called her the new generation of action star! Sammi everyday ran 8 kilometers to train, highly difficult stunts could not stump her. Yet with her asthma, in the film she had to smoke 3 cigarettes. It was her biggest challenge. Luckily the result was funny, which she thought was worth suffering for.

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