Saturday, January 3, 2015


Sammi Cheng has her arm around Andy Lau's shoulder and he has his around her waist.
Andy Lau bends down to sing as Sammi's guest
Sammi still has a bandage on her Christmas Eve wound
On Jai is just like all the other fans
Andy Hui enjoys the show
Cherie Chung brings flowers for Sammi
Joey Yung visits Sammi backstage
Sammi cannot help but take a bite out of the egg waffle near the end of the show
Sammi's parents attend the show
Andy Hui helps the in laws with their exit
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Sammi Cheng Sau Man two nights ago completed the twelfth show of her Touch Mi Cheng Sau Man World Tour concerts. Aside from her family, Cherie Chung Chor Hung, Joey Yung Cho Yi, Janice Vidal (Wai Lan) and Jill Vidal (Wai Si) were in the audience. Her husband Andy Hui Chi On waited until the lights went out before taking his seat in the audience, leading other viewers around him to take photos. Sammi performed as usual. When she performed THE LORD IS ALREADY PREPARED she broke down in tears. Former manager Lee Chun attended as well, and Sammi thanked him for his help back then. "Thank you, I have succeeded but I won't give you any money. I have already given you 4 tickets, each one's street price is 15,000, hurry up and pay." As for her husband On Jai, whenever Sammi sang a love song the audience would scream "On Jai". Sammi never responded. She said, "I won't answer to you, let it go, shut up! Stop making more noise!"

That night, Sammi invited Andy Lau Tak Wa to be her guest. They hug for almost half a song and patrolled the entire stage hand in hand. Sammi said, "I am sorry, every time I have a concert I would trouble you. When will it be your turn?" She did not expect Wa jai's answer to be "Let me have another (child) first!" Sammi told him to keep at it. Wa Jai smiled and said, "Every night!" Sammi praised Wa Jai as a great partner who was able to give her a lot of trust and sense of security. Earlier when they worked in the Yau Ma Tei, Tsim Sha Tsui and Mongkok districts, he would do his best to protect her. She said, "Don't have one yet, handsome guys are very hard to find. Make another movie. Then again maybe not, I am afraid your wife would yell at me." Wa Jai said that Sammi has already found a handsome other half, but revealed that actually she did not eat much on the set. Then Wa Jai performed IF ONE DAY. Sammi at the end added two songs, first was On Jai's song ONLY YOU CANNOT BE REPLACED. At the time On Jai just left the audience to see his parents in law out, making the entire audience think that he would go on stage. The cheers and screams were endless. When On Jai returned to the audience, the camera caught his expression. Sammi immediately turned her back to On Jai and kept shaking her head and hands. She finished the entire song, in the end On Jai did not appear on stage. Then Sammi performed HIGH HILL LOW VALLEY with lyrics in her hand. Sammi has been on a diet during the concert. During the finale the crew brought her order of egg waffles, which she could not help but take a big bite out of. She joked, "You of course want more shows, I don't. I want pork jerky." She then thanked each of her family member except On Jai. Yet when she said BOND, "Love for a lifetime, it's you who can make life perfect, who can compare to you my everything." She lovingly stared at On Jai. After the show, On Jai gave Sammi thumbs up.

After the show Sammi attended the celebration. When she arrived she even had two potato chips. She said that off stage she already had peanut candy and two sips of Japanese sake. Her voice was hoarse when the interview started. "My voice was great all night. As soon as I went off stage it got hoarse. Today Wa Jai saved my life. Because I had a lot of drink, I really had to go. If I didn't I couldn't dance. Luckily he helped me out and ran interference so I could go." She joked that after the concerts she wanted to eat and sleep the most. At least she will have to rest for two months because she trained until her nose bled. Yet it would only be once in a lifetime, the six pack abdominal muscles will become one. Speaking of deliberately turning her back on On Jai when she performed ONLY YOU CANNOT BE REPLACED, she said, "As long as you get it it's enough, do we have to lovingly stare at each other? Be a little more natural. (Fans asked me to come on stage.) No! If he came on stage I wouldn't stop him, but this arrangement now is very comfortable. He should come to see my concert, but I can perform the entire show by myself. He doesn't have to come up." She said that she heard fans screamed Mrs. Hui, to which she has never been resistant. She denied that she stared at On Jai during BOND and explained that her sense of direction was poor. She said that for the concert her weight dropped to 97 pounds. She said that being too thin was unhealthy. In the future she will perform the tour all over, but she had no plan to perform a part 2 in Hong Kong.

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