Sunday, January 4, 2015


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Annie Liu spent New Year's Eve at work
Selfie with host Sarah Song
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Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) was an opening ceremony guest for a Mongkok shopping center. She braved the cold in a spring dress. In the new year Sum Yau has set a resolution to complete her 9th 10K race because she has promised herself to run 10 times and 100 kilometers. She said, "I have time, I don't have to rush. What would I do if I run too much?" Was finding a boyfriend not one of her wishes? She said, "Of course not, you can't work hard on fate."

Sum Yau is busy with her new film KNOCK KNOCK! WHO'S THERE? (YAU HAT DOH). She had to work even on New Year's Eve. That day after celebration with dinner with the team, she went home after work and celebration with dinner with Mommy again.

Did Mommy rush her to find a boyfriend? Sum Yau admitted, "She has, but not everyday. Instead we discuss more about where to go on vacation to next." Earlier she went to work on KNOCK KNOCK! WHO'S THERE? at a funeral parlor. Originally the location did not permit them to shoot, but in the end they were allowed to. However because of the tight schedule they worked for 20 hours straight. Sum Yau said, "In that scene I returned to my own funeral. Before hand I bowed to all four corners. I am mentally prepared as well, but the shoot was very realistic. I thought would my own funeral be like this? Luckily the shoot went very smoothly. We didn't run into anything strange."

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