Sunday, January 4, 2015


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Nancy Sit Ka Yin and Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui yesterday attended a beauty center opening ceremony in Hung Hom. Ah Tan directed BREAK UP 100 (FUN SAU 100 CHI), which had a good response last year. Thus this year he will make two romantic films. Chrissie Chau Sau Na will continue to be the lead in one of them, but he would like to work with either a Korean or a Taiwan star. He said, "It's not hard to approach Kim Soo-Hyun and Lee Min-Ho, we have ways to negotiate. (Are you dumping Ekin?) No, I will keep him in mind for some projects. (Sandy) Lam San San always says fine, but as soon as she checks the schedule she says they don't have time. (Wouldn't getting a Korean star increase the cost a lot?) In order to make a quality film, we can't use low budget."

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