Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Jeana Ho jokes that she will return the slaps to Jacquelin Chong
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Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau two nights ago attended with Pakho Chau the premiere of their film S FOR SEX S FOR SECRETS. She was walking slowly because she said that she sprained her leg during a commercial shoot. Pakho said that she turned from a goddess to a brother, Sum Yau said that she looked forward to working with him again. She also said that the film about sex was a big breakthrough for her, as she looked forward to challenging different characters. Sum Yau also said in less than fluent Cantonese, "I can be pan fried (ugly)!" Pakho said that he understood the problems in the bedroom and the pain of men. He said that he was traditional and wanted to get married and have children. "With more understanding I am curious about marriage. (Will you wed once you reach your award goal?) Women can't wait, I have to keep working hard. I may be in more of a hurry than her."

Ho Pui Yu and Kabby Hui Nga Ting were in attended. Jeana said that in the film she took 3 slaps from Chong Si Man. Because she was afraid that bad takes would turn into 16 laps, they agreed for her to hit hard. She joked that one day she would definitely return the favor. The car rocking scene with Philip Keung Ho Man was also memorable. Because of the physical contact in the narrow car space under high heat, they were drenched in sweat. Because the environment was too narrow she rammed toward the window and almost lost a tooth.

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