Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Stephen Chow earlier worked with mermaid Lin Yun
Deng Chao and Wen Zhang appear in Dongguan for the film
Stephen Chow
courtesy of on.cc

Comedy star Stephen Chow Sing Chi's new film MERMAID (MEI YUN YU) recently has been shooting in Dongguan. The film company has kept the costumes tightly under wrap until recently when MERMAID shot on location on the streets of Dongguan, when photos were taken and posted online. Deng Chao in a suit looked handsome; Wen Zhang appeared in a police uniform. Meanwhile Sing Yeh dressed casually and wore a hat, looking very enthusiastic about the film production.

Meanwhile, online rumors spoke of a woman named Qian's claim that in mid September she flew from Beijing to Hong Kong to meet with Sing Yeh about the film. They ate dinner and went to the karaoke box. She even said that she gave some priceless natural crystal from her mother as a gift to Chow Sing Chi. However, she in the end was not selected. The woman said that Sing Yeh gave her hope and made her waste months of time. Now she wants Sing Yeh to return the gift to get back her dignity. His assistant denied the matter and said that Sing Yeh did not know the Qian woman. He never received any gift and that she was using Chow Sing Chi's name to speculate and maliciously defaming Chow Sing Chi's reputation. The company will reserve the rights to take legal action.

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