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Jackie Chan presents jackets to the elderly
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Jackie Chan makes down jacket donations to the Salvation Army that will go to seniors in need every year. Yesterday he attended the donation ceremony. He looked a little tired but in good spirit. Speaking of becoming a "Datuk" and being selected as the fourth most admired man in the world, Jackie Chan said that perhaps because 2014 was not good, 2015 started with good news. "I have done so much over the years, I have no regret. I have always done what I should do and say what I should say. I have done what was right and in the future I will keep on going in this direction." He said that he has made the donations for 20 years. Everyone would get old. He too hoped that after he grew old, everyone would still remember him and not forget him.

After the ceremony, Jackie Chan said that he just returned from Malaysia in the middle of the night two nights ago. He went to Malaysia to accept the Datuk title from the prime minister. He only went to sleep at sunrise yesterday. Later he will be busy with the DRAGON BLADE promotion. Will he give flowers to his wife Joan Lin on Valentine Day? Jackie Chan said probably not, Ah Giu's birthday has already passed without him remembering. He has never sweat the small stuff, as he had no idea what day was which holiday.

Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) was rumored to be released from prison on February 14th, will he pick his son up in Beijing? Jackie Chan admitted that he will not. He had no idea which day he will be released, and he had to promote his film anyway. He joked that the media probably would have a better idea than he would.

Did he miss his son after not seeing him for such a long time? Jackie Chan said, "Has it been long? We have gone two years without seeing each other. This time it's like going to the university for Cho Ming. I am very relaxed, when he is released he will properly face the future. His mama and I won't say anything more about him. We will continue to be his shield, I believe my son will give us a new Cho Ming." He also said that this time actually turned a bad thing into a good thing. As for whether they will hold a press conference, Cho Ming will decide. Jackie Chan said, "My role is that of a father."

Has he seen Cho Ming's court video? Jackie Chan said that he has and thought it was pretty good. Reporters said that Cho Ming was more handsome and thinner, he joked, "Then he should stay a little longer." He also said that Ah Giu will not pick up Cho Ming. She now is unwilling to go out, meet anyone or take any call, she says that she has to be punished along wit her son. Is Ah Giu blaming herself for not raising Cho Ming well enough? Jackie Chan said that he did not dare to ask. They have never visited or seen Cho Ming, he only knew that Ah Giu wrote a letter and asked the lawyer to give it to his son.

Reportedly Cho Ming also wrote back to Ah Giu and said that he wanted to see Dad more. Jackie Chan did not reply but was teary eyed. He also said that he did not know when Cho Ming's release will be. Speaking of spending the Lunar New Year together, Jackie Chan said, "I won't be (at home) though."

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