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Louis Koo shares a kiss with Charmaine Sheh in the pool
Ah Sheh says the shaving cream fight has quite a dating feeling
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Ah Sheh admits falling under Louis Koo's spell during the shoot
Louis Koo accidentally hits Charmaine Sheh during a shaving cream fight
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Louis Koo Tin Lok and Charmaine Sheh Sai Man in the film TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES (CHUNG SEUNG WON SIU) had many romantic scenes. They played former lovers. Goo Jai and Ah Sheh made chocolate together when they were young, but they broke up to pursue their future. Years later Ah Sheh became a flight attendant and happened to work in the airline company that Goo Jai just took over. Goo Jai decided not to let go. In one scene Ah Sheh's heel was caught between the cobblestones. Goo Jai in a pilot uniform braved the rain and bent down to help her. Later Goo Jai brought her home to talk in his private swimming pool, even ending up in a embrace and a passionate kiss.

Goo Jai revealed that the shoe rescue in the rain was a stroke of genius. Because their location shoot time in England was limited but rain kept coming down. In the end they were left this high heel rescue scene, so they shot it anyway. The result was even more romantic and warmer than expected. At the same time, in the film Goo Jai's nonstop advanced left Ah Sheh defenseless and electrocuted. She said, "The shaving cream war scene felt a lot like dating, when I watched the playback I thought it was very sweet. If real life is this romantic it would be great! Unfortunately I haven't run into a handsome boyfriend I can fall for like Goo Jai in the film!" Goo Jai admitted that this scene looked good but was hard to make because his teeth were chattering from the cold in the pool. However he still had to pretend to enjoy it. With several dozen workers on the set, the scene was more funny than romantic.

Ah Sheh admitted at first she was a little scared of working with Goo Jai since he looked very cool. Actually he was very nice and often taught her how to play an attractive character. In the shaving cream fight scene he accidentally hit her and he kept apologizing. Ah Sheh said, "I joked that he would have to take care of me for the rest of my life! Actually I have always been silly, it doesn't matter. The most important is the result is pretty."

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