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Chrissie Chau's conservative costume still cannot hide her figure from Sandra Ng's eyes
In school Sandra Ng falls for Chrissie Chau and develops a teacher student romance
Ivana Wong plays a rich and reclusive woman and has many funny scenes with Wyman Wong
Michelle Lo guest stars in 12 GOLDEN DUCKS and is drawn to Sandra Ng
Chrissie Chau calls Sandra Ng's look handsome and tempting.  They even take a duck face selfie
After school Chrissie Chau gives Sandra Ng a ride
Chrissie Chau seduces her student Sandra Ng
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Sexy goddess Chrissie Chau Sau Na guest starred in Sandra Ng Kwan Yu's film 12 GOLDEN DUCKS (12 GUM NGAP) and played mild on the outside, wild on the inside female teacher, the sex symbol from Kwan Yu's school days. Chau Sau Na praised Kwan Yu's "male costume" as handsome and attractive. With 5 Hong Kong Film Award nominations, Ivana Wong Yuen Chi in the film appeared with a sexy image to steal the spotlight.

Kwan Yu this time played the Golden Duck, who in the film already had thousands of fans in school. When he saw the Chau Sau Na played teacher he thought she was a goddess. In Kwan Yu's eyes, Chau Sau Na was a sex symbol. Even when she was conservatively dressed, her sexy side could still be seen. When the director asked Chau Sau Na for a sexy pose, she did not hesitant and performed professionally. In the story after school Chau Sau Na drove a red convertible and gave Kwan Yu a ride.

Chau Sau Na despite her conservative costumes this time still easily had Kwan Yu under her spell with a series of sexy and seductive gestures.

Chau Sau Na talked about her teacher character. "I am rarely so mild mannered. This time the first time I work with Sister Kwan Yu, I was very surprised to see her costume. She is too handsome, I was tempted. My character looked cold but was very passionate and wild inside. Thus she could not help but fall under her spell. I rarely made comedy, so I thought it was a lot of fun."

Wong Yuen Chi again worked with Kwan Yu as a rich but reclusive woman and the duck shop boss. She needed to speak Thai. Before the shoot she very seriously studied her Thai lines and during her performance she was very fluent. Even Peter Chan Ho Sun praised her for her fluency. Her costume was rather sexy as well, which she joked was not difficult at all. With just a push she reached the effect.

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