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Dominic plans to play human platters with Jeana Ho
Hazel Tong, Tony Ho, Dominic Ho, Jeana Ho celebrate the box office success of THE GIGOLO
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THE GIGOLO (NGAP WONG) two nights ago held a celebration at Central. The film after a week in release broke the HK$ 4 million mark. Lead actor Dominic Ho Ho Man, Jeana Ho Pui Yu, Hazel Tong Chi Yui and Tony Ho Wa Chiu attended, but Candy Yuen Ka Man did not appear.

Jeana revealed that she had a fever and people around her immediately kept their distance after finding one. Dominic joked, "How could I keep away from you, I would die with you." Dominic also said that the box office has already surpassed 4 million, first among Hong Kong films. He even checked the box office and saw that the film was making 340,000 daily. Johnny Depp's film was only making 290,000. Ho Ho Man admitted that if the box office exceeds 10 million he wanted to kiss Brother Jing and even grab Jeana to be human platters together! When asked if he will be completely naked, he said, "As much as possible! I have no bottom line!"

Reportedly the producer thought Yuen Ka Man was trouble and swore to never work with her again. Dominic said, "I don't know anything about such personal grudges, we have no problem with the producer. We can't worry too much about other things." Yuen Ka Man once revealed that Wong Jing made this film to make Dominic into a star and she was only an "accessory". Dominic pointed out that Wong Jing was very willing to support new comers, he indeed was a new comer. Did they know why Yuen Ka Man did not appear? Ho Wa Chiu said, "It's my fault, I forgot to ask her." Dominic said that he saw Yuen Ka Man's name on the company notice and she was invited. He heard from the film company that she was very busy. He said, "She has so much work, so she won't be coming! we don't have much work, so we came."

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