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Auyeung Tak Fan posts a photo with Leslie Cheung, Leon Lai, Andy Hui and others from 20 years ago

Japanese fans present green origami cranes

footage from Leslie Cheung's DAYS OF BEING WILD
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"Gor fans" from around the world leave a sea of flowers on the Avenue of Stars
At the square across the street from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel
Don Li and Joe Tay (Cheng King Kei) perform at Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Center to salute Leslie Cheung

Chan Suk Fun pays respect to Leslie Cheung with "Gor fans" at Po Fook Hill
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Yesterday was the 12th anniversary of superstar of a generation Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's passing. "Gor fans" continued to remember their idols in different ways. Around 10AM over 2,000 "Gor fans" from Hong Kong, Guangdong, Japan, Vietnam and other places gathered at Po Fook Hill to pay their respect to their idol. The Tsim Sha Tsui Avenue of the Stars and the Mandarin Oriental Hotel also had many "Gor fans" presenting flowers in remembrance. Almost 200 fans even held a small memorial at the park across the street from the hotel. At the Queen Elizabeth Stadium a memorial event for Gor Gor also took place at night.

Two days ago fans already placed flowers and dolls on the Avenue of Stars to remember Gor Gor. Fans even took photos of the sea of flowers. Ms. Wang and Ms. Chen from Foshan revealed that their group of a dozen or so came to Hong Kong to remember Gor Gor. They have liked Gor Gor for over ten years and the most memorable was Gor Gor 1997 and 2000 concerts and films. Their group every year would come to Hong Kong to attend the memorial event at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and to present flowers on the Avenue of Stars. At night they would also attend the Queen Elizabeth Stadium memorial event. As for Chan Suk Fun's intention to organize a Gor Gor musical on 2016, they said that they would support it but they worried that no actor would be like Gor Gor. In the hearts of "Gor fans" like them, no one has been able to replace or impersonate Gor Gor so far.

A volunteer of many years for the Leslie Cheung fan club, Ms. Ng yesterday remembered Gor Gor outside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel as she has in past years. As for the hotel's police road block outside, Ms. Ng clarified that the hotel did not ask the police for assistance. Over the years the fan club and the hotel have had a great relationship. Every April 1st it would arrange for a place for fans to remember their idol; the next day fans would also clear the area on their own. Yesterday a man asked fans to donate Gor Gor collectibles for his cafe, Ms. Ng was suspicious and reminded fans that they would bear sole responsibility for the consequence of donating items. In the afternoon, around 200 fans held a memorial event at the Jardine House park. They each held candles and a moment of silence for Gor Gor.

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