Friday, April 3, 2015


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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu would be on the jury of the 39th Hong Kong International Film Festival Young Cinema Competition. Yesterday she went to Mongkok to present awards to the winners.

Serving for the first time on a jury, Kwan Yu said that because the jury members came from different places everyone had different cultural background. Aside from the first place film that received unanimous votes, the second and third place films were debated about. Yet she benefited a lot from the process and hoped to be able to be on an overseas international film festival jury in the future. The film that she produced received good reviews, has she thought about easing out of on screen performance to focus on behind the scene work? Kwan Yu said, "I am too pretty and my acting is too great, they shouldn't be wasted. I still like to be an actor, but my dream is to produce and direct the next film."

In addition, ATV did not receive a license renewal and only had a year of operation left before closing its doors. Kwan Yu said that as one of the station's founding fathers, her father Ha Chun Chau was the most sadden. She said, "When Mr. Deacon Chiu (Yau Tak Gun) passed away, Papa was one of the funeral committee members. He served a television station loyally for his entire life. Now it suddenly vanishes, I told him to move on." Kwan Yu continued that Papa has worked there from the RTV era to now. Occasionally he would meet with his ATV friends and felt sentimental about the entire matter. Ultimately Hong Kong having another television station and competition in the industry would be good.

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