Tuesday, April 7, 2015


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Jackie Chan donates gifts from his fans to charity
Jackie Chan receives a card from Qinghua University
Jackie Chan promotes his new book at Qinghua University
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Jackie Chan released his new book JACKIE CHAN: OLD BEFORE GROWING UP on his birthday. Recalling days in his 20s when he already was worth ten million, Jackie Chan said, "I am an uneducated thug. suddenly over night I had 10 million, what kind of idea is that? I couldn't wait to buy everything I wanted to buy in a lifetime in a week!"

Jackie Chan revealed that over 30 years ago in Canada he passed by a watch store and spend over 500,000. His assistants and Jackie Chan Stuntman Association all got gifts. Once he passed by his friend Albert Yeung Sau Sing's watch shop and bought 7 watches in one shot. "At the time I only asked if it was the most expensive and had the most diamonds. Great, don't bother wrapping it up. Check please!" Recalling his big spending days, Jackie Chan yesterday said, "At the time I bought 7 watches, 7 different brands, at the time one diamond watch was around 20,000 bucks, the bill ran around 100,000!" Because back then he did not know how to sign for his credit card, everyday he would carry 1.5 million in cash on him. "Luckily I had the Jackie Chan Stuntman Association with me, they took some and carried money for me!"

Jackie Chan back then went to a six star hotel for a film contract negotiation in a tank top and shorts, a completely rebellious and self centered expression. "Back then I almost drank and drove everyday. In the morning after crashing the Porsche, at night I would crash the Mercedes-Benz. Everyday I would never be sober." He said that his days of being wild in his youth should be a lesson for the new generation. "I got smart, I even want to contribute to charity and public good. I don't mind other people say I am not cultured and am nouveau riche. I indeed have been through those stages, but now I spend money where it should be spent......if I truly regretted anything from then, I would want to return to my childhood and study well."

As for his retirement plans, Jackie Chan revealed that he thought about jumping to his death into the volcano while making CZ12 (SUP YI SUN CHIU) and passed like Bruce Lee at his prime. It would also be the most beautiful end. Yesterday on his birthday he chose to speak at the Qinghua University to promote his new book. Some fans sent him lai see and Jackie Chan promised online, "When you give 1,000 I give 1,000, all goes to charity."

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