Thursday, February 5, 2015


Shawn Yue feels like he is in THE KILLER
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Chow Yun Fat is all smiles when he arrives in Beijing
Fat Gor and Wai Jai earlier took a selfie
Shawn Yue wields two guns to battle with Chow Yun Fat
Fat Gor and Fat Soh begin their promotion trip
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Shawn Yue Man Lok in FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 (DOH SING FUNG WON II) was Chow Yun Fat's disciple. Lok Jai said that originally he was helping Fat Gor with his business but later he joined the Interpol, which upset Fat Gor. Fat Gor saw bad guys were after his disciple so finally he lent a helping hand.

Yue Man Lok was very excited to work with Fat Gor and other actors this time. He said, "They are all very outstanding and representative Hong Kong actors. Fat Gor and (Nick Cheung) Ka Fai have won countless awards, working with them I wouldn't be nervous. Instead I was very relaxed. On the set they would generate the atmosphere and work would be particularly smooth." Although this production was very relaxed, Lok Jai did not drop his guard because he was responsible for a lot of action scenes. He had to fight and shoot. He said that Andrew Lau Wai Keung liked explosive scenes. When he worked on action scenes, Yue Man Lok savored fending off the enemies with two guns with Fat Gor. It was like he was working with Fat Gor on THE KILLER (DIP HUET SEUNG HUNG). During the shoot, Fat Gor would use the rear view mirror to observe the enemy and guide Lok Jai to shoot at different spots. Fat Gor was very pleased with this "disciple". "Yue Man Lok has many female fans, a top handsome guy. His performance is natural and comfortable. The next 20 years belong to him!" The leads on February 8 will gather in Beijing for a press conference and premiere, then they will promote nonstop in the Mainland. The film will hold a premiere in Macau on February 10 and in Hong Kong on the 13th. It will be released on the Lunar New Year's Eve.

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