Thursday, February 5, 2015


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Carina Lau hopes to play a couple with Fat Gor again
Fan Bingbing says Li Chen is a decent choice for a boyfriend
Tiffany reveals that she will meet up with group mate Soo-Young in Hong Kong
Around 500 fans gather at Harbor City
Bosco Wong says he wants to date too
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Fan Bingbing
Tiffany stays friendly with waves and bows
Choi Si-Won says his Hong Kong fans have never left him
Wyman Wong and Hilary Tsui
Bosco Wong wishes Myolie Wu and her new love well
Carina Lau blows kisses to fans
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Carina Lau Ka Ling, Fan Bingbing, Korean star Choi Si-Won, GIRL GENERATION member Tiffany and Bosco Wong Chung Chak yesterday attended a fashion label flagship store opening. Earlier Chow Yun Fat showed her support for Ka Ling at her play and even ran into Tony Leung Chiu Wai. Ka Ling admitted that she hoped that they would work together on a film. She believed that this astronomical priced team would definitely be very attractive.

Ka Ling admitted that she wanted Wai Jai to work with Fat Gor again, perhaps she and Fat Gor will play a couple since when she and Fat Gor worked on FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 (DOH SING FUNG WON II) she did not have enough; she also said that Wai Jai and Fat Gor was a 100 million dollar astronomical priced team, the box office will definitely be good. She also really wanted Wai Jai to work with Stephen Chow Sing Chi again. Speaking of Fat Gor being very friendly and often taking selfies with people on the street, would she follow suit? Ka Ling joked that her arm was not long enough, Fat Gor was already well honed in his skills.

Earlier Fan Bingbing and Li Chen were rumored to be announcing their love and engagement on Weibo. She denied that yesterday but admitted that Li Chen was the ideal boyfriend type. As for online praises of them being well matched, she said that everyone watched her grow up and wanted her to wed soon. If she weds she definitely will tell everyone. Tiffany said that she really wanted to meet with fans and praised Hong Kong guys as decent looking. As for Valentine's Day, Tiffany said that she will have a few days off and she wanted to return home to Los Angeles and celebrate with her family. Choi Si-Won said that he really wanted a chance to work with Fat Gor.

In addition, Myolie Wu Hung Yi recently announced her romance. Old flame Bosco congratulated her but did not send any special message to her. Hung Yi might wed in a flash, he said that he definitely would give a lot of "wedding money" and pick out a wedding present too. Did he feel sour about Hung Yi dating now? Bosco said that he would not because it was a happy event. He did not know Hung Yi's boyfriend but felt that they were very well matched.

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