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The Lunar New Year film AN INSPECTOR CALLS (FAU WA YIN) is different from the usual comedy. Instead through a suicide case it reflects the ugly side of humanity, as the story shakes off the usual Lunar New Year film theme of joy. One of the leads Karena Ng Chin Yu also shakes off her usual nice girl image with a breakthrough performance.

Chin Yu BB in the film wore a low cut evening gown to match her character with a "princess disorder", with elegant jewelry she looked just like a princess out of a fairy tale. The most eye catching was not the tiara on her head or the diamonds around her neck but her rare career line!

Although Chin Yu was thin, she still complained about wearing the "princess costume". "That evening gown was very tight fitting. Every time I had to change into my own clothes to be able to eat. In addition Chi Wai would buy the best food from nearby the set, so every time I had to change at my fastest speed to enjoy it."

Playing an inspector in the film, Louis Koo Tin Lok in one scene had to condemn Chin Yu for her mistake. Chin Yu revealed that Goo Jai has already prepared her before hand. "He apologized to me in advance, during the shoot he would be very mean and talk very loud. He would spit all over my face and told me to be ready for it. During the shoot indeed some spittle landed on my face, but I still had to tough it out."

Chin Yu recalled that her first film was already with Goo Jai, but at the time they only had one scene together. This time in AN INSPECTOR CALLS they had many scenes together. She said that she was baffled by what to call him for a long time. "Everyone calls him Goo Jai, but I am younger so calling him Goo Jai would seem very strange. However call him Goo Gor sounds even stranger. In the end I finally decided to call him Mr. Koo."

Goo Jai despite his cool exterior actually was very friendly with his co-stars. To ease Chin Yu's tension he even jokingly said that her princess costume looked like FROZEN's Elsa. No one expected someone as busy as Goo Jai would be so close to the trends and be interested in even cartoon films.

In addition, Chin Yu BB also praised her on screen brother Gordon Lam Ka Tung. Although they have only met several times this was their first collaboration. She said, "The film had many family scenes. Ka Tung taught me a lot and often gave me reminders. For example in group scenes I had to follow one line after another. He taught me how to capture the rhythm."

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