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Karena Ng Chin Yu and Chrissie Chau Sau Na earlier promoted their new film AN INSPECTOR CALLS (FAU WA YIN). In the film Chin Yu played a spoiled rich girl with the worst case of princess syndrome, the daughter of Teresa Mo Shun Kwan and Eric Tsang Chi Wai. She said, "This Lunar New Year film is different from the past. Not only does it have the Lunar New Year film's all star cast comedy, Goo Jai is also very interesting. It is a mystery film." She also said that this time the story had seven leads, seven sins and dark humor. Chin Yu continued, "The part I played was envy, pairing with a Mainland actor." Did she have a princess syndrome in real life? Chin Yu said, "No, I don't feel I do. Girls nowadays have so many adjectives of this type, they were used to called Hong Kong women." She constantly played this type of character, was she worried about being typecast? She said that if the audience felt that she was convincing, her performance was proven to be a success then.

Chin Yu in the film was jealous of her fiance when he was with other girls. In real life would she be jealous of her boyfriend meeting with his old flame? She said that it has not happened yet. If it was not a simple meeting she probably would break up with him. If they were just meeting would she be able to accept it? She immediately said, "I don't know. I wouldn't meet with an old flame. There is no need, we aren't friends anymore." She said that she was not someone who would get jealous easily. If her boyfriend had work required intimate scenes she would have no problem.

Sister Na in the film was connected with everyone. She said that in reality she would get lazy. When she was at home during breaks she would not do anything at all; she said that this time she had wire scenes and fantasy scenes. Did she have to show off her figure in the film? She said not too much. Earlier she studied Thai kickboxing. This time in the film she had some action scenes and it finally came in handy.

Chin Wa said that the most memorable was the princess dress in the film. Meal time was very difficult. Because every time Chi Wai would get a lot of good food, she could not have any in the dress unless she changed right away.

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