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Charmaine Sheh and Francis Ng promote TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES in Shanghai
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The bath scene looks romantic but actually is a pain to shoot
Julian Cheung sheds tears when he visits Amber Kuo at the hospital
Anita Yuen and Julian Cheung take a selfie to celebrate their wedding anniversary
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Julian Cheung Chi Lam in the film TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES (CHUNG SEUNG WON SIU) again played "Cool Demon". The wanderer after running into the lovable beauty Amber Kuo played Kika settled down. They worked together for the first time, and on the first day they braved the cold and shot an intimate bathtub scene in an English mansion. They then worked for 8 hours straight. Although the location had heat, being naked in the water was not easy on them.

In the story she offered herself to him. Thus before taking her mark Amber Kuo first had some champagne for courage. Chi Lam said that it was a little awkward. Because the bathtub was long and slanted, Amber Kuo looked like she was lying on Chi Lam's 42 inch chest and being intimate and romantic. Actually off camera Chi Lam used his legs to prop up Amber Kuo's lower body. No wonder after testing their marks they each hid to stretch and warm up. Amber Kuo said, "Of course I have to stretch, the bathtub is deep and not contour to the back. I can easily get hurt from lying for several hours." Chi Lam said, "She kept sinking like the Titanic, so I used my legs to prop her up. 'It's very romantic above, very embarrassing below!'"

Aside from the bath scene, they also dressed up as Harry Potter, played Bubble Soccer, had beer at the stable, kissed at the amusement park and other romantic scenes. However, they each had their own favorite scenes. Amber Kuo said, "The most memorable for me is making a wish under the windmill, when Captain Cool said that he would give all of his luck to Kika. It's very touching!" Chi Lam said that the most memorable was rushing to the hospital to Kika for the "last time" while still in his pilot uniform. They stared at each other for 5 minutes, without any dialogue. From crying to laughing they had real emotions and real tears. He said, "The director arranged it very well. When I saw Kika in her sick bed, I thought of scenes from the encounter to dating. Tears very naturally came out." Was Kika's surgery successful? Chi Lam said, "With 'Cool Demon''s chest as a pillow, any disease can be cured!"

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