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Francis Ng makes fun of Leo Ku for only having his mind of making RMB
Leo Ku looks like he has some experience with babies
Rock Ji, Philip Keung, Christie Chen, Mark Cheng, Patrick Tam, Francis Ng, Leo Ku
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The Emperor Motion Pictures distributed alternative dark humor crime film TWO THUMBS UP (CHUNG FUNG CHEH) was selected for the 3rd China International Film Festival London competition and the 14th New York Asian Film Festival.

The China International Film Festival London was working hard to get the creators to attend the film festival, while the New Year Asian Film Festival details were being discussed. Director Lau Ho Leung was very excited. He felt that being selected for various film festivals around the world was a huge encouragement for him, and he hoped that the Hong Kong spirit in the film would be able to reach the world. In the future he hoped that TWO THUMBS UP would be selected for even more different film festivals. The film opens today in Hong Kong. Producer Soi Cheang Po Shui said that the box office should be decent. He hoped for an ideal box office performance but would take it naturally. The actors were working on their schedules in hopes of attending the festival in London.

Many of the leads two nights ago attended the Beijing premiere. Leo Ku Kui Ke who has been absent from the promotions due to work finally returned to the team and appeared for his first event. Brother Wa who was working on a film in Italy did not attend. Francis Ng Chun Yu joked that Gei Jai only had his mind on "making RMB", he struck back and said that he made less RMB than Chun Yu.

Gei Jai saw a fan with a baby and immediately went to play with it with his co-star Christie Chen (Si Xuan). Did he have parenthood plans already? Gei Jai said, "Actually I have always liked children." Male model turned actor Rock Ji Huanbo said that Brother Wa, Chun Yu and others took care of him during the shoot. He also learned about acting from them secretly.

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