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Simon Yam not only brings but also feeds pizza to Patrick Tam and Philip Keung
The trio gives away mouse pads
Patrick Tam, Simon Yam and Philip Keung pose with the audience
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After its release the film TWO THUMBS UP (CHUNG FUNG CHEH) received decent box office and word of mouth. Yesterday Simon Yam Tat Wa, Patrick Tam Yiu Man and Philip Keung Ho Man attended an audience appreciation event. The first stop was at a Mongkok cinema. The trio's sudden appearance made the audience rather excited, as viewers rushed up to shake their hands and take photos. Due to the numerous foul language dialogue, Brother Wa yesterday played the character again when he claimed to be "very x cool" and received the audience's applause.

Brother Wa earlier went to Italy for a film and was unable to attend the premiere. Francis Ng Chun Yu poked fun and said, "who made him the boss and let him go on vacation?" Brother Wa yesterday rushed back from Italy to attend the audience appreciation event and even brought pizza for Tam Yiu Man and Keung Ho Man to try. This time Chun Yu was absent and Brother Wa took the chance to strike back. Brother Wa said that he was working on a film in Italy, after which he wanted to go on vacation with his co-star Maria Grazia Cucinotta in Sicily, but for the promotion he rushed back. He even took a "blatant jab" at Chun Yu and said, "Who really made him the boss and let him go on vacation? Let him off for Easter? He said that he went to make a movie, but he very mysteriously didn't say where he was going." Was he upset about the absence? Brother Wa joked that it would depend on what he would do, but he felt that he should return to help with the box office.

Speaking of the opening day box office of over HK$ 700,000, the performance was ideal. Brother Wa hoped that it could break SARA (CHOR GEI)'s record. Yet this time was different from SARA. He joked that he got to cop a feel in SARA but not in this one. Later Brother Wa again said that Chun Yu should not leave without saying where he was going. Reporters said that he probably would not say too much, otherwise next time Chun Yu would say he talked too much. Brother Wa said, "I should talk more." Ah Tam said, "Better than him (Chun Yu) leaving without saying anything."

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