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Mark Cheng, Simon Yam, Francis Ng and Patrick Tam get ready to go
The gang relieve themselves without any embarrassment.
Simon Yam uses a bowling ball as a weapon
After the shoot the gang poses for photos
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Simon Yam Tat wa, Francis Ng Chun Yu, Patrick Tam Yiu Man and Mark Cheng Ho Nam in the Emperor Motion Picture TWO THUMBS UP (CHUNG FUNG CHEH) teamed up to retrofit a minibus into a police vehicle for a robbery, but they ran into another gang of robbers who were extremely dangerous to society. Brother Wa's gang chose to "take up the divine mission" and assist the police in the case.

TWO's director Lau Ho Leung depicted the relationships in Brother Wa's gang in detail. In one scene they all relieved themselves into the sea. Almost 200 year old together the four suddenly came up with "doing it for real". Brother Wa yesterday said, "Half a hour before the shoot, we each drank a liter of water. We were bloated and really had to go. During the shoot everyone competed to see who went the furthest. (was it not embarrassing?) No, we are all men. The hardest part actually was holding int in! Although this time the shoot was rather tough, I really haven't had as much fun at work like this in a long time."

Two cameras captured the scene. Because the positions they had to go and go again. Chun Yu during his break meditated by the sea.

In addition, Brother Wa's gang attacked robber Philip Keung Ho Man's vehicle with a bowling ball and flipped it. Brother Wa said that this scene was tough to shoot and he had to use real kung fu. "The bowling ball was very heavy. As a 'weapon' it wasn't all that great. I really had to know how to apply force. Luckily I didn't suffer a sprain." Keung Ho Man and Christie Chen (Si Xuan) were trapped into the vehicle all day. After the shoot Brother Wa even took a photo with the bowling ball and the police vehicle.

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