Tuesday, November 1, 2011


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The Taiwan director Giddens Ko directed YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE as of October 30 after 12 days in release in Hong Kong accumulated HK$29,877,253.  Two nights ago he went to the cinema to show his appreciation.  Suddenly he was "romantic saint incarnate" as he taught viewers about romance.

Giddens Ko put on lead actor Ko Chen-Tung's school uniform costume in the film and met with 300 viewers.  A female viewer excitedly complimented him as handsome.  Giddens Ko said, "BS!"  Giddens Ko thanked everyone for their support.  He blamed myself for never thinking that the box office performance would be so good.  Earlier he and Michelle Chen estimated that the Hong Kong box office would only be around 5 million.  He said, "I underestimated Hong Kong's passion, I deserve to be slapped!"

Giddens Ko said that he did not value the box office amount.  Instead the audience's deep applause from the beginning to the end touched him very much.  He said, "I feel I am an immature, dumb, slow and retarded guy.  I make this movie for all the girls and spend my life to make everyone laugh."  Giddens Ko even said in the tone of a romantic saint, "I hope that girls look at the guys who they like, no matter how dumb, slow, lacking of courage to apologize he is, please give him a little time.  Cherish the guys or girls around you, which is the greatest meaning of this movie."

Giddens Ko said that although YOU was a big hit, he estimated that his next film will be made 3 years after he wrote the story.  He liked Hong Kong films very much, especially Director Johnnie To Kei Fung's.  Would he like to work with him?  Giddens Ko promoted himself, "If To Kei Fung is willing to use me, whatever he wants I would make."

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