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The film SIU SUT DIK JI DAN (VANISHING BULLET) will begin production in the middle of the month in Shanghai, with Best Actors Lau Ching Wan and Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and popular Mainland star Yang Mi.  Derek Yee Tung Sing will produce and Law Chi Leung will direct with a budget of US$12 million.  Other actors will include Yumiko Cheng Hei Yi, Wu Gang and Liu Kai Chi.

SIU SUT DIK JI DAN will be a detective mystery.  Taking place in the days of the Republic, detective Lau Ching Wan will investigate a series of murders at a munitions factory.  The victims all fell to a vanishing bullet.  Ting Fung will play a hot blooded sharpshooter cop.

Ching Wan thought that this detective character seemed familiar.  In THE MAD DETECTIVE (SUN TAM) he too seemed insane.  This time the story developed so mysteriously that it would be hard to imagine.  Ting Fung's cop character also would not seem strange either.  Conceivably the director caught his righteous side.  He was excited about working with Ching Wan for the first time.  Ting Fung said that Ching Wan's performance in BIG BULLET (CHUNG FUNG DUI ji NO FOR GAI TAU) and RUNNING OUT OF TIME (UM JIN) were the most memorable.  He looked forward to seeing how Ching Wan would give an all new interpretation of his cop character.

Yang Mi will play a couple with Ting Fung, which felt like a dream come true for her.  When she took SIU SUT DIK JI DAN she went out and bought Ting Fung and Ching Wan's recent films for research.  The film company was full of confidence in this film and hoped that it would be as popular as LET THE BULLETS FLY.

Yang Mi signed a two film, seven figure deal with Emperor Motion Pictures.  The other film will be the tailored made romance WU DIP GUNG MO (BUTTERFLY PUBLIC CEMETERY), which will also have a director who excels in the subject to increase her popularity in Hong Kong.

Co-star Cheng Hei Yi was very excited.  "I don't know whether directors feel I look fresh in costume and early Republic look!  In recent years my movies are not modern.  I am very excited to be a part of SIU SUT
DIK JI DAN).  First I can work with elder Ting Fung and secondly every one is a 'veteran actor', Liu Kai Chi in particular.  I will perform in my best condition."

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