Tuesday, August 2, 2016


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Film company boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming and Hung Cho Sing last night attended the Silk Road exploration CHINA WEST film exhibit. This year's Hong Kong Film Award controversy led to the Motion Picture Industry Association and the Hong Kong Chamber of Film's demand to change the voting system from the second round professional voting to one vote per person for all 13 affiliated film organizations in every category. Earlier at the HKFA board meeting, the proposal was rejected. Film company boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming said that he did not attend the meeting and it would be better to ask MPIA chief Hung Cho Sing.

Was he disappointed that the proposal was rejected? Wong Pak Ming said, "I have answered that before, it's already old news!" As for the suggestion of increasing the amount of professional voters from 55 to 100, he said, "If they can represent their organizations then that's fine, it's not good for me to express my personal opinion."

The voting system change demand from MPIA and the boss organization failed, Hung Cho Sing said that everyone was only giving a suggestion. The HKFA board of directors still had to study it to make a decision. The result did not matter because everyone wanted the HKFA to do well. They hoped to find an even better voting method that more people would like, recognize and welcome. When would an official result come about the system change? Hung Cho Sing said, "HKFA won't take place until April next year, we still have a lot of time to decide."

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