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Angela is able to break through the language barrier and join the big family
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In the Emperor Motion Picture THE MIDAS TOUCH (CHIU CUP GAING LEI YUN), manager Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin had to make the girl group OMG into stars. Its members Angela Hui Ching Wan, Alice Luo Shi, Christie Si Xuan, Una Xie (Tse Kai Woon) and Zhuang Jiemeng are all Emperor new comers. Although they are young, they are all talented in their own way. They even due to this collaboration become good friends and never fought over screen time.

After several months together, the ladies built a relationship that was as thick as sisters. The only Hong Konger Angela also said that they were very innocent. "Because my Putonghua was poor, I was very afraid that I couldn't mix in with them. Yet they didn't exclude me, they even taught me Putonghua! The happiest was when we went to shoot in Korea. After the shoot the group went shopping in Dongdaemun, it was very fun!"

Although the five film industry new stars are young, they each have their own specialty. Angela and Mengmeng sing well; the girl next door Luo Shi studied dance since childhood and is the dancing queen among them; Shi Xuan is not only tall but her ample busts also grab the most eyeballs; Una who resembles Mini Yang Mi graduated from the Beijing Film Academy, her acting potential should not be overlooked.

The ladies worked with Chapman To Man Jat, Choi Cheuk Yin and Wong Chon Nam for the first time and agreed that they took great care of new comers. They also said that Ah Sa indeed was able to capture the soul of manager Mani Fok Man Hei. Una said, "She is a little like her, but Ah Sa's performance is more serious. Mani actually is very nice." Luo Shi in the film had to deliberately create a career line and said a flighty sorry. She said at first she was very nervous, but thanked Ah Jat's instructions from the sidelines. "He taught me in a very funny way, which made me more relaxed. Later I was able to shoot it without any nerves." The only one with an intimate scene, Si Xuan had a kiss scene with Cho Nam. After it she was bruised all over. "We embraced and rolled on the ground while we kissed. After the shoot I was bruised all over!"

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