Sunday, August 16, 2015


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The 50 year old artist Candy Law Lam yesterday revealed at an event that she will work on a new film, in which she will play a killer. Thus she had to work out. She joked that she waited until her old age to work out. Candy said, "The company just took a film role for me, the production will start at the end of September. Sometimes I really have to watch what I say. At th time people asked me what kind of movie or character I wanted to play, I said I wanted to become an action actress and worked on comedy. Now I got it, the film role will be a killer. Next week I will start to work out. It will be a huge challenge, haha, I still have to work out at such an age." Candy also said that the film will shoot on location in Thailand.

Candy who has never played a killer revealed that her sons were very excited about her role. "They normally liked to play video games. When they found out I would play a killer they immediately said, 'Mommy I will train with you at home'. I hope this time I will show people another side of me. (Will you have to be sexy?) Yes, because killer's clothing is usually more form fitting. I don't know about how revealing it will be, but I will have to run in heels. It will be highly difficult."

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