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Chan Suk Fun and Ma Wing Shing hope to lead THE STORM SHOW out of Hong Kong
Ma Wing Shing cannot help but laugh when presenting an invitation to "Batman"
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THE STORM SHOW yesterday held a press conference at the Animation Comic Game Hong Kong. Famous comic book creator Ma Wing Shing and famous manager and producer Chan Suk Fun teamed up to adapt the wuxia comic book classic STORM (FUNG WON) to the stage for a Hong Kong Coliseum run next year. Conceivably the story with brand new technological effects would definitely rise STORM to an even higher level and provide the audience with a different sensory experience.

Ma Wing Shing said, "STORM has been adapted many times, even I never expected that it to become a musical attempt this time. Originally after finishing the comic I would want to rest, but I just met a group of friends who wanted to promote Hong Kong domestic culture to an even better height. We clicked right away and decided to do the musical. Even more importantly this group of friends of ours are very experienced on the stage, which made this all happened." As for his greatest expectation for the show, he said, "I hope to be able to display each master's most exciting style through different stage effects all together in a mix of excitement."

The team behind THE STORM SHOW included famous producer Siu Chiu Shun, gold label screen writer Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui, SPIDER-MAN 2's action choreographer Dion Lam Dik On. Mrs. Chan said, "We hope this musical will bring the STORM comic book from print to the stage and coordinate with other elements to display STORM in dimensions with music, dance and martial art. STORM has had a very long history and the story this time will be Mr. Ma's stories from the first six years in a musical and 5D format." When asked about 5D, Mrs. Chan explained, "5D is new technology. On this stage we hope to use new technology to achieve new dimensions, science fiction effects, the experience of water and fire, everyone have to go in person to be able to completely experience them." As for the production cost, Mrs. Chan admitted that it was not low but was well worth the effort. She also hoped to be able to bring the show to different places around the world.

The press conference even invited famous designer Alan Chan Yau Kin and calligraphy artists The Inkless to share THE STORM SHOW's official logo design concept. THE STORM SHOW will hold a press conference in September, only 50 lucky people who received both "Wind" and "Cloud" invitations at the ACGHK Comics World stall would be able to attend.

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