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Jeana Ho is writing a script 

Justin Cheung thanks Ng Man Tat for bringing him into his character
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Jeana Ho Pui Yu earlier worked with Justin Cheung Kin Sing and elder Ng Man Tat on the film THE MENU (DOH FOR SUN MUN SIN). Jeana felt very honored and kept asking for "more" as she wanted to work with Ng Man Tat again. Working on a script recently, she took the chance to invite him to perform in her new film. "I started to write a script about crime, I already have the synopsis. I have a character in mind for Brother Tat. I hope he would accept my invitation!" Ng Man Tat joked that Jeana would have to keep him in mind more often. He admitted in recent years he has appeared on camera less and revealed that he daringly ignored his doctor when he took the explosive role. "The doctor doesn't want me to work, he wants me to be upset less. After the shoot I went for an exam and I was fine. I have scheduled physicals, I feel like I am 90% recovered."

Playing a tragic father in the film, did Ng Man Tat inject his fatherly love into his character as a father of four daughters and a son? Ng Man Tat said that he was not a "method actor". "Emotional displacement can fool the audience but can't fool yourself. As an actor I definitely need real contact with the target. (Did you rehearse with your family?) Very rarely. (Are your children interested in your work?) My son is. (Does he want to get into the business?) No, but he is interested in going to the movies."

Cheung Kin Sing said that he completely relied on Ng Man Tat to bring him into character. "The director arranged for Brother Tat's scenes to be shot first, then he showed Brother Tat's footage to me. After watching the video many times, I got into the character much easier."

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