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Eric Kwok was stuck between his wife Grace Ip and his mother
Josie Ho
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New film FULL STRIKE (CHUEN LIK KAU SAT)'s actors Josie Ho Chiu Yi, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung (Si Hing), Edmond Leung Hong Man and Eric Kwok Wai Leung yesterday attended the Tung Wah Hospitals' charity badminton competition in Wanchai's Sourthorn Stadium. Pansy Ho Chiu King and Maisy Ho Chiu Ha attended as a sponsor and a Tung Wah deputy director respectively. Chiu Yi who just returned from a ski trip overseas said that after the shoot she was a little injured. Since she just returned to Hong Kong she was still a little tired. Thus she could not compete hard at the contest. "Unless someone feeds me the bird!" Speaking of the film's selection for the Osaka Film Festival competition, Chiu Yi said, "After the selection, I was automatically in the running for Best Actress. However I will be busy with the promotion and won't be able to go in person. If I really win I hope they would notify me earlier. I will immediately get plane tickets!"

Si Hing earlier was caught on a trip in Japan with his girlfriend Joey Yung Cho Yi. He admitted that as they went to Japan a few days to rest. "We spent the time very simply. We didn't really go out. However in Japan I would work out for two hours every morning, I hope to be in better shape." As for being caught in the cockpit, Si Hing admitted that took the fun out of it. Although he understood that everyone would be very happy to see them, they wanted to be more low key and only wanted to relax. He hoped that next time they would be spared.

Reportedly Kwok Wai Leung's mother and wife Grace Ip Pui Man were at odds, thus during the Lunar New Year they went to Japan instead of paying her a New Year visit in the U.S. Kwok Wai Leung said, "That happened before, it was my fault for not knowing what to do as a son. Now they are fine. It was minor." He continued that now his wife and his mother had no gap. Several months ago he did not know what changed, he could only try to learn and improve their relationship. "Actually it was better than they weren't under the roof, both needed to be coaxed. When I was little Mommy took care of me, as an adult I have to learn to take care of her."

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