Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Nina Paw, Yip Ka Bo and Bonnie Wong
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Ava Yu
Jacquelin Chong
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Sil-Metropole two nights held its spring banquet. When the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region deputy director Yang Jian gave his speech, he said that the Mainland film industry is entering its take off period and he hoped that Hong Kong film and television workers will make good use of the Mainland sources to improve their careers and get rich.

Yang Jian said that Sil-Metropole put all of its effort into uniting the Hong Kong show business patriots, insisting on making films that promote positive energy and please the audience. He hoped that Sil-Metropole will continue these excellent traditions. He continued, last year Hong Kong films that were released in Hong Kong went from 43 in 2013 to 51. Many Hong Kong films performed outstandingly at the box office, six of which made over 20 million. Internationally, Hong Kong films won many awards. According to incomplete data, last year almost 1,000 Hong Kong show business people went to look for work, co-productions, program participation or character performance in the Mainland and received a proud performance. Last year 22 Hong Kong films made 10 million in the Mainland box office, 11 made over 100 million yuan RMB. In recent release THE TAKING OF TIGER MOUNTAIN, Hong Kong director Tsui Hark used modern methods to reprise classic stories, receive good audience reviews and made 900 million yuan RMB.

Yang Jian said that the Mainland film industry was entering into take off period. Last year the film box office reached US$ 4.7 billion, a 36% growth from last year. The U.S. film box office was US$ 10.1 billion, a 6% drop from last year. China has already become a rich source of revenue for Hollywood globally. The Mainland film industry's rapid growth trend will be far from stopping, as the film market potential will be far from being released. Hong Kong once was known as the "Eastern Hollywood", with a mature film investment environment and rich with experience film professionals. The Close Economic Partnership Accord that was signed in 2003 gave Hong Kong registered film companies that followed regulations to make Chinese films with the Mainland CEPA benefits and excluded from import film quotas. This benefit policy provided Hong Kong film great convenience in Mainland import. He hoped that even more Hong Kong show business people especially young artists will head to the Mainland for the film market gold rush.

Sil-Metropole president Chen Yiqi said that 2015 will be Sil-Metropole's most profitable year. He hoped to have even more and closer connections to everyone in Hong Kong, working closely together, progressing hand in hand and sharing the gory of China's thriving development.

Two nights ago many artists like Louis Koo Tin Lok, Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Jacquelin Chong Si Man, Ava Yu Kiu and ATV executive director Yip Ka Bo attended. Chong Si Man was asked about her former boyfriend Deep Ng Ho Hong's girlfriend forgiving him for cheating. She said, "I would support them if they are happy together, this is their decision. As long as they are happy it is enough. I of course can't accept an unfaithful mate."

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