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Francis Ng and Simon Yam take a selfie of them in police uniforms
Leo Ku is the righteous cop who despite being bloodied and battered is still investigating
Francis Ng, Mark Cheng, Patrick Tam and Simon Yam
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The crime film TWO THUMBS UP (CHUNG FUNG CHEH) will open simultaneously in Hong Kong and the Mainland. The film starred Francis Ng Chun Yu, Simon Yam Tat Wa, Leo Ku Kui Ke, Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Mark Cheng Ho Nam, Christie Chen (Si Xuan) and Philip Keung Ho Man. In the film Chun Yu and Brother Wa often argued. Brother Wa felt that this type of spark was very rare. Their arguing was like that of an old couple, as their relationship remained unharmed.

Chun Yu, Brother Wa, Tam Yiu Man and Cheng Ho Nam's characters had a gentleman thief presence. The Chung Yu played "Fat Gor" was more macho, the Brother Wa played "Song Bo" excelled in retrofitting parts, the Tam Yiu Man played "Ah To" only worried about his looks. The Cheng Ho Nam played "Lam Tung" was a professional minibus driver.

Director Lau Ho Leung was expected and felt very lucky to run into such high quality actors in his directing debut. The director wanted very much to be able to capture the brother like relationship and hoped to salute the Hong Kong style crime film. The film had many classic Hong Kong film lines that would leave the audience applauding.

In the film the group had to transform a minibus into a Emergency Unit vehicle. Chun Yu played the gang leader. While secretly putting the vehicle together, he even put on a police uniform and happily took selfies for laughs. The four on and off screen built brother like relationships. Ku Kui Ke played the cop "Tsui On Leung". In the film he had to climb onto a speed boat at night. Although he took all the safety precautions, danger still lurked everywhere. At the time time the crew was very nervous, but Ku Kui Ke was not afraid of the dangerous and quickly finished the shoot. He even joked that actually for his concerts he also similarly went up and down, only this time the location was darker.

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